Episode 114 - 2021 Top Tips To Get Fit

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You can do this podcast

Well with the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about 20, 21 top tips to get fit 20, 21 top tips to get fit. Okay. I was going through an article about some top experts opinion on what the what people need to be doing for getting in shape and getting fit. And I found this article on times now, dot times now, news.com.

And basically I just emphasized a lot of different things that you need to start doing if you’re wanting to get in shape, as far as the new year’s resolution. Or just getting in shape in general. And I’m going to go through that article, give my take on it and then try to give you guys some advice I’ve, I’ve trained over probably 5,000 clients is kind of what I have in my.

In, in the records of red sheets and different documents on park medical questionnaires, goal assessments that I’ve worked with clients in the past over the last 10 years. And certainly it was, it worked with a lot of people lost helped a lot of people lose weight, get in shape. I was over 300 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds with a trainer, and that really motivated me to get into fitness.

And anyways started trading out of my house and built a multi-million dollar business in multiple States. That’s all based upon helping people get results versus losing weight, getting in shape. And anyways, I’m gonna go through this, get my take on it and hopefully help you reach your fitness goals. And so first off in this article, it talks about five different main tips to reach your goals. It says, eat in proper quantities.

It says, some people eat very, like eat very little and don’t eat or eat, or don’t eat at all lose weight. And then also people eat, you know, like lower carbs, higher protein, or a certain balancing of different macronutrients, carbs, proteins and fats. Anyways, I would say on eating and proper quantities, I believe that does have a lot of value when you watch calories to like eat less and so on, you do lose weight.

But what happens is, is a lot of times you eat less, your body finally says, I’m tired of this screw you. I want to eat more. You have kind of like a natural set point. Your body wants far as in cork value in calories. And now the thing is, is Kerry. Isn’t just a cow cause certain calories do store towards fat, more readily and easily. And if you’ve ever worked with a, a real fitness trainer or fitness competitor, they will go to higher protein, rich foods, which are the healing repair and growth nutrient.

And they start dropping down the carbohydrates or the fats because those are the fuel for the body and they eat more of the higher protein, rich foods. So they can, and then they drop the carbs and the fats because the carbs or fats, or if the fuel is not present, then your body will switch over and start using its own fat as an energy substrate.

You want to make sure you have enough protein in your diet that you can maintain that muscle and possibly build muscles so that we have a smaller, more toned, solid muscular version of yourself, not just to ooey gooey smaller version, because you’re starving yourself.

Cause a lot of times when you just cut calories and you just do calorie counting, or you just do a lot of just caloric restriction or you lots of running and cardio, what I call a skinny fat, you become smaller, skinny, and you still have some body fat because you really aren’t stimulate your metabolism.

And you really aren’t stimulating the muscle tissue underneath the fat to get solid. So it become a smaller, more gooey looser skin version of yourself. So anyways, but eating the proper quantities, yes, I do want people to eat in proper quantities, but not starve themselves. You want to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. So I can outline a lot of that. I have a book out called CF 30.

It’s a fitness workout and diet plan. You can pick those up at any Colaw Fitness, they’re $10 and it gives you a template to follow for 30 days on what to eat, what times to be eating or workouts to do. If you’ve never worked out before. It’s very simple, very straightforward. And I pretty much guarantee I do guarantee anybody who loses. If you follow it, you lose 10 to 30 pounds of fat and build muscle.

If you’re just a brand new workout person, you’ll definitely make a big change in your body. So you can look up Kohler fitness reviews, co-op it just reviews or co-op fitness. See a 30 plan or CFD color fitness, and go to YouTube and see people that have lost weight and fall in that plan for results. If you want proof on that. So, but number one, eating and proper quantities.

I do agree with that, but I do want people to focus more on a higher protein, lower carb lower moderate, fat diet, and a lot of STEM stock leaf vegetation. That’s the high fiber based foods. And a lot of diets are fundamentally that are the most popular, successful makers, South beach paleo, a lot of the low-glycemic diets, bodybuilding diets, all of them fundamentally go into the higher protein.

Higher fiber rich like green veggies and things like that for a lot of nutrients, but low caloric intake, but a lot of fiber, a lot of good, valuable vitamins and minerals, but not a lot of just empty calories. So anyways, but eating in proper quantities. Yes, I agree with that. And the next thing that they talk about in the article is take your cardio seriously. I’m going to read this to you.

You must take your cardio seriously cardio exercises and prove the health of your heart. It also improves blood circulation by pumping blood faster. This way, there are more oxygen in your system, which is healthy for your brain and heart. You can either offer walking, jogging or running cardio exercises can also be easily done at home. I totally agree with that.

What I like to do with my weight training is I like to do what I call giant sets and that’s about four different exercises, all grouped together. And I don’t take rests in between each exercise. So it’d be like me sitting at four stations. And then I start doing one exercise for 15 repetitions with somewhere between about 10 and 15 repetitions.

I start to really fatigue or fail. So it’s gotta be tough enough that you fail between 10 and 15 reps, then immediately without rest. I go to the next station and I continue to do my weight training for 10 to 15 repetitions. And then I go do my next station for 10 to 15 repetitions or each exercise reach station that has the exercise at it. I don’t do rest periods.

And once I do those four in a group, then I rest until my heart rate and my breathing returns to normal, which is like three to six minutes, maybe or two to four minutes, but just rest into your body’s cardiovascular system is recovered.

And then what you do is do another round of those four exercises. Again, by doing that, I’m getting muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardio stroke cardio. I’m improving my cardiac output and improving my cardio cardiac recovery by doing all of that.

I can literally go to the gym Topeka in about 30 to 45 minutes, cover muscular strength, muscular endurance cardiac improve my cardiac output, improve my cardiac recovery and cover all these bases of weights and cardio at the same time. So I do I, I don’t necessarily do cardio because I just don’t enjoy. I mean, and I’ll use it sometimes on a fitness show or I do encourage clients to do that if they’re just getting started.

But I like to eventually get a lot of my clients or even myself, this way I maximize time in my day is I just hit my everyday. I do it about 45 minutes to an hour of those types of exercises of rounds. And I stay very fit and lean year round about six or 7% body fat. And don’t have to spend a lot of endless time on a treadmill.

So, and I’ll get 45 minutes to an hour of weights and cardio, but it’s called kind of blended in there together. So I that’s my take what I like to do. I do encourage my clients to just focus on weights at first and then do their, you know, the 300 to 500 calories of their heart rate about 130 beats a minute on a, on a talk or on the, on the cardio machine. So, and you can see that in that free, I got a free [inaudible] class.

We actually teach you how to do that kind of stuff in our CF30 class at Colaw fitness, or you can just follow that CF 30 book that I’ve written and that will help you get started on cardio as well. Anyways, that’s number two. I do agree with that. Cardio does need to be serious, and if you’re doing cardio on a regular basis, it will literally help you lose fat.

You tone up, you utilize calories more efficiently. Also helps the plaque build up in the artery and veins. There’s not a lot of major studies on that, but I do, I know for just working with clients, in my opinion, that I’ve seen their, their the cholesterol plaque buildup, the circulatory function, all that stuff, just improved so much. You can just see their, their their color and their face and the, the, the numbness in their toes and just circulation improves, especially on diabetic clients at time.

So, but cardio is huge, huge, huge, huge health benefit. So, okay. Next I do agree with that. Next is pay attention to your calorie intake. I, do you agree with this? I don’t know, generally my clients on a major caloric restriction, unless it’s like, Hey, we’re down to the wire fitness competition, or I’ve got to get in this dress and do this stuff in a certain period of time, because if you have a feedback response that says.

Screw you, I’ve got to, I got to satisfy my satiation, satiate myself, because I’m in such a deficit, your body will eventually kind of, you know, emotionally hold you hostage and fall off the plan. So what I do is I say, you know, with clients okay, let me read what it says. It says whenever you consume any foods, make sure that you note the number of calories you’re consuming pay very serious attention to the calorie intake.

High number of calories can lead to weight. Gain can lead to heart, kidney, liver diseases, stay fit and healthy to consume only the required number of calories you burn in excess and consumed. I, I totally disagree with that.

Why? Well, I mean, yes. I mean, I do agree that you have [inaudible] we do count at some point, but every calorie is a little bit different. So for example, let’s say it’s a very sugar rich calorie source. Let’s say it’s like a soda pop. Let’s say like a, like a can of Coke. It’s 40 grams, about 36 to 40 grams of sugar in that one can of soda.

Well, if you were to take that can of soda, it’s about 120 calories or whatever. Those 120 calories were all sugar. [inaudible] Sugar basically absorbed into the bloodstream really quickly. Now, if I take a sugar cube, but just raw sugar and put it between my cheek and gum prick my finger and literally start checking my glucose on a glucometer within about five or six minutes.

You’re already seeing your blood sugar, sugar rising without actually chewing, swallowing, and digesting it. The Buechel membranes in your mouth will actually start to absorb the sugar, just basically the, the, the, the under your tongue.

And all along your lip line, your body will start absorbing sugar without chewing swallowing or digestion. So the rate of absorption for sugars very quick. So those are calories getting into your bloodstream. I mean, yeah, distributed throughout your body. And whenever it’s an excess, your body sends that to fat cells and those basically, or enlarge.

And so what you want to do is like fast to absorb foods can make you fat. So if I were to eat that can of Coke, it’s 120 calories within about 20 minutes. A lot of those calories are already absorbed and already storing into cells. You actually can feel it, you drink it and you can feel the blood sugar rise. You could feel the brain’s response. It has a euphoric feeling. The fascia of the blood sugar goes up.

The more that serotonin and dopamine, the pleasure hormones, or pleasure chemicals in your brain, you know, really short to fire now in opposition of that, if I chicken breast, which is also 36 grams of unit volume, weight of protein, but not of sugar. So St. Calories as a can of Coke, but it’s a chicken breast. And I basically take it like a square chunk of that chicken out, just like a sugar cube for paralleling the two different sides.

But I take that chunk of chicken and placed that between my cheek and gum one to sit there. Well, 10 minutes later, it’s still sitting there two hours later, a day later, it’s still sitting in there. You can break your finger. It won’t ever show a blood sugar response. You physically have to chew it. Have to swallow it. You have to adjust it. Stomach acids to have to break down that protein has to go through the intestinal tract, the cilia and the intestinal wall has to absorb those nutrients.

It’s physically impossible to get really fat off it because the rate of absorption is so slow. So one, I got 20 minutes or less that the can of Coke. Is absorbing and storing and the chicken breast, I choose swallow and digest, and it takes anywhere from six to 16 ounces of the breakdown. So it’s 120 calories in each one of those, but one takes like 20 minutes to break down.

And the other one is like six to 16 hours to fully break down. So do you have more of a chance to utilize that calories just in, in your, in your sitting rest, resting. Metabolic rate, or even walking and working throughout your day and six to 16 hours? So it’s very easy to burn up those 120 calories through six to 16 hours versus 20 minutes.

So what I’m saying is the rate of absorption is important. And when you go to a higher protein and higher fiber, rich STEM stock leaf, vegetation diet, it’s physically impossible to get really fat off of because your body has to work to break it down. You have to chew it. You have to swallow it to have to digest it. This is the intestinal track. The muscles have to reticulate and move it around. The silly has to absorb it.

The nutrients have to go to your liver. Your liver has to break it, carry on glycolysis conversion of the amino acids into glucose to raise the blood sugar. It’s just physically impossible to get fat off a certain calorie. So when I explain this in nutritional seminars to like the clients, it’s all of a sudden, like that makes so much sense.

And so what I’m trying to tell you is that’s the reason why you see all these people, higher protein foods, and they’re still eating a lot of calories, but they’re extremely lean and fit and not fat. So that’s the take on calorie intake. Now water intake is the next section. They talk about your body consists of 70% water as is. It is of huge importance to consume the consumption of water or of liquids to keep fit.

You can consume fresh fruit, juices, vegetable, juices, protein shakes, and any other such fluids to provide your body with amount of water intake.

It requires water is good for skin and hair too. It keeps you healthy on both inside and out. I mostly agree with this. I would not use fruit juices. AndI would not use vegetable juices. I would only use water or any type of fluid that does not contain sugar. Or I just don’t like calories and fluids, unless it’s like a, like a protein shake that you’re using as a meal, because liquid calories digest and absorb and store really quickly.

And like fruit juice, for example, like Apple juice, Apple juice actually has more sugar than soda pop. Same thing with orange juice. A lot of orange juices can have as much, sometimes even more than regular soda pop. So what I’m saying is like your body connect actually get really fat, actually Sumo wrestlers to have helped them get super fat. They mainly drink fruit juice all day long and then eat one massive meals.

Do they drink Apple juice all day long and basically don’t eat anything so they can start it themselves, but just drink juice all the time. And then the one really large meal. And that’s what helps them accumulate lots of fat because it slows down the digestion. The body doesn’t have to work hard to absorb those calories. It’s just liquid calories that easily permeate into the system. And they can just pound lots of that juice.

And then their insulin levels are super high. Then they eat a big, massive meal. And that stores a lot of fat. So I would kind of disagree with about 50% of it, but water. Yes. Fruit juices, no vegetable juices, no. Most of those fruit juices and vegetable juices, aren’t really fruit juice or vegetable juice. So get rid of that because you have to have a fruit juice flavor or use some sort of a zero calorie option to give that flavor.

I’m not saying it’s healthy. I’m not saying it’s better than water, but if you’re type of person, that’s super picky, I’d rather you use some sort of sweetener. That’s a non calorie sweetener that doesn’t absorb and stored as fat. So that’s my take on that water intake. I do agree. 80% of muscle mass is water. From what I know and about 65 to, or percent of your body is water. They say 70. So maybe 60.

I think it’s 67 is the last time it was in one of the fitness journals that they’re saying about 70. So it’s pretty close, but your body, you got to the solution to pollution is high is, is a solution basically. That was that the, the, the solution to pollution is dilution. So the more you water, you drink it flushes, you know, it’s your best antioxidant detoxifier fire helps.

With all they think about a fecal matter. When you go to the bathroom, you deprecate, you urinate, your body, has your body actually releases water and circulates water helps your body move that like, like a fecal matter through your system helps with blood pressure helps with getting sodium out of the body. So water is super essential and all metabolic functions and everything works so much better when your body’s properly hydrated.

Okay. Next it talks about getting enough sleep. I do agree with you on that. They talk about seven, eight hours. I do agree with that. I’m about six to seven is my best eight. If I get more than eight, I start to get sleepy during the day. But you know, it says all work and no rest make an unproductive and affect your mental health and your health.

You must get up, you must get seven, eight hours of sleep every day to keep your brain and body functioning smoothly, sleep reboots your system. And helps you start fresh, getting enough rest to achieve your fitness goals and healthy lifestyle. Also think sleep schedule.

So if you’re going to bed at like random times, like during the week you go to bed at like 10, and then on the weekends, you go to bed at like three in the morning that kind of screws you up too, but good, healthy routines as being a trainer getting healthy sleep and wake cycles is so important to add to that.

But I do agree with that. If you can get at least six hours of sleep on a regular basis you feel a lot better if you’re dieting and you’re really into fitness and training hard, you, you need closer to eight because your body just needs a little more recovery. So I do agree with that. I think it’s a great tip.

The other thing I’d say is just get your sleep cycle. It’s probably try to be as close as you can within an hour or two, when you start going further than that, I think it’s just hard on your body. Think about people that work day shifts. I gotta start going night shifts.

They go back to day shifts. And I just, I mean, I’ve trained clients like that and they are literally missing or bull they’re depressed. It really affects their, it really affects them in every area of their life, you know? So I just, not just physically but emotionally, so. Okay. that’s the article. I agree with a lot of it. So those are some great tips for you on 2021 to get started on. If you want here are some great called I’m sorry, I’m going to remind you a couple of things.

First, first, I want to remind you if you’re into fitness and you want to get in shape, or you just basically want to get in a better shape. Remember that 70 to 80% of your success is the food. It’s not the workout, but 70 to 80% of your success is what you put in your mouth is what you’re doing in the kitchen. It’s what you’re choosing when you’re driving around and you have to pick up fast food, remember 70 to 80% of your success is that food.

And I can talk about trainer schools. They’ll tell you one will be like 71 will be like 75. One will be like 61. It’ll be like 80. I’ve done bodybuilding and fitness. I’m going to tell you food is so important onto what you look like in the mirror and your overall health. So remember food is what you eat, what you eat. That’s the number one thing. And the other 2030 is rest and working out at the gym Topeka.

But most of it is your food. Okay? Best results. If you want to get great results, it says best results are achieved when people are consistent. That’s my other reminder, best results are when people are consistent. Why do I say that? A lot of people are hard starters, bad finishers in the gym Topeka. They come in the gym Topeka, they kill it for four or five days, and you don’t see him for two weeks and then come in for three or four days.

And then you don’t see it for another week or two. Some of them will kill it for a month and you don’t see them for three months. So just being consistent is a big win by itself. Okay, next reminder. I want you guys to keep it simple in the same. If you’re just getting into fitness, find a really good, simple template to follow and then follow it.

Now you may push yourself on the reps and the sets and the weights and so on, or the intensity, the frequency intensity and time you put under those weights or under that treadmill or whatever, but keeping that same routine that you know what you’re doing, you’re not really confused. And if you don’t know what to do, go to Colaw fitness, you can join for as low as $1 down as low as $5 a month. You can follow.

What I have is called the CF 30 book. It’s a super simple book to follow. It’s a day-by-day journal that I designed that you can follow for 30 days of guaranteed. 10 to 30 pounds of fat loss with muscle gain. It’s a very simple, simple plan to follow, but anyways, you can go in there pick up that book. This is especially for beginners or anybody who wants to really start telling it up and get serious about it.

Follow that CF 30 no more, no less than exactly what it says. So action steps for you. John Colaw fitness, it’s only $1 down as low as $5 a month. You can work out tan massage. You can use free trainer instruction go in everything for as low as $5 a month to get everything in the club. And in two people, you can actually bring a guest every time you come, they can use everything.

It’s the only place where two people can work out tan and massage. Sheila is $5 a month. It’s like $2 and 50 cents for a membership for that one person anyways. But check it out. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee. So you want to check it out. It’s only a dollar down. If you don’t like it, you get your dollar back. So no, no a commitment of a, or it’s like a free trial. It’s basically what I’m trying to say.

So you can try it and there’s no risk. Okay. also what I want you guys to know is we have free trainer classes and orientations on how to use the, all the equipment. Most of these clubs have over a million dollars of fitness equipment, 24 hours a day. And if you’re within 10 miles, it’s a no brainer. You basically it’s $5 a month.

And two people can work out hand massage, massages everything in the club for as low as five bucks. And you can get a free trainer kind of teach you stuff and get you on a set plan. So get in the free trainer classes. That’s step two, step three for action. Step is start the free C3 class by the 30 book. It’s only 10 bucks, but start the class, follow the book, follow the food plan. Start exercising.

Read my daily words of encouragement for mental health. My highest desire is your greatest gain. See this isn’t like some big money thing. My highest desire is for you to get results and get motivated and encouraged and get into fitness. So read Google reviews. If you don’t believe me, type in coal or fitness, Google reviews, coal fitness, Google reviews, just type it in coal off fitness, Google reviews, read all the reviews about the club.

Read what people say, the positive, the negative. You take your take on it. We’ve got thousands. I think we’re the highest rated most reviewed gym Topeka in the world. I think, I think there’s more reviews that we have than anybody else, especially in the cities. Each one of the cities.

I know we have more reviews and more clients and more happy clients, but if you still don’t believe you go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, or coal or fitness results, or cooperativeness reviews and YouTube go to youtube.com type in Colaw fitness reviews, and just watch the thousands of people that have lost weight, just like yourself and got in shape.

Anyway, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye-Bye.

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