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Topeka gyms | 3 keys to fitness success | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. Yep. So, um, we love simplicity and so we’re going to help you. We always want to help keep it simple. We’re going to break it down to the simple three keys for fitness success.

Yeah. Three simple steps. So setting up realistic goals is step one. So setting up realistic goals of step one, Kenneth, uh, dr. Kenneth Cooper at the Cooper Institute talks about how just 20 minutes of doing your cardio at your target heart rate can drop the chance of heart attack and stroke by three fold.

So you can actually decrease your chance of heart attack and stroke just by getting your heart rate up. Basically getting on a treadmill, walking for 20 minutes, holding your heart rate, where it’s supposed to be just three times a week. That’s one hour a week. That’s very realistic. It’s not a huge time suck from your week.

You can actually get it all in. So it’s very, very simple. So setting realistic goals is step one. Okay. Step two is making sure that you’re logging and journaling your workouts and your diet. That’s complete mind.

Freedom. It holds you accountable. You’ve got it written down. You know exactly what you did so that you can be successful. That gives you mind freedom, and it helps you stay on track when you’re journaling it. So that’s step number two is journaling it. And then for number three, okay. Number three, step number three.

So step number three is having a workout buddy. It’s a lot easier and more fun when you have a workout companion to go with, and that will hold you accountable. So like one day you may want to not want to go as much, but they’re going to be wanting to go. So having a workout buddy also helps you stay on track.

It makes it more fun and holds you accountable as well. So that’s step number three. So that’s the three steps for fitness success. Amber, give me some action.

How about I give you one action. Step. How about you go to the club, get signed up for the free CF 30 class purchase our 30 journal at any of our clubs, or if you’d like to purchase one, just contact our customer service department.

We can get one shipped to you because we would like for you to be our next big win and tell us all about the results you’re getting from the new CF 30 journal. Yeah.

And everything we’re talking about is in that book for complete mind, freedom so that she can be successful. So it’s a perfect place to start. Yup. This is Charles and Amber have a blessed week. We’ll see you soon. Bye. Bye. [inaudible].

Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms