Episode 105 - Cardio vs Weights! What to do?

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best gym Oklahoma City

best gym Oklahoma City

Hello, this is Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about cardio versus weights and what to do. See a lot of people want to get in shape because they don’t know what to do to get in that quote unquote shape that they desire.

So today I’m going to talk about cardio versus weight training, what to do so that you can get the results and the shape that you desire or want out of your health, fitness, or basically the way where you look. And so on. So one thing I’ve learned is cardio and weights can do two different things. A lot of times the first thing I want to kind of go through is what is your goal? What do you want to accomplish?

Are you just wanting to lose weight to reduce your total size? Or are you not so concerned about what the number is on the scale? And you want to actually just drop fat and tone up? So you’re a smaller, but more shapely toned physique. So that way you’re smaller in the right areas, larger in the right areas, more the hourglass shape, or if you’re a guy who got a V taper and your wastes.

A small and the chest is wider, shoulders are wide and your arms and clavicles and your biceps and triceps are you. You can tell you workout and you look muscular as well, or you’re a girl you look shapely and so on. So you kind of want to define what you’re wanting to accomplish, or you kind of want to just do both.

You want to lose weight some substantial weight and also tone up quite a bit and build some strength and, and basically look more shapely and in a, in shape toned physique. So cause some people do, they just want to lose weight and they just want to lose weight or they just want to get the cardio heart health benefit. The cardiac means heart vascular vein cardio respiratory means a long heart lung benefit.

So not everybody’s looking to look better sometimes it’s just the health components too. Asking yourself, what do you want to do? So the, the, the, the three scenarios are really kind of want to go through his number one. If you’re coming to the best gym Oklahoma City and you’re just wanting to lose weight, doing cardiovascular exercise, like running on a treadmill. To be a very simple example, you’re going to burn more calories than do not doing cardio at all.

And if you simply do that and eat a healthy diet, you’re going to get the bigger weight loss benefit than just than, than doing weights, because weights are you gonna, you’re gonna lose fat and build muscle.

So muscle will be adding back to some of that weight as you do that. So the result will be a smaller skinny version of yourself. And it doesn’t necessarily mean your skin’s going to be tight or just going to shrink. So I sometimes call it skinny fat. So it’s your fat before, and you want to lose weight. I call it skinny fat you’re skinnier, but you’re still kind of loose and ooey gooey because you haven’t toned up the muscle underneath.

So cardio by itself is primarily going to be used to just for focusing on weight reduction. And this is granted that you’ve got a good diet. That’s, it’s going to be in line and you’re not eating pork foods, or you’re not eating way over your chloric expenditure. So cardio is mainly what I would call reducing overall size. And you were going to be thinner and smaller, but you still could have looser skin because more ooey gooey.

So cardio mainly just for weight reduction that will not necessarily tone up the legs and the thighs or the back of the arms, or have the body become more solid shapes you, I call it sometimes I call it skin. I actually call it skinny fat. Like a lot of times you just do cardio by itself and you don’t introduce any resistance training or to the weight training. You become smaller. And I call it kind of psych skinny fat.

You’re still kind of ooey, gooey and soft because you haven’t toned up underneath yet. When you’re a smaller size, but the epidermis or the skin is loose. So that’s number one. Number two, the second scenario is or you’re doing it just for strength. And sorry. Second scenario is weight training, weight training. You are doing it for strength and fat loss, or sometimes guys just want strength by itself.

But weight training will actually increase your strength, your body type you’re going to build as you’re going to most of them, when you do weight training, you actually lose fat as well. But what you’re going to do is you become a smaller and more muscular version of yourself. There’s not doing cardio with it. You’re mainly just lifting weights. You’ll become more muscular. The muscles will start to get larger.

And you’re not doing any cardio, but you still can get a lot of fat loss. So that’s where you see the typical guys that are pretty big walking around the best gym Oklahoma City and they’re lean, but, you know, they don’t have a lot of they can run really far that have a lot of cardio-respiratory endurance that they built, but they are very muscular.

So and, and lean when I say lean there’s, if you grab their, like the, the, their love handles are right on their stomach, they’re going to have a low fold of skin or on their stomach or their, their belly fat, or like the girls on their thighs. They’ll still they’ll have muscle, but it will be very thin amount of fat on the thighs because strength training is going to help with muscle gain and also fat loss.

So, yeah, this is where weight training is good. I would say over weight is preferable. If you’re wanting to just look more fit and muscular weight training is actually better than just cardio by itself. So you’re going to pick one, I would say, pick the weights over the cardio that’s scenario two. So if you’re wanting to get in shape and look like a V taper or a solid shape and not look like a skinny fat version.

Like I call it skin hanging on, but like a skeleton that’s like just loose skin and it’s flatty do you want to actually shape or to that, that fat has gone down and the muscle tone is it came out and you look shapely, you gotta be doing the weights.

So if you’re going to choose just one, if you’re short on time or something, I would say, do the weights. Another cool thing is when you do weights, it takes 42, I’m sorry, 48 to 72 hours to fully recover from a workout because that microfiber care, the stimulation to the body has an increased resting metabolic rate for, for days. Or if you do cardio you’re, you’re burning more calories than that one hour than weights are.

But it’s not carrying on for two more days, you actually get a more calorie burning effect and muscle building effect from weight training. So I, weight training is becoming so popular, even for women. So cardio versus weights, I would choose weights. And then the third scenario is where you do both. This is, this is the, the best thing to do. And that’s where you’re doing weight training and cardio.

When you put those two together is going to have the benefits of both as well. And I encourage clients to do cardio for just maybe five to 10 minute warmup. Okay. Not a lot of cardio, then go to the weights and train hard on the weights. That way you have a lot of energy in the muscle. And if you do all like a 45 minute cardio session or a long hour cardio session, you burn up a lot of the energy in the muscle.

And so that you don’t have that fast-twitch eight Andrea triphosphates the, the burst of strength, energy that you need for the heavy weight training. You kind of burn all that out and you’re in you’re tired. So you can’t get a good weight training session, which means you can’t cause a lot of muscular tension on those muscle fibers that create the hypertrophy or muscle building effects.

So all we, but you can do a warmup, but make sure that you always do the weights for the, you do a warm up for five to 10 minutes, but then do the weights first. And then once the weights are done then finish up your cardio and you can do your 500 calories or 300 calories, which I recommend anywhere from 300, 500 calories with the client every day on that cardio, because you’ve used all your strength up, but you still can go like on a Walk.

A jog it’s not as taxing as the actual weight training session would be. So so cardio versus weights weights is the winter. I do encourage people to do both. If you’re going to do cardio first, just to five minute, 10 minute warmup to warm up the blood, then do your weights nice and hard.

Then at the end, finish that cardio session for 30 to 45 minutes or 300 to 500 calories. And that is what I recommend now. Remind you guys, if you want to be successful fitness and weight loss, 70 to 80% of your results is what you do in the kitchen. It’s your food planning and your food prep. I want to make sure you have all that. We have a free trainer at golf fitness, and we give free dietary advice on that.

So sign up for the free trainer classes and join and learn a lot about the diet, get a free template to follow for your food. Plus you can actually lose weight and be successful. The best results come when you are, you are consistent. So you make sure you got to follow a food plan, a workout plan that is consistent. We’ve got that for you for the free trainer at Colaw fitness.

We’ll check it out. Also, if you want to have a template and a book and a journal of follow that’s really easy. I’ve written a book it’s called the CF 30 book. It’s at the front desk. It’s 10 bucks and it gives you everything you need to do to be successful. The first three days to lose fat tone up build muscle and be the best you be, the best fit you. It’s a lower fat, more tone version of yourself. So action steps for you guys joined Colaw fitness.

It’s an extra step. One extra to action. Step two is sorry. As far as a fitness, it’s only $1 down and as low as $5 a month to use the club, we actually give access where that’s, where you and a friend. That’s two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month.

So Colaw fitness, two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. It’s a super deal. I encourage you to second that action step to go to the free trainer class, sign up for all the classes, learn how to use everything in that poor place. Get the free dietary advice goes through all the orientations to give as much information as you can on that, that way. You’re well prepped and educated to be successful.

Like I remind you, it’s only $1 whole, $1 for that whole first month to sign up. So you can get that and a trainer for just one buck and you can bring a friend and they can work out. They can tan, they can massage. They can use everything in the club. You can too, it’s literally for one book. So I start following the free CF-30 class.

And then I want you guys to or if you think that it would be even more beneficial by that book. It’s a, it’s a book that I will walk you through the first three days so that you can be successful. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients in my history. Of being a fitness trainer and worked with people to help lose weight. And just want to help you be successful. So I encourage you to not believe me, go check out go to go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, read our Google reviews.

And I also encourage you to not believe in you go to YouTube type in YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews. You’ll see the hundreds, probably thousands of reviews of clients that have lost weight following these principles getting a great shape. So this is this podcast. It was cardio versus weights and what to do a lot of that depends on the shape you want. But most people want to lose fat and build muscle, or basically lose fat and tone up.

So there are smaller, more fit version of yourself and the weights are going to be the winner in this. So thank you for listening. This podcast is Charles Colaw. You guys have a blessed, blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye-Bye.

best gym Oklahoma City

best gym Oklahoma City