Episode 108 - 10 steps beginners should take on keto diet

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You can do this podcast

Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you could do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about 10 steps that beginners should take on a ketogenetic diet. There’s an article written on everyday health.com and it basically talks about 10 steps. Beginners should be taking on a ketogenic diet. And the first step that they talk about in this article is basically saying, knowing which foods you’ll eat and avoiding which foods you’ll eat and which foods you should avoid on a huge unit diet.

The number one thing on a ketogenetic diet ketogenic means is your body is using ketones, which is fat as energy instead of carbohydrate or glucose. So what you’re doing is you’re limiting your carbs, the breads cereals, grains, and sugars in your diet that then forces your body to use its own stored body fat or fats that you’re eating as energy.

So basically your body is basically you’re tricking your body to use fat as energy and fat stored on your body as energy as the goal. Instead of the carbs that you’re eating like breads and so on. So the foods that you have to avoid are going to be bread, pasta, chips, cookies, candy, ice cream, a lot of the refined based carbohydrates. And what you’re going to be eating is a lot more meat and vegetable steamer stock, part of the vegetable plant.

Meats, eggs if it flies or swims or any type of muscle off an animal it’s like zero carbohydrates and then high fiber race vegetables, and you’re going to also avoid fruits as well. So those are the types of foods. If you want a complete list of that, we’ve got a lot of those on the CF 30 Colaw fitness, three day diet and workout plan.

You can check out one of those books. We’ve got those books at, at all the Colaw fitness locations. It’s a book that I’ve written that tells you exactly what to eat every day for 30 days to lose weight, follow a ketogenic type diet. It’s going to force your body to lose lots of fat in 30 days and build muscle Sovia smaller, more fit tone version of yourself, or if you’re a young guy and you keep the protein, how you actually build muscle and get leaner.

So check it out. That’s the CF30 Colaw fitness 30 day diet workout plan. It’s like a day to day journal with the middle motivation and just a lot of tips to stay on track. So it’s got the diets at the workout and accountability all the way through for 30 days. So that’s a great book. You’ll learn a lot and you’ll lose a lot of weight.

Number two, in this in this article, it talks about examine your relationship with fat and keto. In fact, keto involves lots of it in this article. The author talks about you’re having to eat lots of fat since you’re not eating carbohydrates now yes, there’s several versions of ketogenic diets and some of them do have a lot of fat intake. I am a more of a proponent to higher protein, moderate, fat, super low carb.

That way you actually have enough protein and you’re weightlifting. So you’re going to basically build muscle and tone up. So it’s kind of like an athletic version of the keto diet so that we become more of a smaller, more fit version, not just a smaller slash smaller version of yourself. Maybe as sometimes I call it skinny fat, yours are smaller, you’re skinny, but you’re still soft and fat.

So what I like to do is actually lower the fat content, the subcutaneous body fat at the same time, rebuilding lean muscle tissue underneath. You have more of a fit and healthy physique. So she talks about eating to not be afraid of fat fat. Isn’t really what makes you fat. It’s mainly the fine carbohydrates. There’s a book like Gary Tobbs.

He’s a research journalist and he talks a lot about how the refinement of the carbohydrate has basically correlates directly with obesity and all the major killers in America. Heart attack, stroke and diabetes are all directly related to carbohydrate metabolization and that influence in the human diet. So he’s a research journalist used to write for the New York times. Brilliant guy. Doesn’t tell you, it’s not a diet that he’s selling, but it’s mainly just research stuff, information.

And so anyways, you do your research and learn a lot. You realize that the refined based carbohydrate is really the primary cause of obesity, not fat and not saturated fat. So we go back to the way that we were more created to be more like Hunter gatherers. And if you do hunt for something, that’d be a lean meat. And then you’d you know you know, you’d have veggies or some sort of STEM stock, leaf vegetation all, all the time.

Fruits and seeds and nuts are more seasonal, but so it’s a high fiber, higher protein, rich diet just make sense. And that’s the new diets that are really popular. It’s also the diets that if you compete in figure fitness or you’re in some sort of fitness competition, they really push the higher fiber and lean proteins. And that’s what we push in the [inaudible] plan.

It’s very kenogenic, which means that your body uses ketones. Your body uses its own fat and your own fat in the bloodstream is called a ketone body. So you lose fat by burning your own stored fat. So a number three, it says, switch up your view of protein. This is this is where she talks about eating more protein. She talks about being moderate with it. I’m more into the higher protein rich category. Cause I, I do have all my clients weight train and actually do be physically active.

And by doing that, that extra protein helps heal repair and regenerate tissue and so on. And that’s going to help you give that smaller, more toned version of yourself, not just smaller ooey, gooey version of yourself, which I call the term skinny fat. So number four, She talks about hone in your cooking skills to make fresh fare high as high carb processed foods. Aren’t okay on keto. So she talks about making sure you understand how to prep and plan that stuff.

So all your sit down meals, I always encourage all my clients in the sea of 30 book, which is a ketogenic plan to do meat and vegetables and the vegetables have to be STEM stock or leaf, not the seed or the root or the fruit bearing part of the plant. That’s going to keep you in perfect alignment with high fiber high nutrient high protein, so higher fiber, higher protein, rich diet, which pretty much is the premise of every type of diet maker’s based diets.

Paleo based diets bodybuilding diets point system diets that are the healthier ones you know, calorie counting and stuff. Those are the ones that the freebie foods. A lot of that stuff all comes down to the same components that just marketed differently. And this is where we’re pushing lower carb, higher protein. So sit down meals, meat, and vegetables and meat and vegetables. And then on the go, I do a whey isolate protein shake with some extra Virgin olive oil and it for the healthy fats.

Anyways, she talks about number five, try the Bulletproof coffee. It’s one of the best keto friendly drinks. I tell people to do a whey isolate with an extra Virgin olive oil for the cholesterol and for the good cholesterol, the HDLs that help your heart health. And then also the protein rich component, which helps with muscle. So instead of the coffee, I choose to do like a whey isolate with extroversion all alone and so on.

But that’s for the shakes on the go quick on the go. And another thing too, she talks about is the, the increased risk of heart disease with ketogenic diets. And what I mean by that is that since you are eating fats, she talks about that. Well, I just currently got my blood work done. I’ve been doing, I have literally been following a ketogenic diet without fail every day, every year haven’t even needed a single dessert in probably 12 years or more.

But so I very, very, very low carb under 30 a day, high protein and moderate fat. And I just got my blood work. My total cholesterol with me being a 250 pound male, that’s a bodybuilder. My total cholesterol total cholesterol is one 28. So it’s below .ost skinny girls. Why? Because I’m not eating carbohydrates, carbohydrates are directly what fluctuate your cholesterol.

So I, I go against almost every re most medical journals that they talk about because they honestly are just incorrect, actually prove it with blood work and real clients. But my cholesterol is literally one 28 right now. I’m not a 250 pound bodybuilder at a cholesterol value of one 28 with a super high protein, rich diet. And my HDL, my good is right in the mid range, right at 50. My high density lipoproteins are at 50 out of that or I’m sorry right at 40.

And my low density is completely off the chart low. I only have low density lipoproteins are at 75. So I’m off the chores. I have no like super bad, super low, bad cholesterol, super good. Okay. Cholesterol. And my total cholesterol is very low. So all of that to say ketogenic diets are really good for cholesterol. If you actually follow them correctly, at least in my body, that’s been doing it consistently and never messing up with sheets.

And so on. So my blood glucose is at 76. It’s really good. My blood sugar is perfect. So a lot of type two diabetics that have completely reverse that type two diabetes, and they don’t ha they can get off their metaformin and all their medications. So just wanted to tell you guys, it does work really good for cholesterol, heart health and so on when followed correctly, but remind you.

I don’t do the high, high, high fat like some of these diets talk about, I do the higher protein, moderate, fat, and I only focus on the good fats and a high fiber based diet. Okay. Number six, she talks about talk to your family about your weight loss goals on your diet, making sure that your family is aware of that you’re going to be eating differently. And if it offends them, I don’t care. I just don’t.

I just do what I do for years. And actually most people will follow your lead because they see that you’re getting so much healthier, that their weight is in is, is in, is back in control. You feel good? You look good, you’re resting well, and they’re probably going to follow your lead. So I would just say, you know, Hey, I, I mean vegetables on, I sit down meals. I do protein shakes and water, and I do extra-virgin olive oil.

And my shakes hit that. That’s what we’ve talked about in the [inaudible] your blood. Work’s going to be amazing. All your fat’s going to just pull off. If you can stick to it, if you can stay consistent, you won’t starve. It’s not going to be hungry, but you just eat that type of clean heart, healthy food. Your body will utilize its own fat. It’ll actually clear out the plaque buildup in your arteries and veins. You’re going to just totally change your health.

So anyways, I highly highly encourage people to do that. Okay. Number seven, what side effects to expect on the KETO? And they talk about the keto flu. This is where people are so used to eating carbohydrates in their diet. When you pull carbohydrates out, their body’s pancreas is still secreting insulin at a higher level. And so the blood glucose falls low, you feel irritable.

You have your blood sugars low, you’re tired, you’re, you’re weak, your limbs feel weak. It’s just all the signs of low blood sugar. And also a little bit of where you’re a little dehydrated. Cause what happens is carbohydrates bond to water and carbohydrate. If you think about the word carbo and hydrate, that’s the second part of the word is water. It bonds to a lot of water.

So what I always tell people is make sure you’re salting your meals, which is crazy. Cause people say don’t do that, but now that you’re eating a ketogenic diet, you do need to get enough sodium in your diet to make sure you retain some fluid cause your water weight really starts to drop too. So anyways, all that to say you to watch your electrolytes, that’s number eight, keep up your electrolytes to prevent unpleasant Keto effects.

This is sodium pendant and potassium. So as long as you’re eating your veggies and salting your meals, like basically just moderately salting your foods, you’re going to be fine. I’ve very rarely had people have major issues unless they just were like super obese.

And the eight tons of just refined foods, which is basically sugar and refined sugar and refined base like breads and so on all the time. Number nine, acknowledge when keto may not be right for you. So there’s a few times where I’ll have basically a carb junkie. And I generally go back to doing kind of the two to one ratio of carb to protein and I slowly get them lower into the keto form. But they’re just so used to high carbohydrates.

It’s almost impossible for them to have the discipline to stick with, but the honest to God truth, if they just did it and were such a sissy or worried about it, their body will make the right response. They will not die. You’re going to fall into full gym Topeka within, you know, five to seven days and your body’s off and new blood sugar will get back to normal.

You’ll feel great. You’re gonna lose a ton of weight, but it is. It’s not for sissies. It’s it’s, it’s, gym Topeka, it’s, it’s a change. Anytime you make an adjustment, you got 40 years of bad habits and your diet. It’s hard to change it in one week or have a fitness coach work you through 40 years of bad habits, even just six months. So it’s not easy. I was three Oh three in high school. I lost 83 pounds with a trainer, took me nine months and it is a struggle of food is very addictive.

And so the high blood glucose response the when you eat a meal and the blood sugar goes up high quickly, like from a fine based carbs or sugar, serotonin dopamine are the two pleasure hormones, same thing you get from drugs or sex and your body gets addicted to that stuff.

And so it is tough to make that transition. But once you get past 30 days, like I talked about in that CF 30 book that I’ve written. You will be on your way to baking a new discipline in your life. Personally, mastering your food addictions, getting on a low-glycemic diet, more of a hundred gathered type diet, eating veggies, green veggies, and high lean proteins on a regular basis. And once you do the workouts and the plan, you’re going to lose all the weight, tone up, feel great.

It is a discipline and most people don’t follow it because they just like eating carbs so much and they just don’t, they don’t have the discipline, but I I’m a Testament to it. I literally have done this for probably I would say since 2007, I don’t think I’ve even eaten one bad dessert and this is 2020.

So that’s 13 years. I’ve been pretty much relentless on it and followed it and pretty much maintain anywhere from probably five to 8% body fat year round and keep a large amount of muscle mass. So, and like I said, cholesterol is perfect blood pressure’s perfect. I can give you the 60 beats per minute at this test. I was one 20 over 75 was my blood pressure and a total cholesterol was one 28. So yeah, blood work was great.

Everything came back. Great. good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, glucose, blood glucose creatinine in the kidneys, all the major functions of the body, a L T a S T all the different functions all came back at great scores. So anyways, that kind of gives you an update on the ketone gym Topeka diet and 10 steps. Beginners should take I’ll sum it up real quick.

Number one, go back over that. They talked about making sure you know, what foods to eat and not to eat. This is basically where it’s low carb, high protein. So you’re going to be cutting off the bread cereals, grains, and stick to mainly meat and vegetables on sit-down meals and protein shakes and water. Number two is making sure that you examine your relationship with that.

Making sure that you understand that you’re going to be eating a lot of lean proteins and moderate amounts of fat and make sure you’re okay with it. Most people are scared of that, cause I think fat’s going to kill them really. If the refined based carbohydrate, that’s the worst on the American diet, you can research Gary Tobbs good calories, bad calories talks about that’s a research journal.

Most medical doctors would scratch their head with the amount of information that he’s put together in there. So check it out. If you want the proof switch up your view of protein, you gotta eat more of it. That’s what you gotta do. And number three, number four, you’ve got to make sure that you hone in your cooking skills to make sure that you’re willing to start eating more meat and eggs and based high fiber vegetables, meat, and vegetables and protein shakes and water kind of stuff.

Like I said, pick up that CF 30 book. It gives you some variety of things you can eat and how to basically follow a planned day in and day out and be successful. Number five was the Bulletproof coffee. I talked about making sure that you do the way isolate shakes with extra Virgin olive oil. Number six was making sure that your family or friends understand what your goals are and what you’re doing and your new dietary habits.

And number seven, they get, you understand the side effects. You could have low blood sugar, you could get this keto flu symptoms and that’s mainly associated low blood sugar. And also if you’re slip slightly dehydrated, so salt your meals, and just basically go to the CF30 fall, like it says every three hours, if you eat more frequent like that, you’re going to avoid a little bit less of a blood sugar crash. Okay.

Eight up in your electrolytes. We talked about that nine and acknowledging when keto may not be the best for you. A lot of this comes if you’re just really a high carb guy and you have to go to more of a two to one ratio, like to protein, to car ratio. So if it’s like a meal may be, you know, you know, 30 grams of protein. With 15 grams of carbohydrates, every three hours and kind of stagger into that.

So there’s another method I used to do that with lots of clients. If I felt like they just kind of lack the discipline and they couldn’t stick with the keto plan, I’d actually kind of do a two to one ratio plan and slowly modifying the key to the last three meals. So first three meals, I did kind of two to one ratio, last three meals, more keto. So Mt. Number 10, having a plan because keto is this as it isn’t meant to be long-term weight loss solution, but I promise you, it is.

It’s great. It’s basically how like it’s a Hunter gatherer type diet, it’s meat, vegetables. What pretty much, you know, what, what naturally was made for us to be eating. And so anyways disagree on a few items on this kind of talked about that talked about the actual lab report that I have on my blood work and the perfect blood work that came out of that from following [inaudible] ketogenic plan.

So anyways, this is Charles Colaw. I want to make sure you guys understand some of these components remind you that 70 to 80% of your success. Your health is your food, what you do in the kitchen. Remember when you go to the gym Topeka. It’s only other 20, 30% on your best results are when people are consistent. You want to make sure you keep things simple in the same. And my highest advice is for you to follow the CF 30 book, the Colaw fitness, 30 day diet and workout plan.

So action steps for you. If you want to get started, this is the way you can do it and be extremely successful. Number one, join Colaw fitness. We’ve got memberships for as low as $1 down and as low as $5 a month. That will allow you and a friend that’s where two people can work out tan and massage and get free trainer instruction for as low as $5 a month.

Also, we have a free trainer, make sure you go to all the orientations, learn how to use all the equipment. Number three, start the CF 30 class. And by the sea of 30 books, start following that CF30 book. It’s a step-by-step book that I’ve written to help people lose a lot of weight. Tone up their body and know exactly what workouts to do, how to eat and what to eat. So make sure you follow the food plan and start exercising.

Get in there, get in Nicola fitness, start with the free trainer. Just follow the sea of 30 book. I encourage you also to go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews. Don’t just believe me, but go to Colaw fitness, Google reviews type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, read reviews. Also go to Colaw go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube.

We have thousands of clients just like you, real people getting real results. Losing weight, falling a lot of these principles. Anyways, this is Charles Colaw. Thanks for listening to the podcast. You guys have a blessed day. Bye bye.

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