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Topeka Gyms | This is the place

Topeka gyms have many competitors. But none measure up to the newest gym in town Colaw fitness. This gym literally looks like the Coliseum with the great pillars outside of their large front doors. These gym offers are hard for others to measure up to. From free tanning all the way to massage it’s incredible how low these rates are. For other questions in regards to Colaw Fitness feel free to call 785 783 2624.

The third Colaw fitness opened in Topeka Kansas on the 1st of January in 2018. Only been open for 10 months Topeka Colaw Fitness has already reached nearly 1100 five star reviews. More than any others in the city. If this is not a testimony to how amazing this new gym is I don’t know what else could be. If you go to the website, you will see tons of pictures of all the brand-new equipment in the brand-new facility.

Other Topeka gyms are really in for their money with this new competitor. They can just not match the prices held here. As low as five dollars a month how do you beat that? You just can’t. All memberships include everything in the facility making it convenient for you to get the most out of your membership.

Memberships allow you to bring a friend free not only once but every single time you come. Yes, you heard it every single time you come in. It can be the same friend or a different friend it does not matter. All Colaw Fitness asks of you is that you fill out a simple guest waiver form one time from there on out your guest will check in with their last name. They believe having a friend that comes to the gym with you will keep you motivated and that’s what Colaw wants. To keep you motivated. No other Topeka gyms offer a membership with such great variety.

The massive amount of equipment is more than anyone could have ever imagined. With rows and rows on treadmills, there is always found to be one open for you to walk on or go for a light jog. The treadmills are all the same making it very easy for you to use each one. All of the buttons are very easy to use, but if you do not understand something with the treadmill, you can always ask the staff that is more than happy to help you. The treadmills have a great feature that allows you to make it feel like you were walking uphill giving your calves a little extra burn.

Not only do they have a large number of treadmills but ellipticals and stair climbers as well. Therefore ellipticals allow you to work both your legs and arms. They have a feature where you can add more tension to make it a little harder as your body adjusts to your new workout style. The stair climbers are organized to make you feel like you are walking up flights of stairs. As you turn up your intensity, the stairs will start moving faster making you feel as if you are running more quickly up the stairs rather than slowly walking up the stairs. What a great work out for leg day. Not only is this going to work your legs but it counts as cardio which is always great. With such a large variety of cardio equipment, Colaw makes sure it is hard to get bored with cardio.

The Colaw Fitness staff exceeds any expectations of any other Topeka gyms. Always walking in you will be greeted with a smile and a hi how are you I’ve never been into a gym and felt so welcomed. Therefore always going the extra mile weather is giving you a hair tie because you forgot yours at home to walking you through what tanning emotion may be the best this staff always has the answers you need. Whether they are slow or busy them are sure to answer any questions you have because too then there is no stupid question. How Colaw finds such great staff members is beyond me but whatever they are doing is working. The staff is great, and it makes me want to continue going back.

The manager Alyssa truly goes out of her way to make sure your experience is above and beyond. She always has a smile on her face. She wants to go the extra mile when it comes to making sure you are getting the results you desire. A fitness buff herself has a lot of tips and tricks to getting back in shape. She truly wants to be the best of Topeka gym’s.

If this is not enough, she always loves offering the Colaw Fitness 30 day diet training. It was created by Charles Colaw himself. This plan is a nutrition training that allows you to lose anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in a month. Yes, I said it tender 30 pounds of body fat that’s utterly outrageous right? But it is entirely possible, and Alyssa always loves hearing members success stories after using this nutrition plan. If you decide to do CF 30 be sure to get into contact with Alyssa and tell her about all of your goals and how you met them. You may just get put up on the big screen for everyone to see what you have accomplished because you rock.

Topeka gyms did not See Colaw fitness coming. This new competitor is none like any other. It is upbeat and hugely successful, and it’s only 10 months into its time there in Topeka. Colaw Fitness of Topeka has already won 2 awards in the year of 2018 because we are the best. As Colaw continues to grow there in Topeka the member’s results continue to grow as well with the help of the fantastic staff and the great Manager Alyssa. They want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed because you are worth it. If you have any other questions regarding the gym or fitness feel free to give them a call at 785-783-2624.