Episode 116 - Secrets to staying motivated at the gym

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For stars. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about secrets to staying motivated at the gym secrets, to staying motivated at the gym. I don’t know about you, but even myself who loves to work out and been doing it pretty much every week. I’ve never missed a week since eighth grade. It is sometimes hard to stay motivated on a daily workout routine.

gym Oklahoma City

gym Oklahoma City

So today I’m going to give you six nuggets to think about, and that will help motivate you to be consistent on working out, help you master your emotions and, and check that box of getting your workout in everyday. So without further ado, I’m going to go through an article. It was actually written on NBC news.com about what’s actually titled six science based secrets to staying motivated at the gym.

Get your workout mojo back when these proven methods with these proven methods and motivation. So I’m going to go through the article, give my take on it and help you guys become more successful for staying motivated at the gym. Did you know, first off, before we jump in, did you know I’m going to go through the, did you know, section 70 to 80% of your success in fitness is your food. It’s what you’re doing in the kitchen.

Also, did you know that best results are when people are consistent. So making sure that when you are working out, be consistent with working out and did you know that if you keep it simple in the sane, keeping it very good, simple, and same routine is more important. So keep it simple and the same, that way you actually are executing.

And another thing did you know that if you don’t know what to do first in a workout, we do have a book called the C F 30 book in all of our clubs, go by pick it up. It’s only $10. It’s a day by day food and workout journal that will help you be successful for following a very simple to follow diet and workout plan.

We’ve had thousands of clients follow this book or this template that we’ve used for years that help people basically burn fat anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of fat in 30 days. And you can be super successful for losing weight and getting in shape. So pick up one of those, see a 30 books, okay. In this article is written by Ashley ma M a C H a Maka, I think.

And it talks about staying motivated, talks about her waking up at 5:00 AM and having a hard time being motivated to go to the gym Oklahoma City offers. Like you’re super motivated at night, you plan on it, then the alarm goes off and you aren’t that motivated.

So these six things are science-based things that she’s researched. And I’m going to give you my take on them. Number one is you are, it says your hard and fast rules may be broken. One big thing is, is a lot of people say is I have to start a workout program on Monday or else I can’t do it. One thing is in here, she’s saying doing this makes it easier to talk yourself out of something.

And if you just set yourself up, even just for something very small, like just getting in a walk, even if it’s that Monday you are mirror, you’re more likely to say this feels good. I think it’s, I think I can spare more time. So basically my take on what she’s writing here is you draw a hard line in the sand. I have to start my workout probably on Monday on Monday or else I can’t do it.

Your hard, fast rules were made to be broken. So when you were going to actually sometimes mess up and to not let that mess up your motivation, I’ve heard terms like, Hey, well, I messed up this week. I’ll start back on Monday. You know, like no jump right back in it. I had clients where I used to train and say, Hey, you’ve just messed up in your diet and your workout.

You missed a day or two. Don’t worry about it. Just keep going, just get right back on it. The next day. A lot of clients will just push that off to the next week, but if you set a hard, fast rule make like not, if I don’t do this, I’m going to go ahead and quit this week and start back next week. Don’t do that. Like, just get started again.
So I do agree with that.

Number one, your hard, fast rules were made to be broken. So yeah, just jump right back in and get started again. Number two, a little friendly competition can light a fire. In this article it talks about how she’s walking on the treadmill. Somebody else is going a little faster.

You’re encouraged to go a little faster, pushes you when you have the competition is good, or if you’re working out and you have a friend that wants to work out with you and kind of push each other competition is a great motivator to get a great workout. So yes, I do agree with a little friendly competition can light a fire and that’s a really good thing.

Even if you’re not a competitive person I think it’s really good to have somebody that you can go with and it can kind of push you. Also a friend who won’t let you off the hook. Another great way is you find somebody who’s a more consistent workout person than you or somebody, you know, that works out all the time. Pick them to be a workout partner and tell them to hold you accountable.

And I think that will help a lot. I totally agree with that. And so find a, find a friend, that’s a workout friend. They can push you to help you stay accountable. And then number four, it says stop exercises about what about how you look, stop making exercise about how you look a lot of times, you know, you feel like you’re eating really good. You’re working out, you’re dropping body fat. T

hen sometimes you have few mess ups or you feel like your body’s kind of plateauing also make it about just getting and being consistent and feeling good, like getting your body’s endorphin, serotonin and dopamine by just getting up, going and working out and checking that box.

It’s a success box. So you check that box, your bodies, your body may not necessarily, you may not feel like you’re looking to 10 better, but doing that physical exercises helps with the serotonin dopamine, the pleasure hormones and the brain motivation, consistency, things are improved. So don’t make exercise just about the way you look. I do agree with that. I think that’s a great motivator.

Next step it says double tap or tag your friends on social to boost your fitness game. This is basically like sharing and trying to support each other on social media. I think that’s a great way to do it. I don’t do a lot of social media besides just the business stuff, but I do agree that a lot of people do that. A lot of people find motivation in that.

The big thing is, is like, when you put yourself out there, Hey, I’m going to the gym Oklahoma City offers. We’re going to do this. It’s a level of accountability. And I think that’s a huge thing for people. So double tap or tag your friends on social to boost your fitness game and that way they can kind of support you. Number six, it says, make a bet on exercise and you’ll win twice on here.

It says G she writes, okay, so health benefits and exercise. Aren’t enough to Rouse you out of bed at the crack of Dawn. But if you if your paycheck is on the line, there’s no way you’re going to miss that workout. Right? So fitness, accountability, apps like pack and diet bet allow participants to set a goal.

If it doesn’t get met, the participant has to as has to part with cold hard cash, because your payout is attached to your bank account. The idea of backing out is a lot less tempting on the flip side. If you, if you meet your goal, you’ll win back all. And then some, and it’s not just a clever gimmick.

It’s a study in the medical journal of JAMA found that dieters with a financial incentive were more likely to eat, right exercise and lose weight. So I totally agree with that. At Colaw fitness, we have a reward based membership where your membership rate actually decreases with more frequent gym Oklahoma City use. So that’s a great way to get people motivated to exercise.

And we do that with all probably tens of thousands of people in five States or sorry, four States at five locations right now that are motivated to work out because it saves them more money. So anyways get more motivation. That’s awesome. So those are secrets to staying motivated at the gym Oklahoma City so that you can be successful. And yeah. I want to give you guys some action steps to get started at Colaw Fitness.

You can join Colaw fitness for as low as $1 down and $5 a month. At Colaw fitness, we have free trainer classes and free trainer orientations on how to use everything in the buildings. If you don’t know what to do, we actually have free trainers that will walk you around and teach you how to use equipment, how to do all the different types of work reps and sets so that you have complete mind.

Freedom on how and what to work out. Also. I want you to go pick up the seat F 30 book, the CF 30 that’s Colaw fitness, 30 day diet and workout book. It’s where we guarantee you could lose 10 to 30 pounds in just 30 days. I want you to follow the food plan, start exercising.

It’s very simple. It’s basically a journal that I will help you walk through, tells you what to eat. What times to eat, how much water to drink, what exercises to do. And we also have a free trainer that can actually answer some of those questions in that book for you, ethical of fitness. So pick up that sea of 30 books, follow that 30 day workout.

You’re gonna lose a lot of weight. You start feeling a lot better. So follow the food plan. Start exercising, read our daily words of encouragement in that book for mental health and motivation. Also I want to encourage you guys to go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews. Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and just read all of our reviews tells you about our club.

It tells you a lot about people that have gotten results on what they like encourage you to read some reviews. Honest I’ve been Colaw fitness reviews, read a bunch of reviews. Also go to YouTube and listen to people just like yourself. Who’ve lost weight and got in great shape.

Go to YouTube type in Colaw Fitness reviews on YouTube Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. And people like yourself that have lost a bunch of weight, gotten shaped. Toned up built muscle and just have a whole lot more confidence in themselves.

Thinking inspire you to get motivated and start exercising. Thanks for listening to this podcast. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast and we’ll talk to you next time. Bye-Bye.

gym Oklahoma City

gym Oklahoma City