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Weight Loss Bartlesville | Dominick lost 20 lbs | Colaw Fitness

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw and today. We’re going to give you a win of the week and the win of the week is awesome. Super. Dominic has lost 20 pounds and only 30 days. So 20 pounds, 30 days on the CF 30 plan.

Dominic rocked it. He stuck to the fitness plan and the journal program and he nailed it and has just killed it. So super pumped to him. He’s gained muscle and he’s gotten stronger on all of his lifts at the same time, shredding 20 pounds of body fat and only 30 days he is. Yeah, he’s, he’s, he’s, yeah. He’s awesome. Yeah. That’s perfect. You’re awesome. Dominick. So keep it up. Keep it going. Inspire others. Thank you buddy.
Yeah. Um, one thing Dominick had said was that he is noticing that the success that he’s having, not just in the gym with his weight loss, but it’s, it seems to be rolling over into all these other areas of his life when so true.

If you can start in the gym, you’d start with yourself, start with the nutrition, start with a workout that’ll just roll over to success. And many other areas. I’ve got a great notable quotable for you today. Success isn’t always about greatness, it’s about consistency, consistent, hard work, leads to success. Greatness will come and that’s by one of your faves, Dwayne the rock Johnson. So that’s a great quote. So keep it up dominant. We’re proud of you,super Dominic.

So watch his testimony. We’ll see you guys next week for a win of the week and I have a blessed day. Bye bye.

My name is Dominic Godinez. I love that it’s a like it’s a safe environment to come work out. I’m not worrying about anybody shaming me cause I’m not doing something right. I’m not worried about anybody looking at me weird or nothing like that. Everybody kind of comes together as a family and helps people out. It’s a real like happy atmosphere ever again. Everybody wants to help each other so it just makes you feel better, makes you want to keep going and make sure it progress daily. They’re missing out on being able to come whenever you want and get in that grind.

I have officially dropped 20 pounds in a month, and I am getting starting to fill my body back out. Um, it has made me more proactive outside of work outside of here. It makes me want to get up and makes me want to do things, and it just made me a better person. I feel like. Well, uh, first off I did the Colaw 30 day fitness. I stuck to the, uh, meals. I was touching more gas. That really helped a lot. And then from that, I kind of worked in higher lifts or more reps, higher weight. Uh, I ran on the ellipticals, ran on the treadmills.

Weight Loss Bartlesville

To find the best place for weight loss Bartlesville has to offer you need to visit Colaw Fitness. Our memberships are all inclusive with free nutrition instruction. Memberships as low as $5 a month.