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What’s the best gym Arlington TX? | What’s the best heart rate for fat loss?

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to talk to you about a fitness tip and Amber, give us a fitness tip. I’m not going to give it a fitness tip. I will going to have you give it for this tip. I’m going to ask the question. The question is, what is the best heart rate for fat loss? The best heart rate for fat loss? Yes, that’s a good question.

Well, as far as in cardiovascular exercise or doing a run on the treadmill, elliptical bike, all that kind of stuff. Everybody wants to wanting to lose fat and to get a heart health benefit. Now when the heart rate is high, your body actually pulls energy from your muscle and your fat. So it’s pulling glycogen from the, from the muscle, and it’s pulling ketone bodies from the fat. So the higher you’re pushing, so maybe your heart is beating like 180 beats a minute or 70 beats a minute.

You’re pulling from two energy reserves. One’s from fat, and some is actually coming from muscle and you actually can burn up some muscle. I tell people, when you’re targeting fat loss, it’s better to keep your heart rate at a lower heart rate like 130 and hold it for a longer duration. So that way your body will actually target more fat loss unless you go really hard and actually start pulling from muscle tissue.

So the best heart rate for fat loss. Is going to be at a bout 130 beats a minute and a hold it for a longer duration. I was trying to get my clients to do 500 calories a day at around 120 to 130 beats a minute, and you will rock that fat loss and keep that muscle. So that’s the fitness tip. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. Have a blessed day and week. Bye bye.

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what's the best gym Arlington TX