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Topeka Gyms | Chris lost 14 lbs | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey there. This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw today. We’re going to give you a win of the week and the win of the week is Chris super crazy.

Chris. Chris, Chris has lost 14 pounds in one month coming to our gym. So Chris has started coming. He loves our price. He loves the easy access to 24 hours. Just loves of ours, our staff. He just loves loving on people. This guy’s awesome. So, you know, he’s lost 14 pounds in one month, so keep killing it, Chris.

You’re a great inspiration to so many people. Thank you for being our win of the week and doing a testimonial. Amber is going to give us a notable quotable. Yes. Okay. Here we go. Vince Lombardi says the difference between a successful person and others. It’s not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge that rather in a lack of will.

So Chris has the, will. He had the will. He got the membership he’s been consistent and he’s already down 14 pounds. Yeah. So I love that for you. Super excited for you, Chris, keep it going, keep it, get me wrong. He didn’t kind of want it. He wanted it bad enough to do it. And that’s what it takes. That’s that will.

So anyways, you guys have a great week. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye-bye. I’m Chris Myers, Colaw is really friendly. I’m always able to get on a machine whenever I want to. Um, it’s pretty laid back.

Everybody’s chill. Nobody’s like rude or anything like that. I’d say that’s probably the ease of access and it’s a lot cheaper than other cams. Also. That’s the big bank I’d say. Um, I’ve been coming here for about a month and I think I’ve lost about 14 pounds. Just getting cardio.

Topeka Gyms

Topeka Gyms

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