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Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms

Hello, Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about secrets to, sorry, I’m going to talk about how to burn fat, how to burn fat. I’m going to teach you exactly how your body actually takes your body fat and actually utilizes it as energy so that you’re smaller, more fit, more tone version of yourself.

So who I am, I am Charles Colaw me and my wife, Amber Colaw. We’re the owners of Colaw fitness. We started out of our humble living room and grown, right. As of right now, we’ve grown into five different businesses and four different States. So we’ve got five different multimillion dollar fitness Topeka gyms and four different States. I am an eight time certified personal trainer.

I’ve trained thousands of clients personally, probably worked with over 5,000 clients. I highly encourage you to not believe me and go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube Colaw fitness reviews and listened to thousands of clients who have helped to lose weight, get in great shape.

So Colaw fitness, we’ve currently got locations in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Bartlesville, Oklahoma Colaw fitness. We’ve got a great Topeka gyms there and that’s where we started. And we also have a gym in Joplin, Missouri. So Colaw Fitness, it does Joplin, Missouri. That’s, that was a huge hit. We, when he opened that in 2016 and then Colaw Fitness it is Topeka. Kansas was a huge hit.

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So you come check it out. We have a 30 day money back guarantee, check out any of our locations and try the Topeka gyms out.

Today I’m going to go through an article that we that, that I had researched a lot of people when they go to a Topeka gyms, most people want to actually lose weight. So I would say probably 80 to 90% of people want to burn fat at some of course, where they say lose weight. Some of them meaning burden, body fat.

They don’t really care what they way they just want to become a more fit, toned version of themselves. And so that incorporates burning body fat. Some of them will say, I want to lose weight. They just want to lose a lot of weight.

They just serve just too big. And so I want to talk about that burning fat, losing body fat, and how to do that help you become successful in that, and then give you some great action steps.

I actually have a journal, a book that will help you lose 10 to 30 pounds in 30 days, 10 to 30 pounds of body fat and just 30 days. And it’s a step-by-step book where I walk you through in a month what you need to do to be successful. So did you know that 70 to 80% of success is your food? What you do in the kitchen also, did you know that the best results are when people or clients keep their program consistent?

Do you know that if you keep it simple and the same, you have a higher rate of success. And did you know that I can give you all this with the CF 30 book? You can pick it up at any Topeka gyms. It’s called the CF 30 Colaw fitness 30 day book. It’s me walking you through 30 days to lose weight and get in shape.

So I’m going to go through this article and talk about it. This article is actually the conversation.com. It talks about does, how does your body burn fat? And it really gets into the science of some of it. I’ll tell you a little bit about it, but I won’t bore you a whole lot. The bottom line is your body actually will start utilizing its own fat as energy whenever you’re in a calorie deficit deficit.

So they say, you know, like if you eat less than you burn, you’re going to lose weight. Yes. Also, if you eat foods that don’t raise your blood sugar, your body will then still be forcing yourself to keep glucose high enough. And it is a ketogenetic ketogenic process. So like maker’s diet, South beach diets, paleo based diets.

A lot of these diets fundamentally low, the lower, the high-glycemic foods of the high sugar, high starch foods. And your body stays in a more, a state of ketosis and ketones are when your body releases its own fat into the bloodstream to be used as energy. So okay, I’m going to read it just a little small section of this. Fat cells exists primarily to store energy.

The body will expand the number of fat cells and the size of fat cells to accommodate the excess energy. So you actually can hypertrophy in large fat cells and they can mytosis cell divide. So if you’ve been eating a lot of junk for a long time, you’re actually at a higher set point of fat cells in your body.

You’ll even go so far to start depositing fat cells on muscles, on your liver, on your organs and so on and so forth. Hence the health risks that are also associated with that fat storage humans store fat really easily. The energy was stored in small packets called molecules called fatty acids. They’re released in the bloodstream as fuel by muscles and organs.

So as your body can actually burn the fat back off and there’s triggers that can help occur, help that occur. Now, yes, if you just eat less, whether it’s portion, sizes or calorie cutting through discipline, you can lose weight and you gotta be consistent over a period of time if you know, weeks and months to do that. So there’s always that type of take.

I have diets that I’ve worked with clients, whether it’s a lot of the most popular ones, which use a ketogenetic process where they’re lower in carbohydrates, higher in proteins, higher and high fiber foods, which help with keeping you fuller more satiated or satisfied.

So you have the pressure sensors and density receptors in your stomach gets satisfied, but the foods that can make you feel full and satisfied, lower chloric volume, lower glycemic index, low blood sugar response, which forces your body to stay in a fat burning zone.

So I will give you all of this information and that CF 30 book, or you can go to Colaw fitness and go into our free trainer classes and go into the CF 30 class. They can teach you a lot of this so that you can give handout a template. So it’s like complete mind, freedom to follow and lose weight.

So, but fat loss occurs when your body actually is forced to use its own stored energy, the stored fat as an energy substrate. Through their calorie restriction or calorie cutting or through eating foods that force a metabolic pathway for your body’s blood sugar to be raised through a ketone body, which are like the South beach, paleo makers and things like that, lower glycaemic based diets.

So a lot of the most popular ones are all based upon how God really created us to eat. You didn’t see cookies, cakes, ice cream, and pastries, you know, running across the Prairie and efficient hunt for that. You have to lasso a Snickers bar. So all the processed, all this man-made high refined based sugary foods is the main cause of obesity.

Gary talls is a research journalist. He wrote a book called good calories and bad calories. It’s a book called good calories, bad calories by Gary Tobbs Tate, T a U B E S I think T a U B E S. And it’s a, it’s a great book. It’s a, it’s a research journal, basically correlates obesity with the refinement of the carbohydrate and foods and so on.

But if we would go back to the way that God created us more Hunter gatherer more, you know, prior to if I’ve I’m from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri area. So like if you came across the, the, the Plains of Oklahoma 200 years ago, what would you eat?

Well, you’d have to find something seasonal. They would have to grow from the ground. So it would be a STEM stock or leaf vegetation. You’d have to hunt for something, some sort of lean, very, very lean animal to hunt for, or fish something very, very lean. So it’s a high protein, high fiber based diets, seeds and nuts, and, and things like that are seasonal.

So you’re really in the high fiber high plant-based fiber diet with a high lean protein diet. Just go back to the way that God created us and all of these diets fundamentally talk about those are the primary ones that they push your body will freely give up all of its fat reserves and you become a leaner, more fit version of yourself.

Now, if you start working out regularly, start doing a little bit of weight training, some cardiovascular training, some targeted cardio for fat in the fat zone where the, the, the, the heart rate is at our heart rate, that targets that fat zone.

You do that consistently, and I give you all of that in that CF 30 book, just go get the book and follow the book. It’s all, it’s all in there. In a template that helps you follow it on a day by day basis. If you get that stuff, you will freely give up your fat reserves. And in three to six months, you pretty much have all the stored body fat you want off your body and just being consistent.

Like I talked about earlier, those being, keep it simple, keep it the same best results are when people are consistent falling. Those are going to be huge. The major problem in this, I mean, in this article, it talks about how the fat cells and heavy amount of fat on the body causes inflammation in the body.

So the more that you gain body fat in the American diet that we have with a lot of our refined based carbohydrates, with a lot of that fat gain causes inflammation, that’s associated with heart attack, stroke, diabetes all sorts of health issues.

And so those are all the major killers in America. A lot of the major issues with health and health and wellness. So obese, correlates to almost all of the major health risks, health factors. So so how does your body burn fat? Well, when you eat food, you chew it, you swallow it, it goes into your stomach, okay, you chew it, you swallow it.

And it goes into your stomach. That’s the beginning of digestion to just chewing, start to digest, break down the food swallow. It goes into the stomach. Stomach acids are produced and they start to break down that food then goes into, into your intestinal track, the little cilia in your intestinal tract, a little, a little fibers start absorbing nutrients, and pull, pull that through and carry that nutrients to deliver.

And then it releases into the bloodstream and you have a blood sugar increases. The blood sugar increases, which allows the nutrients to get to every cell throughout your body, which gives that energy to heal, repair, grow, or store body fat for later purposes of energy that you may need, which most of us don’t need. And so you chew it, you swallow it, you digest it, stomach acids, break it down.

It goes into the intestinal tract. Intestinal tract absorbs the nutrients that carries it to the livers to release throughout the day, bloodstream in all metabolic funds, options and cells throughout the body, through the bloodstream, distributed the nutrients so that they can heal, repair, grow, whatever they need to do to maintain health and so on.

So when you take foods that digest really quick, you chew like, like sugar. Think of like a raw sugar. If you eat sugar, it’s already generally came from some plant, like, like, like like processed flour.

It’s it’s, it’s harvested from like wheat. Well, it’s not the STEM, the stock and the seed coat. It’s actually that the indice from in the sea, in the wheat, it’s actually GRA like the stocks. Removed the husks removed. It’s the white flour component. It’s bleach. It started even chewed up in process.

So like white flour in Russia are pre-digested nutrients that have all the nutritional value killed the high caloric value. And it’s easy to absorb. So if you were taking a sugar cube and place it between your cheek and gum in the, let it absorb the blood sugar will actually rise by just pricking your finger on a glucometer within five minutes.

Like the raw sugar in your mouth, through the Buechel membranes in your mouth already absorbing without chewing swallowing digestion. It’s so easy to absorb sugars. So like sugars and white flowers that your body doesn’t really have to chew it.

That’s physical effort digest it, swallow it. Stomach acids produce that takes the energy intestinal track to actually push it through like articulate the muscles to push the volume is food through the intestinal track. It’s just no effort is taken no chewing of swelling, no breaking down. No, no, no. None of these effects it’s really low.

Your metabolism doesn’t have to work hard to break the food down. So you get effortlessly absorbed calories through like sugars and white flour and processed grains and things like that. It’s all been chewed. It’s already been swelled and digested 40. You, you get it. So it absorbs quick, like I said, in sugar, cane sugar, your blood sugar can actually absorb through or sorry.

The sugar can absorb in your mouth through your Buechele membrane. So blood sugar can increase without chewing swelling. Then digestion just withholding like sugary foods in your mouth.

So none of that takes digestion and through the increase in blood sugar, then you’re basically what happens is when you eat the foods, the blood sugar rises, once it gets so high, they’ll give you a check, a glucometer between 80 and one 20 is what normally is supposed to be where your body naturally releases a hormone called insulin when it gets too high.

And it shuttles the extra sugars into cells and the extra sugars that don’t need to be the extra blood glucose response. It sends it into the fat cell. So think of your fat cells, enlarging, and then multiplying because you’re not needing that energy expenditure at that time. So sort of chewing swallowing digestion and all that kind of stuff. It takes time and effort.

A lot of that calorie is used up just to the processing. It’s a refined based carbohydrate or sugar. There’s very little of that that has to occur. The blood sugar goes up quickly. Your insulin is secreted. The excess calories are then shuttled into fat cells, leaving you bigger and fatter. And so on.

Now, the reverse of that, if you eat these slow to digest foods like STEM stock leaf vegetation, that has a lot of vitamins and minerals, but low Couric value. It also takes physical effort to chew, to swallow, to have stomach acids, to be produced and to break down all of that takes effort. And that’s what causes what they call it like a slow to absorb foods.

It’s it’s like low glycaemic is, there’s a term called low-glycemic foods. So like paleo makers, South beach Adkins bodybuilding, a lot of these diets all fundamentally do these same principles are slow to absorb foods, which are just basically more natural Hunter gatherer foods that God really intended this for eat.

And so when we go into that, I put all these clients on like high, like lean proteins, high fiber base vegetables STEM, stock, leaf, vegetation, all that kind of stuff that has a high value of nutrients, but low amount of calories. And it’s all slow to absorb. So just to naturally eating normally and feeling full, none of it has an insula genic response to send it into fat cells.

You’re eating foods that just don’t make you fat very easily. So when you eat foods like that and you work out, you weight train, you do your cardio, you, you do all these exercises. It’s not rocket science in six months, you’re going to run a leaner, more fit, toned version of yourself. That’s pretty much how fat is a fat is lost in fat is gained. I talk a lot about this in my nutritional seminars.

When I was a trainer training, lots of different clients. I teach people this, I draw it out in mind, freeing documents like a workflow like here’s you, here’s a face, here’s a food going in the mouth, in the stomach, going through the intestines, how it absorbed the time. It takes six to 16 hours to fully break down in the stomach.

And the liver in the, in the, in the whole process of the digestion of a slow to absorb food can take six to 16 hours and that’s 150 calories. But if you take 150 calories over 16 hours, you have plenty of time to burn it off.

Now, if you take like sugars and so on, and you just simply get it in your mouth and it’s absorbing, and it effortly absorbs in your stomach intestinal track within 10 to 15 minutes, you can’t burn up 150 calories in 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s physically impossible to not get fat off of. So I walk them through these mindframe documents of a, like a, like a workflow, like a, like a flow chart of going in the mouth, into the stomach, into the digestion and how long each types of foods take. And then they realized really quickly, that’s why I’m fat because of it eating a ton of those foods that just make you fat.

And then they also aren’t working out. So when we switch it up and we eat a lot of healthy STEM stock, leaf vegetation, some lean quality high protein foods, like fish and chicken and lean cuts of meat. And then also higher protein, rich foods that digest slope, all of those fill you up, pick your pressure receptors, hits your density, your receptors in the stomach digest over six to 16 hours.

You’re fuller, you’re satiated. You have no blood sugar spikes. Your body goes into natural Kitajima processes of losing body fat. Next thing you know, six months later, they’re half the size of more toned fit version of themselves. And they feel more comfortable in their skin or comfortable in their business suit, more comfortable in their clothes.

And that’s what you do is you have to change a lifestyle. Now it’s not easy to change 40 years of habits and just one talk, but why you coach them through it? You give them mindframe documents, you build them templates to follow. Next thing you know, in three to six months, they have new habits and then they can take that on for a lifetime. So that’s how you lose fat.

That’s how you gain sorry. And that’s how you lose fat. That’s how you the diet would work. If you’re going to gain fat like foods that would make you fat foods that would help you burn fat.

So it’s very important to what you eat is very important to just like caloric restricting can be effective, but I always teach people on the healthy foods to eat. They give the vitamins minerals and the food habits that they need to accomplish. So anyway, I want to give you guys some action steps as you can be successful for everything I’ve talked about.

I want you to join Kohler fitness. It’s only $1 down Colaw fitness. We have them in Bartlesville, Oklahoma Joplin, Missouri Colaw fitness, a Topeka, Kansas Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas Colaw fitness, Oklahoma city Colaw fitness, and hopefully some others coming here very soon. We are the highest rated and most reviewed Topeka gyms. And every one of our markets, we are the highest quality for the best price, please check us out.

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You can get free dietary advice in the a 30 class, and you can buy that CF 30 book. Please buy that. Save 30 book. It’s 10 bucks. It’s hardly any type of profit off that, but that’s a C3, but it gives you a complete template to follow for 30 days so you can be successful. So follow the plan, start exercising, read the daily words of encouragement that I have in there for mental health and motivation.

Go to Google. Read the Google reviews type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews. Read our Google reviews. Learn about us. Go to YouTube, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, see a bunch of people just like yourself. Who’ve lost weight and got in great shape. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Check out our club.

Colaw fitness, Bartlesville, Oklahoma Colaw fitness Joplin, Missouri Colaw fitness, Topeka, Kansas Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas Colaw fitness, Oklahoma city. Thank you. We are the highest rated reviewed Topeka gyms. Check us out. It’s only $1 and you get your money back. If it’s not a good fit. See you next time on the, you could do this podcast. Bye-Bye.

Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms