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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast and today I’m going to talk about burn fat ASAP, so burn fat as soon as possible. So today I’m going to go through an article that talks about losing weight, getting in shape burning fat. That article is actually written by healthline.com. It talks about the 14 best ways to burn fat fast. That’s the 14 best ways to burn fat fast.

And on the Colaw Fitness Topeka, you can do this podcast. We’re going to talk about how you can burn fat very quickly. I’m going to jump right in here on this article is written by Rachel link on March of 2018 and she talks out, it talks about how like, especially women, I mean, also men can lose fat and tone up quickly.

And the first component she talked about with strength training, and I can’t agree more most of the time when you’re at a gym, you’ll see a lot of the lean people actually are lifting weights. A lot of the people that kind of stay the same and don’t change much, just do cardio all the time. And so I caught a cardio bulimics, they kind of eat bad.

Don’t ever lift weights, just do the same cardio. So they kind of say the same way at the same size, same body fat. So they’re just burning off with they’re currently always eating bad, but they’re not really changing to burning fat, fast and toning up. And the first component to that is strength training weightlifting.

I would, I would always encourage people to do strength, training and weightlifting with free weights for the most part, but also machines can be beneficial. Cables can be beneficial. There’s lots of great ways to do that. Go into our free classes that we have at Colaw Fitness Topeka that teach you how to use all the equipment in the clubs, highly encourage you to do that.

Also pick up some of our CF 30 books. We talked about what workouts to do on what days and a great diet that goes with it. So anyway, strength training is the first component. I agree with her on that. Next up with following a high protein dives, what she says, this is exactly what I have done with all of my clients. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients.

Since I got into Fitness Topeka back in high school, it was 303. I lost 83 pounds of the trainer and competed and got top honors and bodybuilding several different times. And so yes, I currently follow high-protein diet. I always stay under 8% body fat year round in high school. I was morbidly obese. Was a 303 pounds and big powerlifter, chubby. I was strong, but it had a lot of body fat. So I’ve always eaten a high protein diet ever since then.

It’s helped what maintain me to, to stay lean. So upon eating a higher protein, rich diet, I highly encourage you to pick up our CF 30 diet and workout book. It’s for $10 at the front desk. It tells you exactly what you needed to do to lose fat and so on. Help high protein diets that goes in the circle. It preserves your muscle mass. As you lose weight helps stimulate your metabolism.

Protein actually increases your metabolism is harder to digest. So it’s going to speed up the metabolism. You’re going to cut fat and it’s also got great amino acids that help rebuild and recover from hard workouts. And that’s what gives you that more more toned, muscular build that way. When you lose the weight, I call it skinny fat. A lot of people just get skinnier and they still have that illegally skin kind of hanging on the body.

But if you tone up the way that when you lose the fat, the muscle is actually increasing. And then it’s going to hang on your body with more of an hourglass shape or more of a fuller deltoid, bicep, tricep chest. So you actually put muscle on underneath epidermis or the skin. You look more fit as well. So number three, she talked about our squeezing and more sleep.

One thing is when you do work out and you are eating a diet and training hard and things like that, your body requires at least six hours of good rest. I tell people to get at least six to eight hours of rest, everybody’s a little bit different. Everybody needs different amounts, but definitely getting good rest and having a good sleep and wake cycle is so essential to optimal health.

So if your weight goes on the weekends and up all night, all weekend running around on the weekends, and you try to get back into your regular sleep cycle on Mondays, it’s hard on your body. So you need to really try to, you know, make sure you’re going to resting. You know, like, so you’re always going to go to bed no later than 10. Most of the time after 10 is just going to be, you know, kind of Mo more Henri things you shouldn’t be doing anyways.

So I always try to go to bed at 10 and get up at a good time. I always encourage people to get their workouts and everything done in the morning routine. That way you’re always consistent on that too. So I always try to go to bed either towards bed at nine, if I can, for sure by 10 and try to head to bed because I wake up every morning at five o’clock and hit my morning routine.

So anyways, getting good sleep, six to eight hours, super essential next. And she talked about that and I totally agree with that. Next is adding vinegar to your diet. I’ve never done this her reasoning. It has a lot of health promoting properties. It’s essential for heart health and blood sugar control. Now if you’re eating a higher protein, rich diet, lower in carbs and starches and sugars, you’re not going to have a lot of blood glucose issues.

So I guess you know, this is just something she talks about. I don’t really have a huge amount of research and, and, and a big take on that. So if you wanna look into that, you can she says a lot of people that dilute Apple cider vinegar into water and drink it. A few times a day, it helps their health. I don’t know anything about it. You’d have to research that.

So I would push away from that. I just haven’t done it, so I don’t know it. So five is eating healthy fats. I do encourage people to eat healthy fats. I actually, my CFD book, I talk about extra Virgin olive oil. That’s the dark bottle, extra Virgin olive oil. It means it’s less processed. And more natural as a whole point is, is you get a lot of good, healthy effects for extroversion.

Although I have another podcast on that, that I deep dive that and it has huge effects. It’s great for all sorts of things for your cholesterol, your digestion here synovial fluid joints. I think it helps everything, lots of different things.

So I just did my last health test and my cholesterol was perfect and I’m like six foot four, two 50, and move-out seven, six, six to six to 8% body fat year round and have perfect cholesterol, very, very low bad cholesterol right in the perfect range for the good cholesterol.

So I just encourage people to actually add healthy fats or diet. She talks about the fats. In here she talks about olive oil, coconut oil, avocados nuts are just some examples of healthy fats. I do my two that I push the most are extra Virgin olive oil. And then I do some almonds and it’s not in my book, but that is the one actual raw uncooked almonds, and eight, about 15 or 20 two or three times a day, just as a snack.

I just grab a small handful and that’s kind of like my healthy fat fix. And then I do a two omega-3 1000 milligram fish oil capsules in the morning and the evening. So that way I get good, good facial, even if I’m not eating a ton of fish at that time, I don’t, I do like to eat fish is one of my favorite foods too.

We actually did last night at quite a bit of fish, but sometimes I don’t get it into my routine, extremely, usually fatty fish, like salmon and stuff. But so I always add my fish oils. It’s great for cholesterol for your good cholesterol, your heart health and joint function and so on. So anyways, you talked about healthy fats. Number six is drink healthier beverages.

This is, this is huge tons of people. I mean, I literally have had clients lose 20 pounds in a month just by getting off of soda or like sweet tea, but sugars in your drinks. Cause basically it’s sugar is the main cause of the cause of obesity is getting really, really heavy like super overweight. It’s a where your body fat is over 30%.

Actually I remember I researched at one point I could butcher this a little bit, but some of the Sumo wrestlers actually eat drink. They eat only one times a day, one time a day, like a huge buffet, but all throughout the day they drink tons of Apple juice. Cause Apple juice has got like 42 or 43 grams of sugar per serving. So really what they, what I’m saying is basically a lot of these Sumo wrestlers gain a ton of their weight off of Apple.

So tons and tons of Apple juice. And then they binge on a big gorgeous meal one time a day. So actually not eating at all and then just drinking sugary drinks all day long. So I kind of think sometimes Americans go by and they get like frappuccinos and sweet drinks and sodas and they don’t eat all day. And then at the end of the day, they eat a big meal.

So it’s almost like a Sumo type such know situation. So making sure you cut that out, she talks about swapping out sugar drinks for sugar-free drinks or indigent drinking water and things like that. Totally agree. In our of 30 book, we talk about zero calorie drinks only. So that’s like water just regular tea no sweetened tea with regular sugar.

You can use some Stevia, some of these flavorings that have no caloric value. There’s, you know, some of these types of people have different takes on aspartame or sucralose and things like that. I’m not saying it’s healthy for you, but definitely sugar is going to put the weight on you and stop that loss dead in its tracks. Anytime you add sugar in your diet, it raises your blood sugar within like two to three minutes.

You can literally drink like a high sugar drink, like orange juice, prick your finger, check a glucometer. That’s like a blood sugar meter and your blood sugars already pulling up high enough that your body’s going to actually release insulin and insulin.

Then shuttles that glucose, basically the extra sugar in your blood into a fat. So, and so I really, really, really push away from sugar drinks. Document that tells you exactly what to do.

But I’ll give you a free, it’s just water, like diet sodas, regular tea with no sweetener in it, but anything that says zero calories is, is okay. So opt out for calorie-free beverages. She also talks about green tea. Yes. Green tea is great too. So those are all examples of sugar-free beverages and then filling up on fiber. This is the premise of pretty much every really great diet plan that’s out there.

Maker’s diet, paleo based diets, high protein diets calorie point system diets that really focus on more the freebie foods. That’s the STEM stock or leaf of the plant. That’s the STEM stock or leaf, not the seed or the root, but the STEM stock relief, not the seed of the root that’s the high fiber part of the plant that CRE.

That basically has a, not a lot of caloric value, but still has vitamins and nutrients and phytochemicals and things like that in it. So fiber rich foods, it also goes through your system, just like I’m. One of my, one of my sons had swallowed a marble one time and he was concerned about it. And you know, I told him, don’t worry about it. It’s going to come out.

You use fibers, kind of like a marble, your body can’t break it down. So you eat food. That’s undigestible she chew it swallow. It goes into your stomach, your stomach acids, can’t break it all down, pushes through the intestinal, track your stomach and intestinal track and the cilia and the fibers and the testimony can’t really absorb nutrients through it because the plant-based fiber has a cell wall.

And so you basically poop out or deprecate this high fiber based food. That’s not fully digestible. So it’s a, it helps cleanse the colon protection, diverticulitis, diverticulosis strengthens, intestinal track cleanses the gunk in the intestinal tract. So fiber is a great food. I go, I haven’t talked about like a caveman diet. You know, the way that we’re built is if we eat, you know, hundreds of years ago, what would we have to eat?

If we literally lived off the land, you would have to hunt for something like some sort of animal running across the Prairie, or it’s a fish or something or whatever. But what you’re eating is going to be a protein rich, like meat source off of some animal you’d hunt for, or whatever, or you would have like seasonal, like, like like, like the STEM stocker leaf of plants you’d have fiber all the time.

And then the only time you had like the, the, the, the seed or the roots and things like that, that’s, that’s going to be more seasonal. So my whole point is, is a high fiber diet was like a Hunter gatherer diet and you’d have a higher protein, rich diet. So fiber and protein listened to me. Fiber and protein are the two foods that almost all diet plans really push, especially if you’re a competitor or a fitness competitor.

They always talk about like, you know, like, like, like broccoli or green beans and a chicken breast, or, you know, green beans and a chicken breast, or a broccoli or asparagus and the chicken breast. And so all of these meat and veggie combo meals, when you get ready for a show, cause that’s really what leans out that last bit of fat off your body is the higher protein, higher fiber rich two components.

Those are the two essential things that you need to maintain the muscle. And none of it raises your blood sugar. So it’s basically the indigestible car, which is the plants, fiber rich foods. And it still has vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals, but they don’t have a lot of core value. And then you’ve got the high protein with the low fat.

This is like lean fish. Like if you’re on a Hunter gatherer, you’re going to hunt for something that’s a lean animal, then you’re going to also go fish or something. They’re going to be something really lean too. So it’s a very lean meat. So lean meat and high fiber foods.

Filling up on fiber, totally agree with that goes with what we would naturally eat. Not something that man has created processed cut from the ground sent to someplace, you know, bleached it chopped it all up, took all, killed all the nutrients in it and added sugars to it and pre digested it for us before we eat it, it’s already basically cut ground up bleach, all that kind of stuff.

And then that raises our blood sugar really fast. It’s like pre digested food with added sugars. And we wonder why we get fat. But if we high fiber foods, like if you grab plant STEM, stock, leaf vegetation, chew it, swallow digestion. We have a lot of raw vitamins and minerals, low core value. What we do eat is what we hunt for and that’s going to be lean meats and, or some sort of, or even eggs and things like that.

We get and that’s going to be a very lean high protein, high fiber diet. So diets that are high in fiber have so many benefits for cleansing the colon, diverticulitis, diverticulosis helping with blood sugar regulation, tons of great effects. So definitely I agree with her on that. And on, on that component, next is cutting down on refined carbohydrates.

I’ve already pretty much covered that that’s like sugars, white flour. That’s where you, you know, if you’re, if you’re eating bread or any types of bread, for the most part, it’s cut from the plant. It’s taken to a place it’s ground up. And it’s bleached, it’s processed. It’s basically pre-digested. And then all the vitamins and everything to that food processor is killed.

So it’s very low nutrient value. Pre-Digested high caloric value and very easy to absorb. So it’s been chewed swallow in the desert in some machine, and then you do eat it.
Your blood sugar rises quickly because it’s already done your stomach acids. Don’t have to be produced to break it down. Your digestive tract doesn’t have to work to break it down.

Just absorbs that food really easily. So all that to say, cut refined based carbs. That’s like bread cereals, grains, get all those out of your diet. It’s just not your body. Your body gets fat off of it, and it’s not good on your body. Your blood sugar goes high on it. It causes cholesterol to increase. It causes blood pressure to increase.

As you know, heart attack, stroke and diabetes are all directly related to the refined based carbohydrate. Gary Tobbs is a research journalist. It’s got tons of material on it. So if you want to look at that, did you don’t believe me? We get the book called good calories, bad calories.

And he does a, basically a history check over hundreds of years on how the refine based carbohydrate is there a main cause of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all the major killers, almost every reason why somebody is on a medication.

So I’m pretty much totally reversed and cut, cut, cut hospitals attendees in half just by taking refined, refined based carbohydrates. And of course that also includes sugars. Next she talks about. So I agree with her on that for sure. Nine, it says increase your cardio increase. Your cardio. Cardio is basically your heart cardiac heart, respiratory lung cart and heart and lung and circulation.

Only way your body actually gets its heals. Repairs is through circulation, muscles, sicknesses. Everything has to be healed through your circulatory health. That’s your bloodstream. And so you want to make sure you keep your heart and lungs and all of that stuff. Cause your body’s very resilient to recover. If you have good you know, cardiac health, heart health and cardiac output, cardiac recovery, things like that.

And that’s all helps, but anytime you exercise and you increase your heart heart rate dilates, the blood vessels, it cleanses plaque buildup off of the arteries and veins helps distribute oxygen. It just gets basically, it keeps worked. You keep working it. So it keeps working well. You’re sedentary. You just sit and you never exercise. You never work your circulatory health, heart attack, stroke, diabetes.

Those go up Dr. Kenneth Cooper from the Cooper Institute who I think I have like four or five different types of certifications from, from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. They talk about people that even just do 20 minutes of cardiac cardio that’s cardiovascular, like running on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical, that kind of stuff. They do that 20 minutes, three times a week.

That’s just one hour a week drops the chance of heart attack and stroke by threefold. That’s a 300% decrease and chances of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. These are the main factors for all American death. So that’s just one hour a week, one hour, a week, one hour, a week of cardio health.

And you don’t even have to change what your body looks and you just improve your heart health. So yes, she talks about most research recommends 150 to 300 minutes of cardio a day, dah, dah, dah. I’ve done a ton of research have gone to tons of eight national certifications and training. I’ve trained over 5,000 clients. It’s definitely beneficial to just do 20 minute brisk walk where you do the talk test your heart and you’re breathing.

Your breathing is labored. You’re talking is decreased just because of your, your labor breathing, but that’s just getting your heart working harder. And yeah, lots of benefits. Next steps. She talks about drinking coffee. That’s a stimulant basically helps with the metabolism of the coffee and things like that. I, you know, I’m, I’m a 50 50 on that. I think there’s some benefits to some of that.

But the extra things that come with it, like the Kramers and the sugars and all that kind of stuff that just totally destroyed. So like, if you’re a Starbucks fan, you have to put like 50 gallons of fat and sugars and added and, and candy and all kinds of goofy stuff in it to drink it. I mean, it’s totally going to be not healthy, super make you fat. So I cut all that out.

If you do coffee, just regular black coffee, if you have to do something in it, like a sweetened, lower Splenda, but coffee for the most part is not going to help you lose weight. For sure. Unless it’s just regular coffee with zero calorie sweetener in it. And so who does that? I don’t know, but that’s if you do want to do that, that’s still okay to do. I don’t think it necessarily makes you lose fat a ton faster.

It does help stimulate your central nervous system. You do have adrenal glands on your kidneys that produces adrenaline, that Cree increases your heart heart rate. So stimulants, I don’t know if they’re healthy, but I definitely, they can help lose a little fat faster, but so it’s kind of a half half do I recommend coffee?

You know, if you’ve got a super healthy heart and I do think coffee helps blunt some hunger, and I do think it helps keep you more alert. So there’s some things to that, but is it going to really help you shred fast? It’s mainly your food, but so it’s something, if you want to do it and you have good health, that’s fine, regular white coffee or a sweetened lower Splenda or something like that in it.

You could do that but neck, but it’s definitely no calories to be added to it, sugars and things like that. So it was zero calorie sweeteners only to your coffee. Okay. 11 high intensity training hit training. I have talked about that. Tons of times on other podcasts, you definitely want to stimulate your brain when you’re doing your weight training, that also causes a 48 to 72 hour recovery period because you do work that body in good weight training.

So free weights, high intensity stuff is some of the stuff I prefer the most. Great functional good form on all of that. No compromise joints. If you do that kind of stuff, I like to do like tri sets, giant sets, super sets, right? Two or three exercises and you go back and forth and you do rounds like two or three. Let’s say, let’s say it’s a, a round of four exercises.

So you have like a chest press, a chest incline, a flat chest press and a chest fly, or just several as like four different chest exercises in a row. You those four, and then you rest for 30 minutes, sorry, 30 seconds to basically into your breathing and your heart rate returned to normal. Then you hit it again and hit it again and hit it again, like three rounds of something.

You’re going to smoke that muscle group. You’re going to get lots of intensity to it, but no breaks in between each one of those. So like, that’s like a, a giant set. So super sets like two, a try sets, three, a giants that’s four, but you just put like anywhere from two to four exercises together without a break. And you just do like anywhere from 10 to 15 reps on each one of them.

And then you rest after you’d done those, that little grouping for about 30 seconds. Or maybe up to two to three minutes until the breathing returns right up almost normal. And then you hit it again. That’s kind of a high intensity type round, I think it’s, and you can still do machines with it. You could still do free weights with it, but you want to use really good form and focus on intensity, not necessarily a heavy weight.

So it’s high intensity. So I totally agree with that. Help stimulate fat loss, that kind of stuff. You can also do that kind of high intensity stuff with like interval cardio training. So I can talk, I’ve talked about that in podcasts you know, really cycling that cardiac output up and down and cardiac recovery up and down stimulates really good fat loss as well.

Okay. she was talking about adding probiotics to your diet and here’s his pro Biotics are beneficial bacteria in your digestive system that helps to improve and help with, you know, breaking down your food absorption of nutrients.

And I have not done a lot of that. I have not done a ton of research into that most of the time where the diet’s really on and your body’s absorbing the food, right. And you’re not like eating really good. And then bingeing on tons of bad food, your system kind of fixes itself. But I do know there is some great benefits to that. I just can’t really comment on a ton of that.

So you can look it up yourself, but probiotics. My mom was really big into that. I’ve got a grandmother that was really into some of that stuff. I just, didn’t never really seen it, help people lose fat, like really fast. So the biggest thing is, is following a set plan of food that you actually stick with and follow, you know, for 30, 60, 90 days in a row without deviation.

And when you eat that higher protein, lower carb approach for 30 days or longer, you’re going to really see it in your, in your physique. So number 13 is increasing your iron. I don’t necessarily think that changes a lot of your body fat. So these are just things I think that could be health and wellness things that she has in here. And then she talks about getting intermittent, fasting and shot.

I, I does some of that. I think it, you, I think you have a tendency to, to decrease amino acids in your bloodstream that circulate it’s like if you’re not eating any foods at all, not even proteins for a period of time and you kind of do this fast, you can cannibalize some muscle mass that you’ve worked so hard to build. So that leaner more muscular body, you may be burning fat a little faster, but you’re also compromising muscle gains.

And so for me as a body, former bodybuilder or former trainer, that’s trained so many people to tone up as they lose the fat. So they become a smaller, more toned version, not a smaller ooey gooey version of themselves. I just, I don’t, I don’t really push the intermittent fast.

You know, there’s some guys that do I don’t I like to keep at least some protein in those down times where your body may not be burning as many calories, but at least the calories you are eating during that low calorie period is just amino acid, rich proteins that are keeping the muscle as you lose the fat.

So I’d rather weigh a little bit more, but actually look good naked or look good fit and toned than just be smaller and lose the muscle mass as I reduce my total body mass. So I, I think people look the best when they lose fat and build muscle. They’re a smaller, but more solid version, not as just a smaller same gooey version or more gooey version.

So I think the tendency to do a lot of intermittent fasting now can lead to muscle loss. I know I’ve done a little bit to try on myself and I felt like I fall flat and my fullness and my muscles go away because I’m just not getting enough proteins in those down hours. So just my take on it anyways, I’m sure people will have some opposition to it, but the bottom line is a lower carb.

Higher protein diet being very consistent with it for at least 30 days up to six months, you’re gonna shed fat. You’re gonna force your body to then switch from carbohydrate metabolization that the blood sugar to a ketone body, which is basically a ketogenic style of diet.

So like low carb diets, protein, Bates, diets, bodybuilding diets, makers, diets all the final. Really healthy diets that push the five fiber plants and the high proteins go to this principle. So paleo makers, South beach, all of these kinds of diets really go to the low-glycemic foods. Cutting the carbs or at the glycaemic carbs, increasing the proteins, who’s going to build that body tone up that body.

So why do I talk about this? Because 70 to 80% apex 24 fitness and ESM Cooper Institute, lots of different places around the country that I’ve gone to fitness training classes for been certified in talk about 70 to 80% of your success is your food. So remember this 70 to 80% of what you do to look good is what you’re doing at home in the kitchen.

So let me repeat that. 70, 80% of what you’re doing to look good, look fit is what you’re doing in the kitchen. Making sure you’ve got a really good set plan for that. And really honestly, the best results I get are when people keep things, they have a really good routine and they stay very consistent, hard starters, bad finishers, never have good body.

So it’s like you worked really hard for three days and then you don’t work out at all for two weeks. I’d rather you keep a simple workout that you’re always consistent on, then be hit and miss. So opposed to change it up, change it up new fad workout program. I always say, just keep it just hit a consistent program for six months in a row, and you’re going to see a really good result.

So I’m big on keeping things simple in the same and following a really clean, strict diet. That’s very low in carbs, high in protein and some good high fibers and high fiber rich veggies that you add to at least two or three of those meals like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, that type of stuff.

That’s all outlined. Everything I’ve talked about today that shred fat really fast in three days. And I can guarantee you can lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat, a guarantee 10 to 30 pounds of body fat. If you do no more, no less than exactly what I’ve written in a book called the Colaw Fitness Topeka 30 day workout journal. There’s a workout journal.

You can pick up at the front. I basically walk with you hand in hand through 30 days to make you get in shape, lose fat, fast, and a workout that tones up your body and build some, some muscle. So if you want to actually lose fat and tone up, just pick up that book.

It’s a great way that everything I’ve talked about today in this article will give you real life connection points in your head, like dots in your brain to connect so that you can really make this actionable in a new lifestyle routine.

So action steps. I want you to go join Colaw Fitness Topeka. Get in there. It was only $1 down that joined Colaw Fitness Topeka it’s as low as $5 a month. That gets to people. The ability to work out can and massage in a gym 24 hours a day. So that’s where basically $1 down for that whole first month, this $1 per dollar. And that’s all you have to put down and you get, basically you use the gym, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

So if you don’t like it, you get the dollar back. That’s where you and a friend can work out tan. Both of you guys can work out. You guys can tan. Both of you guys can massage. You can use the free trainer classes and everything. So joint Colaw Fitness Topeka is number one. Number two is go to the free trainer classes, go to all these different orientations so you can learn how to use equipment and then start the free CF30 class.

There’s a sea of 30 class. And then by that, see if will be book that journal book that I talked about, follow the plan, start exercising, read the daily words of encouragement, having it for mental health motivation. I encourage you to go to Google if you don’t have any skepticism, go to Google type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews.

Or Colaw fitness testimonials on YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube, just any of that stuff. And you can see thousands of people that we’ve worked with version losing weight, toning up people that condor our club. Love our club, love the weight loss and be a testimony tons and tons of testimony. So just look at, look, look for, I have thousands and thousands of reviews and testimonials and videos.

Check it out type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube and just watch some of the videos get motivated. Anyway. Thanks. It was this podcast today. We talked about burning fat as soon as possible burn fat as soon as possible. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye-Bye.

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