Episode 102 - 10 exercises to get fit

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk to you about top exercises to get fit top exercises, to get fit. So problem is, is a lot of people are going to the gym Oklahoma City. They want to get in shape. They want to know which exercises are the best well-rounded exercises to to help them head to toe pretty much get in shape.

So I’m going to go through this article and it talks about several different types of exercises that they recommended my take on it. First article that we’re going through is on healthline.com. They talk about lunges. Lunges is really great for balance and helping you build your lower body version your, your hamstrings, your glutes, and your quadriceps.

It’s basically all of your lower leg muscles. A great exercise and I totally agree with what they talk about partisan being a great exercise. It’s number one on their list. I do lunches at least twice a week in my leg routines. So yes, the take is lunges type it in Google type in how to do a proper lunch. And you can see that you can also go to our [inaudible] or CF 30 trainer classes, or have free trainers at Colaw fitness.

We can teach you how to do a proper lunch to check that out. Lunges is the first one. Next is the pushup. A pushup is basically a great exercise that works your upper body, your shoulders, your chest, your triceps, and a lot of stabilizers, but the pushup is simulation simulates like a bench press or a chest press machine, great exercise.

It’s very functional and you can pretty much do it anywhere. Actually, it’s a great exercise to be doing. Second exercise that I recommend is a pushup and the, our study that they recommend, they recommended as a pushup. And I do agree with that. The third top exercise to do is going to be a squat, a squat motion. That’s basically like sitting in a chair, you squat down to sit in the chair.

That’s the type of motion. You can type in Google how to do a proper squat, or you can go to our free trainer classes and they can teach you how to do squats or show you exercises that would mimic the squat motion. But squats are a great exercise, orchard, lower body, your hamstrings, your glutes, your butt, and help strengthen your core head, neck and spine.

So it’s a great exercise for lower body. Next up is number four. They talked about standing overhead dumbbell press. I do agree with that. It’s a very natural motion. This is like where you take the dumbbells and you press it straight above your head.

It’s great exercise for building your shoulders, your triceps, your upper back, your upper traps. So it’s a great exercise that hits a lot of the top of a part of your, basically all your shoulders, all across your shoulders. Checking it you can go to our free trainer class that can show you how to do some of that as well.

Also type in Google, a standing dumbbell shoulder, press standing dumbbell shoulder press, and you can see the motion of how to do that there. Next up, they talk about dumbbell rows. This is for your back dumbbell rows.

You take a dumbbell and you basically pull it towards you like the opposite of a bench press, but you’re pointed towards is you bend over and you pull your basically you pull the dumbbell back towards your body. So type in dumbbell rows, dumbbell rows on like a YouTube, and you can watch somebody do a dumbbell row.

It’s great for your back. It’s easy to, easy to learn. You can go to the free trainer class, check it out or you can go on YouTube and check it out yourself there. Next is a great exercise for me in a top exercise is a single leg deadlift. It’s great for flexibility. It’s great for hamstring mobility, glute and lower leg strength.

So this is basically the best thing to do is just to type it into YouTube and watch how they do a single leg deadlift with dumbbells. I would use dumbbells on a single leg deadlift with devils check that light. That one’s a great one for your butt hip glutes, hamstrings, basically everything, your lower legs and not lower legs, but your legs burpees is the next one. That’s number seven first top exercise to get fit.

It’s basically like a a squat and a pushup and everything altogether. So type in YouTube burpee, and it’s a great for total body or a whole body exercise, big bang for your buck, and also helps with your cardio and endurance and muscular endurance and muscular strength. Next step is side plank side plank. This is going to be great for stability and core stability.

This is where you basically type it in a YouTube type in a side plank. They can show you a great way to basically learn how to do side planks. It’s good for your, your, your back, your hips, your core. It helps with good core stabilization. Next up is the regular plank and just type P L a N K in YouTube and see what they’re doing there. That’s head neck and spine stabilization.

And there’s a lot of stability muscles that will be working. It’s head to toe type exercise, get body type workout. Number 10 is a glute bridge. This is you can type it in YouTube, glute bridge. This is going to be another thing for great stabilization. And it works your posture, your chain.

It’s a really great one for basically your butt hips glutes and head neck and spine core stability, but type that in YouTube and checking out any of these exercises we can help you with, or we can show you. And it’s, I, I, these are, these are all in this article. I totally agree all these are great exercises, making sure that you’re doing at least.

I would do at least 10 to 20 repetitions on all these to get a really good muscle building, strength, toning building type benefit. Anyways this is on health.com. Love these exercises. These a lot of them are good ones to do. A lot of them are stabilizations total body, upper body, lower body a good little bucket of exercises to start with. So anyways these are top exercises to get fit.

I want to remind you, even though exercising is great, 70 to 80% of what you look like is, and basically your success in your fitness program is what you do in the kitchen. It’s your food. It’s what you’re eating 70 to 80% of your success. Is there a few apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute I’ve been and certified through a lot of different organizations.

Partisan fitness training, but they all talk about the importance of nutritional the nutrition plan. So make sure you’re eating the foods that are getting to get you to the results you want. The best results are always when people are consistent. So consistently eating clean and consistently following a great workout plan is always the best.

I encourage you guys to keep it simple in the same in the last thing, I’ll remind you. If you don’t know what you’re doing, go to Colaw fitness, grab the CF 30 book and follow that CF30 book. It’s called Cola fitness 30 day to 30 day journal [inaudible] Colaw fitness, 30 day workout plan, diet and workout plan to book that I’ve written.

If you follow that, you’re going to get in great shape. I’ve had tons of people lose weight and get in great shape on it. So I pick up that, see a 30 book at Colaw fitness action steps for your real quick join Cola fitness. We’ve got memberships for as low as $1 down to the lowest $5 a month.

You can also bring in a friend for free that’s where two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. So basically think of two people, full access, everything in the club. Multi-Million dollar club, five bucks a month, only $1 down. Those are the 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you get your money back in the first 30 days, you can do the free trainer classes.

You can tan, you can massage. You can work out for whole month, just $1 and you get it back. So there’s no risk. So check us out. Love to have you come down there. Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing, go to the free trainer classes, that’s also included for that $1 down, check out all those free classes, have them show you how to basically use all the equipment in the place.

Number three, pick up that CF 30 book, I’ll go to the CF 30 class. We can teach you stuff at the gym Oklahoma City and actually give you a mind frame template to follow and our book to follow. So if you want that journal, pick up the CF 30 book, follow that food plan and start exercising. Read our daily words of encouragement for mental health. I also encourage you to go to Google and type in Colaw fitness reviews, read all the reviews about the club.

Also go to Colaw fitness on YouTube type in youtube.com. Go there type in Colaw, fitness reviews. Listen to thousands of people that we’ve worked with to help lose weight, get in great shape. Thanks for listening. This is Charles Colaw. You can do this podcast. Have a blessed day. Bye-Bye.

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