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Topeka Fitness Center | Why Would You Consider Anywhere Else?

Content written for Colaw Fitness

Above all, your choice of a gym or fitness center is a serious decision linked to your health. You can pick any Topeka fitness center to reach goals, but you’re considering Colaw Fitness. We appreciate you taking time out of your hectic life to give us a chance, so please read down for the great benefits. You will read the many reasons that you should stop by today and check out our facility. Maybe you’re just curious and have questions regarding your own needs. Please give us a call 24 hours a day at 785-409-8823. Outside of business hours our phones will be answered with voicemail around the clock. We answer every voicemail individually specified by the correct knowledgeable staff member at the next available business day.

Earlier we mentioned that there are many reasons you should come in right now to Colaw Fitness instead of any other Topeka fitness center. In the first place, you will not find a better value in membership fees. Almost any day of the year you can sign up for a dollar or LESS! Many memberships include no fees for weeks while you enjoy getting healthier. Frequently we even have specials with three months free or more. So by stopping in today you can take advantage of the current specials that we offer. Even without any specials at all our membership averages less than five dollars per month. Imagine, an entire year of fitness for less than the average unlimited cellular phone bill at this time.

Similarly, we understand that when you’re not worried about the financial commitment, you may have difficulty finding time in your busy schedule to go somewhere specifically and focus only on yourself if for only 30 minutes a day three times a week. Do you feel selfish somehow? Science and years of data in the health industry show us over and again that the old standards still hold true. And at Colaw Fitness we have enhanced the old standards with decades of knowledge and experience in fitness you cannot find anywhere else. A full body program and facility for all your needs.

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Accordingly, we have incentives built-in to your busy life to help you get to the gym and take care of yourself. In today’s faster moving schedule often times people find themselves not only taking care of their children, but now more often taking care of their parents. You know absolutely, that if you don’t take care of yourself, your health, and your spiritual fitness, you simply run out of fuel. The brain consumes 20% of the food we that we eat to run the rest of our body. It’s a hungry organ and you truly are what you eat. Not every Topeka fitness center offers a proven to work proprietary dietary program to give you a boost your first 30 days and help motivate your success for the future.

After all the health and fitness knowledge we may have been fortunate enough to learn as a child, we often forget these things. We can stress eat, we can eat comfort food, and when there are life events and holidays we often over eat only if to guilty about it later. Perhaps, you are a lifelong fitness lover and just need a peaceful and calm place to get your endorphins. Maybe you have certain physical difficulties and you need to get some physical therapy to recover to your former glory. Any desire, any fitness need, and a faith-based spiritual atmosphere are available 24 hours a day at Colaw Fitness.

Facilities are staffed 24 hours a day as well, for your safety and sanitary needs. Someone is available right now to give you a tour and tell you about our next Member Appreciation Night. That’s right, one night per month, we celebrate you, our amazing members punctually! If you come in and we can tell you which night it will be and how you can get a free one-year membership just by showing up and having us feed you dinner. We have free gifts, celebrate all of your success of the month, and look forward to your upcoming gains.

Topeka fitness center options are as vast as the individuals seeking a goal. Some of our members have a goal of coming in just 20 minutes after work every day and laying on a hydro-massage table and letting the water jets smooth away the stress of the day. Imagine how great it would be to sit in a massage chair and just take a few minutes for yourself before facing whatever might be before you.

Colaw Fitness knows that we have something special and we want you to share it. Every time you come to work out, tan, massage, or shower, you are welcome to bring a guest with you. Anyone 12 years of age or older is welcome to come with you and they have full access to all the amenities you do. Topeka fitness center options do not offer such a great deal as that.

Incidentally, we also offer a huge selection of cardio fitness equipment for you to get your heart pumping and start your day. We have rows after rows of treadmills, for you to bring in your device and hook up to our free Wi-Fi and watch your favorite walking video while you experience the rolling hills of our equipment. Grab those plug-in earbuds and get on an elliptical machine and watch one of our many options of televisions available while choosing a channel of your own from the available selection. Our recumbent bicycles will keep your back at ease while you pedal up and down the rolling hills and watch a variety of television programming.

After each workout, or tanning experience, feel free to enjoy our private showers because no locker rooms are inside of our facilities. We have lockers available to use while you’re at the facility and sell locks if you forgot to bring your own. By the way, we also sell tanning supplies to use instantly or by a bring back each time you 10. You won’t find a better tanning value, fitness value, or peaceful culture to make the most of your mind body and spirit. Call us right now for a personal tour and appointment we will be happy to show you more. 785-409-8823