Episode 112 - Make 2021 You Fittest Year Ever

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gym Topeka

gym Topeka

Hey, there superstars. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast today. I’m going to go through an article and a, that’s basically an article that I found about eight tips to make 20, 21, your fittest ear ever. And then I give my take on it. So I labeled it may 20, 21, your biggest year ever. Okay. So without further ado, I’m going to jump right into this article. This is an article on bodybuilding.com written in November 19 of 2020.

And in this article, it talks about a tip saying, create a fit agenda, like a written agenda to be following. And I do agree that if you follow written goals, you have written plans. Written plans always are more successful. And they talked about actually writing it on paper and I keep an agenda all the time for like business fit for business and personal. I do agree that agenda is a great thing to, to offer the cool thing with this is I have some of that for free at Colaw fitness.

The CF 30 is a workout journal for 30 days actually tells you what to do when to do it, how to eat, what workouts to do. It’s like complete Mind Freedom you basically just pick up the book and follow it for 30 days and I will walk you through and give you motivational quotes and some just tips throughout that book to, to get on track.

So if you’re a new person and you want to create some sort of fit agenda, just pick up a CF 30 book that stands for Colaw fitness, 30 day, it’s like a 30 day journal, C F 30 book. So pick one of those up at any of the Colaw fitness gym Topeka locations. In, in the article, it talks about if you want to be successful, set a plan, put it on paper. Totally agree with that.

So that’s the first tip. She said in there writing the days and times you plan to work out. So you had kind of clarifying expectations and boundaries and making a sustainable workflow, a workout workflow for you. I totally agree with that. You need to have a set time and a set place that you’re going to do your workout and that’s a set appointment. So somebody says, Hey, can you do this? No, I have an appointment is what you say.

So, Hey, Susan, let’s go meet for lunch. You’re like, I’m sorry, I have an appointment. I can meet you at X time. And so the more you protect that, the more successful you’ll beat, what you put into it is what you get out of it. And then they talked about days and times to, to plan and prep your meals apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute, 70 to 80% of your success is your food.

So you need to make sure you know what you’re eating and you need to plan and prep that the night before I, in our, in my workout program. So he used to do with so many different people have trained over 5,000 clients over the years as a fitness trainer and one of the rules I end them with on the, on the, on the nutritional consultation, I say, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before, prepare your meals the night before.

And I say, failing to prepare is planning to fail. Failing to prepare is planning to fail. So almost every time I had a client fall off track is they quit prepping their food and then they get up their day’s going and they get held hostage somewhere and they just miss a meal or miss a meal. And then they get too hungry.

They grab fast food, then their motivation drops because they’re off track and they feel bloated and gross and they don’t hit their workout. So success, you know, makes more success, failure, breeds, more failure. So we want to make sure you’re so successful. You got to plan prep and plan that stuff the night before. Okay. Next time. So basically what I’m saying, I agree with that article, the next on that article, that talking about the day and time you plan to shop for groceries.

And the other thing I have that in all my workout plans, it says, you know, make write down all of the things that you need to pick up at the grocery store and go shop. So you know, planning prepare your meals the night before, but you got to go shopping. So you got to plan a day in time that you’re going to do that.

Say it’s Sunday afternoon, you go, you pick up all your food, all the stuff you’ve made on the list. And you know, then you go home, prep it and plan it for the week. So the times, and sit next to, you says the times of day you will eat your meals. That’s so important. You need to make sure that you, I actually set that up on my phone, or I told my clients to set that up on their phone. So it’s a little reminder that.

Hey, this is the time to stop, drink your shake, eat your small little meal, keep yourself on track. And then it also talks about food intake and workout programs. I totally agree with all that journaling and all that tracking all that. And I’ve done that for you. Just pick up the C F 30 journal and you’ll be right on track.

You can also go to Colaw fitness, and we have a free trainer, and there is a three [inaudible] class you can go through and they’ll talk you through that type of food component and planning and prepping that, and that’s for free, but the journal would be even more [inaudible] helps you even more. It’s just, there’s more details into that.

So you’re going to need to take 10 minutes and write all that stuff the night before at least 10 minutes to write all that stuff down and get it planned and prepped. And the next cute next tip is to demand more from yourself, basically in this tip, they’re talking about pushing yourself more. When you start your workout, make sure you’re pushing yourself harder than you’ve ever done before. By the time you’re at the end of your workout, you want to end on a high point.

You know, if it’s more sets and more reps or drop sets and super sets or whatever you get out of your workout, what you put into it. Now, mind you, you know, if you’re older, you haven’t really been into working out. You need to kind of integrate the process of integrations. You don’t injure yourself, but you’re going to get out what you put in. So it’s not rocket science. So you push yourself.

You can really tell you work your triceps and shoulders. If those are the two year work in your chest, you got it. You get out of it, what you put into it, it’s kind of half, but it, and you just have low motivation or you’re sitting there on the machine. Looking at your phone the whole time and scrolling through social media half the time. You know, you’re really going to have a crappy results and crappy workout.

Need to really stay focused, shut those interruptions off and make it a game. You gotta, you gotta be all in. You gotta put your mind into it and, and get focused. So, and push yourself demand more for yourself. Totally agree with that. I take, I take my, I don’t even have my phone on me and and I just have some music and I just hammer it or I’ll turn off all notifications and everything off.

So I can just totally focus on my workout. That’s what you do. That’s a super move number, tip number three, stretch before bed. This is something I haven’t not done on a regular basis. I mean, I’m kind of indifferent on it. If that’s something you want to do. I, I, I did not stretch regularly when I was younger. Cause I just didn’t feel like it.

And I didn’t feel like I needed to just lay down and grab a hundred pound dumbbells and start pressing them without warming up or stretching. Now that I’m 40. I definitely don’t do that anymore. So I, I definitely stretch. When I start and throughout my workout and the end of my workout, I don’t necessarily stretch before bed. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. I just don’t think when I was young, I would have done that, but anyways, stretching before bed.

I’m sure there’s great benefits to keeping your body limber and loose and so on. Definitely will help prevent injuries. And got a lot of people do skip that. So if you want to put that on a list to stretch before bed, that way you always check that off. That’s great. I actually prefer to do it during my warmup.

So if I’m going to do like chest that day, I’ll warm up a set and then stretch my chest, warm, do another one on that, stretch out my chest, do another warm, upset, stretch up my chest and my triceps and all those Mo muscles that are in that movement. Same thing with like legs and back and so on. So that’s how I generally do it. And so I’m kind of indifferent on tip three, tip four plan, the steps needed to achieve your goals.

This talks about, you know, making like a step-by-step roadmap to being successful, you know, Hey point a point B point C kind of thing on where you’re wanting to go with yourself. When I train clients and I’ve literally sat in front of thousands and thousands of clients telling me what they’re wanting to achieve, whatever they say is pretty much somewhat of this, some sort of version of a less fat, more toned or muscular version of themselves.

And they’ll say, well, I want to lose my gut. Well, that’s less fat and I want to have better arms. That’s more muscular, or they’ll say, you know, I don’t really care what my weight is. I just don’t want this big of a butt or whatever. And so all of it fundamentally is a lower reducing the body, body fat percentages and increasing the lean muscle mass. And, and so on and building the workout.

That’s going to kind of target what they’re wanting to see, or they’ll say, I just want to get in better shape so I can go on a hunting trip or I want to get in better shape so I can go hike the mountains or something like that. But ultimately if you really kind of pin them down, they want to lose some fat and tone up the body.

So the looks like a more toned version of themselves. So so anyways, well, I would say step-by-step is wherever you’re at. You probably want to lose some that gained some muscle and that’s going to be 78% is going to be your food. It’s going to be a higher protein, lower carb lower in fat diet, and then force your body to use its own fat as energy and enough proteins in the diet and fiber in the diet and vitamins in the diet.

And minerals that come from what a green leafy things, and maybe a little bit extra vitamins, we can add to it, to hit all your nutritional deficiencies and make sure that the foods that you’re going to be eating are going to target what your goal is because calorie isn’t just a calorie. A lot of calories have different types of nutrients and they have different types of metabolic responses.

And they also have responses to hormones like insulin and so on in the body that shuttle fat, easily and certain calories don’t. So, but anyways, that’s what I’m talking about. Number two, tip four plan, the steps needed achieve your goals. So number one would be a really good diet plan. Follow that to a T no more or less than what it says, and then follow a weight training routine, and then a cardio vascular routine.

That’s going to basically help your heart health or kind of speed up some of that fat loss process. And I have that outlined in the CF30 book, or you can go to co-op fitness and go to the free 30 class. You can also go to the free trainer orientations. So just go to co-op, it’s a $1 down it’s as low as $5 a month. There’s 30 day money back guarantee to try it out.

If you don’t like it, you get your dollar back, you can still use the trainers and so on. So go to Colaw, check it out and we can help you get your step by step plan, step five, drink water, you eat, rink water before you eat. It helps you keep full is what it says. It’s a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. I think that I D I think there’s a benefit to that.

A lot of people do that primarily for a satiation that’s pressure receptors and in your stomach, they’ll start to hit and the guy can hormone, which blunts hunger response helps. And so that does help somewhat. I do think that water is your number one antioxidant detoxifier. About 80% of muscle is made out of water about 67% of your total body mass is water.

So yes, drinking water. Did you ever sick? The doctor will say, drink more fluids, drink more fluids. Water is your number one antioxidant detoxifier helps your metabolism. Think about when you pass a stool or defecate than you urinate, it helps basically keep your system running efficiently, far as in elimination of fecal matter. Pushing the meals through your system. If it gets eat a meal, it feels heavy. You drink fluids. It helps keeping it moving through.

Anyways, but water is a great nutrient. So I would just agree with her on that. You can do that. I don’t think it’s a must. I tell my clients to get a 16 ounce bottle of water or 16 ounce water container, minimum, and drink at least one of those every three hours. If you’re doing that, you’re going to be on track with everything you’re wanting to accomplish for as in fitness metabolism, staying hydrated, and also staying where you’re a little more satiated and satisfied with calories.

You know, granted, it’s not actual calories, but you, you, you do keep more on your stomach. If you continue to do that, okay, tip six, get out of the fitness box. And it says we all have exercises and routines we gravitate towards because we’re comfortable with them. I’m encouraging you to force yourself out of your comfort zone and start doing some crazy stuff, like all kinds of stuff she talked about and like rock climbing.

And instead of doing the weights, you know, do some sort of bootcamp class and do that. I think, I think to, to, to get results, I disagree 70 to 80% of your food. I’d focus in on your food more than like changing up your crazy. You know, I don’t feel like this is working anymore. So I’m going to try this fitness trend and this fitness trend and this fitness trend with bodybuilding and training, lots of people, they actually get an exceptional shape simple.

And the same is what looks the best. They’re just really executing on a perfect diet. A lot of people that are the, the kind of a personality style where they can’t really can’t really speak too much for anything for very long. They like to, to jump around like that. And, and, and I don’t think it’s bad to do some of that, but the number one thing that you think you need to do is focus on what’s the sustainable workout routine and a sustainable diet that you can follow.

And if you can’t do that, maybe you just need to be the one that just runs around and does lots of different fitness things all the time. But yet you kind of look the same year after year, but I always try to get clients to say, if you want to work with me, I’m going to keep it super, super simple.

We’re going to follow exactly no more or less than what the workout say, and then follow exactly what the food plan says. And then I figure out how to get you into really personally mastering the diet and a set routine, but sort of before I started mixing up just a bunch of fun things. Now you can do that for addition for fun, but I really tried to get it to where clients can follow that food plan.

That’s the biggest thing is getting them to get into a sustainable diet that will work for them, instill net yield, the results that get them comfortable in their skin. So you’re talking about getting out of the fitness box. I, I kind of disagree on that. I really focus then on keeping it simple, the same and executing on an excellent diet plan and really holding some serious accountability with the clientele to get them to be successful.

So they really do get where they want to go. And that’s why you go to the gym Topeka and you want to get results. So let’s really make sure we do that experiment with, as she says, experiment with pre-workout supplements. I like pre-workout supplements. They do something they don’t do much farther and actually changing the way your body looks like your, your, your, like, like the different types of products that you have.

There’s, you know the pre-workouts have like amino acids, like arginine, and vasodilators that increase your, your, your your blood veins. And they expand and helps you with hydrate and nutrients and so on. And it just, and it has caffeine in it that kind of is a stimulant can increase your metabolism. All those things do something. But to be honest, if I to really get you to just follow a diet, you’re going to be the best looking period.

So if somebody that doesn’t cheat, doesn’t struggle and executes. So foods number one, pre-workout though, I would definitely encourage you to pre-work at it motivates you mentally, I think, more than anything. You’re, you’re you’re basically, you’re more alert. You’re more aware you’re more motivated to do that, your workout.

So I definitely agree with that. I, you know, experimenting with those there’s ones that have less stimulants and more stimulants and more vasodilators and less vasodilators.

So you could check that out. I do agree with her on that. But remember it does something, but it’s not near as effective as really executing on a good set nutrition plan. So, but yes, I do agree with her on that supplemental thing. Eight, it was good. Yeah. At your own pace, she says the last tip is to make 20, 21 a year that you’re going to Excel and remember to go at your own pace.

This is your, this is your journey. Someone else’s no one else has the exact situation to go on. It’s impossible to come to, to can’t read it, but something yourself, compare yourself to somebody else. Yes and no. I’ve just done so much training, to be honest, you know, I can give very, very similar programs. Most people lose anywhere from about two to three pounds of body fat a week.

When I really get them on a good diet, plaintiff’s are really heavy. They’re going to lose a lot more than that per week, but if you’re a small girl, you may lose a little bit less than that. But far as in losing body fat mass actually come to the 10th of a pound of, I will measure on a client through with calipers and weight skills and so on and come up with exactly how much fat they’ve lost.

How much muscle they’d gained every two weeks and kind of track that to make sure the food and the workout is really targeting the fat loss and muscle gain and to be most, to be honest most of the people I do very similar plans with, I do a little, I mean, definitely do different calories and different amount of food and but very similar workouts and very similar results in fat loss.

It’s just a, you know, it just depends on if they’re really heavy or not, but really going at your own pace. I think I can get a lot more out of the client than they think they can just cause I’ve done it so much. And so a lot of times I’ll train somebody and they’re like, I’ve tried this for 15 years. And in the last six weeks, I’ve had more changes in my body than I’ve had in the last 15 years. I’ve trained with this.

I’ve gone to the hospital, look with this nutritionalist and so on. It’s just, you know, when somebody has done that, like built their business on results, not some sort of degree and you go work for a hospital or something and they pay you no matter what mine is based upon real world results. And what I’ve seen is like a lot of people can get a lot more out of themselves and they think.

And a lot of times I have to believe in them more than they believe in themselves because they’ve had too many notches on their belt to failure. But after a couple of weeks within about two to three checkups, you can really see that, that optimism, the positive optimistic side of them comes out. And within a few months you can really get a lot out of somebody. So go in at your own pace.

That’s great. I think emotionally, that’s kind of the statement that you can, like whatever you can emotionally handle, but he’s got a great coach, a good trainers, a good like a mentor, you know, more than just the reps and sets and biomechanics, how the body’s works and the nutrition, a good mental motivator, a good psychologist as a trainer.

So like a trainer, good mental motivator, a good psychologist, and somebody who’s clearly done it many, many times with the successful track record. That’s, that’s that’s what I would say is that’s good, but if you’re doing it on your own, go at your own pace and so on, but also agree with finding somebody who has a proven system and really sticking with it and doing no more, no less than exactly what it says.

And it will work. Don’t let your emotions hold you hostage and derail you because they will screw you every single time. If you let your emotions do that. So anyways that’s this article and my take on those tips. I definitely think you can get in the best shape you’ve ever done in 2021. And that’s my take on that article. I want to remind you that 70 to 80% of success is the food apex 24 hour fitness and ASM.

And my own opinion of working with real life people for, for many, many years is that 70 to 80% of your success is a great dietary plan. It’s what you do in the kitchen, not the gym Topeka that you’re going to be your greatest result. The best results are when people are consistent, best results were when people are consistent. So make sure that you’re always following a really set plan no more, no less than what your plan says.

Don’t let your emotions or your schedule, your friends, derail you to get you off of results that you’re wanting. So if you have a set time that you go to the gym Topeka, protect that set time and go and on the next reminders. Keeping things simple in the same, get into a great routine, follow it. And if you don’t have one follow the CF 30, but Colaw fitness book, it’s a very simple routine with a very effective diet.

If you follow it for 30 days, I guarantee you’ll lose 10 to 30 pounds. Well, if you’re a tiny skinny girl, maybe you have a little bit less. If you’re heavy, heavy, heavy, you’ll probably lose more. But that 10 to 30 pounds, if you follow, like it says no more, no less. And you’ll be well on your way. It’s a journal. It tells you what to do for 30 days.

It’s basically me walking you through it. So action steps, joint Colaw fitness. It’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month. We have free trainer classes go to them, go through all the orientations, learn how to use all the equipment. Start the free CF 30 class. And by the sea of 30 book, it’s only 10 bucks at the front. If you follow that plan, start exercising. You’re going to lose a lot of fat. You’re going to tone up.

Once you read the daily words of encouragement I have in there for your mental health and motivation. I encourage you to go to Google reviews. Don’t believe me. Go to Google. Read the reviews site type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, read the reviews, learn about the gym Topeka. Also don’t believe me, go to YouTube type in Colaw, fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube.

Listen to the thousands of people like yourself that have lost weight and got in great shape. Anyways, this is Charles Colaw for the, you can do this podcast. Thank you for listening to have a blessed day. Bye-Bye.

gym Topeka

gym Topeka