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Weight Loss Bartlesville | Amber Lost 24 lbs. | Colaw Fitness

Hey there superstars. This is Charles and Amber. Today we’re going to give you a win of the week. And the win of the week is an amazing person and it’s why I favorite names in the world. Her name is Amber and this is my Amber. And that Amber is an amazing testimony of coming into a gym, getting started on working out. She’s lost 24 pounds.


Weight Loss Bartlesville

Like your testimony. It touches my heart. I lost 83 pounds. I first got into fitness, I had a trainer, helped me give me a diet plan, workout program, coached me and mentored me into losing 83 pounds. Totally revolutionized my life, gave me confidence again. And it made me feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. So praise the Lord that I had that help and we want to be that help for Amber and we want to be that help for other people.

So thank you Amber, for being bold and being our win of the week and a testimony of losing weight and getting in shape. And working on getting in better shape and getting your health in check. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Amber. You are a blessing and we just love you to death. So thank you Amber and Amber has a motivational quote for you.

So okay, from pastor Craig Groeschel, he says to step toward, sorry.
To step toward your destiny, you might have to step away from your security and Amber, we know that you did that. We know that this is a long road and with any type of health issues at all, it always makes it harder, but you have made more steps in the right direction towards your new destiny and there are many more steps ahead towards more success. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us some.

Amber, you are the win of the week. So Amber, have a blessed week and you guys get on there. Give us your testimony, tell us about your success so that you too can inspire others. Be a win of the week. Bye bye and we will see you soon.

Amber Chavez. I love the Christian Christian atmosphere. I love the people and how they help you with anything that you might need. And I just love being able to come here and to feel comfortable being able to work out and not feel judged. Just the, uh, the feeling of, uh, people that care about you and just the Christian Christian atmosphere. Um, everyone’s very friendly and, um, they help you with anything that you need.

Well, if you start out on the couch and you don’t do anything from there, you’re not going to be able to meet your goals. So I think a lot of people miss out on achieving their goals. And one of my goals is to lose weight because I have thyroid disease as well as diabetes. So being healthy is really important. I have lost 24 pounds in a year, and my a one C went from 10.6 to 8.8. And I’m continuously working on just being healthy.

If you are searching for weight loss Bartlesville options you need to visit Colaw Fitness because it is a great deal. You can workout, massage, and tan. All for as low as $5 a month and also get free nutrition instruction with your membership.