Episode 107 - Top Fitness Trends of 2020

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on that you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about top fitness trends of 2020 top fitness trends of 2020. So before I jump into here, I was actually looking through an article to get some research on this. And I found an article that says fitness trends to keep up with in 2020.

And it was written by club industry.com. I went through this article and I found a lot of great information on how people are actually it really getting into new technology really checking into high intensity training and just kind of following some of these trends that are becoming popular in the fitness industry. And I want to kind of share some of that.

Some, some of some of those items with you and then my take on those items. So first off in this article, they talked about wearable technology like smartwatches a lot of different types of tech that you can put on it.

It talked about heart rate, monitors, fitness, trackers, GPS tracking devices that appealed to a wide range of audiences. It’s great for beginner fitness and veteran fitness. And we talked about in here is there’s an ACS M past president Walter Thompson talked about wearable tech has become ingrained in today’s culture. The industry does not have any signs of slowing down.

Tech advances have made it easier than ever for users to collect important health metrics and work with fitness professionals and healthcare providers to improve exercise efficiency. So, and I agree with that. The tech now is so cool. You can eat a lot of it connects with your phone. It gives you great readouts. It gives you some up-to-date data on where you’re at. You can compare that to where you been.

It’s definitely getting, become, becoming a lot more popular. And so yeah, I think it’s, I think it’s great. One other thing is, is I I’ve noticed in several of the, some of the clients that I’ve talked to, or even some of my friends, when they have a record of what they’ve done in the previous past, it makes them more competitive to try to push themselves harder or see their improvements they’ve made.

Or even if they’d got off track where they’re at now to get back on track. So anyways, wearable tech is one of the top fitness trends of 2020. That is one of the top fitness trends of 2020. Next on the list, when going through this article, it talks about high intensity training, hit high intensity train hit for short. I hit training has been really fun, popular for a long, long, long time. It’s almost always one of the top trends.

I think a lot of young people like short burst, high intense exercising short burst of, you know, get in, get out, get a 30 minute workout, push yourself hard, get out. When you exercise like that releases a lot of those pleasure, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, your brain likes it, it increases your blood flow, all that kind of stuff. But hit in this article, it says hit style training or a popular trend in the fitness industry.

30 minutes or less exercises can achieve efficient yeah. Driven workout of high intensity exercise followed by short rest brakes, high hit training. Yeah. Incorporate strength, training, cardiovascular training, or mix of the two. It can be done solo or part of a group class. I like to do high intensity training with my weight training. It actually actually does gets cardio into, I do giant sets and super sets.

And tri sets is where I set up three or four different exercises that I go to about failure and then hit the next one, hit the next one, hit the next one, doing a little bit different muscle groups. And anyways, that gets my heart rate up. Get a lot of muscular strength flow to muscular endurance. And auto also my cardio heart health is you know, heart rate goes up and I hold that.

During that time I’m doing those successive workouts and then I let my breathing return to normal. It takes about two or three minutes, and then I hit another round of exercises, but I do generally giant sets and a certain round type format where I set up three or four different exercises and hit that very intensely. So it’s still popular. I don’t think that ever going to go away also tech, I don’t think Tech’s going to go away.

New advanced tech for your you know, wearable tech. Number three in this article talks about group training group training, similar to hit group training involves five or more participants in a variety of workouts and exercises styles led by an instructor strength and Tony classes, yoga, indoor cycling, and continues on in this article. Group training has always been super popular.

A lot of people like team environments and working out together with friends. And that also helps push you, makes you competitive makes it fun. And you have some connecting there. So a group training is one of the top fitness trends of 2020. I think it will also be there and stay there for a long time as well. Number four, it talks about in this article training with free weights.

Oh, for sure. I definitely think free weights are popular. Especially here in the past, we had a lot of their training towards machines. Now I really see that a lot of free weights are becoming more popular, especially twenties, thirties and 40 year olds are really into doing more freeway motions is becoming very popular here lately. New to 2020 survey in this article says new to the 2020 survey is the more specific category of free weight training as previous carriers.

As strengthened was deemed to be too broad freeway. Train includes free weights, dumbbells kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls. And a lot of this has came and spun out of the CrossFit cross training type emphasis and the popularity around that. And I’ve always loved freeway training, and it is one of the top in 2020, and it’s not going anywhere.

Number five, it talks about personal training for the top trends. Personal training is definitely something that I’ve been a part of. It been a trainer for many, many years. People want to have a one-on-one experience. They want to have somebody teach, instruct, motivate, encourage, hold them accountable, and then make sure they’re staying on track to their fitness goals.

A lot of people don’t love fitness as much as a trainer does. A lot of people just want to have somebody like build that for them, tell them exactly what to do, what not to do. What kind of food and supplemental things to be taking. And the other 23 hours of the day, what workouts to do complete MindFreedom personal training will never go away. And it is definitely in the top 2020 fitness trends.

It says in this article for years, personal training has grown from being in club to being available in home and workplaces online. So this is where you’re going to see a lot more personal training options being available also online.

So that’s the top five fitness trends of 2020. This is Charles Colaw today. I want to go through that and give you my take on that. So to kind of recap, the five different fitness trends that are in 2020, number one was the wearable technology. That’s going to be like any type of heart rate monitors, fitness, trackers you know, one of those pedometers that w you know, track how many steps you’re taking.

A lot of that kind of tech is really great. So the user can actually see how the welder performing in real time and also make them competitive to be you know, pushing themselves or to see if they’re off track. So wearable tech has gotten very popular. Number two is high intensity training. That’s where you’re really pushing yourself hard and getting small breaks for you, recover from, and then hit it again hard.

And that’s always going to be popular. It’s been popular for many, many years group training. And it’s been popular for many, many years. It’s still popular in 2020. And it will be in 2022, 21 me and then you have freeway training. Freeway training has gotten a lot more popular, especially with the CrossFit craze and the fitness functional fitness training with free weights and so on.

And so fitness free weight training has been very popular, and it is a top fitness TriNet of 2020, and then personal training which also has been around for a long time. People needed that one-on-one sessions, where they have a key, you know, connecting with the trainer, holding them accountable, coaching them, teaching them. It’s always going to be very, very popular.

The new thing is, is there’s going to be more and more options for in-home or online type training scenarios. So anyways next step, I want to kind of give you guys a basis of what, what, what the most important thing in fitness is, and that’s to remember as a fitness trainer, I always try to tell people that 70 to 80% of your success, far as in your health and weight loss, and what you look like, and your fitness level is what you do in the kitchen.

That’s 70 to 80% of your success is the food that you’re eating. I’ll also remind you guys that the best results are when people are consistent. So whatever fitness routine you’re following, or whether you’re just starting off in a OKC gyms. Or you’re just interested in getting into a fitness routine, find a simple plan that’s consistent and just stick with it. The most of the time, people plateau, because they just are missing. They’re not free.

You know, they’re not being steady with it. They’re not doing it on a steady basis. So make sure they’re just being very steady and consistent with it. Another thing to remind you guys keep things simple and the same when you’re switching things up too much. When you first start off, you kind of get burnt out or get confused, but keep it simple the same.

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