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gym Topeka

Hey, there Charles Colaw with the you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to go through growing muscle, fast growing muscle, fast on today’s podcast. So without further ado, the problem is, is a lot of people are wanting to get in shape, lose weight, build muscle, especially guys want to build muscle.

And a lot of people don’t know exactly the best way to do their workouts to, to, to build muscle, to eat the right stuff, to do the right stuff. So today I’m going to talk about this podcast dedicated to building muscle and growing muscle fast.

And I’m going to help you kind of put some little tools on your tool belt so you can know what to do and some better ways to train and basically adapt your, your program, your food program, your diet program, your weightlifting program, to getting more jacked, building some muscles.

Okay. first thing is, is I went through an article came across an article by Alicia fetters. She has written an article, said the nine scientifically proven ways to grow muscle. So I’m going to deep dive into the article and give you my take on it. And then hopefully you can pull out these little nuggets that you can use for your own workouts far as in building muscle fast.

So in this article, she talks about the first key thing that she talks about is basically increasing your training volume training volume is when your number of reps are multiplied by your number of sets, basically doing more reps and more sets, or just doing more of actual work. You’re putting more time intention under that muscle and to increase volume.

They actually needed to lower the weight a little bit to get more actually volume in that muscle. So the whole bottom line is, is increasing volume is you’re really trying to stimulate that muscle tissue. She says in this article compared to training for strength and T or intensity intensity, sorry. Instead it says, I apologize.

Compared to training for strength, intensity is going to drop during hypertrophy phase of a program with intensity sitting between 50 to 75% of the persons max one rep. So the, the one rep max and the maximum weight he, or she can lift for one rep says Ava fits Gerald, a sports performance coach with professional athletic performance center in New York.

So this is where we’re wanting to drop a little bit from the one rep max, and really focus on hitting it a little more reps in those sets. And she says to get the volume of the muscles you need, she recommends each of your lips lifts for three to six sets, somewhere between 10 and 20 reps.

Okay. So from that first point that she has, I actually trained for multiple bodybuilding shows and my favorite rep range. It sounds crazy. It was right around 15 repetitions where then I would actually fail at if I went lower than that, I mainly felt like I was putting him on more strength that gets stronger, but they didn’t really build and hypertrophy them.

Basically we make the muscle larger hypertrophy means that it actually enlarges the muscle tissue. So you’ve got to get enough blood and volume into the muscle and have enough weight to cause what they call that microfiber.

It’s a really small tear in the muscle of the muscle, then rebuilds bigger and stronger, and then you hydrate it with the blood flow and the blood, of course, with your nutrition, nutrients in the blood will then heal and repair and grow that for the next 48 to 72 hours after that workout.

So, you know, his whole point is this is increasing your training volume. The first thing, second thing that she talks about here is focusing on the East centric phase. Okay. The East centric phase. She says in here when lifting any weight, you’ve got a concentric hard and East centric, easy phase.

For instance, if you lower into a squat, you’re performing the East centric action when you return to standing, that’s the concentric action. So according to research published in European journal of applied physiology, East centric work is far better than a better at triggered hypertrophy. So that’s the negative.

SLike if I’m doing a bench press, it’s me bringing it down to my chest is actually more important for hypertrophy than the pushing it up. Okay. And so remembering that this is where there’s another trainer that I worked with and we would do four count for the East centric phase.

So if I lift the bar off to do a bench press, I bring it down at a four count, like one, 1002, 1003, 1004, and then it touches my chest and then I press it. And then I like about a single second or a second half. Then I slowly bring it down to one, 1002, 1003, 1000. And then, so I take four seconds on the East century. That was very, very, very muscle stimulating, great pumps, great workout.

And also the chance of injury goes dramatically down because you do have to lower the weight. She goes further into this, basically just saying to increase the amount of East centric effort in your workout. You can do two things, either slow down the Eastern East centric phase that’s brain.

So basically not the contracting phase of the muscle actually shortens it’s where basically, yeah, like I talked about bringing the bar down the Eastern shore of each workout you perform, or she says, I’m sorry, let me repeat that.

To increase the amount of East centric effort in your workout. You can do two things, either slow down the East centric, phage of each exercise you performed or integrate East centric, only variations in your routine. So you just do the negatives and somebody picks it up for you. Be that would be like I lift off the bar and I just bring it down to my chest.

And somebody else picks that back up for me or assist me in it. And then I just worked that negative phase, that East centric phase of bringing it down on my chest. So that’s number two on four, focusing on the East centric phase. Number three component here is basically decreasing between set rest intervals is what she talks about.

As she goes on to say, if you touch your phone between exercise sets, it’s better to set it on a timer to 30 to 90 seconds when you, so a lot of people in the gym Topeka, they screw themselves up because they get so distracted by their phone.

They, they miss out on a huge amount of benefit because you’re really trying to rest, you know, between about 30 to 90 seconds is what she’s saying here. When lifting for hypertrophy rest periods of three to 90 seconds, encourage a quick release of muscle building hormones, which includes testosterone, human growth hormone, and also making sure that you really truly fatigue your muscles according to the Fitzgerald.

So this is great stuff. What I would generally do this, my take when I used to train anybody to, I would train. And instead of like counting in certain seconds, I would just wait until my heart rate returned to pretty close to normal. So that would make it, it’s not a aerobic, so I’m not like breathing really hard. But then my muscles can have time to recover to then push them really hard again.

So basically they have cardiac output. So you, don’t a squat. You may take, you know, like two minutes to actually catch your breath on the way which may be a little bit basically, you know, longer than she’s expecting. But you know, when you really, really fatigued yourself, super hard squat routine, you may take a minute and a half to two minutes to CA catch your breath.

We were doing a bicep curl, may take you like 10 seconds to recover. But she’s saying anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds is enough to really kind of focus on better hypertrophy, which is the building of muscle tissue. So leave your phone off or just, or away from you or set your phone to a 32nd to 92nd timer. The smaller muscle groups are easier to recover from probably quicker.

I always just used my breathing. That was my take is if I get my breathing’s returned to normal then I generally go right back into another set and that would somewhere, always land in that 30 to 92nd range. So if you want to put a timer, that’s fine. If you want to wait until your breathing returns to normal, but don’t get caught up on your phone talking too long.

So number three is decreasing between set rest intervals. Next is for grow muscle, eat more protein. Oh, this is for sure. This is where she says, exercise training breaks down your muscles. Protein builds them back up and the harder you lift harder you’re lifting workouts. The more important the muscle building foods to consider it is protein intake to solidify recovery.

So protein. She goes on to talking about the optimal amounts for this. According to research from the university of Sterling, the optimum protein growth weightlifters need is 0.2, five to 0.3, zero grams per kilogram of body weight for a meal. So that’s 175 pound person you’d need to be taking about 25 grams of protein at each meal.

So I’m about two 50. I definitely need to be getting, you know, almost double that, but if You’re get the. She goes on to say, you get that in three to four eggs, a cup of re out of 20 to about 25 grams of protein. You get it out of about four eggs, five eggs some Greek yogurt about a cup to a cup and a half Greek yogurt or one scoop of protein powder.

So this is where I might take on this is for sure the more protein I would eat, the bigger and more muscular I became. And I actually played with other macronutrients where I’d add more carbs in and I would literally eat the same thing every day. And then I would literally hit plateaus, like literally ID exactly what for body routine. I’d build my, my diet plan.

I literally eat the same meal at the same times for seven or more days in a row. And then I take my body fat and measurements and pictures, and then you can really kind of really do a lot with your body when you don’t ever deviate from your, your, your food program. If I would increase my protein intake the more protein I would eat, I, I generally get more muscular.

And even to the fact of basically at one point I was really into bodybuilding and training really, really hard, the more protein I ate, the bigger and more muscular I become. So I really never put a limit on it. I would just eat as much as I possibly can at every sitting every three hours and no further than three hours. So two to three hours, I just eat as much chicken fish protein shake, everything, just anything.

So I’m stuffed. And then I would keep weight training and stuff. And that’s really where I got my biggest is in that timeframe when I started adding a lot maybe I’m just eating too much protein. I’m going to go back to eating more carbs. I just put fat on it. Literally actually lost muscle put fat on by eating more carbs and stuff, because it would the number one reason is I just wasn’t.

I just think your body actually can. I mean, if you’re training really hard and you’re, and I’m a pretty big guy, I’m like six, four, two 50 to two back when I was trained as a, up to almost two 90, at one point when I was body building, just the more protein I ate, the bigger and stronger I was.

So there is a correlation to that for sure. So every three hours if you’re a skinny lean person, you just want to put a size on, I just say, you know, every three hours two, every two to three hours, you know, really make sure you’re getting an eating as much protein as you can until you’re stuffed and then make sure you’re drinking enough water, at least 16 ounces of water in between each three hour interval.

Okay. Number five, she talks about building muscle fast. One of the caveat to all of that, which you don’t recommend everybody doing, but when I did, I literally ate well over 500 grams of protein for 10 or more years in a row, and never had any type of a health issue. Never had a kidney issue, never had bad blood work that showed any of that kind of stuff.

So protein ever never did hurt my kidneys, but was always a super healthy person, super big guy. And I always ate at least, you know, two grams per pound of body weight, sometimes as much as four grams per pound of body weight. So I could eat a lot and I don’t eat like that now, now that I’m not in my twenties or early thirties, so, okay.

Number five, focus on calorie, surplus, not deficits. This is where she goes on to saying that you need to make sure you’re eating at least 250 to 500 calories per day, more than what your resting metabolic system is. I definitely agree with that. You’ve got to you can’t be dieting for like a bodybuilding show and really putting on a lot of muscle.

Unless of course you’re on a bunch of steroids or something, but the point is, is your body in a caloric deficit, basically when your calories are lower than your resting metabolic metabolism, basically what your body’s burning at rest are basically what you burn today.

You got, you’ve got to eat more than you’re burning to put on muscle, to put on a substantial muscle. So you got to basically increase your calorie intake. She says aim to eat roughly 250 to 500 extra calories per day, to make sure that any weight gain is from muscle Fitzgerald recommends that the bulk of those calories come from protein.

So she’s saying same thing, eat a lot of protein. And you know, most people aren’t real scientific. They’re not gonna really be bodybuilders. The bottom line is just if it’s meat eat as much meat as you possibly can, before you touch any other part of your plate, like chicken fish, steak protein shakes, stuff yourself on that. And then just have a couple of bites of other things.

You do that for six months and train hard. You’re going to put on a lot of good muscle, but you are what you eat. You know, if you’re eating fat and sugar, you’re going to look like fat and sugar. If you eat a lot of lean meat muscle, that’s like muscle of animal, like protein and eggs and protein shakes. You’re going to look big, lean and muscular.

So it’s not rocket science guys eat a lot of protein. You are what you eat. You are what you look like. Number six is she says snack on case. And before bed, she goes on saying long popular among bodybuilders, casing protein slowly in the bloodstream.

And it keeps your muscles fed with amino acids for longer times, compared to other types of protein, such as whey or plant-based proteins and one medicine and sorry, in one medicine and science and sports and exercise study consuming case in protein immediately before bed boosted, men’s level of circulating amino acids for seven and a half hours.

They built muscle all night while they slept. This is what I do. I like case and protein. I’ve trained with Dave Palumbo back in the day, and we would use, he would actually have me do healthy fats, like like a macadamia nut oil or extra olive oil, or like natural, all natural peanut butter oil, or a.

Basically all natural peanut butter and shakes and drink that because the fats connect with those way peptides and kind of like the Pepto-Bismol commercial coat, your stomach, and go into your intestinal tract. It’s, it’s basically a slower to absorb protein because the fats slow down that absorption through the cilia and all the different little FA.

Basically in your intestinal track, you basically absorb that protein slower cause fat can slow down that. So think about ways, a thin powder. You drink that in a water and it goes into your stomach.

Then it goes into your intestines and it can permeate quickly because it’s so thin. So viscous, it can go right into your body quickly and then leave you empty again, digest. Now, if you have a fat, fast kind of coat or slow, like think about pouring like an oil on a pan, it runs slowly. So that kind of coats your stomach like that Pepto-Bismol commercial and absorbs the ways all blended up in that.

So fats will slow digestion. I basically Casey has a lower the amino acid profile is not as good as like a whey isolate. It’s just basically a crappier protein and not as bio available as way. So I would take way and just mix it with a fat and I would do extra Virgin olive oil. This is what I do pretty much. Every night, I take a two to four scoop shake to bed with me and I put one tablespoon of extra Virgin olive oil in it.

And I shake it, my shake and I just sip on it throughout the night. And I wake up about, since I drink so much volume of fluid, I wake up two to three times through the night and then I just, you know, take several large chunks of that before every time I wake up. So I’ll go to the bathroom and take a couple of big chunks of that.

So I’m constantly getting a high bioavailable protein. Super good heart-healthy extra-virgin olive oil, heart healthy fat in my body. So I just felt like that method is even superior to than a less bioavailable case in protein. Which is basically in my opinion, a crappier bio doesn’t build muscle as well as way in a lot of different studies, but it is slower to absorb so long story short.

I Don’t use case in, I don’t recommend case and I recommend a way I sell it and mix that with like a extra-virgin olive oil, macadamia, nut oil, or an all natural peanut butter, and then drink on that at night. Or if you want to extend release protein at any time of the day, sip on that, drink on that. And that will slow the absorption due to the fats, Addison that the shake number seven, it says, get more sleep.

Muscle recovery requires more than right nutrition. It takes the, but it takes time roughly eight hours per night dedicated to recovery. So she says, if you’re training with weights, you need eight hours of sleep. How many young guys were running around goofballs and you don’t get, but four or five, six hours of sleep. So make sure you’re getting eight hours.

So I actually even sometimes take naps in the afternoon. After my third meal, I’ll take like a 20 minute to an hour power nap. I can’t sleep an hour, but that really helped me help keep my cortisol levels down and stress hormones down and muscle recovery up. I was, I felt a lot leaner in my stomach and my flank. So all that to say, get your rest.

She talks about that in it. She says sleeping four or five hours, opposed to eight hours per night. It was just one. For just one week cuts, muscle building and testosterone levels by up to 15%. So she says, according to the study of, in the journal of American medicine association, they said, if you’re sleeping five hours, as opposed to eight hours per night for just one week.

It’s going to cut your testosterone by 10 to 15%. So you’re going to lose muscle. So you’ve got to get rest guys. The national sleep foundation says that adults between 18 and 64 that recommends that adults 18 to 64, sleep nine, sorry, seven to nine hours per night, no excuses. So my take on that is focus on an eight hour window to hit your rest.

You’re probably going to get seven. Sometimes you may get nine. You’ve probably fall really good into that. I try to hit eight hours generally fall short. I’m just a busy, more business-minded person now. But when I was training for bodybuilding, I always got my age and I definitely was bigger and stronger than so it does work.

Number eight on this list, try supplementing with creatine creatine doesn’t directly grow muscle, but boosts your performance at high intensity lifting work, lift lift workouts. The natural compound effectively promotes muscle growth.

According to the journal of internal society of sports nutrition. In fact, the journal of strength and conditioning research reviews shows that it says at a given weight, supplementing with creatine can help you lift 14% more reps then then then before.

So basically you can get 14% more muscular endurance out of it. So I always would tell clients this XIV ends by saying for the best results offer creatine, monohydrate, it’s the most research I say, this is all the same stuff. I’ve always pushed.

Muscular strength is how, how, how much weight you lift muscular endurance is basically how long you can lift a weight. It basically when you eat a creatine, it creates what they call a T B a T P a T P N. [inaudible] Tri phosphate. It’s basically energy in the muscular cellular level. So you’re going to have more energy.

So you’re going to have a more dense energy rich muscle think of when you first start working out, your muscles are tight and you start working out real tight. Then when you get really to the end, it’s all depleted, it’s all flat and tired.

That’s kind of ATP depleted, glycogen depleted. So creating hydrates that muscle tissue puts energy in it. As muscular, more muscular strength, more muscular endurance. So it means your muscles get a harder workout, a better microfiber tear. And as long as you’re eating a higher protein rich diet in combination with the creatine, you’re going to heal repair and build muscle very well.

So muscle creatine is basically energy for the muscle. Think of a raising immigrate, raised in is the integrator the same thing as just a grape dehydrated is what a raisin is. So it hydrates the muscle gives it energy, and now you can work it out harder, a better workout than results to better results. So number nine, this last one is called H M B. She talks about it’s a natural compound produced in the body.

It’s called beta hydroxy, beta methyl by rate prevents muscle protein breakdown. It encourages muscle growth and speeds exercise in recovery. She says, unfortunately, it’s hard to significantly increase the levels through food alone.

That’s where supplementing comes in. For instance, she says in a 12 week study of resistance training individuals taking H and B in tandem with high intensity lifting routines, significantly improved muscle strength and size compared to lifting alone. Plus in the off chance you push yourself too hard, HMB helps prevent the effects of over-training including muscle loss.

So this H M B is is beta hydrogen, Oxy, beta methyl Bureau rate. So all that to say, I don’t take it. I haven’t ever taken it. Don’t have a really big take on it. I think it from, I had other friends take it, it did something but not much. So I didn’t really jump on the bandwagon with that. I really can’t deep dive a whole lot into that. So other than that, those are the nine scientifically proven ways to grow muscle fast.

That Alicia fetters talked about in this article. And those are my take takes on that. And I’ll run you through them really quick. One more time. The first one is basically, let me get there to increase your training volume. Totally agree. More reps, more sets focusing somewhere between 10 and 20 reps per set. Then it says, focusing on the East centric phase, it’s bringing the weight down.

So it’s not the lifting part of the it’s the controlling the weight on the way down. Or I try, I used to call the negative portion of it. So if you’re bringing a bar to your chest for a bench press, it’s the part of bringing it to your chest. Number three is decreasing your rest between sets so decreasing between set rest intervals. Totally agree with that. 90 seconds, max, 30 seconds minimum.

So 30 to 90 seconds to between fours grow muscle to grow muscle. You’ve got to eat more protein stuff yourself on lean meat, fish, chicken, steak lean steak, all that stuff. And then also whey protein, whey protein, whey protein, isolate more you eat the more muscle you gain, especially if you’re training hard. Okay? Focus on calorie surplus. You got to eat more than you’re burning.

So you got to eat every three hours, fill your stomach up with as much protein as possible. So it’s chicken fish, steak, eggs, protein shakes. And so on. Last sorry, this next one is snacking on caisson. I said, no. Told I disagree with that. I would do whey protein, isolate mixed with extra-virgin olive oil. Make a couple scoops of that with one tablespoon of olive oil, I’d say two to four scoops.

Take it to bed with you. Drink on two to four scoops of whey protein with one tablespoon of extra Virgin olive oil. Just kind of mix it up every time before you drink a couple chugs and do that every time you get up to go to the bathroom number seven, getting more sleep, make sure you get eight hours of sleep. Get eight hours of sleep every night.

Number eight supplement with creaking. Make sure you get the creatine. Monohydrate Dan number nine H and B. I don’t have a whole lot information on that. You can research that more somewhere else, but that is the nine scientifically proven ways to grow a muscle fast. I encourage you to do at least eight of those nine. I personally have done it.

It’s great. It’s awesome. I’ve been as high as 200. I’ve been up to three or three, but I’ve been up to two seventies and still had visible abs as a bodybuilder. So I encourage you to, to hopefully take my advice and take some advantage of some of these muscle building things that you can do. So remind you 70 to 80% of your success in the gym Topeka and what you look like basically is what you’re doing in the kitchen.

You are what you eat. So 70 to 80% of your success is the food and what you do in the kitchen. Not the weight, not the cardio. So make sure you’re eating the foundation. Always. Number two is best results are when people are consistent, you have to be consistent. You can’t do hard workouts and great foods for three days and then eat pizza, ice cream and crap again.

So you’ve got to stay consistent. Number three, keeping it simple in the same, get your routine set. Keep it simple in the same. Consistency is key. Number four is I tell people if you don’t know and have a plan, I want to give you one. I want to give you a mind-frame plan. So if you’re a beginner and not been training a whole lot, or you want to get started on something.

Cause you haven’t been lifting here lately, get my CF 30  go get it, go get it, go get the CF 30 book, follow up for 30 days, you’re going to lose fat and you’ll build muscle, just eat as much of the protein on that as you possibly can follow that book the rest of the time, no more or less than what it says.

The only thing that do differently is just eat as much of the protein options at each meal time. Other than that, follow the book exactly like it says action steps for you. Join Colaw fitness, where as low as $1 down and as low as $5 a month, that’s where two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. It is the best deal in the country.

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We’re not some $60, $90, a hundred hour dollar an hour trainer. We will train you and show you stuff for free free trainer classes. Check us out. Number three, start the free [inaudible] class. That’s the Kohler fitness 30 day simple, easy to follow class for 30 days. This is basically a class where they teach you what to do for the first 30 days.

And then by my 30 book at the front desk, it’s only 10 bucks. It’s going to be a Mindfreak document that you can follow to a T it’s like a journal. Just follow that journal. And I walk you through 30 days of losing weight and get in great shape. So follow the food plan. Start exercising, read our daily words of encouragement in that book for mental health.

I also encourage you to not just believe me, but go read Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews typing right now on Google Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews. We have tens of thousands. We are the highest rated most reviewed gym Topeka in the world. So come check it out, read it about Colaw fitness.

Also don’t believe me, go to YouTube type it, go to youtube.com type in Colaw reviews and watch the thousands and thousands of clients that I’ve helped lose weight and get in shape. And our team has helped lose weight and get in shape. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients. Personally. I love helping people get to the best them, making them feel comfortable in their skin.

Again, thank you for listening. This podcast is Charles Colaw. Have a great day. Bye bye.

gym Topeka

gym Topeka