Episode 123 - Top exercises to lose weight

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gym Topeka

gym Topeka

Hey, there, you can do this podcast today. I’m going to talk about top exercises to lose weight. So who am I? I am Charles Colaw, my wife, Amber Colaw. We’re the owners of Colaw fitness. I am an eight times certified personal trainer.

I also have an MBA in business and I’ve trained thousands and thousands of clients like yourself to lose weight over two decades and get in the best shape of their life. I’m also a, got a ton of social proof. Please go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube, and you can check us out.

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So today I’m going to talk about an article called I’m on healthline.com and it’s basically talking about some of the best exercises for weight loss. And I’m gonna talk about those and teach those to you.

Hopefully you get something out of it and I can also give a little bit of my take on it. So the best exercises for weight loss is basically first thing we talked about was walking. I totally agree. Walking is very, very simple, almost anybody and almost everybody can simply walk. Now if weather’s permitting, it’s always fun to walk outside.

If not, you can also walk in the gym Topeka, just like we have tons of treadmills in every one of our locations with some of the softer decks. So it’s a little bit easier than just regular payment to walk on, but walking is a great way to exercise, encourage a lot of people when they start off working out or even if they just want to walk, it’s great exercise and it gets the blood moving and you will enjoy it.

So w one of the best ways for weight loss is just to walk. If you do a walk in a slight incline, this is my opinion is trainer. I would incline it and try to get your heart rate somewhere between 120 to about 130 beats a minute, and just hold that. So incline it, and then push the speed up to where your heart rate finally gets about 120 minimum beats a minute, and just hold that.

And that’s going to be enough cardio benefit and calorie burning benefit to start seeing some good results. That way your intensity is just enough to be to produce a better result. I was also encouraged clients to get at least 300 calories and no more than about 500 calories on that machine.

Every day you could do that, and that will make a big difference. The goal I tell my clients is 500 calories every day on one of the cardiovascular machines. That’s going to be a good cardio session. You’re going to burn some good calories and get some good heart health benefit. Second thing they talk about is running or jogging, jogging, and running a really great exercise has helped lose weight. It’s the same thing kinda like is walking.

You’re just bringing up the intensity a little bit. And you want to get that heart rate again, like once you get into a jog and you break your regular stride, your heart rate actually goes down just a little bit, but go do the running. Your jogging is going to burn some more calories and make sure you keep that between about 130, 120, maybe 140 beats a minute.

Just hold that right there for your 300 to 500 calories every day. That’ll be a great way to go. If you’re thinking about time, most people spend about if they’re doing this, so it’ll be about 45 minutes to an hour to get 500 calories.

If you know, about half of that’s at 30 minutes to get 250 to 300 calories. So it kind of gives you an idea how many calories is going to take at that pace. So another great option for weight loss for exercises is cycling. I like cycling because especially with clients have like knee problems or hip problems or bone or joint issues, or they just they just are older and it’s just harder on their body to actually take the pounding of the pavement or the pounding of running on a treadmill.

It takes all the impact out like cycling is a great way to also get the cardio out this recombinant bike or upright by either way. Great options there. Number four is they talk about weight training. I do totally agree. Weight training is a great way for weight loss, to the benefit to weight train as you’re burning calories during the weight training.

But then you also have about a 72 hour timeframe where the muscles have to recover. So you actually burn more calories, not just in your workout, but the recovery period because of the tiny bit of the called microfiber tear or the stimulus to the muscle.

It’s where that soul soreness or adult eight can come from the muscle that could take 72 hours to recover to you’re actually at rest for after you work out, your body will be burning more calories for those next couple of days. So weight training is very good for helping burn fat and tone up. So next step is interval training. That’s just where you CRI interval training is where you move intensity up and down, up and down.

So if you’re on a treadmill, say you’re walking at a pace at two and a half miles an hour, and then you rev it up to like an eight mile an hour run slash jog. Okay. And then you go back down to a walk and then you do a run. So it’s like, let’s say you do the walk for two minutes and you do the jog for 30 seconds. And then you walk for two minutes and the jog for 30 seconds around the cardio bike, you move your pedals slowly for two minutes.

And then you do it fast for 30 seconds, slow for two minutes fast as you can. For 30 seconds. That interval training is another way that really helps with cardiac output cardiac recovery stimulation of the body central nervous system and all that stuff encourages even more fat loss and stimulation to the body. So interval trainings, where he is at a low intensity interval, and then you go back to high intensity interval and you switch up and down.

So I think of it like a marathon runner, they kind of have a thin build, was kind of soft. Think about a sprinter. They have a really lean tone build some of that interval training, I think correlates to more maintaining muscle and really burning some fat. So try that out with some interval training. I should do that for one of my first body. One shows I did a lot of interval training and it worked really well.

So swimming is the next one. Another great exercise for weight loss is swimming, swimming utilizes the whole body. I like it cause it’s not impactful. There’s no impact on the body new, like running or jogging. So swimming is a great option for cardiac output, cardiac recovery, but a mobility. And so on next step they talk about is yoga and Pilates. This is going to be like yoga applies like flexibility, holding some strength mobility.

And I really agree with a lot of that, especially with like sore joints and stuff. I’ve done some of the hot yoga and it’s so good for your joints, especially if you’re older. So anyways, but those are two options as well. I really like those. They can help burn calories and your body’s trying to, you know, go through, it’s just another stimulus to the body. Anything that stimulates the body increases your body’s recovery and caloric output.

So those are some great options there. Next step, after this article, I’m gonna talk about like some did you knows, and some action steps. Now we talked about exercise. That’s great. Now remember that exercise is only a small portion of what really your body needs to get in great shape.

So I’ve gone to all these different trainer schools, apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. I’ve trained for big companies and every place you go to when you go to their trainer school or their trainer education seminars, and, and week long, little get togethers, they talk about how important the food component is now, the food component, how important is it?

How important is it? Do you know? Well, 70 to 80, this is what they say. And a lot of these, a lot of these classes, 70 to 80% of your client success, or for what I’m telling you is your food plan. So I need to make sure that you’re following a food plan a calorie intake that’s going to be producing the results that you want. So 78% of your success is what you’re doing in the kitchen and what you’re eating.

Want to make sure you’re successful on that. Now your workouts, like we talked about all these exercises that only equates to like 20 to 30%. So it is super important, but you can still out eat the exercise. Like, like it’s a lot easier to eat 500 calories into this to burn 500 calories. So know that you’ve got to be eating a healthy set plan.

And we had those four, you had gotten mind freeing documents and booklets that we can give you that tell you exactly what to eat when to eat and how to prep it and get it all done and follow it. So I’m going to give you some of the information that is in our CF 30 book, Colaw fitness, 30 day diet and workout handbook. You can pick those up at any one of the clubs, but seventies.

So did you know that 70% of your success is your food? The only 20 to 30% is everything else. Remember the, did you know that the best results are when people that go to the gym Topeka are consistent? There’ll be a, one-time hard starter, bad finisher to be very consistent. They have a set plan and your schedule say every day I go right after work. It’s at five o’clock every day.

I go first thing in the morning, it’s at 6:00 AM. And just stick to that set commitment also the more that you keep your plants simple and the same and just consistent, and then really focused on following the flute food, you’re going to be really successful. A lot of people want to switch up the workout, switch up the food switch, and nothing really works because you never gave every anything along enough chance to really truly do it.

So if you’re following a really good food plan, keep your workout simple and the same, and you’re going to see some great results. Consistency is the reason why people are successful. And consistency is really the reason why most people are not successful. They’re hard starters and bad finishers. Let’s not do that. Remember if you want this all in, in front of you and on an easy to follow template, go pick up the co-op fitness book, the C F 30 books.

Follow that book for a month and lose a good 10 to 30 pounds. You have a good template. You’ll see exactly what you ate, what workouts you did. It’s all going to be logged in there. You actually log in this book the first 30 days. So it’s going to be a great, great success story for you. If you don’t believe me, go to Colaw fitness, YouTube I’m typing, go to youtube.com and type in Colaw fitness reviews and read those reviews.

Action steps for you guys. If you want to take action, I encourage guys to join Colaw fitness. It’s only $1 down it’s as low as $5 a month. That’s where two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month. And you can bring a friend for free and they can work out tan and massage and everything. Get the free trainer and everything on your membership with you.

That’s where two people can get all of that for as low as $5 a month. It’s only $1 to join. And we also have a seven day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. And for seven days there’s no commitment. It’s like a free trial. Each could you try it and you and your friend can go check it out. So I encourage you to join Colaw fitness. Number two is free trainer classes.

We’ve got free trainer classes. We’re gonna teach you how to use equipment, teach you what types of foods to be eating, all that kind of stuff for free. So go to the free trainer class. Number three is start the free CF 30 class and by the sea of 30 books. So go by that, see if 30 book follow the food plan to a teen or one or less than what it says for a month.

Start exercising, follow that workout plan right to a tee. Next is read your daily words of encouragement in that book for mental health and motivation. Also go to Google reviews. So if you want to get motivated, read Google or do use cobalt fitness, a Google reviews type in Colaw fitness. Google reviews, and read about our club and what people like about our club, the atmosphere, and the staff’s amazing.

Also go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews. Watch people just like yourself, have lost weight and got in great shape. Go to Colaw fitness, YouTube type, go to youtube.com type in Colaw fitness reviews type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. Thanks for listening to the podcast. This is Charles Colaw. You guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye-Bye.


gym Topeka

gym Topeka