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Well, this is what you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw. Today, I’m going to talk to you about common fitness questions, answered common fitness questions answered. So the problem is, is a lot of people that want to basically lose weight, get in shape, tone up their body.

And they don’t really know what to do far as an eating healthy or working out, or what kind of reps and sets they need to be doing, or how much weight to be using. And I, wasn’t going to answer some of these questions so that you can have complete mind freedom of any of that mental frustration of not knowing what to do to get in shape, lose weight, and be the best you that you can be.

So I was going through a article on basically daily burn.com and it talked about eight common workout questions answered by top trainers. And this is where these are some very, very common, very basically you’re going to hear it a lot in a OKC gyms.

So I was going to kind of go through these questions and then read these responses and then to get my take on it, to make sure that when you’re at the OKC gyms, you’re more well-informed about reps sets, weight, training, nutrition, things like that. So I’m a deep dive into this this article.

And first off this article is, is written by well actually let me see if I can find that by Alicia fetters and a bunch of top trainers have responses on a lot of these. So the first one is how much weight should I use when strength training? So the question is how much weight should I use when strength training in this article they talk about to say, think about your rate of perceived exertion.

That’s a one rep being, you know, chilling on the bench and 10 being like as high as you can go. I seriously, can’t do one more rep to help determine the right weight overall, you should be between seven and nine. When strength training, when your last set feels substantially harder than your first, if a given exercise starts to feel easier than that, it’s time to increase weight until you get back in that range.

So tracking each workout and writing down the amount of weight to use is critical to getting stronger. So this is a response by Tony gent, gentle core basically a fitness trainer in Boston. In this article, he’s talking about somewhere between seven and nine repetitions for strength training. Is where you really want to get towards SU like super hard, like basically you’re, you’re almost failing for strength training.

I think that’s a great response for strength training. I really do believe that like hypertrophy or building of muscle mass, I can build muscle is more in that 10 to 20 range, but if you’re wanting to get stronger, not necessarily a lot more bigger and more muscular or really to build muscle. So if you’re not really trying to do that, but you just want to get stronger seven to nine, where you fail at is a really good rep range.

And I would agree with him on that. Now if you’re a bodybuilder you want to build muscle or you’re really into more physique, just looking better and more muscular, I would, I would encourage more of a 10 to 20 repetition. I think 10 to 15 is really good range that way you’re still getting some strength effect, but it’s mainly more just building the muscle and building a better body.

I think most people go to the OKC gyms, not to actually for a lot of strength, like wanting to lift the most amount of weight type training, but they go to the OKC gyms to look better. So I would encourage most people to lift weights between 10 to 15 repetitions where they begin to actually almost fail at not completely feel, but really close to failure where you’re trying as hard as you can just barely can still lift it.

So that’s the answer to number one, how much weight should I use when strength training? He says seven to nine. I do agree with that. I think you can also go lower than that. If you’re trying to power lift to get into like getting ready for your events. I know that I used to powerlift. I would do definitely workouts where we go lower than 79 respite if you want to get strong.

For most stuff, 79 is great. And bodybuilding I wrapped around anywhere from more 10 to 15, 15 was my really common rep range. And I felt like I really built the most amount of muscle when I lifted in that rep range. So number two on this article is why are you having me lift weights for fat loss? Why are you having me lift weights for fat loss?

And the response is fat loss requires more than trying to burn as many calories as possible during a workout in actuality, the body being incredible machine, that it is adapts to steady state activities and begins to burn fewer and fewer calories during these tic typical cardio type sessions. Once more, that it also becomes more efficient at storing fat.

So your goal is to effectively change your body’s composition. You need to incorporate resistance training, that’s weight training and your fitness program. They go on to say research consistently shows that resistance train is more effective for fat loss compared to steady state cardio activities. That was written by Tim Henneghan. I’m an online coach with trainers personal training app.

So I would I agree, I believe that resistance training, well, this is my fake. When you weight train, you actually stimulate your body and you burn calories when you don’t work quite as much when I would take. So my trainer classes, let’s say, if you did cardio for an hour, you burn 500 calories. Let’s say if you weight train for an hour, you burn 300 calories.

Well, 300 is less than 500, but weight training, you, you create a stimulation to the muscle which creates a microfiber tear. That’s where your muscles are going to be like the teeny tiny muscle fibers kind of pull apart a little bit, and then they heal and repair stronger, not a bad muscle tear, just enough that you, where you kind of feel sore for days.

And that soreness takes a lot of extra energy for your body to recover from. So for the next 72, you know, 48, 72, three, four, five, I would say anywhere from two to five days. Your body even studies show this, that you have a resting metabolic rate in your body is trying to heal and repair that.

So that stimulation requires your body to actually work harder to recover from where that cardio. You get off and you recover fairly quick. So within 30 minutes to an hour, you’re fine, but the weight loss, fat loss, muscle building and fat loss effect go on for days with weight training versus cardiovascular exercise. That’s the reason why weight training.

I believe is the most efficient thing for building muscle and weight loss. At the same time, if you ever look at a OKC gyms, a lot of the people that are the most fit are always using the weights as one of their primary things.

So resistance training, weight training whether it was a machine or freeway or whatever resistance training is the way to go to help with that loss. And you also get good muscle toning and you’ll look like a smaller, more fit toned version of yourself. Totally agree. Number three are squats and lunges bad for my knees. In this article it says no squats and lunges are definitely not bad for your knees.

In fact, they are highly beneficial to the entire body and every joint provided you are demonstrating excellent technique basically provided that you’re demonstrating great technique informed at all times in my experience, I’ve found that people have knee aches and pains. It’s not because they’re squatting is because they’re not squatting.

A healthy body that is appropriate appropriately strengthened from the top to the bottom eight will be able to perform and Zimmer straight a proper squat, deadlift, her lunge and any variation. This is a response by another trainer. And I agree with that somewhat I, I believe that if you perform a squat and a lunge and your knee and your basically your joints healthy

And You do it under the right, correct form and technique. Yes. I believe that that squats and lunges are great for your, your knees and your hips and everything. So I believe that you can do squats and lunges. I do squats and lunges for sure. And I’ve had knee surgery before I’ve had hurt my back before.

And as long as you’re doing it really good form and technique, and then you do it correctly, it’s not going to impinge or hurt that joint. So she’s right. I agree with her on our squats and lunges bad on my knees. The answer is no. And I do agree with her. You just need to make sure you know, the correct form and you use the credit form.

So you don’t cause an impingement in a joint or just do it wrong, hurt herself. Number four, how many calories will will this burn? How many calories is burned? That’s a question. So me ask you how many calories is this going to burn? Well, the amount of calories burned during a given workout or single exercise varies greatly is what it says in this article.

There are no simple answers or number one, or number to give out. It depends on the weight, used your intensity, your fitness level, your muscle mass, a caffeine conception age. There’s lots of factors. Your fitness level look at list can just go on, on, on. It just talks about here. Focus on less on calories burned and more on how hard you’re working. If you cut, if you cut calories and work hard, you’re going to see changes.

So this is basically another trainer responding like, Hey, don’t overthink it. You just push yourself hard. And you are going to be getting a good killer burning effect out of it. Now, a reminder is that 70 to 80% of your results is your nutrition. So even if you’re working out harder saying how many calories is burn, the best way to burn calories is not taking me in, in the first place.

So are crappy calories. That is so I do agree with him on all of this. You want to make sure I mean, when I say agree, I do there is no simple way to answer that. Most of the time it’s how hard you’re pushing yourself as your big guy in your purse. So hard. You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re going to burn more than a little person, not pushing themselves hard.

So jumping onto the next question, how do I improve posture incorporating squats and resistance bands into your workout will help correct posture imbalances caused by sitting typing or playing on your phone. Strengthening the glutes and squats is so important because we glutes allow the pelvis to tilt, which means bad posture.

Meanwhile resistance bands will help strengthen the muscles that react your shoulders and con and counteract slouching. So this is where they’re doing like band pull aparts for your upper back and your scapular retractors. As you pull bands of parts, like the opposite of the chest fly, it’s going to help with that. So you can have the head neck and spine, that’s their upper scapula area.

And then they talked about squats and lunging and things like that for your glutes. That’s your butt that helps with your pelvic tilt and that’s going to help with your back and proper posture. So courage, this is basically the article saying, I encourage you to squat and to do band pole parts. So I would say, yes, I agree with both of those, you don’t always need a really load your spine heavy with a weight on your back.

You can still do body squats. You can do sit squats on a bench, but you can still stimulate some good muscle fibers and not, you know, cause a chance of hurting yourself. So improving your posture does are two great ways. I’d say body squats and pole parts, number six. How can I stick with exercise for good? How can I stick for exercise for good?

The response in this articles? The key to long-term success is not to be a lion, always fueled with willpower. It is to be more like a Mickey mouse. Basically the translation to that is be fueled by enthusiasm and the occasional turbo boost of willpower mindset on fitness and nutrition can make or break your long-term success. Having an internal dialogue of I get to, instead of versus I, you have to it.

It is one of the key differentiators between people who succeed and fail long term. It becomes opportunity when you are fueled by enthusiasm versus an obligation. When you’re fueled by solely willpower, you start to live as a fit happy leader with passion and purpose. As you raise the bar and defy us, that’s written by Kyle Brown is also a trainer. I do agree with him.

You want to make it basically you can’t just always do it by willpower. You’ve got to somehow find a love for it and [inaudible] for it. So how can you stick with it? You’ve got to learn to like it. And most of the time you do something long enough because they did it somewhat, but based on your peer group, your peers, and then you get proud of yourself.

So I agree a number seven, what should I do? You just strengthened my abs. The answer is this guy wrote his, every exercise. My clients look at me and have like, and I have 10 heads. Here’s what you need to know. The core is the, is the musculature that provides support to the rest of your body.

You can think of it the same way you think of a trunk supporting the branches of the tree in order to be sturdy and strong or resilient. He need the trunk talk to be solid. So let’s make sure we strengthen our ads. I agree with this. You want your core strong, so that way your body can be strong. Number eight, how much time should you arrest between sets when strength training?

This one goes into basically anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds, that gives you enough time to allow the muscles to recover and for the glycogen and Andrea triphosphates three center so that you can do high intense workout and push yourself and get some good muscle growth.

This is how much time should I spend between rests when strength training. So I agree with that three to 90 seconds is great for strength training. I probably do like shorter durations. Like I know I do shorter durations by these smaller muscle groups. I base mine on aerobics or anaerobic responses. So if I am like breathing really hard and I can’t breathe.

I’m not going to jump into another set because that means my cardio is my limiting factor, not my strength. So strength training is supposed to be strength training, you’re training your strength and that’s one of your limiting factors. You just can’t lift it, or you’re starting to fail on that exercise. So you’ve got to let your breathing return to normal.

So I do a set and after I get done with like 10 reps, my heart’s pumping hard. I rest until my breathing and my heart rate returns to normal. Then I go into the next set that keeps it primarily a strength based workout. If I just continued to do it and, and, and don’t take any arrests, you can actually start cannibalizing and losing muscle.

So anyways, I want to remind you guys, that’s the article, some great common tips, remind you guys, seven to eight, 70 to 80% of your, of your success in the OKC gyms. And what you look like in the mirror is your food. You, you, you, you are what you eat, so make sure you know what you’re going to do in the kitchen, make sure you know, what foods are healthy.

So train yourself, teach yourself also pick up our [inaudible] book. I’ve got a bunch of that information in there. Also to number two, to remind you is the best results are when people are consistent. Keep it simple in the same.

The best results are when people stay consistent. Okay. and next is keep it simple and sane. Keep it simple and sane. And I think I just went over that already, but consistency is the biggest thing that people fail on and that’s why their bodies get back out of shape. So instead of being a one hit wonder or a two-week wonder, and then you don’t go to the OKC gyms anymore, be consistent, follow the CF30 book.

Make sure you pick up the book, see have 30. If you want a Mindfreak template tells you exactly what to do to lose weight, get in great shape, pick up our CF30 book. So give you a quick action steps. I want you to join Colaw fitness. I want you to go to the free trainer classes. If you go through those, you’re going to learn so much on how to use everything in the OKC gyms.

Then after you’ve learned everything in OKC gyms pickup, our CF 30 book that’s Colaw fitness, 30 day book, it’s 30 days of me helping you get in the best shape your life for falling into food, the workout, the diet plan and so on. So I encourage you to not just believe you go to go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews type in Colaw, fitness reviews on YouTube.

Watch your videos of people, just like yourself, losing weight, getting in great shape. I also encourage you to type in Colaw, fitness and just Google. And then Reed, R U to V is typing Colaw fitness, YouTube videos. I’m sorry. You call off fitness. Google reviews to Colaw in school reviews. Watch, look at those Google reviews, read those Google reviews. Y

ou know, a lot about the club, what we do to help people lose weight. Anyways, watch the videos go to YouTube go to the Google researches. Type as reviews, YouTube Colaw fitness, or reviews Google Colaw fitness, and check us out. But anyway, thanks for listening. This is the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw. Have a great day. Bye-Bye.


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