Episode 1 - How I Lost 83 lbs

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superstars. This is Charles Cola and Amber Cola. Today we’re going to talk to you about, um, I’m actually going to tell you about how I lost 83 pounds. So today’s podcast is me explaining about how I lost 83 pounds. And, uh, in that way you can do that as well or you can follow some of the principles to get in shape and tone up. So, uh, first off, uh, back in high school I had gained weight and played football and I was up to 303 pounds at my heaviest. And so at a certain point, the, I was actually out with one of my best friends. Um, he’s actually the VP of our company, Dan Harrigan. We were at eating a taco bell and of course I’d finished football or blew up my knee my senior year and I wasn’t gonna play college ball. I had some, uh, OSU and OU and to some division one division two schools talking to me about potentially having the chances coming back and playing football in college.

But, um, I wanted to lose weight and get in shape and be healthy and my knee just didn’t feel quite the same after tearing my ACL, MCL, chipping to bone on my femur, my tibia, um, uh, doing sports anyways, so I wanted to lose weight and get in shape and uh, I was at a taco bell and uh, walked up to the a diet Coke or to the Coke filling station or to where you get all your different drinks. And I had like a, a kid is like nobody else’s around me except a little kid, you know, kids can be really honest while the kid was like said something to his dad about a fat guy and I’m sitting there looking around and there wasn’t anybody. I thought I was just like a big strong guy, but I kind of quickly realized he’s referring to me and I am getting pretty thick and chubby has probably around 30% body fat.

I was big and strong playing football, but I also was, you know, a high body fat percentage and it really didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin if I wanted to be honest with myself. And so at that point I walked back to the table, talk to Dan, said, Dan, you know, I ha, uh, do you think I’m fat? And he’s like, no, Charles, you’re just big boned. And I’m like, well, I haven’t always been big boned. And that was kinda the beginning of me doing a internal deep dive on myself saying I want to lose weight, get in shape. And uh, at that point I’d reached out to a buddy that I knew had lost weight and did a fitness competition, um, and he was a trainer and he gave me some diets and workouts and templates to follow and, um, like, like I am, I’m just, you know, whatever I put my mind to, I just go insanely in that direction.

Within nine months. I went from 303 pounds to 220 pounds and ended up, uh, feeling really comfortable and confident in myself from being S feeling super uncomfortable in my own skin and unconfident. So it made me feel totally different, totally better, and actually went and competed and a bodybuilding show in front of thousands of people and those little tiny trunks and ended up winning second place in a bodybuilding show. So it’s the best I’ve ever felt about myself taking myself from a nine month period, from overweight, depressed into feeling super good about myself, confident in myself and winning second place in the state bodybuilding show. And I thought, I want to do this for other people. I want other people to feel the way that I feel. And that’s pretty much what I dedicated my life to. While at the same time, of course I’m a Christian, you know, trying to make Jesus famous and change lives in the process of that.

So, um, uh, that’s pretty much my story. I went from three Oh three to two 20 losing 83 pounds in nine months. And then taking a second place in a state bodybuilding show. And, uh, anyways, that’s, that’s the, the, the take on that and, and I want to help other people feel that way and accomplish those goals. Um, and I’m going to talk to you about a couple key things that, um, I did that got me started during that time and some of my mindset. So I’m gonna talk to you about my diet at that time. The workouts that I followed, the mindset I had to adopt from going from an eat everything in sight type person and, uh, no real nutritional discipline and that transition. And then I’m also going to give you some social proof that you, you too can be successful. And I’ve worked with thousands of clients to lose weight and get in shape, um, and feel comfortable in their skin and confident again.

And then I’m going to give you some action steps so that you too can be successful in following very, very simple to follow workout plans and journals that I can give to you for completely free because my highest desire is your greatest gain. So first off here, um, uh, I was 19 years old and um, went through that whole transition and you don’t have a lot of discipline at 19 yet. So first off my diet was a really struggle for me. Um, I would eat large pizzas, even two large pizzas in one sitting. I could read three or four, uh, route 44 big giant 44 ounce, um, uh, Coke, uh, uh, dr peppers a day. Um, and I played football. I mean I’ve benched over four. I did 415, 450 pounds in high school and squatted over 500. I was super strong, really big guy, six foot four, um, and uh, had stats like NFL players in high school, um, as far as in strength and size.

And uh, but my whole thing was going from that type of eating machine training on the field machine and then not playing football anymore and getting chunky and fat. Um, I had to make different, huge change in my transition of, of food intake. So first off, um, the guy that I worked with helped me, um, on a diet plan. He told me exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to be drinking, what supplements to be taking. And so I started eating, um, a very key to genic type diet. Um, the keto diet was not a popular thing back then. It was actually kind of pushed up against, there’s more, um, carbs and carbs, cycling diets. But he did put me on a diet that was high protein, low carb, um, more ketogenic type plan. Um, cause he was formerly a fat kid too.

And so I wanted to follow what he had done. I’d seen him lose a massive amount of weight and really checked the change the way he looks from a fat guy to being a really lean and muscular guy. So my diet was primarily lean proteins. 95% or 96% are leaner meats. And, um, I did eat like cottage cheese and I did eat, um, like uh, fat-free cottage cheese, 96% lean Turkey chicken fish. Um, I only drank water for seven years in a row. Um, that was it, that I drank for a period of time. And, uh, my main carbs were always under about 150 carbohydrates a day, which is still getting pretty, pretty low in the carbohydrate, which forces your body to use your own fat or a ketogenic type approach. So it a high protein, low carb diet wasn’t a no carb diet, but high protein, low carb diet.

Um, I ate, uh, in the morning I’d have like a two scoop shake with like a couple pieces of shredded wheat, um, at like a five or six pieces of five, five to 10 carbs of shredded wheat. Um, and uh, just like little tiny squares. Uh, and then I would do, uh, like a, a bullet cottage cheese with protein powder in it. And then, um, like, like four pineapple chunks. So it was all real high protein, low fat, um, lower carb. And I did that six to eight meals a day, about 250 to 300 grams of protein a day, and about 150 carbs a day. And then I started in with a cardio. Um, anyways, I’ll get into my workout just a minute. But that was basically what I ate. It was kind of restrictive. It was really hard to stay on it. I really, really craved a lot.

Um, back then, um, I was so focused on discipline to stick with it and uh, I lost about 40 pounds in about the first four months, three to four months. And then in nine months I lost 83 pounds. And I kind of learned that I had to eat more to stay satiated and satisfied. And a lot of people fail on their program because they over restrict. And I learned that your body can actually not completely fall off the plan if you just go ahead and need a little bit more protein. And so I use that for hunger cravings and extra chicken or an extra amount of serving of lean protein or an extra two scoop shake that I wouldn’t go off and cheat and eat completely bad. A lot of people, when they struggle or they have a craving, they all say, Oh heck to this program.

I’m going to jump off the bandwagon, eat a pizza, or go eat ice cream or go out with my friend and say I’m taking the whole day off and binge the whole day. I didn’t, um, I knew that that was only going to send me backwards and be more upset with myself later. Temporarily I feel good with my brain, but later I feel really depressed and upset with myself because another notch failure, which I had done that before. So I realized quickly that I want to be successful. I need to just eat more quality. So I ate, um, protein shakes, uh, chicken and vegetables, little bit of chicken and rice. Every portion of carbohydrates is less than about 20 grams of carbohydrates. Every meal, every meal had at least, uh, 30 grams of protein, eight, about six to eight of those a day. And I literally stuck with it to a T and in four months lost like 40 pounds or so, and about nine months, 83 pounds.

And when I would struggle, which is probably like twice a week, I’d want to start falling off the plan. I would just eat two or three extra chicken breasts or um, uh, two or three extra servings of fat free cottage cheese but without any of the extra car and just enough to get me through the mental strain of that. Um, and I continued to struggle with that type of mindset for several years afterwards, uh, until I realized it’s actually start adding back more healthy fats into my diet and a little bit of like red meat and salmon and things like that that gave some more density to my, to my, uh, foods and say she did me a little bit more, but I really, really restricted, only drank water for seven years. But in that course of that eight, or sorry, of course, that nine months I just mainly ate more extra chicken fish or extra scoops of protein and water and uh, and I nailed it and lost a ton of weight, 83 pounds, nine months and got more muscular and toned and won a fitness or had gotten second place in a fitness bodybuilding show.

My workouts, what am I workouts consist of? So my workouts consisted of a push, pull leg. I did push like chest, shoulders, triceps, um, one day. And then I did pull back biceps, um, uh, you know, all the pulling exercises and some deadlifts. And then I did a, uh, leg routine, which is mainly squats, leg presses, a leg, ascensions lay curls, um, I, everything to do with the legs. And I worked out so hard on every one of those workouts. If I wasn’t like completely smoked, I stayed at the gym. So I’d probably put at least two hours in every day during that time. Never missing workout ever. Like every day sick, uh, had surgery. I, Ted, my wisdom teeth pulled, still work out that day regardless. I’m doped up, whatever. I mean I just wanted it, that bad tunnel, total tunnel vision. And uh, but yeah, um, I remember within four months people were like, wow, you look great.

Within like nine months, they’re like, what are you doing? And everybody thought I was on drugs, but it’s like relentless discipline, tunnel vision. And uh, yeah. So my workout was push pull legs and I repeated that. And then I did get myself one day if I wanted to take off, I could, which I never could. Um, and that was, um, we generally went in and kind of did some joke workouts and some AB stuff. I call it joke workouts where you don’t really go hard, but I still spend like two hours messing around in there doing different things, targeting certain muscle groups cause my whole world revolved around fitness and that’s all I wanted to do was be fitness and be a bodybuilder and train and so on. I’d read every single journal I could, every workout thing that I could. I knew absolutely zero people that spend as much time in the gym studying fitness like I did.

And that was the time in my life where I got eight national certifications and training, just immerse myself in fitness, um, uh, and reading articles and paying coaches to help me. I got eight national certifications is training and uh, just became like a fitness junkie at that time. And, uh, every single way to work a muscle group on a different type of machine and made up workout. There’s tons of things that I’ve done and that aren’t even, I don’t even see people ever do that. I made up to work muscles to get ready for a fitness show. So I just loved it so much. Um, it was my passion, but working out was the, that’s what I did for my workouts, but push, pull legs, uh, push, pull legs and then I’d take one day off. But I really didn’t take off as to when ended abs and calves and, uh, made up some workouts.

Okay. My mindset, uh, my mindset at that time was complete tunnel vision. Um, I would literally would eat, sleep and breathe all of that stuff and um, had absolutely, absolutely, absolutely complete, um, uh, just focus on that. So anyways, uh, that was how I ended up, uh, becoming super successful in fitness and then ended up getting into the training business and train and took off. And that did really well. And now we’re into building other clubs. But that was my story from how I lost 83 pounds first starting off. I really believe in the all in approach as much as you can, but I also have built, uh, programs so that you too can bypass all of that mental struggle and all of that time and get as much intellectual real estate in a mind frame document. So I highly suggest to not believe me and to go to Cola fitness, YouTube page and type in off or go to YouTube type Cola fitness reviews that’s go to YouTube and type in Cola fitness reviews and watch all of the videos of people that we’ve worked with in multiple States across the country, losing weight and getting in shape.

So please look at that. Hopefully somebody in there will touch your heart and connect with you and make you feel like, Hey, I too can do this. I can lose weight. I can get in shape. So I don’t want you to do is go through that, check that out. And then when you get motivated by hearing somebody else inspired, I want you to go get the free [inaudible] book. There’s a little book and journal, um, uh, there’s a C, it’s called colon fitness, 30 colon. [inaudible] colon fitness 30 day plan so that you too can be successful there for free on the to do the free class and have somebody show you how to do it. Free trainers there to show you how to do that. Sign up for that and get that free CF 30 and it’s a document that tells you exactly what to eat, what times to eat, a journal to follow. It’s less than five minutes to fill it out and get the workout. You get the motivation, you get the journal, and you also can fill that in and ask me any questions that you have the at you two can be successful, but go get the journal and follow the CF 30 plan and you too will be a success story. This is Charles and Amber Cola with Cola fitness podcast. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you later. Bye bye.