Episode 117 - Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast.

Hey, there, this is Charles Colaw with the, you can do this podcast is the Damon talk about fat loss versus weight loss, fat loss versus weight loss. And what’s the difference? So who I am Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. Amber is my wife. She is the most amazing female in the world and me and her, we are the owners of Colaw fitness.

best gym Topeka

best gym Topeka

We started out of our humble living room and grew it into a four state, five different businesses, all multi-million dollar fitness businesses. And we saw, we basically started it from our living room and to five different multi-million dollar businesses in four different States. So I’m an eight time certified personal trainer. I’ve trained thousands of clients.

I believe around 5,000 clients I’ve worked with in my history. I encourage you to not believe me. Encourage you to go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews and see thousands of people like yourself.

Who’ve lost weight, got in great shape using our principles for weight loss, workout, the winter, our clubs, and so on. And so check us out on YouTube. We have locations and current locations that we currently have right now. Our Colaw fitness locations, we have a Colaw Fitness Bartlesville, Oklahoma. That’s where we started. We have a Colaw Fitness in Joplin, Missouri.

We and that was a huge hit in 2016. When we opened that as a ground up build, we have a Colaw Fitness Topeka, Kansas. That was also a huge hit Colaw fitness to be a Kansas. I believe it’s the highest rated and most reviewed gym Topeka in the entire world. We have a Colaw fitness Arlington, Texas that just opened this year as well. That one is just smoking busy and taken off like crazy that’s Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas, please check it out.

Colaw Fitness Oklahoma city. We just opened that as well. This year that’s Colaw Fitness, Oklahoma city. I encourage you guys to check them all out. We’re already the highest rated most re reviewed gyms in our market. So Colaw fitness is the highest rated and most reviewed gym Topeka in all of our markets. Why? Because we only charge $1 for your first 30 days.

Check it out. It’s only $1 down it’s as low as $5 a month. So that’s a $1 down $5 and that’s over two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. We have free trainers. We have free nutrition. You can tan. And what I’m talking about when I say to people is you have free buddy privileges.

Every membership has guest privileges. So you can say the same person, your sister, your friend, your brother, your aunt, your uncle. You can take anybody every time you come and you can use the gym Topeka. You can tan, you can work out, you can massage. Can use the free trainer, that’s everything. So that’s where two people can work out and massage for $5 a month.

And it’s only $1 down. So we have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, it’s your money back. You get that dollar back in 30 days. So it was like a free trial, check it out, or I want you to be successful. So today I’m going to talk about the article I’m going to talk about is actually an awesome article is called fat loss versus weight loss.

I want to explain it so that you fully understand what fat loss is and weight loss. So I’m going to go through the article, get my take on it.
This is an article off of Shaw academy.com. And I was gonna say on this, it’s not really rocket science, weight loss is just, you’re losing weight. You’re smaller. So wait you step on a scale.

You say you weigh 150 pounds and you step on a skill a month later and you weigh 140 pounds. You lost 10 pounds. Weight loss is just weight loss, your total body like your, your, your fat, your muscle, your water, weight, everything on your body is weight. And just losing total weight is weight loss. So weight loss is just the total weight.

Fat loss is actually where you’re targeting just the ooey, gooey hips, but gut thighs the spots on your body that doesn’t have the look of a tone physique. You want to get rid of the squishy [inaudible] body, fat, the stuff you grab on your stomach, the stuff that’s on your hips on, on your thighs.

And I’m gonna talk about how we can target the fat loss and tone up the muscle underneath. So it can be a smaller, more fit version of yourself. So fat loss versus weight loss. And I believe fat loss is really what most people are wanting. When they go to a gym Topeka some people do need to lose just total weight as well, but a fat loss is where you can actually lose fat and gain muscle and become more fit.

So it, maybe the scale is at 150 and a month later, you step on it. You’re still 150, but your body looks a ton different because you lost 10 or 15 pounds of fat and you’ve built 10 or 15 pounds of muscle, especially guys, a lot of young guys I’ll work with and they kind of have a you know.

Not super fat and they’re not like they’re not really overweight and they’re not really like lean and cut, but the way in, and then a month later, the way, and again, in the same, but they look amazing.

Their hips are tighter and their stomach has got abs and their chest is full and their arms are getting muscular. And so they weigh the same, but they actually look quite a bit different. They lost fat and they gain muscle. So that’s kind of the difference of fat loss and weight loss.

And I’m going to go through this and talk a little bit more about it and give you some info, some great action steps so that you can be more educated on losing weight, toning up and feeling better in your skin and feeling better in your fitness and so on. Far as in this article, it talks about do you really want to lose weight?

Some people they say, I want to lose weight, but they’re not really sure they want to lose weight because losing fat is actually just targeting the fat and toning up the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

They talk about that. I explain that just a little bit ago. Fat loss is more important is what they talked about. The quality of food that you consume is very important for fat loss. When you just want to lose weight, you just like restricting calories. The weight loss is really accomplished when you just become a net.

Like if you eat 2000 calories and you maintain your weight at 2000 cars, but you eat a thousand calories, your body’s going to lose a lot of weight, but you’re also going to lose muscle. So weight loss, a lot of times when people just calorie restrict or cut portion sizes down, I call it skinny fat. They become skinnier, but there’s still a smaller, still ooey, gooey smaller version of themselves.

So I encourage clients to not focus so much on just weight loss, but actually body fat loss. And we can actually measure that and track that weight loss you’ll end up becoming smaller, but you also will look in the mirror in a bathing suit or, and so on, but you still don’t feel like you’re toned. So I call it skinny fat you’re skinnier, but you’re still fat.

And that’s just because your calorie restricting and you’re not really working out and you’re not really eating a diet. That’s going to build and tone the muscle underneath the, the fat layer and the skin layer. So my goal is I teach people. I said, let’s eat better foods that make us actually healthier.

And we target just the right amounts of foods and then lift weights, do our cardio, do our workouts and start to find a healthy routine of doing that, and then become a smaller, but more toned muscular version of yourself. So when you take your shirt off.

You’re smaller in the right areas, larger than the right areas, or you’re, you’re, you’re wearing your bathing suit and your hips and your thighs and your smaller than the right areas and more toned in the right areas instead of like shaky ooey, gooey tight body.

So anyways so that’s fat loss and weight loss, the differences when you want to lose body fat, when you wanna lose body fat there’s the types of diets that I really encourage are low-glycemic diets. Those are like diets that are like South beach and paleo and makers and, and ketogenic diets or bodybuilding type diets. Those fundamentally take out the refined based carbohydrates.

That’s that’s refined carbs are basically like breads cereals, grains, white flour, those really, and, and raw sugar and anything that has to do with like pastries and cookies and all of the stuff. That’s really man-made foods. When we go back to natural foods, think about like the Prairie I’m from Oklahoma and Texas and Missouri and that area.

And then on the Prairie, what would we have to eat? Like, what did God really intend for us to be eating? It’s not like like, like cookies and cakes and ice creams are running across the Prairie and you have to last to it or tackle it, or

What would you have? What would you have? Well, you would have some sort of like STEM stock leaf vegetation that you’d have to eat berries and fruits and stuff would be seasonal. So there’s a moderate amount of that. It’d be around the seasons of certain times. You have some of that moderation. So you’d have a high fiber STEM stock leaf, vegetation diet, and you’d also have something you’d hunt for.

It’d be like a lean animal, very, very lean, not a high fandom, a lean animal, or you’d have something you’d fish for. So, so it’s a high protein, those proteins come from the meats and things like that. Or you have like eggs. And so any type of Hunter gatherer type diet or Plains person type diet is really healthy. Cause it’s a, low-glycemic low in sugars, low.

So STEM stock, leaf vegetation, and then high proteins. And when you look at like maker’s diet, South beach sides, paleo based diets, point-based systems diets that have the healthy versions of those even almost any diet out there fundamentally increases the high fiber foods that are life like the greens and the STEM and the stock and the leaf high fiber food diets.

And they also increase the lean fish and chicken and the lean proteins in the diet. That’s what like bodybuilding diets do fitness figure competitors do. That’s how everybody gets in the best shape because they have a high fiber, a higher protein diet, and they remove the bad fats and the bad sugars. And that’s the white flowers as well.

So when you take that out and you mainly eat just the quality stuff, and then you add resistance training, that’s weight training, that weight training, you won’t just turn into a bodybuilder overnight, but that builds solid tone to the body. So then it doesn’t shake and move at Ms. Stays more solid. And if you really work out, you’ll gain more muscle and do you have a more fit, toned body?

So that way you’re a smaller, more solid version of yourself. Cause that proteins are the healing repairing growth. So it will heal and repair and grow those muscles more solid. So when a client’s eating, what I, what I miss, there’s a book that I’ve written called the CF 30 book. It talks about the types of foods that were in here.

And when you eat the STEM stock leaf vegetation, higher lean proteins, like the fish and the chicken and the lean cuts of steak and things like that in your diet and you eat the proteins and do the weight training. You build a toned body underneath at the same time. You’re taking out all the refined base carbohydrates and the sugars and the bad fats.

And so your body will start using its own fat. That’s where your body will flip over for energy. And it will flip overs are using its own fat as an energy substrate, which then basically your body drops with a call ketone like each fat cell.

Think of it like a Ziploc baggy. And it has the, like that blue and green strip when your blood sugar gets a little bit low, that Fairfield receptor that strip actually opens up and allows ketones into the body to be into the bloodstream, to be released as, as an energy replacement. So basically your body’s reversing, the fat cells become smaller and they reduce in size.

At the same time, you’re getting the proteins and lifting weights and toning up and doing all that stuff. That way your muscle tissue underneath the fat is building out. So you beat the fat. Larry gets smaller, the muscle tone gets larger. So underneath the skin or the epidermis, you have a more fit, smaller in the right area, larger in the right area, toned version of yourself.

And that’s where fat loss is more important than that’s what I target in my CF-30 book. And my CF-30 book, I guarantee 10 to 30 pounds of fat to be lost in 30 days, that’s 10 to 30 pounds of fat to be lost in 30 days. It’s just one month. So you immediately, within one month become a more toned, fit, solid version of yourself, be comfortable in your skin, comfortable in your clothes, start feeling more confident and so on.

But if you just lose weight, you become smaller. And so you’re kind of still a soft more so the soft ooey, gooey version of yourself and most clients don’t really want that. It’s fine to lose some weight, but they also want to hold up. So I encourage the fat loss, the fat loss isn’t as easy.

Cause you do have to make a targeted attritional changes and it’s not just calorie restriction or the loft sort of a dynamics where you have to eat less than you actually burn off.

Or you have to, sorry, you have to eat less than you burn off. Yeah, that’s correct. And so, well so that’s where this article is about weight loss. Weight loss is just losing weight and you can just cut calories or just not eat and lose weight, but that’s not going to give you the tone fit version of yourself. That’s where fat loss is really better than weight.

So fat loss versus weight loss. Let’s just focus on fat loss. You need to do decks. What’s the action steps. Well, I’ll give you that here in just a minute before I go into that, I want to teach you a couple of things.

So did you know, okay, if you want to be successful in fitness, did you know this is my little, did you know, section section, did you know that 70 to 80% apex is a training organization apex 24 hour fitness in ASM Cooper Institute.

I’ve got five certifications from anywhere you go to around the country for fitness and training, they talk about 70 to 80% of your clients. Success is their food. It’s what they’re doing in the kitchen. So only have one hour as a trainer with you during the day, you have 23 other hours to screw it up. Did you know, 70 to 80% of what you look like is the food, it’s what you do in the kitchen.

So I want to tell you guys, I will give that to you in a hearing next in my action steps. So 70 to 80% of your success is your food best results from a client. Did you know that your best results are when people keep their programs consistent? Did you know that the best results are when people keep their program consistent? So don’t be a one-time starter and then miss the rest of the week.

Don’t be one week of working out and miss the rest of the month. Don’t be one month out of the year and just the rest of the year. So you gotta be consistent. You gotta be consistent. Okay. next did you, you have to keep your program simple in the same. You don’t have to, but did you know that people that keep their programs simple in the same generally become more successful?

Why? Well, when I first got into lifting weights or working out mainly squat bench and deadlift, those three things are about all I did. And I changed a ton for years. That’s just three different exercises. So it doesn’t take a whole budget, trendy, gimmicky things to get in shape. Your body can really get in shape, have a very simple and consistent program that you just execute.

And don’t miss. Most of the time failure happens in your fitness routine because you’re not doing it anymore. Not because the program could work. So keep it simple, keep it the same for right now. Let’s just execute and making sure that you’re following it consistently. So keep it simple, keep it the same and make sure it’s something that you can put into a daily, weekly, and monthly routine that you’ll stick with.

So keep your, did you know that clients that keep their programs simple and the same are a lot more successful then for you to have complete MindFreedom on all this. I want you to follow the CF 30 book. This is my book. This is the book that me and my wife, Amber, Amber my, my wonderful wife.

We both wrote this book for people like yourself that want to learn about how to, how to lose fat, how to tone up [inaudible] book. We guarantee 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in 30 days. All you have to do is follow the book. It’s page by page. We teach you about what to eat times D how much water to drink, what workouts to do. It’s all on a checklist.

So it has every day for the month. And you just walk through the checklist and execute on it. If you don’t know how to do it, you can get in and have the CFPB trainer at or any of our clubs. Make sure you’re following the book correctly. So just get in there, stop following that sea of 30 book, and you’re going to lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in a month. So 10 to 30 pounds in a month.

Just get it, get it, give the book, get the book, do the book no more, no less than exactly what it says. And you will be on your, on, on track to having fat loss occur, feeling more comfortable in your skin.

So on. Okay. Action steps. I want to give you some action steps so you can get your fat loss goals. Join Kola fitness. It’s only $1 down. We got Colaw fitness in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Have Colaw fitness in Joplin, Missouri. We have Colaw fitness in Topeka, Kansas. We’ve got Colaw fitness. So we just opened an Arlington, Texas. We got a Colaw fitness that also just opened up in Oklahoma city. And hopefully it will be open it up all over the place as time goes along, but we’re opened up locations everywhere.

It’s as low as $1 down and as low as $5 a month. So Colaw fitness, or the highest rated most reviewed gym Topeka. And every one of our Mar markets by a long shot, it’s the best deal. It’s only a dollar down. We have a 7 day money back guarantee. You get your dollar back.

If you don’t like it. And we also have free guests privileges. You can work out, you can tan, you can massage. Can use the free trainer and your friend, any friend or family member you bring with you. You get to bring a free guest every time. So you can bring one free guest with you. Every time you come, you got to have a built-in workout partner with your membership.

So low is $5 a month to people can work out Tanny and massage at co-op fitness. So start that free [inaudible] class. I’m sorry. Join Colaw fitness. That’s number one. Number two, after you’ve joined, get in the free trainer classes. So go over there to the free trainer classes, get into there, start going through the orientations, make sure you know how to use everything.

Then start the three [inaudible] class. We have a free CF-30 class and get the CF-30 books. So buy the CF-30 book, it’s only 10 bucks. It’s going to show you everything you need to do to be successful by that sea of 30 book, follow the food plan. Start exercising, read my daily words of encouragement to keep you motivated for mental health and motivation. Go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, read all about us.

So don’t just believe me. Google Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Google it, go to Google type in coal off at is Google reviews. Review it, look at it. And so on. Also don’t believe it. Go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. So go to youtube.com type in Colaw fitness reviews, listen to thousands of people just like yourself.

Who’ve lost weight and got in great shape. Anyways. Thank you for listening to the, you can do this podcast. This is Charles Colaw. What tie to you next time? Bye-Bye.

best gym Topeka

best gym Topeka