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Topeka Fitness Center | How important is your diet for fat loss | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, we’re in Charles and Amber Colaw here with a fitness tip of the week. Now, Charles, give us a tip. How important is my diet when it comes to fat loss?

How important is your diet? When it comes to fat loss, it’s extremely important. They have a different, different institutions that I’ve gone and got certifications through like apex 24 fitness NASM Cooper Institute, lots of different ones around the country. We’ll talk about having a client.

Success is anywhere from 70 to 80% of your client success as a trainer, helping them with that food stuff, 70 to 80% of their success of fat loss is that food component. So I’m only working with you one hour a day. You’re going to have 23 other hours that you can screw it up. So I got to give you great Mindfreak templates, tell you how to cook it, prep it planet, and basically execute it.

And so food is extremely important. So knowing what to eat, what times to eat, how much water to drink. What vitamins and supplements, help your body. Your body is simply a reflection like, like a vehicle is you put half water and half gas in the tank.

It’s going to spit and spit or not run, right? So we want to make sure we’ll put premium fuel the best stuff in it. So making sure that you understand with exercise, you need to make sure that you’re getting a really good nutrition plan, a good, really good nutritional protocol so that you are eating the right foods that reach your goals.

And if you don’t know, get into with our free a trainer or a free CF-30 trainer classes. Nutrition classes, and you can go up to the front. Get scheduled into, do the free nutrition. That way you’ve got an education on that.

You got some free mind and documents to follow. So check it out. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll see you next week. Bye-bye bye-bye.

Topeka Fitness Center

Topeka Fitness Center