Episode 103 - 5 Fitness Tips For Busy Women

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best gym OKC

best gym OKC

Hello. This is Charles Colaw on that you can do this podcast at the day. I want to talk about five fitness tips for busy women, five fitness tips for busy wisdom women. See the problem is, is a lot of people especially a lot of moms. Women far, as far as today’s society, a lot of women are super busy. I know my wife, we got three kids and we have a ton going on with them. Plus we have a business. We have five different businesses in four different States and there’s always lots of stuff going on.

And so everybody’s busy. A lot of people are busy. And what we want to do is today when I talk about five fitness tips for busy women, so they can stay on track for their fitness goals. And especially for women that just seem to have no time. So today actually found a great article I read through, and there’s some great information in that article.

And I’m going to kind of give my, take on it, talk about it and give my take to it because it’s a lot of great principles that we do at Colaw fitness in our CF-30 fitness programs and diet programs.
It just reinforces the same principles that are in a lot of different diet programs with lower carb, higher protein, making sure you’re planning things the night before, making sure you’ve got a plan for success.

And so I want to make sure that you can be successful for losing weight, staying in fit, fit, and in shape. And of course I’ve trained over 5,000 clients in the history of me being a trainer and a lot of the women are super busy, but we come up with a plan and then we basically just execute it. So first off, what we want to do is talk about this article for the best gym OKC offers.

The article actually is titled the most, the five most essential fitness tips for women who have no time. And it talks about being handy fitness tips for women who have no time, the first component. First off it talks about just saying, Hey, it’s fitness is a long tedious process. It’s hard for women to deal with. Oh, you know, weight loss, a lot of women that are, you know, busy moms, they have a lot of things working against them.

We’re kind of in that older phase of life where it’s, you’re kind of more of a stubborn loser. When I say that like your body was young and now you’ve had babies and things change hormones change, and it is tougher to stay fit and lean. So you’ve got to be more intentional through food, intentional with your workouts. And so and this article talks about staying motivated, you know, making sure you’re planning and prepared.

And the first component of that talk about is number one is the number one fitness tip is, you know, you got to start with healthy breakfast. It’s a must. It says a healthy breakfast is with inclusion of fiber and glucose is imperative, retain energy for the day out of the three meals. Breakfast is the most important one that, that, that, that, which should be light healthy and nutritious which choose food that is rich in fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamins and glucose as it provides energy for the entire day.

And it also says fulfilling the requirements for the body. I, I totally agree with that. Further on this article, they talk about watching the carbohydrates. I do agree with that. A lot of women seem to pack on weight with a lot of starchy and sugary carbohydrates.

So what I always encourage women to do with the breakfast meal is making sure you’re eating a higher protein, rich food, like a protein shake or something that has lower in the amount of carbohydrates. And we talked a lot about that in that CF30 diet plan and workout program. So if you haven’t been to that go to the free CF30 classes, free CF30 diet program, it’s going to give you complete Mind Freedom.

Will give you handouts for how to prep make and plan meals so that you can be successful on your weight loss journey. So number one is having a healthy breakfast. Totally agree with that. I’m also getting a good multivitamin multimineral supplement. We aren’t eating all of the recommended daily allowance of what they say you need to on a regular basis. So getting a good multivitamin multimineral supplement end is also recommended.

So get a healthy breakfast, get your multivitamin multimineral supplement, and you can also replace that with some of these shake meals. And a lot of times I encourage my clients to do a healthy protein with a healthy fat protein shake with their multivitamin. It’s the light it’s doesn’t, it’s not heavy. A lot of times women are hungry in the morning.

So I do a generally a healthy protein shake meal in the morning with a multivitamin number two, it talks about replacing junk food with healthy snacking, replacing junk food with healthy snacking.

If you w like, like when you’re a kid, you eat like chips and little snacks all the time that are super starchy, processed white flour or sugary foods. And also there are, most of them are in hydrogenated oils and bad fats. Just switching that up to higher protein, rich foods that are like a nut, or like a higher protein rich snack, or even some of these healthy protein, rich bars or fit bars that they have out are lower glycemic.

Which means lower blood sugar, responding slower to absorb. It kind of leads you to keep your blood sugar steady longer. And they have higher protein and higher amount of fiber in it. So I’m replacing the junk food with healthy snacking. It talks about the first rule to maintain the fit bodies, to remove unhealthy junk food and oily food from their daily routine.

It affects your exercise effects affects your immune system and switching to healthy snacking, rich in protein, calcium, healthy fats low insulin and carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals and fiber will help in maintaining weight loss and reducing the risk of several diseases. And just like we talked about, I mentioned before, I totally agree with all that getting in healthy, higher protein, rich snacking options again go to the free CF30 classes.

That we have a lot of information on what to do on that. So anyways, that’s number two. Number three is also following a structured exercise pattern. It says one should prepare a structured exercise pattern to be followed daily with simple exercises like walking, running to tone the body it’s advise that women should exercise for at least three hours a week to reach their fitness goals. I totally agree with that.

We’ve written a book called the CF 30 a book. It’s actually exercise book. It gives all the different exercises for upper body, lower body, a lot of different cardio routines, great stuff for Tony and the core 20 in the hips and the thighs. And so following a structured exercise pattern, that’s simple, easy to learn and repetitive, to be honest, keeping it simple and the same, and just sticking to it for at least 30 days.

You’re going to see a great difference. So following a structured exercise plan, I encourage you guys to go pick up the CF 30 book and follow that simple exercise plan. It’s actually a checklist. It has like day by day, what to do for exercises, and you can actually score cards yourself and hold yourself accountable. So if it’s not actually written down scheduled in your day scheduled in your week, and then also held accountable, generally, doesn’t get done.

And so that’s all done for you. Just pick up that CF 30 book it’s at the front counter Nicola fitness a structured exercise plan. It’s number three in this article. Totally agree. Follow a structured exercise plan. Number four, it says, keeping your body hydrated, keeping your body hydrated 67 to right around 72, I think it’s 67% of your total body mass is basically water. And so we are made up of a lot of water. 80% of muscle mass is made out of water.

So what we want to do is hydrate our body. The solution for pollution is dilution. So anything, any toxic, if you’re sick, if you’re unhealthy, if you’re tired of the thoracic, if your brain’s not firing fast, you, what you wanna do is hydrate your body. Your body needs water. It’s the most essential nutrient for the body.

So when you’re exercising, you do lose a lot of water out of sweat. The best resource to revive that is drinking water. Now there’s other things that you can drink that I do allow in different diet programs to lose weight, but the best stuff is just regular water. So keeping your body hydrated, I recommend 16 ounces at least 16 ounces, every three hours and that per five different meals a day.

Cause I like to do like three meals and at least two snack meals throughout the, that are all smaller, more moderate. So your body has time to utilize those nutrients and then drinking like a bottle of water. It’s about 16 ounces drinking. One of those like half of it with your meal and the other half just kind of throughout the next three hours. Why? Because it seems like a lot 16 ounces, times five is quite a bit.

But it does flush your system. As soon as when your urine goes from like a dark yellow to a light yellow, your body’s health, your kidneys, your renal system, how it filters all your blood. It, it actually gets a lot healthier. The whites of the eyes will clear up your body needs water. It’s a detoxifier. And so really, really flushing that water is what I push on all my clients. Now you do have to pee more often.

So that is a little frustrating, but I highly encourage you to pick up a bottle of water, fill it up with a Le you know, keep it filled 16 ounces, and try to do that about every three to four hours empty that bottle and keep drinking it. Also water helps with hunger. It can help on your stomach with the pressure receptors and pressure receptors in the stomach.

So you kind of feel more satiated. It kind of creates some density feel to those meals too, because eat the water. It adds a little bit more volume and density, there’s pressure, receptors, and density receptors in your stomach. And when you are constantly drinking fluid, you have a little less tendency to eat quite as much so helps you get skinny or, and more fit, more toned. Also the more you drink, the less you retain.

So you have cycles where your body likes to hold water. I’d have a lot of clients fluctuate less when their body and actually bloat less by, by following a real strict five meal, actually three meals, two snack meals basically it’s five total meals of the day and a five bottles of water every day hit their workouts at their cardio. It’s all this, if I’m talking about can be complete Mind Freedom. If you just pick up the CF 30 book and just follow that for 30 days, it’s at Colaw fitness.

It’s a book that Amber and I have written. It’s a complete mind, freedom to follow. So check that out. Number five, it says, cut out carbohydrates. Women should avoid refined based carbohydrates like cookies, chocolates, honey, and white rice. As they spike your spike, your blood sugar produce more insulin that increases the amount of fat in your body. Therefore the daily diet should exclusively be rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins.

So here you go. The win. This is the big thing. A lot of people like Atkins diets, Paleo based sites, maker’s diet, South beach, diet, bodybuilding diets point systems diets, all of them fundamentally cut out that refined based carbohydrate. So you know, spoiler alert, Mert where pretty much all these diets are fundamentally taking out the refined based carbohydrate as the primary motive.

Because once insulin is lowered insulin lowers, when refined based glue, a higher glycemic index carbohydrates basically carbs. The more carbs you eat, the higher the blood sugar rises. The higher insulin rises. Insulin is a hormone that transports nutrients into the fat cell, which basically hypertrophies or enlarges hypertrophy. Is the word for basically when a cell enlarges and gets bigger.

So the fat cells increase with the amount of carbohydrates you take in. So all that to say, cut your carbs, reduce the refined based carbohydrates. Totally agree with that. The more that you eat the other foods like proteins and fibers, those have to ch you have to chew them, digest them, and it takes more effort for your body to actually break it down. And by doing that, your body actually increases its resting metabolic rate carbohydrates like sugars.

You can simply put like a sugar cube or a piece of candy in your mouth, and it just dissolves. And without even chewing swallowing or digesting that food. You can prick a finger and through the Buechel membranes in your mouth and under your tongue, your blood sugar is rapidly rising without even digestion or swallowing.

So carbs really absorb into the blood, which you can see in the glucometer that glucose meter and absorb. And then insulin is being produced immediately and starting to store. So without even chewing swallowing or digesting, just with sugar in the mouth, your blood sugar can rise. And if your body could actually transport some of those nutrients into the fat. So it’s amazing how anabolic or building or hypertrophic it is for fat cells to grow from refined based carbohydrates.

You got to get rid of that if you want to stay fit. So cookies, cakes, ice cream, white flour, get rid of that. That’s the biggest takeaway is the number five, cutting out the carbs. And so that you can have complete mind freedom. I can give you all of this stuff for free at Colaw fitness, come and pick it up. I’m going to tell you how to do that here in just a minute.

So I want to remind you guys that apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. Lots of different places that I’ve gone to fitness training around the country. We’ll talk about the importance of your food and your attrition. And 70 to 80% of your success is that nutrition plan. So we want to plan for success, prep you for success. So make sure you have a plan the night before and execute on that plan.

Also remind you that the best results are when people are consistent and they keep things simple and the same. So if you want all of that in one simple format, come by, pick up the CF 30 book. That stands for Colaw fitness, 30 day, easy to follow template book. It’s a, basically a journal for 30 days, Colaw fitness, 30 days. What it is, it’s a book that tells you exactly what to eat, what times to eat, what workouts to do.

If your primary goal is to be a smaller, more toned version of yourself. This is going to be a great pathway to get started. It’s complete. Mindfreedom has accountability. So check that book out is that Colaw fitness, the front desk. And that’s $10 for the book that we actually can teach you about those components for free in our free trainer classes.

So action steps, number one, join Colaw fitness, number two, get in the free trainer classes. Check those out three, follow the CF30 class, and then buy that CF30 book. Okay. We want you to follow the food plan. Start exercising, read our daily words of encouragement for mental health and motivation. I encourage you to not just believe me.

I want you to go right now, go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews. Type in Colaw fitness, Google review, and type that in, and then read all of these different reviews about people that are in our clubs, what they like about it.

And so on that way, you get a real objective take about Colaw, fitness, and then also encourage you to not believe me and go to YouTube type in youtube.com and then type in Colaw fitness reviews, or Colaw fitness results, Colaw fitness results go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness results, and watch the thousands of people that have lost weight, gotten shape falling.

A lot of these principles that we’re talking about today. In the five fitness tips for busy women, because we want you to lose weight. Get in shape and be the best version of you, be more comfortable in your skin.

And so that you can you know, start a new lifestyle, a new trend of your life. A new page season in your life where you’re motivated, you feel confident and good. So it was thanks for listening to this podcast. This is the, you can do it podcast with Charles Colaw on the five fitness tips for busy women. And we’ll talk to you soon, have a blessed day bye-bye.

best gym OKC

best gym OKC