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Weight loss in Topeka | How did Karli lose 6 inches? | Colaw Fitness

Hi we are Charles and Amber Colaw here with the win of the week. And we’ve got Carly. She’s weight loss in Topeka six inches. So congratulations Carly. Six inches, Carly. Okay. And now we’ve got a fitness tip that Charles is going to give you.

Okay. The fitness tip for the week is going to be to get a fitness plan that targets all areas, and all parts of the body. See, Carly has lost six inches on her body because in the last few weeks, just by working out and so on. So all of these different areas of her body are tightening up and leaning up, she’s losing body fat. She’s gaining muscle tone. And so by Carly doing this, this is, this is where she’s working out on all sorts of different things to kit all areas of her body. And we want to encourage our members to get a plan that can hit all areas of it. So get a fitness plan that targets all areas of your body. And uh, Amber, tell us the motivation quote.

Okay. The quote of the week, most great people have achieved their greatest success. Just one step beyond their greatest failure. That’s by Napoleon Hill.

Weight loss in Topeka

And the action steps. So our action step for you this week is going to come from uh, going to our CF 30 a diet workout. Mind freeing simple to follow one sheet so you can look at something and have a document that hits all areas of the body. Just like Carly’s talking about getting all those inches down. We all want to look more tight, more lean fit tights, all that kind of stuff.

So, but to give you complete mind freedom, we want to give you for free to come to the free trainer program. We actually show you exactly what to eat, what times do you eat, how much water to drink, all that kind of stuff. And follow a total body workout that hits every area of your body. And they’ll actually go through you and show you how to use all that stuff. So to get started and do that, so come to the CF 30 trainer program at Colaw Fitness. Start achieving your weight loss in Topeka because you are worth it.

You can come try Colaw Fitness for free. It really is a dollar down. Then as low as $5 a month. And if you don’t, if it’s not a good fit, if you do the 30 day program and you don’t like it, we’ll give you your dollar back. You don’t, you’re not, you’re not obligated. So there’s no risk. Come in, dollar down, come do the free trainer program, do all the little exercises, lose weight and be a testimony just like her extra give you then shape toning up the body.

Uh, we wanna encourage you to that you have complete mind freedom, simple to follow a trainer, all of that stuff. Come in and sign up, get the free CF-30 diet program. So, um, go ahead and was watch, uh, Carly’s testimony here. I, she’ll tell you about it. So I have a great week and a good job Carly. Yeah. Awesome. Way to go. Carly.

My name’s Carly. I like that it’s really clean facility and that there’s options to work each and every muscle group. It’s a really comfortable environment. They always play really good music and I like that you can be any shape or size and no one here is going to judge. I always brag about how I can Tan and workout for just like five a month with tax. And my brother’s always like, oh my gosh, I wish there was a Colaw Fitness in my town. So I think it’s really great that there’s so many options and it’s so affordable. I’ve noticed that become a lot stronger because of working out. And I’ve lost like six total inches around my body. So.