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Topeka Gyms | What is the CF-30® Fitness Plan | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So Charles, we’re going to toss it to you. We’ve got some new members that are asking us what is the CF 30 that they see all over in our clubs?

The 30 is stands for Colaw Fitness 30. That’s a 30 day. So it’s a Colaw fitness 30 day simple, easy to follow program. And what we do is we want to make sure you that start into fitness, you get traction right away, far as losing body fat and toning up the body. I’ve trained lots of clients, probably 5,000 people in my life and multiple States. And um, what I’ve learned is that people need some sort of mind frame document to follow or like a checklist to follow.

And we actually have a CF 30 accountability journal that we’re releasing in January, 2020. It’s an easy to follow completely idiot proof journal. It’s super easy to follow. It tells you exactly what to be eating, what times to be eating, how much water or supplements to take. Everything tells you. And it’s a literally a checklist.

And you grade yourself everyday on a diet, what to eat, a workout, how to work the body and what to work the body out on and for 30 days with motivational encouragement and um, some, some, uh, basically triggers to make sure that you’re staying on track and then you grade yourself. So the [inaudible] is a diet and workout program that forces your body with the foods to eat, to burn your own.

Basically, it’s a diet program that takes, it’s lower in carbohydrates and forces your body to use your own fat as an energy substrate, forcing you to become a leaner and more toned version of yourself. And so see if 30 is a diet and workout plan that’s for 30 days. It’s an a journal. It’s easy to follow and every day you just score yourself and it keeps you on track to lose any weight and get in great shape.

And so that you have social proof for the best Topeka gyms. Go to Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube or just type in Colaw fitness reviews and watch our videos. Watch our Facebook, go to our Facebook. You can see lots of videos, tons of people losing weight. Getting in great shape, falling very, very simple principles.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult. This is a very easy entry level workout that’s very effective. People losing hundred, 150 a hundred literally hundreds of pounds, 10 pounds to hundreds of pounds. So check it out. It’s a CF 30 diet and workout program, and that is Charles and Amber. This is the fitness tip. So check out the [inaudible]. Uh, we’ll see you next week. Bye bye.

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