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Topeka Gyms | When to eat carbs? | Colaw Fitness Topeka

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip. Yes. So, Oh, please tell me this fitness tip. When, uh, when can we eat? When can you eat carbs? I love carbs. They helped me get to 303 pounds. Yes. I love you carbs.

So, anyway, what I want to talk about today is a nutrient timing. A lot of us are following these lower carb, higher protein diets, and we crave carbs. We miss carbs. So I’m going to talk about a great time to actually add carbs back into your diet. That will give you just enough energy to get your brain where it’s happy.

Again, just enough energy for your muscles to be strong again, and get an increase in your strength and then get right back on track to your lower carb, higher protein approach. And so what I talk about it’s nutrient timing.

Carbohydrates is a very anabolic strength giving, um, supplement when used in time, just correctly. What happens is if you do you like to see the 30 diet where it’s a low carb, high protein diet all throughout the day, and then right before your workout, like 30 minutes to an hour before your workout, you actually add a little bit of carbs to your diet.

And that will actually give you some energy, a good pick me up, and then you’re going to burn that carb off during that workout. And then right after the workout, we add a little bit of carbs to refill the glycogen, which is the stored energy back in the muscle.

So we want to do is time the carb just perfect. So you don’t mess up your fat loss or weight loss program, but you time it right. That you can get a great workout, a great pump. You feel great. You’re mentally sharp and you’re not dragging so much in your workout. Now, I only do this with clients after they fall to see a three for a while or a lower car program for a while.

And they kind of get burned out of the low carb approach, but you can nutrient time, certain carbs and still feel like you have a little more freedoms and then also have a better workout, some better strength gains, and you’ll feel better during your workout time.

So the bottom line is what I tell people. The action step is, is I tell guys like men, you can take a large banana and need half a banana, 30 minutes before workout, and then eat the other half of banana right after your workout with your after workout, protein shake, same thing with a woman take like a small banana or medium-sized banana do half a banana, but about 30 minutes before your workout.

And then do the other half of the small banana right after work, it’s kind of a medium glycaemic index fruit. Um, it’s not as high as bread was just like a hundred bananas about like 50 or 55 on the glycemic index.

So it gives you just some carbs, not some straight sugar carbs, but it is about, uh, it has a little bit of insulin impacts that can slow fat loss, but you’re burning that the majority it’s about 30 to 35 carbs total it’s about 15 to 20 before 15 to 20 after it’s a perfect little boost meal of carbs that help you get through a workout has some great energy and in what screw you up on your weight loss too much.

So that’s just, it’s really good for that kind of nutrient timing. Anyways, that’s the fitness tip for eating carbs.
So that’s a banana, not a banana split.

Yeah, that would be like a cheat meal. But we’re going to talk about that right now. So that’s a whole another. Yeah. Yep. Anyways,
This is Charles and Amber Colaw. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll see you next time. Bye bye. Bye bye and see you soon at the best of all Topeka gyms.

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