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Topeka Gyms | When relaxing meets hard work

Topeka is in need of a new gym facility. Lucky for them Colaw fitness came to the rescue with a new facility. They open on January 1, 2018. For all the new years resolutions they wanted to ensure everyone had a membership they could use. They wanted everyone to have the perfect gym they need to get back in shape for the summer. If you have any questions they will try to answer all the questions you may have. If you have any questions feel free to give them a call at 785) 409-8823 they will ensure all of your questions are answered.

This facility is absolutely amazing. They have countless numbers of treadmills as well as lifting equipment. This allows everybody in the facility to get use of their membership. They wanted a gym that was large enough for everyone to use. With several options you always find something to do here. Between the workout equipment tanning and you can ensure you get use of your membership. With only being $5 a month you almost have to come up with an excuse not to get it. This gym membership is impeccable. The more you come the less you pay. No othermembership can beat that. No other Topeka gyms offer such a great value and membership.

This facility offers excellent equipment as well as a great environment to work out in. Such friendly staff and members you always feel welcome in this facility. It’s never been more relaxed or more comfortable to workout. This gym ensures everyone can get a work out without feeling uncomfortable as many other Topeka gyms do not. For beginners, this is a significant asset. We believe if you don’t have a good time at the facility you won’t want to keep coming back. To accomplish your goals, you really need to have a good experience in the facility. Colaw is all about supporting your goals that’s why we make sure the facility is friendly for you.

The fantastic staff always ensures you’re welcomed in the facility they want to help you attain all of your fitness goals. If you have any questions, they will ensure they are answered. What a fabulous thing to know they are always happy to help you. This is the first time that I am seeing a gym that is staffed 24 seven. They always ensure somebody is still at the front desk to Answer any questions you may have. They are staffed literally every single hour of the day. Even overnight. They have overnight staff. The only day of the year they are not open is Christmas. This is due to being a Christian facility and want the whole team to be able to spend time with their family.

The facility is constantly playing Christian music in the background. What better music for white noise. This music is always happy and uplifting. It gives you a positive outlook on life. It’s nothing like any other music you hear all the time in Topeka Gyms. They make their own playlist and love to hear your suggestions. If you have an upbeat positive songs that you would like to play feel free to recommend to the staff.

They will jolt it down and drop it in the dropbox for a manager to give a look. We love adding to our playlist so things don’t play over and over. We used to play K love and that was an issue we ran into. Colaw want our members to love the music we play as much as we love seeing them in the facility. Our staff is also constantly putting in music. Who knows maybe someday you’ll come into the gym and hear a song you suggested. What a better way to start or end of day by hearing the song you suggested and your favorite gym facility. No other Topeka gyms offer such a unique accommodation.

No other Topeka gyms are as clean as this facility is. This facility staff cleans what seems to be 24 seven. Each shift has cleaning to ensure that the facility stays clean for all the members. You can always find the staff cleaning various things such as the tanning equipment all the way to behind the desk. The team cares about the facility as much as you do. They want to ensure that you get what you deserve because they care. Which is the best equipment as well as the cleanest?

They also allow you to clean the equipment as you use it. They put little spray bottles as well as paper Towek machines all through the facility. This will enable you to wipe down your equipment as you use it. Or if you fill it is not clean, you can wipe it down before using it. This is to ensure her members feel comfortable using our equipment. We want everyone to feel welcome in our facility as well as feeling comfortable using the equipment ensuring it is clean. We do ask that you wipe down your machines when you have finished using them from the treadmills all the way to the massage area.

Colaws membership is impeccable compared to all other Topeka gyms. This gym offers so much you definitely get your money worth. Only five dollars a month you can’t really beat that. This gym truly wants us to get the most out of or five dollars. Making sure that we have everything at our fingertips. There is so much equipment available in this facility. I don’t believe any other Topeka gym’s offer as much as Colaw as does. And even if they do you can’t beat this friendly staff.

Colaw fitness always goes above and beyond to answer all of your questions. They ensure that if they do not have the answer they write it down to get back to you on it. With this being said if you have any questions about the facility you can check their website. Their website is Colawfitness.com. If this does not answer your questions, I’m sure that you can also find more information on their Facebook page. If this is not enough feel free to give them a call at this number 785) 409-8823