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Topeka Gyms | How to fit in your workout | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. I love these tips. We get a lot of questions. We’re gonna, I’m going to say this question. Didn’t just come from one person. We get this same question all the time. And it’s like, I feel like when we read these emails, asking the question, it’s like this people are like, how do I fit in a workout?

I have no time. And so you can, you can just, you can feel that in their question. And it’s like in Oh, exclamation point, I have no time. So keep it, give them a little bit of advice. How do you make that?

Okay, great. Quick little story. I got a friend in Bartlesville, his name’s John, and what he would do it he’s super busy individual, always on the go. And he liked to actually just, he actually worked in town and he could actually swing by the gym. He’d pop in and do like a 10 or 15 minute, little quick workout.

And then go out and then actually come back later in the day, another 10 or 15 minutes of workout. So he actually got like 30, 40 minutes a day of working out, but he was always on the go running to appointments. And he just likes swinging by the Topeka gyms saying hi to people at the gym, getting a quick little workout and so on.

So really what happens in life is like, even just doing something like in between meetings, you go up a flight of stairs, you could do a power walk for lunch. So you’re just being, you’ve gotta be creative. And if you got 10 or 15 minutes, two or three times a day, you’re going to add 30, 40 minutes to a workout. You’re going to burn 300, 400, 500 calories.

And you’re gonna actually make a difference in a month. You lose 10 or 15 pounds. So that’s the fitness tip is just squeeze in 10 to 15 minute, little, little mini workouts. As soon as you get out of bed, some crunches, some pushups, some lunges in the house, you know, right before you crawl into bed at night, like pick a hallway just down the hallway.

A great example is just, like I said, like, like just a 10 minute, little power walk when you have an opportunity or maybe you’re at home working during all this crazy time, just like, Hey, I got a little break. I’m going to go run outside and do a quick little, 10 minute walk around the block and then go back to your computer.

Keep working, but doing things like that three or four times a day, you’re going to see a big difference and you can lose 10, 15 pounds. Oh, mentally. I think it’s good. Even for your mental health. Absolutely. Absolutely. So clears your mind, gets the blood flowing and gets you kind of out of the work frame of mind.

And, and sometimes it’s just a season and just know that that’s what this season is this season. It’s the quick burst a couple of times a day and next season you’ll have that full hour, 30 minutes, whatever to spend in the gym.

Yep. And that’s the fitness tip. Just do 10, 15 minutes. When you can just get a quick little workout and do that three or four times a day and you’ll get your workout in. Have a blessed week. This is Charles Nicola. See you next week. Bye-Bye

Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms