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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast today. Man. Talk about burn, visceral fat burn, visceral fat. Now, first of all, people like they want to know what is visceral fat and what does that mean? Well, visceral fat is the type of fat. That’s not necessarily between like your skin and your muscle that kind of rolls up on your stomach. It’s actually behind the abdominal wall, like behind the fat wall of your stomach, visceral fat.

So, you know visceral fat is basically the type of fat that can affect a lot of your organs and cause a lot of health problems. So basically if w to tan, a deep dive into I’m going to go through an article written on healthline.com and how to lose visceral fat, I’m gonna kind of give my take on it. I’m going to walk you through this article, splaying what visceral fat is and why it’s not healthy and then how you can lose it.

So visceral fat is also really known well as like belly fat found inside the abdominal cavity. So you’re had, somebody has a really hard stomach. It’s not like a gooey stomach, but it really pooches out. A lot of men have a really big belly. It’s not necessarily soft Dewey fat, but it’s like hard fat back behind a muscle wellness.

Hey, look, it’s all muscle well because the muscle is pushed out and the skin is fairly thin above that muscle wall, but there’s a ton of visceral fat still underneath that muscle layer. And so caring too much visceral fat is extremely harmful. It’s really linked to like type two diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, lots of different cancers, but it’s a fat that’s accumulating underneath that. Basically your abs and it pushes your stomach.

It looks like I’ll pick a big beer belly. So you, a lot of times guys will be fairly solid in the arms and saw it on the legs. But then they have like this really poochy belly and the belly is really not that gooey. And it’s really solid. And that’s basically a good example of visual fat. Some women also have that too. So you have this like distended belly, and it’s not a ton of like skin and fat that so we gooey, but it’s just more solid and deeper in the, basically in the abdominal cavity.

Really a lot of it comes down to a lot of poor eating and some genetic traits, but it can cause major issues with all your major organs and the way to lose that fat. The best ways to lose that fat in certain studies that are talked about in here is by doing a lower carb based diet, they’ve had like low, low fat diets and low-calorie diets, which are somewhat effective, but lower carb diets push a keto process.

I’ve heard of diet well, when you really go low in carbs, your body doesn’t have the blood sugar that it normally has coming from the carbs. So it’s a called blood glucose, like the glue glucose glucose. I’m sorry, I’m trying to say it right. Glucose is the sugar in the blood. And that glucose comes from primarily carbohydrates. When glucose friends’ low, your body flips a switch and it starts to actually take your fat cells and think of a fast.

So like a Ziploc baggie, where they got a little strip that whole opens and closes it when your blood sugar gets too low, that strip opens up and they release extra fat out of the fat cell. And that’s what they call a ketone, a ketone bike, like think of the, the Ziploc baggie opening up because the blood sugar is too low in your body then starts using its own fat to be help the body produce energy instead of regular glucose.

It now uses ketones. And that’s where the ketogenic based diet comes from. So what we’re wanting to do is get the blood sugar low enough for three to four days, and then your body will naturally switch into by day five, a keto genic process. And that’s where your now body is now forcing itself to use its own fat as energy. And when that triggering of a keto process or a lower carb process occurs, the fat is also doing that in the visceral fat underneath the belly wall.

So that’s the reason why low carb diets are so much more beneficial. Now, if you’re eating carbs all the time, you’re still holding yourself back from a full-blown ketogenic process where your body uses fat now, or ketone bodies being released in the bloodstream as energy substrates. So I don’t know if that makes any sense. So I’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms carbs.

When you use them, they get in the bloodstream fast. If you don’t eat the carbs, your body then has to flip over to fat metabolizing or fat burning your own fat. And the fat is dropping out of your fat cells as energy. And those are called ketones and that low carb diet are more effective.

It says in an eight week study in this article, it talks about an eight week study, 69 overweight men and women scientists found that people who followed the low carb diet lost 10% more visceral fat and 4.4 0.4% in the more total fat, then those on low fat diets, people are just eating low fat or low calorie or low calorie counting. Additionally, the ketogenic diet, which is a very low carb diet may also help reduce visceral fat is what this article talks about.

And the ketogenic diets drastically reduced the carbon tape and replaces it with fats. And, and this can put the body into a natural metabolic state called ketosis. This ketogenic process is then forcing that visceral fat to be used as well as energy. So that’s where the summary of it basically low carb diets are especially effective at reducing their visceral fat studies show that ketogenic diets also help reduce the visceral fat.

So that’s pretty much this whole article, just trying to encourage people that if you do feel like you had a solid belly, it could be this real fat, and it’s actually worse than ooey, gooey fat. And you want to get rid of that. And the way to do that is cut the carbs. A great free mind freeing way to do that is when you have some sort of mind frame document, or like something written down on paper, just follow and just check Mark it off, like do this, do this, do this.

And you’re going to lose all your visceral fat. So I have that for you. And it’s simple as going to the front desk of any Colaw fitness club and asking for the CF 30 book. It’s called Colaw fitness, 30 days, a workout and a food journal follow that see 30 book. And you’re gonna lose a ton of fat in the next 30 days. It’s called Colaw fitness, 30, it’s a three-day challenge book kind of thing. Follow it for 30 days tells you exactly what to eat.

What times do you eat? How to follow the program, how to make the food, what workouts to do on what days? And we also have a free trainer that can show you how to do a lot of that stuff as well. So go to off fitness, join Kohler fitness. It’s only $1 to start. It gives you a full month to try it out as a 30 day money back guarantee, give your dollar back.

It’s as low as $5 a month to use the gym Topeka. And the perks are as you get two people, you and the guests can always come to the gym Topeka. You can work out, you can tan, you can massage. You can use the free trainer. Can use everything in the club, massage, Tanny, and everything. Great bathrooms and restrooms and beautiful, huge, beautiful club millions. Most of the, some of the clubs have over a million dollars in equipment in there.

So great club for less than $1 for that first month. And it’s only $5 a month after that as low as $5 a month. So check it out. And that’s where basically two people, it’s like $2 50 cents. A person can use that gym Topeka. So you always go to the free trainer classes. Step two. I really want you guys to pick up that book.

Why I don’t care about the 10 bucks. It hardly even pays for the cost of the premium making the book and shipping it. But the big thing is, is that I’ve got to cover something to cover the cost of the book. Then you always have mindframe template to follow. So fall the food plan, start exercising, read the daily words of encouragement that. I have through that to keep you motivated, stay on track, encourage you to also is you’re a little bit optimistic.

Go online, read Colaw fitness, Google reviews, type it in, go to Google type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, read about the club. Read about us as a company. I also encourage you to go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, or Colaw fitness see a 30 reviews or something like that.

And just watch all these videos is hundreds, actually, thousands of clients that have lost weight that I’ve worked with. Or many people have worked with our age and just even just coming to the club. And following some of these principles that we’re teaching in some of these workout classes and so on. But anyways, go check it out, lose that visceral fat.

We want you to be in the best shape of your life. Feel good, look good. Be comfortable in your skin and be confident again. Anyways. Thanks for listening. This podcast is Charles Colaw. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll talk to you soon, but like.

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