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Topeka Gyms | Such a great gym

Topeka gyms are hard to beat. Colaw fitness is among one of the best. With great staff and excellent equipment, they honestly top the charts. You can tell their goal is to be the best. They try to accommodate you. Giving you all the equipment you need to get back in shape. And to assist and all your fitness goals. You can tell this gym is here to serve you. For more information on this facility give them a call at 785-783-2624

Colaw fitness workers have excellent morale. They are always happy to be there. You can genuinely tell by the smiles on their faces. The management is splendid as well. Always trying to make the customer happy. They really go out of their way here. The workers will assist you where ever you need it. Whether it be your diet or your work out. Just ask, and they will be happy to help.

Not only does this gym have great morale but it’s cheap as well. No other Topeka gyms offer rates like there is. I can just imagine it’s hard to beat. As low as five dollars is insane. They want you to come to the facility more. That’s why the gym is so cheap. They reward you the more you come. Come 12 days and get a lower rate of five dollars. That’s not even that many days. It also keeps the incentive to come. To help you get back in shape.

This facility also offers private restrooms. So there will be no more of that awkward locker room feel. You get a private shower and privacy. Each bathroom has its own bath. How great is that? No other Topeka Gyms offer that. They want to ensure you are getting what you deserve. Which is your own privacy you are worth it? The restrooms are also always been cleaned. The workers are still washing them. You can see them in there day and night. What a comfortable feeling. Do you see a gym that cares about cleanliness?

Not only do they clean the restrooms but their facility as well. There is always somebody vacuuming or mopping. Or wiping down new equipment. They care about their stuff. They want you to enjoy it just as much as they do. That’s why they always make an effort to keep it clean. They even have deep cleans. This is scheduled for the last Friday of each month. This is to ensure we get hard to clean areas. To make sure nothing is ever missed.

They clean from ceiling to floor. Literally. They vacuum their ceilings every once in a while to ensure no dust is in the facility. Wiping down the TV is that you get to watch. As well as wiping down the full-length mirrors that scale the building. This has got to be the cleanest facility I’ve ever been in. There is never a moment somebody is not cleaning. It is impeccable.

No other Topeka gyms clean quite like Colaw Fitness because the gym shines. They even clean they are tanning rooms. Vacuuming and mopping each room. Washing down the bed between each use. They want to ensure you feel comfortable using their equipment. If that means cleaning it constantly that’s what they will do.

This gym does a great job. I don’t know how the workers are so dedicated. You can honestly tell they want to clean because it is important to members. I can only imagine what their houses look like. If they weren’t clean before working here Shirley, they are after. These workers see like neat freaks because of clean. Cleaning up the simplest of messes. They insist the members don’t have to. If you spill your drink, they will do it for you because we care. They are committed to making your experience one of a kind. If that means going to extra mile, they will do it.

With such a clean facility no other Topeka gyms can beat it. It’s too fresh to beat. They so I’ll clean everything because cleanliness is good. 24 seven. Literally 24 seven. They have night shift staff as well. Someone is always in the gym. Then I staff do cleaning as well. Such as taking out the trash is and just checking on the facility.

Night staff is incredible. They work and hour shifts. During that time they ensure you feel welcome to because that’s how we rool. They also maintain the facility. How do they not fall asleep? It’s insane the night staff comes up with new ways to make the facility run more efficiently. It looks as if anybody who works here loves it. It is such a great environment to be in because of the people. They are always so positive and upbeat. These Topeka gyms are doing it right. They put the customer first. They really do because they want you to love the facility.

With such a great mission how can I get any better? Colaw fitness even donates money to water wells. A dollar from each membership helps build water wells in Mozambique Africa. If you buy a water well T-shirt, the whole profit goes towards that. They want to help the entire world because that’s their mission. The Mozambique T-shirts Say I help build it. With a water well and Africa on it. There is super soft material because they want to ensure you get your money worth. The shirts were made to help others because we care about them. We love seeing people purchase them Because not only are we helping but you are too.

This facility was made to serve the people because they are worth it. They wanted to help in the communities as well as those in other countries. You can genuinely tell Colaw fitness is out to better the world. They are here to do things for you because you are worth it. They want you to feel appreciated. That’s why they insure you don’t feel left out. They also in Ensure your membership is going towards something better. Like the water wells in Africa because we love to give back.

For more information on this facility, you can always go in and ask. There’s still somebody on duty because we work hard. Even at 2 AM. If you were not available to go in and ask you can always check their website for more information. Here is a plethora of data from the gym to prices. If that does not answer the questions you have, you can always give them a call because we care. The phone number to contact the facility is 785-783-2624