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Weight Loss Center in Topeka | Fitness Tip: Cut Sugars Out

Hi we are Charles and Amber Colaw, and we’re here with the win of the week. So this week Kelly is our win of the week and Kelly’s lost 16 pounds. Good job. Yes, I get Kelly’s struggles with some arthritis. She also struggles with depression and anxiety and her being able to add exercise and changing up her diet, she says is even helping her lower that anxiety. Helping fight the depression and even her arthritis is feeling better. So Kelly, we’re so excited for you and so glad that these awesome changes are happening in your life. So congratulations again on the weight loss and all these additional benefits that come with it. Charles has a fitness tip of the week for us.

The fitness tip of the week. I’m a big proponent on people like losing body fat and toning up and through meeting with lots of clients. Over the last 15 years of my life, most people want to lose fat and tone up the body. It’s pretty much common trait with almost everybody that comes to the gym is losing some body fat and increasing some lean body muscle tone. And the big tip of the week, I always tell people about the easy thing to start is just cut the sugar out of your diet.

Sugar is the number one cause for people. I believe that causes fat because um, uh, what happens is it the sugar enters the bloodstream, insulin is released from your pancreas, the Beta cells in your pancreas release insulin and it shuttles it immediately into fat cells pretty quickly. So your body, your whole body, your whole total body has about um, uh, about a liter of blood.

And in that liter of blood you’ve got about four grams of circulating glucose, four to six grams of sugar. And so when you drink like a coke, it’s like 40 grams of sugar. That’s like 10 times the amount of sugar that your body needs to be to be about 80 to 120 on a glucometer. So you drastically increase so much extra sugar in your body, your buyer surges, insulin, it secretes that into the body. And the body of been pulls that glucose out into the adipose cells, which are fat cells.

And so that all occurs very, very quickly. We ran just in about 10 minutes. If I were to drink a coke and prick my finger and I can put it on a glucometer. I can see that blood sugar going up in 10 minutes or less. It’s already elevated very, very quickly. So it without chewing, swallowing, or digestion, all those calories are absorbed in, in my blood and storing as fat super quick.

Weight loss center in Topeka

So sugar gets in the bloodstream. It’s great if you like needed a lot of energy because you’re super low blood sugar, but 99.9% of people aren’t that way. And so that glucose pulls up insulin secreted and it goes directly into adipose cells or fat cells. If your muscle and glycogen in the liver, other organs aren’t needing this time and most people don’t.

So most of all glucose or sugar, carbs go straight into your fat cells. So fats not so much making you fat, but it’s all that sugar. It’s all the cokes. It’s all the things you’re drinking. So you got to cut that sugar out. We have diet plans and workout programs or idiot proof that tell you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink. In Our free trainer program, that’s the CF 30 Colaw Fitness 30 day idiot proof nutrition and diet program. Voted as the best weight loss center in Topeka.

We’ll show you exactly what to eat to get results that doesn’t elevate your blood glucose but actually does the opposite. It keeps it in that steady 80 to 120 allows your body can do a ketogenic process where it uses its own fat. Using your own fat as an energy substrate to lose fat at the same tie keeping protein and resistance training to build tone the body.

So your smaller, more toned, good looking version of yourself. So we’re going to give you all that stuff for free. If you come in and sign up with us, we’ll show you how to do that. It’s only a dollar down low. It’s $5 a month to get started and we even give you your money back in that 30 days if you don’t like it. So it’s, it’s there’s no risk. So come check it out. That’s the fitness tip is to cut the sugar out. So, uh, Amber, give us the quote of the week.

Okay. Uh, one of my favorites. Proverbs 16:3, commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans. Go ahead and commit to making these changes. And can I God’s just gonna set that path straight for you. He’s going to give you great knowledge, wisdom, uh, an opportunity to make changes that you’ve got to take the action steps. So the action step is the action step is get an idiot proof plan to follow. We all love to follow stuff. He very, very simple. So if you have a written plan, an idiot proof one sheet to look at, to hold and to follow, I will give you that for free. Simply come in and we’ll give you that.

That, uh, in the CF-30 diet nutrition plan will tell you exactly what to eat, what time do you, how much water to drink with supplements, every single thing he needed to do to be successful. And that free CF 30 plan. Colaw Fitness was voted the best weight loss center in Topeka.  But, um, the big thing is, is congratulations to Kelly. She’s lost 16 pounds. Got out of her comfort zone. She’s come into gym, her arthritis and anxiety, depression, everything’s getting better. What happens is when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Those are the sec like Serotonin and dopamine, your body of pleasure sensors, the same thing you get from eating foods and things like that.

So your body actually releases good pleasure hormones when you exercise and she’s feeling the affects of that. She’s losing the way she’s getting shit. We want you to feel that too. So come in, get signed up for as low as $1 down, $5 a month, and we’ll give you your money back if you don’t like it. But you can do the all that stuff for free for 30 days and we’ll give you the whole that and you’ll end up losing weight. You better shape. So you can also be a testimony. So, uh, play the video. We’ll have Kelly here, uh, tell her testimony. Our gym voted as the best weight loss center in Topeka

So thank you so much. Have a great day. Have a great day. Thanks Kelly. I love the staff and I love how safe it is. I love that it’s 24 hours and I can come whenever I want. Love bringing my daughter. I feel like it’s a safe environment. I just love being here. Everybody is courteous. I don’t know how I’ve already has outside of the building, but here it’s like there’s like this air of and everybody is so kind to each other.

All the clientele. It’s like they know to be kind to each other. And I just, I love real courteous. Everybody is there. They’re missing out on, first of all, great prices. I, I come for $5 a month. That’s amazing. They’re missing out on great equipment, great friendly staff, 24 hours, uh, open. Tanning is amazing. I don’t know, anywhere you can tan for $5.

It’s just a friendly atmosphere. I first started maybe a month and a half ago, I was about, I know women don’t talk about this, but I was about 168 I weight in this morning at 152. And, and the most significant came is that I suffer from arthritis and I’m going to be 45 this year. So it is creeping up on me. And, and I’ve been working on the elliptical and my pain is better. I’m spending a lot less time or making, getting cuts and a lot more active. And the other thing is that, um, working out has really reduced my anxiety and my depression. So I love it.