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  • Bring a Friend FREE… Everyday!
    (*Friends can tan and massage free, too!)
  • NO long term CONTRACT
  • 24 Hour Facility Access
  • Free Unlimited Tanning Units
  • Free Unlimited Massage Units
  • Free Trainer Instruction
  • Free Nutrition Instruction
  • Member Appreciation Night
    (1st Monday of the Month)
  • No Risk – 30-day Money Back Guarantee
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Are you looking for a gym membership at that will not break the bank? Topekay gyms can get very expensive and we know that although your health and fitness is very important, it should not cost you an arm and a leg. Are you reaching toward high fitness and health goals? Do you want to be on a TV show about being fit? Do you want to join a fitness modeling career? Do you want to work towards getting better at running a 5K race? We can help you reach all of the out of this world fitness goals that you might have.

Why should you join Colaw Fitness? But being a member of Colaw Fitness you can save so much money. From the five dollars a month, you will receive incredible gym benefits. Other Topeka gyms do not offer what we have to offer. With all the money that you’re saving on your gym membership, you will be able to put your money towards other awesome things. Do you want to buy more thrift shop sweaters? Do you want to spin money on getting your hair done every week? Do you like to buy new lightbulbs for your entire house? You can get all of that done whenever you save money on your gym membership. For only five dollars a month and one dollars down, you can get a membership at Colaw Fitness. For every membership that we sow, we donate one dollar to Water4Life. So, you are helping you and helping others by getting a membership at Colaw Fitness.

Well you get whenever you get a membership at Colaw Fitness? Regular Topeka gyms offer basic benefits for high prices, but we do not. When you are a member here at Colaw Fitness you can bring a friend every single day for free. What will happen whenever you get to bring a friend for free every day? This means you and your BFF can gossip about your husband’s, complain about your children, and talk about the vacation that you will get whenever you save so much money on your gym membership. You will not be signing any long-term contracts, and you’ll be getting 24 hour facility access.

One of the great free things that you get with being a member is free and unlimited tanning. Make everybody think that you are constantly on a tropical vacation when you have a warm summer glow. He also get free and unlimited massage units, so when those annoying kids or that nagging husband are stressing you out, you can get a massage for free. You also get free and unlimited training instruction. Have you ever wanted to have a personal trainer but avoided it because you know it will cost a ton of money? Other Topeka gyms will charge hundreds of dollars for personalized service like this but we offer it for free. You can also get free nutrition instruction so that your fitness goals will carry from the gym to the kitchen.

Joining the Colaw Fitness team as a member give you a no risk 30 day moneyback. So, Karen satisfied with any of your gym services, you will be able to get all of your money back. We are one of the most highly rated and reviewed gyms in the area and other Topeka Jen can’t even compare. Visit us online@www.colawfitness.com or give us a call at 7854098823 for additional information.

Have you been wondering what to Topeka gyms will best you and your needs? Are you looking to save money but also get amazing membership benefits? If you’re determined to reach health and both are beyond this world, we can have the app. As a member of Colaw Fitness you will receive the best service, use great equipment, and have access to the most amazing membership benefits ever.

From the five dollars a month, you will be able to save an incredible amount of money. We know that other Topeka gyms charge so much money for their membership and they don’t offer as many incredible benefits as we do here at Colaw Fitness. WT whenever you save so much money? When you think so much money, you’ll be able to put a disco ball and every single bedroom of your house. You can also start a 401(k) if you put all of the disposable income they have, you will be able to get a lifetime supply of Starbucks coffee or get a new pet goldfish. Or a lot of pet goldfish. You can join Colaw Fitness by only putting one dollar down. This one dollar is donated to Water4Life. So what you are signing up for membership to help your life and reach your festivals, you will be able to help provide clean water for people in need.

What having a gym membership and clean. These wonderful benefits include bringing a friend for free every day what you do when you get to bring your friend every day to the gym for free. You will be able to gossip, walk on the treadmill next to each other, get caught up on all of the latest trauma, and more. You also do not have to sign any long-term contracts, and you get 24 hour facility access. You also get some incredible fury benefits when you are a member Colaw Fitness.

Do you like to have Sunkist and all you and? You can receive free and unlimited tanning when you are a member. You can also bring your friend for the free end and limited tanning as well. Make everybody think about you just got back from an island vacation year-round. On top of free and unlimited tanning, you also have access to our free and unlimited massage units, so next time your husband have for dinner or you have a social network, can come and take advantage of our free and unlimited tanning. What other Topeka gyms offer this?

When you are a member Colaw Fitness you will be able to have access to our no risk 30 day moneyback guarantee. If you happen to not be completely satisfied with all of the services that we you’ll get your money back. One of the most highly rated and reviewed gyms in the area and you can see in the results and complement our members have given to you video testimonials or to read a reviews online www.colawfitness.com or if you want to get additional information on how to remember for only five dollars a month, at 7854098823.