Episode 11 - Keto diet explained

On today’s episode we will explain what a keto diet is and how it can help you lose fat

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Hello there super team. This is Charles Colaw with the Colaw fitness. You can do this podcast and today we’re going to connect with you on the keto diet. Explained here I’m going to go into a Harvard study about its success and also talk about how um, these lower carb, higher protein, higher fat diets, uh, have been successful. And then some key steps for beginners to kind of get started on following the program.

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So I’m going to jump right in here. Go through that. Also, we’re going to talk about some, uh, other clients that we have worked with that have done ketogenic diet principles in the past. And I’ll give you a link, give you guys a link to some social proof of others that we’ve worked with and have done it so you too can get motivated, lose weight, get in great shape. And so this is Charles Colaw with the Colaw fitness.

You can do this podcast. Uh, and we’re jumping right in here. So number one, a keto diet explained there was a Harvard study that came out and it showed about 88% of the people that followed the ketogenic diet had success and 88% were compliant with the entire regimen. It creates satiation and satisfied, it keeps you satisfied opposed to some other diet programs where they restrict calories and portions and so on. This basically keeps your blood glucose really, really steady, uh, between 80 and one 20.

And your body doesn’t crave near as much. The density receptors and stuff in your stomach. FARs and high density foods are still being there. And so your body doesn’t have a feedback response and the brain doesn’t crave as much. So this, there are some great success stories there. Um, so that’s a Harvard study that came out on that and what Quito actually means.

What does keto K E T O KETO. What does keto mean? Um, what does a keto diet, uh, sorry. Uh, sorry. Uh, what does keto mean? Keto means, uh, key tones are basically small fuel molecules called ketones. It is an alternative fuel source for the body used when the body’s blood sugar or glucose is short in short supply. So your body actually will redeem re release these ketone bodies from its fat cells and your body will then use those ketones as energy substrates in the bloodstream.

So if you’re low blood sugar, it then replaces that low blood sugar with an active ketone body to make your heart pump and your brain function, your muscles to work. It’s basically the natural feedback response for metabolizing the fat in the body to be used as energy. So basically foods you’re eating are then going to be fatty or foods that your body uses as the fats that you’re eating or it’s also pushing into using the stored fat, which is um, the ketone bodies dropping from the fat reserves.

Keto diet

Um, so Quito means when you eat a very low or very few carbs or very few calories, the liver produces the ketones from fat. These ketones then serve as fuel source throughout the body, especially for the brain. The brain is a hungry organ and consumes a lot of energy every day. It can run on fat directly. It can run on glucose or ketones, so either glucose or ketones.

So if you don’t have carbs in your body, your body will make its own from your fat reserves or from the fats in your diet and Akita GI and teenage keto genic diet. Your entire body switches its fuel supply to run on fat, fat burning 24, seven where insulin levels become very low in fat burning can increase dramatically. It becomes easier to access your fat stores to burn off. So this is a great way of doing it.

Um, lower carb, higher protein diets. I follow that principle in the past and this is basically adding a little more fats to the program, not focusing as much just on the proteins. Um, and so it’s very successful when the body produces ketones. Uh, the metabolic state is called ketosis. Uh, the fastest way to get there is by, is by fasting and not eating anything, but nobody can not eat anything for a long time. So that’s the reason why it is a successful program is cause you know, calorie restricting and just cutting calories and cutting and all your points.

Systems down eventually creates a huge hunger response and then you binge again. So the keto diet has been very successful. Um, I had done some of the keto diet principles for many, many years along before it became popular. Uh, Dave Palumbo was one of my trainers, uh, in the early to mid two thousands when I competed for bodybuilding shows.

And I did that and was extremely successful on the ketogenic type diets that he gave for his competitive bodybuilders. And uh, so those were programs I was doing in the early two thousands and had a lot of success with me and my clients. Okay. Next is who should not be doing the ketogenic diet. Certain people, it’s not the best diet for, especially if you’re a diabetic and you’re taking insulin, that means your blood sugar is a already low. If you take an insulin shot, has a diabetic, it’s going to pull that blood sugar way too low and you could go into hypoglycemia or a high or a coma.

So, um, if you’re not, uh, if you’re a diabetic and on insulin, you don’t want to be doing a ketogenic diet. And a ketogenic diet is basically about 20 grams or 30 grams of carbohydrates or less, more like 20 grams or less a day, which is really, really, really low carbs and a, so if on a really low carb diet, your body’s gonna, you know, not, not, not, uh, do well.

If you give yourself an insulin shot, you’ll basically pass out cause it pulls any extra glucose out of your system and you crash. Um, also, if you’re on medication for high blood pressure, uh, you don’t want to be doing a ketogenic diet. Also, if you’re breastfeeding, you don’t want to be doing a ketogenic diet. Um, uh, then next is, uh, what to eat. What, what are you supposed to be eating on a ketogenic diet? So what are the key Daejeon diet type foods?

So, um, natural fats, um, oil like olive oil, extra Virgin olive oil, butters and stuff. Those are actually fats. Those are super low carb and those are fuel sources. Uh, macadamia nut oil. Uh, that kind of stuff is very low fats that are used like in a lot of the cooking preparation and those are acceptable in the ketogenic diet. Also seafood, um, that’s very, very low carbs.

Salmon has lower carb and higher fat. They’ll all have like, they basically one carb or less than the serving size. Those are all acceptable, uh, cheeses. A lot of cheeses are acceptable. There’s only one or two carbs a serving and some of that. So that’s very, those are an accepting thing on a Hegelian diet. Um, so sell high fiber cellulose based STEM stock or leaf vegetables, so like a lettuce, uh, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, um, uh, bell peppers, uh, avocados. Um, and uh, so a lot of those are acceptable with a low key G or occasion diet, low carb diet, um, eggs, eggs, you need as much eggs as you want.

Eggs are super low in carbohydrates, um, and have just enough fat that it works really well with and diet. And then like meats, fish, chicken, steak, pork, any type of meat is great on occasion and diet, um, beef, any of those things, uh, hamburgers, all that kind of stuff.

The biggest thing is, is just making sure that you are, um, under 50 carbs a day. Even better if you’re under 20 carbs a day, basically the fewer the carbs, the more it pushes that key to gene response. It makes your body switch over to using ketone bodies as energy, which will then pull from your fat reserves, your own body’s fat reserves as an energy substrates really mobilizes the fat in your body.

So basically you’re eating foods that can’t create blood sugar. And so your body that has to switch to using its own fat as energy and definitely counting carbs is a must. Do. You want to be really watching that as you start into this program, keeping them under 20, um, things you need to avoid. So foods to avoid, you want to be avoiding things like fruit. Uh, those are high in fruit dose or fruit sugar.

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Um, potatoes and starches, pastas, um, beer, rice, bread, donuts, candy, chocolate, uh, sodas, orange juice, anything that contains sugar, starches or white flour, flowers in general. So any type of a, a process carbohydrate, refined carbohydrate is a no-no. So, um, yeah, that’s, that’s a things you want to avoid on keto diet. What to drink on a ketogenic diet. So what are the best things to be drinking on occasion? So water, all the water you want has no calories.

Addison, no carbohydrates, perfect coffee. Regular coffee with no types of sugars or sweeteners in it are perfectly fine. Um, so black coffee’s great T’s great. Um, and uh, those are all et cetera. But a lot of the zero carb, uh, drinks are fine. Um, there are some diet sodas that you can do use, uh, that sometimes will work. There are some that kind of pull you out, so you need to really be careful and especially sugar cause those will pull you out of ketosis.

Um, so any of the zero carbohydrate, uh, drinks are acceptable, especially zero calories. You are carb, um, drinks. Um, how low is a ketogenic diet? Like how low do you have to go? So how low on that? I was going to say the diets for ketogenic to, for going really low in carbohydrates is like I said, 50 grams of carbohydrates or less and primarily only from STEM stock or leaf vegetables. So broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, you know, high fiber base, a STEM stock or leaf vegetables, no seed or roots, um, are going to be acceptable for those types of carbohydrates.

Um, uh, no breads, no sugar. So he really need to focus on keeping the carbs under about 20 a day is the best way. A 50 for sure, and that you’ll stay in a good ketogenic process may take about two to five days to actually get into ketosis where your energy has been burned down, glycogen stored carbohydrates and muscles, um, and the glucose may take two to five days.

And after that you’re in strong ketosis. Your body’s using its own fat as an energy substrate. So, um, what I always, I have a plan too that I think is even better than Quito. And I’ve done that with a lot of my clients. It’s very, very similar to that. We run a little bit more protein and a little less fat.

Fat is still an energy substrate that you’re eating. If you’re eating it in your diet then your body is not burning it off the body. So we give ourselves, I give my clients some fat but not as much fat as keto diet on on a norm. So it’s a high protein, moderate fat, not a high fat but high protein, moderate fat and really low carbohydrate diet and that’s meat, vegetables, protein shakes and waters on the go. And we have a program called the CF 30 colon fitness 30 day diet and workout program.

We actually have the diet and workout journal that goes with it is super simple to follow. You come into Colaw fitness, we’ve got idiot proof templates that tell you exactly what to eat, what time do you eat, how much water to drink, what workouts to do. It’s all on a simple checklist that’s mind frame. That’s kids you completely mind freedom. They’re just follow list, follow the diet, how to cook it. How to shop for it, how to do all of it, and do that quickly, within about 10 minutes the night before. That way you’ve got a game plan set and you can just execute and nail it.

I highly suggest you to not believe me, but to go onto colon fitness reviews on YouTube, go to YouTube and type in colon fitness reviews. So YouTube and then co loss. See Colaw fitnessĀ  and then reviews and hit enter and listen to the hundreds of testimonials of people that have lost weight following the ketogenic type principles that we use and call CF 30, which I believe is a better way to actually burn fat and build muscle in 30 days.

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