Episode 120 - 2021 Top 10 diet trends

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best gym Oklahoma City

best gym Oklahoma City

You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about 2021 top 10 diet trends, 2021 times 10 diet trends. Who am I? I am Charles Colaw and my beautiful wife, Amber Colaw. We are the owners of Colaw fitness. The best highest rate is highest reviewed. Most highest rated, most reviewed gym in the entire country. So check us out, go to Colaw fitness.com type in Colaw fitness.com, C O L a w F I T N E S s.com.

I am an eight time certified trainer. I have trained over 5,000 clients over the period of gosh, 20 years and just love helping people lose weight, get in shape and be comfortable in their skin. Encourage you to not believe me. I encourage you to go to YouTube type in youtube.com type in Colaw fitness reviews, and listened to thousands and thousands of people that we have worked with to lose weight and get in great shape.

So we currently at Colaw fitness, we have locations coauthors locations in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We have Colaw fitness locations our location in Joplin, Missouri. Have a Colaw fitness, Topeka, Kansas. We have a Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas, and we just opened a location Colaw fitness in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma.

I encourage you to check us out. We are the highest rated and most rigid reviewed best gym Oklahoma City and every one of our markets. So today’s article that we’re going to talk about is the of 2021 top 10 diet trends. And I’m going to go through this article, talk about it. It’s on you, bars.com.

It’s a blog, and they talk about these top top 10 diet trends. I’m going to give you my take on it from actually working with real people, thousands and thousands of people in the real world and using lots of different types of diets. And hopefully I can help you become successful in your weight loss journey or your fitness journey.

So anyways number one that they had listed was this keto light or the ketogenic diet it’s wildly popular right now. And ketogenic diets is basically a diet where they remove the bread cereals, grains and the carbohydrates, mainly all insulinogenic carbohydrates out of the diet, which force your body to use its own fat. So carbs are energy that give your body glucose.

And when you don’t take that carbs, your body will then be forced to either use the fat that you, or the meal that you just ate in your stomach, the fat and the proteins or but it will switch over to burning your fat. That’s stored on your body, subcutaneous fat off the body.

So keto is a way that you can still eat higher protein and a moderate amount or a moderate amount of fat Valerie’s, but still keep your body what they call a ketogenic state, which is a fat burning state, which easily transitions to start burning your stored fat.

It forces your body to use it stored fat as an energy substrate. Anyways, so it talks about that and it is highly popular. There’s lots of different versions of that. We have a CF 30 book it’s called. I have a book out called [inaudible] calls, coal off fitness, 30 it’s a 30 day book, CF 30 to 30 day books, a workout and a nutrition template, and that you follow up for 30 days and we guarantee 10 to 30 pounds of fat. And it’s a somewhat ketogenic plan.

It’s a lower carb, higher protein and moderate fat diet with just healthy fat. So it’s like a super healthy version of a keto that blasts the fat and we guarantee results. Like I said, don’t believe me, go to YouTube type in Colaw. It has reviews and listen to thousands of people that have lost weight.

Okay. Number two, diet they talk about is the immune system support diet eating to combat COVID. Okay. I don’t know a lot about this, but just from looking at it, it’s just encouraging foods that have high vitamin C vitamin E antioxidants lots of different things. Elderberries green tea and vitamin D, which comes from the center from food, like eggs and so on. Now, anytime you’re you know, yeah.

If you’re working out and eating good, you’re generally getting a lot of high immune boosting type foods immune sorry high immune nutrients in the body like vitamins and minerals and antioxidants and so on. But this diet basically from what it’s talking about is to consume four servings of fruit and five servings of veggies a day to help get that immune response. Now, my take on that is that’s a great concept. It just, they don’t really go into any like on this, any detail.

And one other thing is, is if you’re like a stubborn loser, like a woman that’s middle-age and you consume a lot of fruit dos, that’s like fruit sugars, and so on your body has a very hard time switching over to fat metabolization, just because of the way your system is set up.

And your, your, your ability to really store extra glucose, which then spikes insulin and shuttles it into fat. So if I were to work with somebody on this, I would say, yes these are some great stuff. Let’s really focus on some high anti-oxidant vegetables and lean quality proteins, but let’s really keep you in a ketogenic state and the fruit dose and so on.

But yes, this is a the immune system support diet eating to combat COVID. I think it’s mainly for just immune health, not for weight loss. And the next one I talk about plant-based flexitarian diet. This is, it says, forget veganism. This is the plant powered trend is all about consumers eating a majority of 90% of more plant-based foods.

But not excluding well sourced free range, chicken or grass fed meatball when it rolls around of particular importance of plant-based movement is the consumption of proteins derived from plant sources. So I don’t know a whole lot about this, but it’s from what it’s talking about here is mainly saying let’s eat a healthier plant-based diet, and then we’re still gonna add in some animal proteins, if it comes from good sources.

So like maker’s diet South beach, it’s paleo based diets, bodybuilding diets, competitive fitness diets, where people getting really, really good shape and so on. It’s a, it’s another spinoff of like, when you get down to the very end to look really good, you’re mainly eating lean meats and vegetables, and almost every type of diet fundamentally goes to a higher fiber plant-based diet.

That’s a STEM stocker leaf diet. And then they add in just low fat, high quality, low processed proteins, and that’s pretty much what we do. And a lot of the other diets, they don’t necessarily go into like organic or plant-based as, as the, the, like, as a mandatory thing. But of course it is good. So I think this is it’s, this is probably a really good diet. It sounds like it’s very good.

Sounds like it’s very healthy, but I would still stick to the STEM stock and leaf vegetables off of this flexitarian plant-based diet. And then I would stick to the 90% or lean or lean meats. Of course, if you can get it from like the best organic grass fed stuff, but some of that’s super expensive unless you’re like ultra rich, you, you just really try to stick to some healthy lean stuff.

So, okay. Number four is the paleo inspired whole food diet, paleo inspired whole foods, diet. This is, it says this diet, which is going to be on 10 years strong urges that we should keep eat like a caveman, like our caveman ancestors did. This means consuming the majority of Hunter gatherer foods like berries and nuts and wild caught wild caught animal meat, fish, chicken, something you’d hunt for that kind of stuff.

But the paleo diet encourages the consumption of high impact proteins like grass fed whey and collagen peptides. Since caveman didn’t eat didn’t farm this diet bands, anything that requires industrialized farming techniques like grains and wheat and corn and processed foods like sugar, the PA in the paleo world, if you could cook your dinner without sauce over an open fire, you’re probably doing it right.

I I really have seen a lot of good response with health muscle gain fat loss with paleo based programs, the various similar to ketogenic, they’re very similar to body builder diets. You really are taking all the refined base foods, the plant-based or sorry, the, the, the, and made foods when you take that out. Gary Tobbs is a author that wrote a book called good calories, bad calories, and he’s a research journalist, and he studied hundreds of years of obesity.

And pretty much comes to conclusion that the refinement of the carbohydrate is the primary source of obesity edge, which includes going into like heart attack, which causes like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all the top three killers of Americans. So I think this paleo inspired whole foods, diet is an excellent choice.

It’s very similar, just pretty much the same types of foods that I do in my [inaudible] book. It’s basically STEM stock leaf vegetation with high quality lean proteins, just like so many of these other programs, everybody kind of, kind of creates their own little spin off of it.

That changes a little bit, but the main thing is meat and vegetables, meat, and vegetables, quality meat, and vegetables, meat, vegetables, or mine’s more quality meat and vegetables. And it’s very, very quality meat and very, very quality vegetables. So whatever. So those are the, the takeaways on that.

It just depends on how much money you want to spend on it. But taking out the man-made processed sugar and refined carbohydrates. So it’s a great thing. Also like Z, like what was it like weight Watchers and calorie counting, and a lot of those the clean pro anyways, but take away those processed foods and increase the STEM stock leaf vegetation diet a plant-based foods, and increase the lean proteins.

Number five intermittent fasting. I’m going to read you that real quick. This diet involves simply not eating for the majority of the day. And it and believers say it helps lose weight naturally by breaking up the constant snacking cycle from modern life, the 16 eight method, which is the most popular version with this dieters restrict their daily eating for a period of eight hour block noon until 8:00 PM and fast.

They don’t eat for the other 16 hours. So 8:00 PM till noon, they fought the following day in practice. This means skipping breakfast and cutting food off strictly post dinner, some intermediate fasters go down to eating just a single meal a day, this program I have tried it somewhat but I still eat my meat and vegetable diet. So it’s still a higher protein, low carb. That’s how I always eat. I’m always under 6% body fat year round.

And, you know, a very muscular, only thing that’s really does for me is I get a tiny bit leaner since I always eat clean and always eat lean meats and vegetables. I just lose muscle. So I think for people that are muscular bodybuilders and so on, this isn’t the best method, but if you’re kind of wanting to just, I would say if you do the intermittent fasting, eat high protein, high fiber foods, like meat and vegetables when you do eat okay.

Cause you do want to make sure that you’re mainly losing fat and you’re still eating enough protein in your diet to maintain or build muscle. So that would be my take on it for me. It’s not for me because I like having more muscle mass and I just lose too much. Since I don’t really have a lot of fat to lose, all I do is mainly just lose calories and protein calories because of not having enough time to get all my protein in.

So cause I am super disciplined and I never ever eat desserts and I never ever eat processed carbohydrates. Haven’t done it in about 10 years. So for me, it’s not for me because I am already like a Nazi with eating healthy, but for clients and stuff that I’ve trained, I think it could be beneficial, but I would always tell them to eat more meat and vegetable options during the time that they come off of the fast.

Okay. Number six, the dash diet, this is health conscious diet has developed to prevent heart disease and lower hybrid blood pressure. And its name is an acronym for just that dietary approach to stop hypertension dash D a S H because the focus of this eating style is to reduce blood pressure. Sodium is strictly controlled. It’s controlled to 2300 milligrams per day for the standard dash and just 1500 per day for intensive.

Besides this restriction, the diet is pretty run of the mill, stereotypical healthy with an emphasis on consuming such go to health foods as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, poultry, and nuts. So my take on the dash diet is if you’re really not into losing fat or gaining muscle, and you’re mainly just wanting to help heart health stuff. I think there’s a, probably a good push for that.
That’s, that’s great.

Cause it’s been specifically targeted for heart disease and lowering blood pressure. But I have also experienced that with what we have done with our [inaudible] plan, which is a high fiber and high quality lean protein diet. But we mainly stick to lots of vegetables and lots of lean meats and no processed foods. The only thing this talks about is his fruits.

And that’s one thing I do limit in our diets or my diet or what I talk about clients too, because of fruit dose and elevated blood glucose, elevated blood glucose, I believe makes your blood glucose like, sorry, when you’re eat sugars, even fruit dose sugars or fruit sugars, it’s called fruit toast. Your blood sugar rises. And if there is circulating fats it’s more sticky and tacky and causes plaque buildup in the artery.

So my only take to this is just if you’re gonna do the dash diet, I would limit the fruit toast content. So that’s my take. Just because I think you could still if you’re eating fats in the same presence of fruits like saturated fats and the presence of fruits my take is that you could cause a little bit of the plaque buildup in the arteries. So that’s my take [inaudible] with elevated fats in the blood.

I don’t think are a great combination. So a Mediterranean diet number seven the Mediterranean diet is based on a number of scientific studies that have shown that people who live in the Mediterranean like South of France and Greece typically have much lower instances of life style diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and strokes than Americans.

The thinking is that helpfulness Hales from the dietary norms that if you eat like them, you’ll be healthy too. So all this to say the medic training and tie it basically gets rid of processed foods and sugars, including processed meat, refined grains, trans fats and fads sorry, but the Mediterranean is almost always top of the pack when it comes to dietician’s recommendations. It’s not for easy and fast weight loss though.

It is consistently linked to long-term health, good health. The one really good thing is good talks. I love like all of oil, like dark bottle extra-virgin olive oil. There’s so much information on good heart-healthy effects to that, which is the main, I think, premise of this Mediterranean diets, health effects like veggies, lots of tomatoes, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, seafood, and extra Virgin olive oil is what they really eat a lot of.

So that extra Virgin olive oil, I think is the main thing that causes a lot of health at the same time. They get rid of the processed foods and sugars and processed meat. So I think it’s a great diet. I think if you want to really cut fast, you can get a little bit more surgical on your food. So if you really want to get lean and fit and healthy, I think there’s better options than the Mediterranean diet course.

I am super strict and I train my clients to be super strict and I build a lot of discipline into my clients. I think it’s a great option. Think you can do better. I actually put dark bottle extra-virgin oil about two to three times in the [inaudible] book for heart health and joints and everything. There’s just so many health effects.

Even acid reflux, the digestive system. So many things are benefited from that. So I would say we check that box plus when you do that, see if 30 book, okay. The mind diet is number eight. The mind diet is Mediterranean diet and the dash diet had a brain health focused baby. This is where people are, I guess it’s taking the Mediterranean diet and dash and mixing it up.

It goes on to say Mediterranean dash intervention for neurodegenerative delay. It hails mostly be mostly from the purchasing power of the aging baby boomer population at aims to help a dieters brain by reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and others types of dementia while the scientific community is divided on whether or not it works. Some early studies are showing promise from practical perspective.

The diet is basically the Mediterranean diet with a low sodium twist. Mostly mostly plant-based with the largest focus on real foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains. And well-sourced wild caught fish caught fish in addition to low fat, low sodium dairy.

So this is, this is another take on pretty much maker’s South beach, paleo, all these types of diets, where they go into higher, a higher fiber, take the bite, basically take out all the processed foods, all the processed meats and you eat a high fiber STEM stock leaf vegetable diet increase the healthy fats like dark Barlas, extra Virgin olive oil, and then keep quality proteins in the diet.

So I mean, almost all of these, they all have their own take and they use their own science. But the bottom line that I see from almost every plant, just like this one’s talking about too, is they take these healthy things called vegetables. The STEM stock and leaf of the plant has gotten nutrients, but not a lot of excess calories because the seed and the root carry, the heavier form of calories.

And so you get a lot of the fiber and vitamins and minerals from the STEM stock leaf without the heavy caloric intake or the insulinogenic effect of like a roots, like a potato or like a carrot that have higher glycemic index. So like I said earlier, STEM stock, leaf vegetables and lean quality proteins. Like they talked about in the paleo with the Hunter gatherer, you know, you didn’t see cookies, cakes and ice cream running across the Prairie.

Or, you know, the last, so it, or take it or you’d fish, you get some sort of healthy fish you’d hunt, you get some sort of lean wild caught, killed animal. And those types of diets shows so much promise for health effects. That’s what everybody FARs in fitness or figure or bodybuilding or bikini competitors, all those people, they eat STEM, stock, leaf vegetables with lean proteins, and they do all that right up until the show, especially the last four weeks.

And that’s what gives them the super lean, super healthy, low fat figure or body or look okay. Number nine, low F F is called FODMAP diet FOD map diet. It’s for irritable bowel syndrome is says Aero bowel syndrome is on the rise. Indeed. It is estimated by 10 to 15% of the adult adult population suffers from this IBS symptoms. Although only five to 7% of adults have been diagnosed.

As a result, people are seeking out dietary strategies to combat their symptoms blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it goes on to saying there’s one clinically recommended diet to treat IVs to diet low in for mental carbs as low food thought, map diet, making it one of the top picks of 2021. The FODMAP stands for five keys that are banned on the diet for mendable. I don’t even know how to say that.

All of saccharides like wheat and lagoons. So it’s basically wheat and legumes, disaccharides like milk and yogurt and monosaccharides like figs, honey and fruit does containing fruits and poly alls like blackberries and lynching. These butchered, all that, sorry, their cobs are notorious for triggering uncomfortable digestive system symptoms like gas, bloating, and elimination is proven to be a great way of fighting IBS completely drug-free.

So all of these things or saccharides, or associated with carbohydrate. So it sounds like a lot of us naturally have bowel syndrome issues with certain types of carbohydrates. Well, if you eat STEM stock, leaf vegetables and lean proteins, you don’t have to deal with that at all.

So I don’t have to deal with that. And majority of people that eat healthy don’t know blackberries I that’s one of the things listed on here also talks about I’ve heard some things about what is it, the tomatoes.

But this is, I don’t know if that talked about that here. So anyways FOD map diet. So my take is if you have IBS, you can look into that. Other than that, for fitness, I don’t know a lot. The tin, the volume metrics diet is a diet that had a tagline eat more while consuming fewer calories. The idea behind it is can consume the most food by volume by triggering your body’s full feeling.

That’s the pressure receptors and density receptors in your stomach while simultaneously simultaneously consuming fewer calories as a result, foods like broths, think of water, log chicken broth and starchy non starchy veggies like carrots and kale are central.

So the diet forgets the diet followers avoid anything that’s small and calorie [inaudible] are high in calories, forget steak, high fat oils, and chocolates fill up on kale, spinach, and tons of water. So volume metrics, diet, basically, you’re trying to put pressure in the stomach to cause the pressure sensors to cause that feedback to your brain, which takes about 10 minutes. They create a satiation feel.

But if you eat like vegetables, STEM, stock, leaf vegetables, those are all exactly like the volume metrics diet. I’m just adding some lean proteins to it so that you actually build a little bit of muscle as you lose the fat Cirrus, smaller, more toned version of herself. So the volumetrics diet, I think, has its place for losing weight. I think it can be a great diet to just lose weight and become skinny fat you’re skinnier.

But you still have skin that kind of hangs and Lea is loose unless you consume the proteins to build up the muscle and then fill up that epidermis or skin with a more toned physique underneath. So a lot of people want to lose weight but they don’t understand that if you lose the fat, the skin will just hang on a skeleton or be kind of a, what I call skinny fat. It’s a skinny version, but still has skin and fat that hangs.

So you will do want to do the weights. I would say, do the weights, add the protein to the diet. If you do goal metrics, add some lean chicken and fish to the diet so that you can maintain some muscle mass and then keep with your weight training. So that’s that these are the 10 top 10 diet trends of 2021. And I would push the diets like the keto or the higher protein, lower carb approach.

They all match with a lot of the healthiest ones, except it’s adding a little bit of more meat. If you’re totally against me, you can also do like egg whites. And our whey isolate whey protein isolate would ha which has no milk sugars in it. If it’s an isolate, it takes the galactose and lactose sugars. So STEM stock, leaf vegetables, and increase your protein. I would encourage you to do that. And a lot of these diets have their pluses and minuses.

I generally work with people that want to actually look better and be healthy. So we want to lose the fat and tone the muscle underneath. So your a smaller, more toned fit version of yourself. And so anyways, that’s the take on the top 10 diets for 2021. I want you did you know that 70 to 80% of your success is your food or what you do in the kitchen? Apex 24 fitness and ESM. I have eight certifications as a trainer, as a fitness trainer.

I’ve been in, I’ve trained over 5,000 clients and I highly agree with the statement that 70 to 80% of what you look like is your food. So follow that meat and vegetable diet increase your STEM, suck lead veggies, increase your lean quality proteins, and then do some weight training and cardio and watch that felt multiple multi-way. Also, did you know that the best results are when people keep their programs consistent?

Also, did you know that if you keep it simple in the same, most of those people look the best and have the best fitness results. So if you want to get all of that into one mind frame document, pick up the CF 30 book Colaw fitness, 30 day workout journal. It’s 10 bucks at any of our locations. Colaw fitness, Bartlesville, Colaw fitness, Joplin, Colaw fitness Topeka Kansas Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas Colaw fitness Oklahoma city.

So go by and pick up one of the sea of 30 books. Follow it. You lose 10 to 30 pounds of fat and build muscle and tone up action steps, go, go join Colaw fitness. We’re only $1 down and it’s as low as $5 a month. We have free trainer classes. We actually teach you about the workouts and the diets are totally free. Like I said, it’s only $1 down. You get to use that we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

We’ll give you your money back. So if you want to work out for a month, it’s only a dollar and we’ll give you a dollar back. I encourage you to not believe me, go to Colaw fitness reviews go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews, read all listened to all the testimonials. I also encourage you to start the CFT 30 class and by the sea of 30 book.

So those are the action steps. So join Colaw fitness, do the free trainer classes and start that. See 30 book anyways. Like I said, check us out, go to Google and type in colaw fitness reviews on Google. Read about us, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. Anyways.

Thanks for listening. This is the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw. I have a blessed day. Bye bye.

best gym Oklahoma City

best gym Oklahoma City