Episode 10 - Idiot proof steps to fitness success

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven idiot proof path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the you can do this podcast.
Hey there, super team. This is Charles and Amber with the Colaw fitness. You can do this podcast for the idiot proof steps to fitness success. So Amber, how are you doing today? Great. Awesome. We got the beautiful Amber Colaw here with the, you can do it podcast with me today.

She is looking gorgeous and she is super smart. And so today we are both going to talk to you about idiot proof steps for fitness success because you can do this with the Colaw fitness podcast. So jumping into these steps for fitness success, I am going to start off with asking Amber some questions on what I have came up with on the keys to fitness success. And that is number one, set realistic and measurable goals. Uh, instead of the, you know, saying, Hey, I’m going to get in shape or committing to like a running a marathon or whatever you want to set realistic, measurable goals.

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Amber, could you tell, tell us about what your thought would be about setting a realistic goal for a girl that could be a good measurable, realistic goal for a female? Right. Well, I’m probably talking to a lot of moms or working women or even young girls that have very full schedules. Um, most girls and women I know are super busy. We like to be busy where the multitaskers, we like a full schedule. This helps us visit the Oklahoma City gyms often to see results.

So sometimes we say yes to a whole lot of things. So I think first of all, you want to set realistic goals that are things you can squeeze into your schedule. Or maybe you can start saying no to some things to say yes to your goals. So to make it realistic and measurable, you know, you’re probably going to have to cut something and you also have to schedule it. What was it?

Super important to schedule an end. So it happens. Great, great. What kind of realistic goal with somebody that’s, let’s say a regular working mom would want to do. What’s a realistic goal for going to the gym? You need to find like how many days a week do you think you could go, so let’s be realistic and say maybe starting out. I can only make it once a week. Maybe I can only make it twice a week. You know, right now, three times I can make happen. You need to determine what that is and then you need to stick to it. Commit to that and just keep doing it.

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Yeah, can be consistent and continue to do it until it’s a habit. Once you feel like you’ve said it as a habit, it’s set in your schedule. Your family knows, your friends know. People are supportive of that and it’s already working now twice a week you’ve nailed it. Move it to three times a week and then you stick with three times a week until that becomes a habit. Great. Great. I always, I have trained thousands and thousands of clients over the past. A what, 20 years, whatever. I’ve been doing fitness training. A, Stephan, I would say you really to be measurable and do well, you need to get into the Oklahoma City gyms three times a week.

And so I tell people, try to really commit to three times a week and do something for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. And that way, that’s about an hour out of the whole week commitment. But you can get a benefit out of going just three times a week and at least 20 minutes. You can have some good results out of that. So, you know, there’s some statistics on that that even 20 minutes, three times a week drops the chance of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes by up to three fold.

So you can really make a difference with this one a three times a week exercise and a program. Uh, the next, uh, super, uh, tip for you or a key key to fitness success is get your fitness tested, uh, testing, uh, pinpoint areas of, of what of your body, like finding out like what’s your, uh, body fat measurement is, uh, finding out what your weight is, get that test and then any kind of a measurable area.

So get your fitness test by visiting the Oklahoma City gyms today. And so I would weigh yourself and then if you can get your body fat tested too, to see how well, cause most people really what they wanna do is they want to lose body fat and tone up, which is basically losing body composition. So I would say get your fitness tested, get your weight measured, and uh, maybe a body fat test. That way you can actually see or at least take a picture of yourself at the start to kind of see how much you’ve changed.

Um, another thing is you could take measurements with a, like a waist measurement around your right, around your belly button or, uh, measurements around your body. Or you can have a trainer measure you, but that way you can actually see measurable results over time that are, uh, just real warm, factual based. Okay. Uh, the third, uh, just key, uh, uh, fit kit in the fitness success steps is the third step I’m sorry, is to get, uh, uh, I’m sorry to keep a daily exercise diary. So you want to keep a daily exercise diary, diary. Amber, have you ever done that before?

Oh, I’ve done that many times. And anytime you can write it down and track it, it definitely, that in itself holds you more accountable because the last thing you want to do is write down a failure. So anytime you can track it, keep track of it. Um, you can visually see how you’re doing. Oh yeah, I was going to, for me, I’ve done fitness competitions and I’ve trained with great trainers, fitness trainers, and I have learned that, um, if I’m not logging it and recording it, then I don’t have accountability.

So if you’re logging and recording all your food, all your supplements, all your workouts, tracking that stuff makes you just asked me to see what your results are, how you’re changing, what’s your habits, where you can reflect back to see how you were successful in the past, when you were just killing it, if you fell off track. So recording that keeps you motivated, keeps you accountable. Super, super awesome. So you’ve got to keep a daily exercise diary and nutrition diary and I’ve got a hot take for you. We’ve got that for free. At Colaw fitness.

If you come into the CF 30 trainer classes, we can actually show you some of that. We’ve got some simple templates that you can use. So, um, next on the key to success is working out with a buddy. Um, ever done that. You’re a, I’m the buddy I get to work out with the hot Amber Colaw. Yes. And uh, so the a workout buddy is great that way. Sometimes you’re not motivated but they are so on.

But to have somebody to motivate you to encourage you to show up and meet with you is very, very helpful. Some personal trainers are great. Sometimes it’s just having somebody there to be with and be accountable with, um, to have a workout, have a little bit of a dialogue with.

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Right. But I do think you need to judge that because um, we’ve both had many different workout partners over many, many years and there you can also choose a workout buddy that you’ll find all you do is talk the whole time and you’re not really getting anything done. It becomes social hour at the gym and then you actually become frustrated and it can cause even a little tension in the friendship because then you find yourself not wanting to meet them because you do want to work out, you don’t want to talk and they want to talk to you the whole time.

Then it’s a kind of an awkward tension thing. I’ve got a heartache, heartache, jump in here with heartache. Yes, I agree. Proverbs 13:20, it says, this walk with the wise and you become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. So basically what it’s saying is when you’re walking was that basically when you’re, you, you, you will be what you’re around. So if you’re working out around somebody who’s motivated, driven to workout, wants to get the actual, uh, exercises checked off their task list, um, wants to work out hard, that type of person will reflect on you.

You become what you’re around. Proverbs 13:20 walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. That’s one of my favorite Bible verses. So I’ll let you go back in there. Amber, I can’t work out with a buddy. Nick’s hot take here is pace yourself. Um, w w you gotta be realistic. He can’t go into the gym and just kill out 10 hours of working out the first day and expect yourself to want to come back and do it again.

So, um, make sure you, you, you said exercise goals, where you going to go in for at least 30 minutes, get a good workout and get out. Um, and that’s may, that’s, that’s real accomplishable. You actually will enjoy that and, and, and so forth. But if you come in there and try to pound out 10 hours a day or whatever, you feel miserable. So pacing yourself, um, and making that realistic.

Um, and then the next hot take ya to, if you’re going to train for an event, you know, make sure you’re training for an event, um, that you know, that you can actually accomplish and feel good about. If you want to check out positive vibes, serotonin, dopamine and pleasure centers in the brain. Uh, whenever you have a big win, a big success, at least another success and another success. But if you have failures, you kind of build on failures, you feel more depressed and they own about it.

And we don’t want to lose motivation. So I’m training for an event. Pick things that you want to do in your like a five K, maybe a great start, not like a marathon for the start, you know, so choosing things that you know that you can accomplish, you can have some good camaraderie. You feel like it’s a notch on your belt of success? When you go often to the Oklahoma City gyms to workout?

Like, Hey, I’m going to go to the gym three times a week for 30 minutes. Hey, I’m going to go do a five K, something like that to kind of get those endorphins going. Success going, feeling motivated. That’s what you want to do as far as in training for an event. Next hot take is dress the part. Amber, you’re really good at dressing and looking good. So tell me what dressing the part looks like if you visit the Oklahoma City gyms.

What I know about that. I do know that, um, you do want to find clothes that you’re comfortable in. Um, clothes that, you know, we’ve all had the day where you put something on and you actually hate the outfit. You hate the way it looks on you. You hate the way it feels, but you just keep going and you end up wearing it all day and all day you’re just kind of miserable. So find something that you feel comfortable and find something that you like. Maybe it’s a bright, fun color that you like. Maybe you reward yourself for achieving your goals by buying some new tennis shoes to wear to the gym or um, yeah, but dressing the part doesn’t mean that you have to go by the name brand stuff.

It doesn’t mean, um, it’s, uh, you know, some fashion show within the gym, but clothes that you’re comfortable in that you feel you can run in or you could, um, feel comfortable sitting in or bending over in or, um, doing jumping Jackson or whatever your goal is that you have comfortable clothes so that you can do the workout that you’ve set to achieve.For that reason it is worth visiting the Oklahoma City gyms today.

Yeah. So, yeah.
Awesome. Great hot take S w I would get comfortable clothes and make sure it’s something you’re going to get fired up to work at and motivates you to work out. A lot of times. Um, you know, getting, getting in the motivational mood to actually do it is so key. A lot of people, they just, they lack the drive. So anything that you feel like it’s gonna make you more driven to want to work out, do it, dress the part, make it, get the new tennis shoes. Okay. Educate yourself as the next hot take. That’s my last thought.

Take. You want to be educated so make sure you are learning from somebody that’s going to, we’ve got a free trainer at Colaw fitness. They actually tell you exactly what to work out when to work it out. Give you sample templates, give you a diet plans, give you workout plans, mind freeing documents that you can follow and instruction that’s completely free so that you can basically follow an idiot proof program and be extremely successful as far as in losing weight, getting in great shape and I’m telling you, you don’t have to take my advice like don’t take my word for it.

Please don’t listen to me thinking that I’m lying and then go to like YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews. Colaw fitness reviews or Colaw fitness Topeka to go off it and as Joplin Colaw fitness Bartlesville reviews and go into YouTube. Type that in YouTube and let it pop up and then click on all these. We have hundreds and hundreds of people like yourself. Normal people, just anybody that’s started working out or or even a fitness, you’ve veteran, you know, results like I lost 50 pounds, I lost 150 pounds, I lost 20 pounds, lost 10 pounds, falling.

These principles of exercising and being successful. So these are the idiot proof steps for you to be successful in your fitness journey. I highly encourage you to take the action step of going in, signing up for Colaw fitness. Following the free CF 30 diet and workout plan. It’s an idiot proof template to follow, to lose a ton of weight and get in great shape at the Oklahoma City gyms.

It guarantees results as long as you follow the plan. It is so simple. So mind-frame does this follow a very, very simple template to just execute and then look at the reviews. Watch other people say that they lost weight. Doing these types of principles that you would get motivated, you would be successful. So sign up for the CF 30 program and all of our memberships have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you could fall in the 30 day program and get all of your money back. The free gym use.

You’re out, $0 million you down. Wait, you’ve got a program to follow. You at least have that information with you now in your arsenal. So you can take that with you to be successful for weight loss and your fitness success. So go get that CF-30 Colaw fitness 30 day workout plan and start following it. And you can do this with Charles and Amber Colaw. We will talk to you guys later at the Oklahoma City gyms. Bye bye.

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