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Weight loss Oklahoma City | Getting Your Body and Mind Summer Ready with Colaw Fitness

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you beginning your journey to weight loss Oklahoma City? Then do yourself a huge favor and check out Oklahoma City’s new fitness center, Colaw Fitness. We want to help you reach your goals at Colaw Fitness. With variety and self care, we are more than just a gym. Colaw Fitness offers workout equipment, tanning, and massage chairs. Give us a call at 918-331-0404 so we can assist you in getting started today.

Colaw Fitness is ready to get you started on your very own weight loss Oklahoma City journey. In fact, our gym experience includes working out, tanning, and relaxing massage chairs. Additionally, you may bring a friend for free at any time. Their access is not restricted either; anything you are able to do, they can too without any additional charge or up-sale!

Maybe it is important to you on your weight loss Oklahoma City journey that you have an accountability partner. Obviously, we recognize the importance of that and even encourage it. For this very reason, your accountability partner may also attend the gym at no additional cost. They just come as your guest. That’s right! You can bring a guest for free!

Weight loss Oklahoma City

For as low as five dollars per month, you, as a member, will have access to five locations across four states. All of our facilities are available for your access twenty four hours per day. Our locations include Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Topeka, Kansas, Joplin, Missouri, and Arlington, Texas. Each location might vary slightly from site to site. Nonetheless, your member benefits remain the same at every location. At any location you may workout, tan, attend classes, attend member appreciation night, and use our relaxing massage chairs.

Your Colaw Fitness membership for your personal weight loss Oklahoma City can be as low as five dollars per month. To receive this incredibly low price, you must attend any of our facilities totaling at minimum, twelve checkins per month. This is great for weight loss Oklahoma City incentive. Not only the more you come the better results, but also the better price.

Help jumpstart your weight loss Oklahoma City by attending our facility an average of three days per week. It is easy to stay motivated at Colaw Fitness OKC. This incredibly positive atmosphere is contagious in a good way. Colaw Fitness streams Christian music over our speakers at all locations. Our staff is incredibly friendly as they welcome you with a smile. The gym walls are decorated with motivational words and phrases with hopes to give you that extra boost of encouragement that you just might need to keep on going.

Colaw Fitness OKC offers a variety of cardio equipment. Our cardio equipment includes ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, and bikes. We believe these machines are easy to use. However, we understand that everyone must start somewhere and maybe not everyone is as familiar. Therefore, if you would like a little extra help getting acclimated, we offer a free orientation class to all members. Please stop in at the front desk to sign up anytime. Remember how we said your guest can do anything you can at no additional cost? That’s right. Your guest may also attend the orientation class for free. Our orientation class will teach you how to use the resistance machines too.

Here at Colaw Fitness, we know total health is not just about the pounds you lose. We believe it is pertinent to tone the muscles your body needs to give you the best day to day life experience. Increase your quality of life by taking a few extra steps in your workout regimen. For example, switch things up a bit. Utilize our resistance machines and free weights. You do not have to become an olympic lifter to get fit. Just start with our orientation class to learn how to use our machines. Then start little by little until you are more comfortable with an entire routine. Stay consistent and you’ll soon be surprise by your results.

Getting your body ready for summer is not just about weight loss Oklahoma City. You may also be interest in getting a beautiful bronze glow before heading outdoors. In fact, Colaw Fitness offers free tanning with any membership. Any member may also bring a friend to tan for free. No appointment is necessary. We offer both stand up and lay down beds. You may also purchase tanning lotions and tanning goggles at the front desk.

Your great experience is not over yet. Before leaving, treat yourself with some relaxation in one of our massage chairs. Similarly to our tanning beds, this also does not require an appointment. Our massage chairs use water pressure and heat to give you a very relaxing experience. Please remove your shoes, select start on the touch screen, then adjust as needed. It is as simple as the press of a button. Can you believe it? Plus, this is no additional cost to you. It is include with any membership. And your friend may use these chairs as well.

Additionally, please be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook handles to see other great tips and tricks from our gyms’ owners, Amber and Charles Colaw. Click follow to keep up with the latest information. We are all excited to help you with your weight loss Oklahoma City.

Also we want to hear about your weight loss Oklahoma City. Reach out to a manager today and tell us about your achievements at Colaw Fitness. Who knows? You could be our next feature member! If you need more inspiration be sure to check out our website for the great results of some of our other members too.

Colaw Fitness would love to hear from you. Please remember, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. Please call us at 918-331-0404. In conclusion, we want you to always remember: you are worth it.