Episode 106 - Top Tips For Keto Diet

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gym in Topeka

gym in Topeka

And today I’m going to talk about top tips for a keto diet, top tips for a keto genic diet. Okay. so I’m going through this order. Cool. All right. It says the top. I’m sorry. It says 15 KIDO tips and tricks for beginners and that’s on www.wholesomemeyum.com. Anyways. So we went through this and I’m going to talk to you a little bit about it so I can educate you on a few things and then kind of give you my take on it.

Since I’ve trained thousands of clients in multiple States and anyways, I want you to be successful for losing weight, getting in great shape. So without further ado, I’m going to jump into this article. So first off on these top tips, I’m scrolling through here, looking at it. They want you to start simple and it says in here, keep it simple, especially when you are starting out.

The best way to start for a keto start. Keto for beginners is to use simple framework for your meals. And it talks about picking a protein pricking low veggie carb adding healthy fats. And I totally agree with all three of those. If you go and pick up our CF 30 book you can go pick up a sea of 30 book.

We tell you exactly what to choose for great proteins, carbs veggie carbs, and healthy fats that you actually would lose fat and get into great key. Like it’s a keto friendly type diet. It’s very key to a little higher proteins. You can actually build a little more muscle, but it’s awesome. So number one, it says, pick a protein, chicken, beef, pork, Turkey, fish, seafood, protein powder, et cetera.

Also check out our CF 30 book that’s Colaw fitness 30 day book. That’s a book that me and my wife have written. I can check it up at any of the Colaw fitness clubs we sell at the front desk. So pick one of those up. Also pick a low veggie carb, for example, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, bell peppers. They’re very, very low in carbohydrate intake or a glycemic index.

Those are gonna be STEM stock or leaf is primarily those low carb veggies. And I talk about that in that CF 30 book and check that out. Then adding healthy fats, like butter or oil, a large geeky cheese, bacon avocado. That’s, aren’t healthy on some of these I’ve listed. I like to use a lot of like a dark bottle, extra Virgin olive oil, but some of these that they listed in this article.

It’s talking about butter oil Lord and so on. I generally don’t do a lots of heavy saturated just for the fact that I really have a take to wanting to stick to more of the heart healthy fats and that have kind of been proven in lots of different studies.

So anyways that’s how it Ketogenic diet works protein and a low carb veggie, which is going to be a STEM stock or leaf edgy and then a healthy fat to go with it. The second tip it talks about is removing temptations from your diet removing temptations. One of the easiest ways cue diets is, is, is this to screw up is basically you get a attempted to eat something bad.

So make sure you empty out all the bad stuff, get rid of the following items in your fridge or pantry. Get rid of all the breads and grains. Get rid of the sugars, get rid of the starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes. And get rid of any of the beans and lentils and lagoons high fat, high sugar fruits get rid of all of that. Get rid of all that high sugar fruit out of your day.

If you want to follow a keto plan, want to really tap into fat loss, get rid of the high sugar fruits. So low fat diet, dairy and milk get rid of all of the dairy product in there. Cause galactose and lactose milk sugars will not keep you in Quito and using your own fat as an energy substrate. So you get rid of that seeds and vegetable oils, margarine and so on, and then process low carb foods.

Okay. It says sorry, I might’ve messed up on here. It said seed and vegetables, especially margarine canola oil, corn oil, GrapeSEED oil, soybean oil. I talked about getting rid of some of those and process low carb foods depending on the ingredients, but make sure you look for hidden sugars and starches and artificial ingredients. So we want to make sure that we stick to the meat, vegetables and healthy fats.

And I talk about that in the [inaudible] if you don’t know what I’m talking about, pick up a CF-30 book and we’ll give you complete MindFreedom to following exactly what I’m talking about. Also your family talks about hearing your family may not be on board or the people that you live with that’s okay.

You just knock it out, you focus on you and before you know it, they’re going to be asking you questions because they want to get fit and in shape, just like you did. So number three it says stocking up your fridge. Totally agree with that. Make sure you got your healthy fats, your green leafy veggies, all your low carb veggies, your healthy meats.

Like your lean proteins, poultry seafood, and eggs are a great option. And any low carb fruits, the, those can be done in moderation. I just tell people to keep out of it. This is what this article says. I disagree with the low carb fruits like avocados and certain fruits because some of those don’t work, they’ll pull you out of ketosis. It’s basically ketosis.

And if you, if you’re listening to this first time, ketogenic diets are basically where your body is not eating any carbohydrates that reflect your blood sugar enough to pull you out of a state of ketosis and ketosis is where your body will use fat as its primary energy source instead of a glucose.

And so what that does is your low carb should then your body’s then forced to use its own fat on your body as an energy substrate throughout the day. So not eating carbs, your body will either use fats in your diet or fats on your body as energy. And that’s a win-win for wanting to lose weight and toning up.

So going through your own this article the next tip is tip number four, says stock up your pantry, make sure you got the right herbs and spices like Bazell dill and cinnamon, a lot of different types of herbs that do not contain any sugar or carbohydrates. Make sure you have low carb condiments like hot sauce and mustard.

And it also in that sea 30 book, I give a long list of low carb condiments nuts and seeds sugar-free sweeteners, low carb flowers, sugar-free beverages [inaudible] beverages would be allowed on that as well. Make sure you get really used to reading labels, making sure you actually look to make sure there’s no extra carbohydrates and sugars in those.

And if there are, we got to get rid of those because the carbs will then pull you out of ketosis, which is metabolism metabolizing your own fat. Next tip on the keto friendly is the keto tips. Top tips for keto diet is you want to ease into it if you’re not is you’re starting. Okay. It says, if you’re starting a keto diet coming from eating a lot of carbs and sugars, cutting it all out cold Turkey can sometimes put you in shock.

So it can cause a temporary what they call keto flu symptoms and cravings, or those may be manageable. It doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do it. Now you’re talking to me, I’m more hardcore. I’m like, let’s just nail it. And within three to five days, you’re going to be in full keto and you’re going to be really burning fat. So they talk about it.

If you, if you you know, if you’re a pansy, that’s fine ease into it. If you feel like you just want to just nail it, grab that CF30 book hammer, that CF30 book do no more, no less than exactly what the book says.

And you will shred that fat and tone up. If it bothers you, you can make some adjustments and kind of taper into it. But, you know, I like people that, that should just rip that bandaid off, get it done, lose that fat, start, knocking it out, get into a good routine. So nexus has applied for a couple of these key tips. Okay. Sorry. Next it says cut out foods gradually.

I don’t agree with that. I think just nail it and do it. It says, listen to your body signals to be patient. That’s fine. If you want to follow that transition for approach, that’s fine, but I don’t, I wouldn’t, I would just jump into it. That’s my opinion. Number six carbs are a limit. Protein is a goal. Fat is a lever.

So I guess what they’re saying here is the most important key to ketosis is restricting carbohydrates. Totally agree. Totally agree. But there’s more to it. There’s other macros, which short for macronutrients play a role as well. I do agree with that, but if you hammer the carbs low, increase the protein so that you’re satiated and satisfied.

And then you get in on that gym in Topeka  30 carbs a day. I totally agree with that. Protein is your goal.

You want to eat lean meat, fish, chicken, steak, that kind of stuff. Protein, rich foods, read labels, read labels, make sure it’s got super low carb next to no carb. And it says fat as a lever. Basically in this, I think it’s basically saying like fat is still fuel.

Now, remember if you’re eating fats in your keto plan, you’re going to be burning less fat off of your body as the stored fat sources. So it’s going to use what’s in your stomach first. Then it’s going to spill over to use what’s on your body.

So am I [inaudible] Plan? I put some fats in, but I don’t go nuts with the fats. So fats, you do want to use, but you want to kind of limit some of the fat intake because you will slow down the fat loss because we’ll be burning the fat that you just consumed in your stomach first. So how much fiber do you need? This is the next section it talks about.

You can do 20, 25 to 31 grams of fibers with the national Academy of science recommends. I totally recommend that as well. If you’re eating a lot of STEM stock leaf veggies, like you’re supposed to in this, in this, in this keto plan or in our CF30 plan, you’re going to hit it just fine. Another thing I do, I do think some people even including myself, if I eat tons of fiber, it’s actually like bothers my S my system.

So what I mean by that is like, if I eat a ton of lettuce, like it really can Jack with my stomach and make me feel bloated. So just, just caution. I’ve had a lot of clients that feel the same as I do. I’m not saying it’s not healthy to eat salads and so on, but I generally do like one to two, maybe three cups of veggies in each meal, but anything more than that.

I can actually feel bloated and actually mess with my stomach. So that’s I can definitely do well on lean meats. And then I add some veggies, but don’t go nuts with the veggies just because it can bloat me and make me feel a little bit off track. So how do you know if your macros are right?

You’ll listen to your body. It’s what this talks about. You can kinda tell and portions do matter still is what it says. I totally agree. Now, if you’re going to overeat, this is, let’s say you’re hungry. You’re going to say to heck with this diet eventually. So I’d rather you eat lean meat. That’s like 95% lean, like chicken or fish to flies your swims.

It’s super lean. So I’d rather you overeat the flier, swim like chicken or fish, or even some eggs or egg whites. Those are the most lenient. So if you overeat protein, protein is the one nutrient that doesn’t really slow you down too much in weight loss. So I give my clients on the [inaudible] unlimited meat and unlimited eggs. That until they’re full, why?

Because eventually they’re going to get hungry. If you get too hungry, you’re going to say the heck with this diet and jump off course and grab a pizza, which is way worse or grab a bunch of sugar, which is way we’re.

So think about it. If you’re super hungry, eventually he walk around the kitchen. You look into enough cupboards and pantries and into the fridge enough times that you finally just grabbed what’s really bad. So it might as well kill that craving by just eating an extra chicken breast. You’re not going to have somebody say, Oh, I got so fat off it.

You can just that one chicken breast think about it. So eating extra chicken, breast, initial, a can of green beans, and then drink a 16 ounce bottle of water. Go back to bed. You’re going to be full. You’ll be fine. You wake up that morning. You’re going to be leaner. So do it, do it, do it. You can do it fall to see a 30 plan, check it out at the Colaw fitness, pick it up.

And it’ll walk you through day by day, what to do for 30 days. And you will be extremely successful no more, no less than exactly what it says. Okay. Number eight, it says eat only one hungry. I disagree with that. So why? Because I like to train people to become athletes. If you wait till you’re hungry, it’s almost too late.

So if every three hours you’re eating a higher protein rich meal like it’s outlined in the sea of 30 book, you can actually lean out gain muscle and get in great shape. And number nine, it says avoid the keto flu as your body shifts to fat as its primary fuel source from the glucose, that’s going to take some time to within three to five days, you’re going to get there so you can make it eh, the, it talks about the keto flu.

It says in this article, keto flu is temporary and avoidable. The short version of it is make sure you get enough electrolytes, sodium, potassium, and magnesium to avoid the keto flu. So what happens is when you don’t eat carbohydrates, your body doesn’t hold onto fluids as well. So you can salting up your foods is a really good thing to do.

If you feel like you have the key to like, you feel sick, you feel bad when you’re on this, start salting up your meals, put salt on your food. So salt, your food generals leaves with this article says is one of the best things you can do. Some people even add sea salt to their water easing it. So I generally feel fine. As long as I salt my meals just moderately. You won’t feel any keto flu.

So three eggs in the morning has some soul treating like a chicken breast or hamburger. Patty, add a little bit of salt. What happens is, like I said, your body doesn’t hold onto fluids as well. When you take the carbohydrate element out. So like one gram of carbohydrate can bond up to like three to four grams of, of water.

And like one-to-one ratio of protein for protein, almost like, like pulls all the waterway off you. So anyways, number 10, it talks about staying hydrated. What I want you to do is drink a 16 ounce bottle of water, about five to six times a day. It talks about eat drinking, 16 cups of water.

I tell my clients, you’re eating five to six meals a day, get a 16 ounce bottle of water, fill it up, drink it with every meal or after every meal you’re going to be right on track. Your urine is going to be clear, you know, flush detox. 67% of your total body. Mass is water. 80% of your muscle. Mass is water. Water is your number one, antioxidant number one, detoxifier.

It’s great. So it makes sure you flush, flush, flush lots of water 11, make it easy to make easy recipes for beginners. So what you want to do is make sure that when you start with keto, keep it simple in the same grab that [inaudible] book, follow some of the simple CF30 plan foods on there. Make sure you watch those carbs, watch those carbs.

Number 12, it talks about you sweeteners, responsibly, cutting out sugars. And so if you are adding the sweeteners really stick to the ones that are not going to increase your blood sugar and have the lowest amount of carbohydrate. Number 13, it gives us get support.

Make sure you have the right people around you that support you. I totally agree with that 14 plan, your meals plan, your meals, plan your meals. If you get the CF 30 book, the number one rule in that book, it says, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

So think about that. If you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail. So plan your meals. What it says in this article, I can attest to that after training over 5,000 clients. So you got to have a game plan, make sure it’s written scheduled in your day. And then you execute 15.

Choose the keto lifestyle for you. Strict keto, you know, a lazy keto, dirty keto, low carb, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I prefer more of this lower carb approach, higher protein. You don’t really have to count everything, but you just really stay away from all carbs, eat a higher protein, rich diet. Make sure you use your weights in your cardio everyday.

Get your 500 calories of cardio on the, see a 30 book. You’re going to shred that fat. You’re going to build that muscle and you went to count a lot. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. So grab that, [inaudible] check it out. You’re going to be following a really good ketogenic diet. That’s this top tips for keto. I agree with a lot of it. So day’s podcast was on top tips for keto diets.

Talked about the article, talked about the seat. If 30 books make sure you check it out. I want to remind you guys that 70 to 80% of your success is your food. What you do in the kitchen, apex 24 fitness and SM Cooper Institute. I’ve got about eight different certifications as a trainer. And I promise you, you are what you eat. You can’t out train a bad diet.

So 70 to 80% of your success is your food. Your best results are when you’re consistent. So keep things simple in the same and make sure you follow that CF 30 book. Like it says no more, no less. It’s not for assistance, but it works. And it works really well. It’ll get you a least a mind frame template to follow every single day for your diet and your workout in at scorecards, it holds you accountable.

And then I give you a mental motivation along the way. It will keep you on track and you’re going to lose weight. So follow it like a T for 30 days, make some adjustments after those 30 days, no more, no less than exactly what it says for 30 days and you’ll lose weight.

So action, step, join Colaw fitness. It’s only $1 down as low as $5 once a month. That’s where two people can work out tan and massage. Rose was $5 a month. Make sure you go to our free trainer classes. We’re going to show you how to use all the equipment in the gym in Topeka for free. No, no cost for trainer. Start the free [inaudible] class. And by that CF 30 book.

Go pick up that book, follow it to a T for 30 days days, lose, lose weight, get in great shape. Be one of our testimonials. A fall encourage. I encourage you to follow the food plan start. Okay. Exercising reader, daily words of encouragement in that book for mental health and motivation don’t believe me. Go to Google type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews.

Read all of our Google reviews, go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews, go to YouTube. Don’t believe me, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness results, or Colaw fitness reviews. Listen to the thousands of people who’ve lost weight and gotten great. Just like you were about to do. Thanks for listening. This is the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw. Have a great day. Bye bye.

gym in Topeka

gym in Topeka