Episode 21 - Bench Press 4 A Big Chest

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Arlington TX gyms

welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles on the daily podcast that provides you with the proven growth path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you canĀ  do this podcast. Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw with the, you can do this podcast.

casts. Today we’re going to talk to you about bench press and how to bench press for a big chest. So a, how are you doing today? Here, Amber. Thank you. Yes, we’re having a great day. So I’m uh, I’m going to start off with a story here. Um, uh, there was a guy that came up to me at the Arlington TX gyms and he had seen me working out and this guy was benching me about 405 pounds, like a lot of weight that’s four plates on each side.

And he saw me doing about two 75, which is about two plates and a 25. Iwas quite a bit bigger guy, quite a bit more muscular guy. And um, now this guy was really well-built. Uh, but he was asking me, he’s like, um, Hey, I’m really trying to build up my chest. What have you done?

What do you been doing? Of course this guy’s lifting a whole lot more weight than I am in his routine. And you could tell that he’s kind of, uh, he’s, he’s like power lifter type of bill power, power builder, power power trainer. He likes to lift really, really heavy. And I used to do that as well, but he’s wanting to actually build a big chest and build a strong chest. But he’s focused on lifting really, really, really heavy.

And so what I had talked to him about is, um, when you’re lifting the muscle really doesn’t know the weight that it’s lifting, but it does know stimulation. A lot of times you are training really hard as a powerlifter. And I had been a power lifter in high school. I had benched 450 pounds at the age of 18 in high school. And I’ve got, I think the Oklahoma state bench press record, I think I still do.

But the big thing is is your train a motor neuron response to fire really hard and really quick and fast Twitch muscle fibers and while you are strong you aren’t actually always really building real muscle tissue but you’re really training a neuro pathway to fire hard fire explosively.

So anyways, I talked to this guy about if you’re really trying to like build a better body or body build, it’s different than powerlifting. So most guys, this is the problem. The problem is that most guys lift as heavy as I can when they start working out thinking that if I just look really happy, really, really heavy, I’m going to lift really, really heavy and that’s going to build a big strong muscle.

Amber, have you ever seen guys at the Arlington TX gyms like literally put as much weight as they can on the bar or there and you could just tell that they’re doing everything that there’s a form is is really poor. It’s like they’re struggling, they’re shaking and like one arms going up, one arms coming down. Like it’s like, it’s like wedging the weight up. He ever seen them.

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Yeah, we see that quite often. Um, and it, it really makes you feel bad for the guy because you know, he’s not getting the best that he can to actually build this chest. Um, you know, that within his mind, it’s just, it’s a number, it’s an amount of weight and it’s not the actual workout of the day.

Oh yeah. It’s like an ego thing. You’re working out with your buddy and he, he did, he did a little bit more weight than you, so you’re going to do whatever you got to do to try to push more. And uh, so you’re feeling challenged.

Right. And this tends to happen even more. You know, the bigger group of guys that work out together, you know, it becomes a, it’s a contest. It’s not a workout.

Yeah. Yeah. So when I’m at the Arlington TX gyms, generally when April come up and just grabbed my weight and I did like three times, I should do it like 10 times. And I always make nice, you make me feel like a fool. So no, but honestly, that’s, it happens a lot. And I used to do that a lot and I always encourage guys, what you’re wanting to do is build a better body. Use good form, good technique, really focus on the proper form technique as you lift the weight, stimulate the muscle.

Um, don’t just try to be a weightlifter, try to build a better body. So that’s the problems. The pros problem is that they lift really, really heavy and they’re not really focusing on training that muscle group training that and, and not using good form. And so the solution is the muscle, uh, really knows stimulation.

And w when you do it correctly, you create, um, stimulation, a microfiber tear. You ha you push a lot of blood into the muscle with proper diet and nutrition, it’s going to hydrate that muscle with blood nutrients. That’s how those, like all the food that you’re eating, all the supplements you’re taking, get to that muscle. So you want to, you know, lift heavy enough to cause what they call microfiber tear and then hydrate the muscle enough that all the blood flow gets there.

All the nutrients that you’ve been eating on a proper diet. Really food is huge for growing that and then stimulating it, not annihilating it with super heavy weight, not just training motor neuron responses to fire fast and use explosive amounts of weight that the risk is far worth worse than the rewards you get. Tear a muscle. You could hurt yourself, you could hurt your joint.

So work out the muscle, hydrate the muscle microfiber tear, then you get right back to proper nutrition again and you’ll heal. It’ll heal, repair and grow. But the muscle knows stimulation. It does not know weight. And um, form poor form takes away from real treasure chest recruitment. If you are lifting and you throw your shoulder forward, you’re actually using your lap muscle to push your force shoulder forward and only takes nine pounds of pressure to cause a rotator cuff tear.

And so there’s just a lot of things that can compromise that joint and you may lift the weight, but you’re not actually using end-to-end PR in that pectoralis major and minor aren’t actually firing as hard as you think. You’re actually using your lat, your front deltoid, your tricep to kind of wiggle it up and you’re not actually working your primary muscle mover. And that’s like what your goal is, is to build the chest.

So, um, port and proper form will take away from that chest muscle and you may lift more, but you’re not actually building a better bustle and building a better body. So, um, this is where we talk about me and Amber will say, um, uh, lifting for your goals is really what you want to be doing. Building a better body, not, not to be a powerlifter, but to build a better healthy fit body is your primary motivation.

If you want to build a big chest bench pressing for a big chest, drop that weight down a little bit. Focus on form and technique. Focus on actually working the muscle, working the muscle fibers, keeping the joints in, proper alignment, proper angles, and you’re going to build a whole, a better chest. And it just explosives, lifting as heavy as you can.

Well, and I think this also goes back to, it’s not one meal that ruins your entire nutritional plan. It’s not one meal that throws you off track. It’s not one meal that causes you to gain back 10, 20, 30, 40 pounds. Not one chest workout that gives you a great chest. It’s consistently lifting, lifting properly, and the nutrition hand in hand with that.

Oh that’s a hot take. Yep.

Yeah. I mean the guys that come in and they want to max out and they want to do chest every day and when you see those guys in the Arlington TX gyms, you know which ones they’re going to come in. They’re going to hit chest and Tris every day. Just tries by, you never see them doing legs. You never see a, I mean there’s, you can tell there’s no plan.

Yeah, it’s Monday, Tuesday, uh, and then the, you don’t see him again till the next Monday or Tuesday.

God doesn’t give you the results that you want long term. I mean it is one consistently, one after another after another, but coming in and maxing out is not going to give you the chest.

Yup. Yup. You want to be consistent with following a set plan. Um, and not just being a, uh, you know, hard starter, bad finishers, what I would call it. A lot of people start their fitness program, they kill it, and then he does see him in the Arlington TX gyms for a while. So

here’s a great side tip for all the guys. The girls don’t know, wait, they don’t know what’s heavy. Uh, you have one 45 on each side and that’s pretty impressive. So girls don’t know how much you lift. They don’t know what’s heavy. Um, most of them couldn’t tell you how much weight is on a bar. So a lot of the guys will do that to impress the girls. Girls really don’t know. And it’s probably not that,

I think it’s really cool when they’re in a sling because they can’t, they’ve, they’ve hurt their shoulder and they can’t. Yeah. That’s the mood. They’re injured and they’re walking around. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. Okay, well that’s the solution. Um, lifting for your goals. Build a better body body. Don’t be like a power with your weightlifter, but really work. I focus on, on working the muscle, training the muscle, um, and building a better body. Um, so a couple of facts for you guys.

Um, I’ve been certified through lots of different organizations throughout the country. 24 hour fitness I worked for and I’ve been certified through the apex program. Cooper Institute. I’ve got like eight certifications. I’m certified in dietary guidance. I’m certified in elderly certified and, and AF athletes. Um, so a lot of the top schools around the country, um, they all talk about when you’re working out a frequency intensity and time stimulates the body for response and frequency, intensity and time.

And so by all of that, that is all causing the motor neurons in each muscle to fire harder. So if you’re working out a chest muscle every 72 hours, it’s about enough time for it to have recovery and your intensity is high, not the weight, but the intensity aside. Like you can actually focus your mind in the muscle connection and then you weight load it. Let’s say it’s a two to three count on the negative where you actually bring the weight down.

And then the on the concentric where you actually are pressing, you do like a one to two. Second up I’m telling you, you will get a freaking smoking workout with Hathaway. You will really, really smoke it. And there’s some, uh, [inaudible] is by, uh, gosh was that pro bodybuilder, but he’s one of the best, uh, scientists and muscle stimulation. He’s got all these degrees.

I’m in my 40 is another program and they talk a lot about that. And it’s like basically the biggest, best body builders that build the most massive chests. Uh, have not gone away from just training really heavy and gone and gone into really, really loading that muscle, keeping the frequency, intensity and time on the muscle tension on that muscle to stimulate it the most. And that the result is a way more muscular chest, bigger chest, bigger muscle bellies with a lot less of the risk without how to put it near the weight load.

And it’s also causing so much sheer force in the joints, on all the cartilage and tendons. So the risk is not worth the reward. Um, so now they, they do some photo shoots and they’ll put on a lot of weight for a photo shoot. But the majority of the time these guys use a whole lot less.

I used to train ’em one time I trained in a, I think it’s a Chicago at a trade show, um, with the eight time mr Olympia, Phil Heath, and we’re doing side lateral raises together. And um, he, uh, was using like, um, about half of the weight that I was using. And so we really went into a deep conversation on some of that and he was doing the M F uh, I think it’s all the Fs 40 or uh, uh, it’s the one that was seven. That’s a seven sevens, that’s a seven with that much rest that Lee Hany Rambod does.

And he just really talked about how uh, frequency, intensity, time keeping, um, potentially on the muscle and not just necessarily heavy weight load. We did shoulder presses, I was doing shoulder presses with two 75 overhead presses and he’s using about one 85. And this is the number one bodybuilder in the world back then.

So just letting you know you don’t necessarily have to train super heavy to have a great response. And uh, so that’s just word for the wise. And I am about two 55 to two 60. I’m on a under 6% body fat, pretty much year round. Um, and I don’t train near as heavy as I used to and I could, but the risk isn’t worth the reward.

So call to action. This is where I want you guys to lift for your goals. Lift for your goals. So if you are a powerlifter, yeah, you’re going to have to do that stuff. But if you’re just wanting to build a better chest, a bigger chest, really put that time intention under that muscle, properly doing anywhere from eight to 15 repetitions, really stimulate the muscle for a microfiber tear and a little bit of volume to get the blood in there.

Really get your nutrition down, really focused on, on those things are going to build that better muscle. Now, if you don’t believe me, and I encourage you to not just believe me, please go to YouTube. Look up Colaw Fitness reviews. That’s YouTube. Look up coal off it and reviews. I have worked with over 5,000 clients personally and thousands of clients in multiple States. Go there, look at people’s results.

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Um, and, uh, me and I was over 83 pounds. I was, um, three Oh three in high school. I lost 83 pounds with the trainer and I ended up winning the mr Oklahoma super heavyweight show back in 2007 runner up in 2010. So I lived it, loved it, trained tons of clients, my highest desires, your greatest gain. Anyways, uh, this is Charles and Amber Colaw on the, you can do this podcast and we will talk to you guys tomorrow. Bye bye.