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What is the best gym in Topeka | Don’t worry about working out alone!

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

When you work out, one thing that keeps us going is when we have a buddy to encourage us and to hold us to our word. Here at Colaw Fitness, we have a special deal just for you! With your membership, you can bring in a friend to work out with you every day that you come in! Not only will you be able to work out cheaply, but so will your friend! You two can stick to your goals and get some much-needed quality time together. If you have any questions, search “Colaw Fitness” on your search engine, or feel free to give us a call at 785-409-8823 for further details.

The largest part of meeting your goals– whether it be the goal of getting over your fear of public speaking or losing a few pounds or learning how to paint– is sticking to those goals. And sometimes we need a bit of help sticking to our goals as well as remembering why we started in the first place. It is important that when we have goals for improving ourselves that we don’t feel so alone in the process. It is also important for us to feel encouraged and supported when we try new things, especially by our friends. Never wonder what it is the best gym in Topeka, since coli is it. Colaw Fitness realizes that and wants to make sure that you feel encouraged while you work on your fitness goals.

Our amazing staff will always be there to encourage you and help you with our equipment when you need it. But we also realize that as staff, we are not your best friends. Sometimes it is your friends that are exactly who and what you need when going to the gym. Well you are in luck! Part of having the Colaw Fitness membership is the ability to bring in a friend to work out with you whenever you come in! There is no extra cost and your friend will get the same benefits you do! Again, what is the best gym in Topeka? Of course Colaw Fitness!

What is the best gym in Topeka

While you may want to work on cardio by running on the treadmill, your friend may be wanting to work out their abs. That is totally okay because our facility is big enough for you and your friend to be working out completely different muscle groups. For some buddy workouts, you and your friend can utilize our mats to do sit ups or jumping jacks together, or whatever you prefer! Our Matrix Machines also can be used to create some friendly competition, if you and your friend so choose!

This technology can count your reps and time you all the while you are working out. With multiple machines in our gym, you and your friend can work out side by side and see how far you both can go. (Just remember our “no gym jerk” policy and to wipe down the equipment when you’re done!) So when asking what the best gym in Topeka is, always remember Colaw Fitness.

These benefits not only include the machine and technology Colaw has to offer, but the amenities as well! When you bring a friend, they will have access to the same amenities and machines as you do, at no extra cost! You will have access to massage chairs and hydro massages to relax after a long workout. Or maybe you and your friend want to try out our tanning beds. After working out and relaxing with your friend, maybe you both will want a shower. Lucky for you, we have personal bathrooms equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, and benches! Just bring flip-flops, soap, and a towel, and use our showers with your membership! So when your friend asks what the best gym in Topeka is, make sure you tell them about Colaw.

We can guarantee you that after your trip to the best fitness center in the city, you will feel like you and your friend had a spa day! It will feel like a spa day because you will leave feeling more refreshed and better about your progress than ever before! You probably have multiple friends, so while you can only bring in one per day, you can change up which friend you bring each day. With deals like these, your friends will soon want to have their own membership to the best gym in Topeka. So that they can bring their friends, too. Party time at Colaw, am I right?

Even if your friends cannot come with you to the gym, just know that the friendly staff that we have at Colaw will always be the encouraging thumbs up you need! You, the customer, are our priority. And we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible, here at Colaw Fitness. Also, the extra person you bring doesn’t always have to be your friends. Because you can bring a family member as well! Say goodbye to family movie nights and hello to family gym time! Check out our membership details online by searching “Club Memberships”. What is the best gym in Topeka? Colaw Fitness!

While here at Colaw Fitness, we pride ourselves on how clean we keep the facility. We recognize that with so many friends and family members coming in and out. We need to keep the best gym in the city also the cleanest gym in the city. Also we clean this facility a few times a day to ensure that you get a fresh experience when you use the equipment. That means that we wipe down every surface (including equipment). Vacuum all the carpet, and clean the personal facilities such as bathrooms. It is also gym policy that once you are done using said equipment that you use a paper towel and our cleaning solution to wipe down the surfaces you touched.

Our amazing staff is commit to give you the best gym experience possible! So that means, if there is something not cleaned to your or your plus one’s standard, feel free to notify the front desk employees. And we will get on it right away! You can also talk to the front desk employees if you have questions about memberships or equipment. Or when you’d like to purchase a lock or water bottle. No matter the reason you come up to the front desk, you will be greeted with smiles and thorough help.

We cannot wait for you to visit the best fitness center in Topeka Kansas. And show you what a wonderful place it is to work out and relax! Always remember what the best gym is in Topeka. Hopefully bringing your friend or family member will encourage you to keep going on your fitness goals. And they can remind you just how with it, you are. If they love it here at Colaw, as much as you do, they can get their own membership for the low cost of $5! If you have any more questions, search “Colaw Fitness” on the internet. Or feel free to give us a phone call at 785-409-8823. We look forward to seeing you soon!