Episode 118 - 2021 Fitness Trends

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gym Topeka

gym Topeka

Hey, there are some stars. This is Charles Colaw with the Colaw Fitness. Today, I’m going to talk about 2021 fitness trends, 2021 fitness trends. This is the, you can do this podcast with Charles Cola and Cola fitness. So who am I? Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. We are the owners of Colaw Fitness. I am an eight time certified personal trainer. I have trained over 5,000 clients in my history.

And if you don’t believe me you can look up on YouTube type in Colaw Fitness reviews, Colaw Fitness reviews, and see thousands and thousands of people that have lost weight and got in shape. Following a lot of Cola, fitness principles. You also see a lot of video testimonials of people go into our club and following some of the diets and workouts and just working out in our gym Topeka with our staff and so on.

So check it out. My name is Charles Colaw, and I’m going to help you today. Learn a little bit about 2021 fitness trends. We currently have fitness locations in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, we have a Colaw fitness in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Have a Colaw fitness right now in Joplin, Missouri that’s Colaw, fitness, Joplin, Missouri, and we also have a Colaw fitness, Topeka, Kansas Colaw fitness, Topeka, Kansas.

We have a Colaw fitness in Arlington, Texas, a Colaw fitness in Arlington, Texas. And also we have just opened here recently Colaw fitness in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma Colaw fitness in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. So in every single one of our markets, we are the highest rated and most reviewed gym Topeka. In every one of our markets, I encourage you to Google Colaw fitness and type in your town, Colaw fitness, and type in your town.

Read the reviews, read the testimonials, read what people like about our club. At Colaw fitness, we have memberships for as low as $5 a month with a money back guarantee. So check us out. We are super inexpensive, super high quality, and we are the highest rated, highest reviewed best quality club in your market. So check us out. Okay.

I’m going to jump into an article that talked about 20, 21 fitness trends or fitness trends that are going to become to pass in 2021. And these fitness, it’s actually a article on www.today.com health. And then it talks about biggest fitness trends.

So without further ado, I’m going to run through this article and give you my take. First off in the article, they started talking about how in 2021, or even in 2020, they started that people were wanting to do more lunch workout.

And so like basically they go to work, they work out at lunch or they like to grab a workout during lunch is becoming more and more popular to work out in the midday. So that is something that is happening here in, in 2021 workouts for the lunch period, the lunch break is back. Cause what it says, there are days that people arrive at the office and keep their butt glued to the desk for nine hours.

But the first time in a long time, people are utilizing lunch breaks for exercise. So once time workouts have grown by 67% in popularity and it’s largely attributed to a rise in remote work as well. So anyways, and the ease of Nosha or required virtual meetings has also, you know, where people don’t have to clean up afterwards. Those of us who’ve gotten a lot more popular through the 2020 year.

So next item to address here is stress has led to a whole lot higher fitness demand for 2021. So 2020 was pretty crazy dynamic year and stress has become a factor far as in work. Kids school’s closed work environment changed a lot of working from a computer sometimes, and a lot of people are missing that social interaction and getting back into working out a lot of people gained weight.

So, but anyways, stress has led to a lot higher fitness demand for the 2021 year is what they’re projecting here. They also said that there is a huge lack of, of course, vacations and weddings and family reunions. In person events have like almost like completely ceased at some areas around the country, which is in had a, basically a huge they’re planning for a huge demand in 2021 a resurgence of a fitness push.

So anyways, next up they talked about COVID has increased the demand. And I have an ideal Wadi ideal body weight or improving your health and fitness. So through of course COVID effected a lot of the heavy obese people, also the unhealthy where your immune system is compromised or a lot, a lot of diabetes and 80% of diabetes or type two, which can be reversed for the diet through diet and exercise.

So, but basically the threat of COVID or another virus has increased the demand for people to reach an ideal body weight and to get to where they lose weight, stay in shape, increase their immune systems and gym Topeka are, are, are, are huge great opportunities.

And when you’re working out, your immune system actually gets stronger and better. So people that work out actually, it’s so funny because we have, you know five different dollar businesses with tens of thousands of people coming through the clubs in four different States.

And I believe we have had no COVID deaths occur in any of our locations. So it’s pretty amazing that we have had people test positive for COVID, but we’d never had an outbreak. But we never, and we never had any deaths out of tens of thousands of users in four different States that we were even aware of.

So, so big win for fitness fitness is basically really, really helps with immune health and, you know probably the chance of getting COVID or actually actually getting sick enough to have a major health problem from COVID.

So next in the fitness trend they talked about was digital workout demand is up in 2021. And what they’re saying is 92% of all the people that are doing the stuff by digital workouts, 92% are planning to return to the gym Topeka when they feel safe.

See, the reason a lot of that is that people are missing the social and healthy mental interaction from going to the gym Topeka, seeing real people in real life and not some digital screen. So there is a forecast for a lot of fitness push to becoming out of actually going back into the clubs back into actually the real world scene and talking to real people. Working with real trainers, working out on real equipment.

So yeah, so it’s pretty, pretty awesome results. That 92% if everybody who’s working out online is planning to return when it, when they feel safe. So next is corporate wellness, corporate wellness is becoming a huge demand.

So at Colaw fitness, people want to we’ve got a ton of different people that have been a part of our corporate wellness programs, but anyways, but corporate wellness is going to be a necessity in the future.

And a lot of companies are going to be encouraging staff, almost like making staff to workout, stay healthier because it’s proven to have a lot more work, work productivity, less sick days and overall mental health. So corporate wellness is going to be another big thing happening in 2021. So so it’s another thing to be looking at.

Anyways that’s my take on this article has some great, great information. But yes, a lot of people were down in the dumps in 2020. They want to get back into in-person stuff.

They want to get back to exercising and there’s a lot of a demand for that. So you’re going to see that in 2021. So did you know that 70 to 80% of your success far as in losing weight and getting in shape is the diet or what you do in the kitchen, what you’re doing in the kitchen and the food that you prepare, what you’re eating is so important.

Apex 24 fitness ESM Cooper Institute, I’ve got eight different certifications in fitness training. I’ve trained thousands of clients. And I have been over 300 pounds myself and lost 83 pounds and won top honors and bodybuilding competitions and powerlifting competitions. I can heavily attribute that to the food. So remember, 70 to 80% of what you look like is what you eat.

So if you want to know a little bit more about that, come see us at Colaw fitness, we give free diet advice. We have trainers that actually teach you free nutrition advice. So come check us out. Also, did you know that the best results are when people are consistent?

A lot of people try to change up the workout program all the time, or a lot of people start a gym Topeka membership and they don’t stick with it, but consistency is key. So being consistent is huge.

I listened to a message with pastor Craig Groeschel, and he talked about consistency and people that do these little things consistently get to do the much greater things later on in life. And so those consistent workouts that consistently eating good when nobody’s seen it, the workout, when nobody’s seen it, the food that you’re eating when no one sees it gives you that healthy fit body that that gives you confidence and so on.

And so being consistent is super important. Also keeping your program simple and the same, a lot of people want to change up everything all the time because they, they, they, they, they feel like for some reason they just need to change it up, change it up. Now there is some benefit to changing programs, but most of the time, I would say 90% of the people, they just don’t, there’s just not consistent.

So I always tell people, keep your program really, really simple. Keep it the same, do that for about three months. And then after that, make some adjustments, but keep your workout program simple and the same state, very consistent, and most importantly, follow a healthy really guided nutrition plan.

And did you know, I’m going to give you that really simple nutrition plan that guarantees 10 to 30 pounds of fat loss, and only 30 days just go to a Colaw fitness location and go in and buy the CF 30 book. It’s called Colaw fitness 30 day. It’s a workout book and journal book of food and workouts.

That’s super simple to follow. And we have a free trainer that we’ll show you around on how to do it. So pick up the CF30 book and follow it. Like it says no more, no less. And you lose 10 to 30 pounds of fat in just 30 days.

So check it out. That’s the C F 30 book written by Charles and Amber Colaw. So action steps for you guys. If you want to be successful, join Kola fitness it’s only $1 down it’s as low as $5 a month. You have to that’s where two people, you actually can bring a guest. So you and a guest. So two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $1 down and $5 a month.

We are the best price in every single market or to the highest quality best value. So just come check us out. Don’t believe me, go to YouTube type in Cole, up in his reviews, go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews and watch thousands and thousands of people just like yourself, lost weight, God shaped. Talk about the location, how they love it. Also don’t believe you go to go to YouTube.

I’m sorry. Go to Google type in Colaw fitness reviews, say Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and read just thousands and thousands of Google reviews about our clubs as well. So also the next action. Step action. Step two. So it extra step one was joint Colaw fitness action. Step two is free trainer classes go to our free trainer classes. Like I said, you can join for a dollar.

hat’s a dollar for that whole month. We also have a money back guarantee. So I didn’t say that earlier, but a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the club, you get your dollar back at the end of the month. So there’s no commitment. There’s a no risk. So, you know, but go to our free trainer class. So join Cola, fitness. Number two is go to the free trainer classes.

They’re going to teach you on all the different equipment, how to follow it, how to work out, what to do all that kind of stuff. So go into the free trainer classes and learn everything in the club. Learn to follow the diet plan and start working out. So number three is start that CF 30 class and by the sea of 30 book, like I said earlier, one drink Colaw fitness to go to the free trainer three, get the CF 30 book.

Follow the plan, start exercising, read our daily words of encouragement for mental health motivation. I’ve got little plugs in there. We’ve had, like I said, I’ve worked with over 5,000 people that have lost weight.

It’s a lot of beginners, a lot of intermediate, even some athletes have just an amazing even high-level athletes, but simple principles, eating healthy, exercising, being super consistent for 30 days, and you’re going to blast off the fat and tone of the body. So start following the food plan. Start exercising, read the daily words of encouragement.

Read our Google reviews type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, go to YouTube type in Colaw Fitness. It has reviews on YouTube and check us out anyways. Thank you for listening. This is the, you can do it podcast today. We talked about 2021 fitness trends that are coming and we’ll see you soon. Have a blessed day. Bye bye.

gym Topeka

gym Topeka