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Topeka gyms

You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about best heart, healthy diets, best healthy heart healthy diets. So who I am, who am I? I am Charles Colaw and my wife, Amber Colaw. We’re the owners of Colaw fitness. I’m an eight time certified fitness trainer, personal trainer. I’ve worked with lots of people, hard on losing weight, get in shape, heart health, and so on. I’m going to talk about heart-healthy stuff today.

I’ve trained a thousands of clients over the years. You can check me out on YouTube type on type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube Colaw fitness reviews, and you can see thousands of clients that have worked with harsh and losing weight and getting a great shape. Colaw fitness Topeka gyms. We currently have locations in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, we have locations for Colaw fitness in Joplin, Missouri.

And we have Colaw fitness locations in Topeka, Kansas. We have Colaw fitness locations in Arlington, Texas, and Colaw fitness locations and Oklahoma city. So hopefully we’ll be in a town near you as well. If you’re not in one of those cities every one of our clubs in every one of our cities were the highest rated and most reviewed. And most of the time we get top honors every year for our fitness clubs. Who’ve got great staff, great trainers.

So come check us out sometimes. So this article today I’m going to talk about is an article online that I ran across that talked about experts, ranking the six best diets for heart health. It was different experts from ranking in these six best diets for heart health. And I’m going to give my take on it for the Topeka gyms.

So without further ado in this article, they talk about the importance of heart health and talk about how heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all those types of things that circulatory health heart are the top killers in America.

And even though there is some decrease in heart disease it is still the number one killer. So heart attack and so on are our major factors for, for, for death. And so eating healthy is going to be huge part. It’s probably the biggest part besides exercise is important too, but in this, they talk about several different diet plans.

The first one that they talk about on the top of the list is the dash diet, the dash diet it’s D a S H you can Google it dash and then type in dash diet or Google and research. It, it stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension and hypertension is like high blood pressure.

So what they’re trying to do is they gonna, they’re gonna focus on foods that are good for your heart, lower your blood pressure and things like that. This diet, it says since nutrients like potassium, calcium, protein and fiber are crucial with ending off or fighting against high blood pressure debt.

The dash diet promotes foods with these nutrients. It’s a fairly simple in that it promotes eating what you have always known are healthy foods like fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and low fat dairy while limiting foods that are high in saturated fats. That’s the fat, that’s solid at room temperature as, as such as fatty meals, fat, full dairy products and sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets.

And so the dash diet primarily focuses on cutting the processed foods and the saturated fat foods in your diet. And a lot other diets do that too, but this one is just focusing primarily for the heart health component, not the weight loss component. So anyway, the next one they talk about for the Topeka gyms.

So dashers number one. Number two is the Mediterranean diet. And I’m going to read this on the Mediterranean. So the section here that they talk about, it says the Mediterranean diet continues to be Harold as one of the best heart-healthy eating plans based on research that indicates people living in countries on the Mediterranean sea, that they live longer than most Americans and suffer less from cancer and cardiovascular ailments.

This is a diet low in red meat, sugar, and saturated, fat and high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, lagoons, olive oil and flavor, flavorful herbs, and spices efficiency, food consumption, encourage is encouraged a couple of times a week with poultry eggs, cheese, yogurt, and moderation sweets, and red meat should be saved for special occasions. Like many heart-healthy diets.

This one also allows a splash of red wine. If you stay physically fit, maintain an active life. So not only will the diet be good for your heart, but may help with weight control this Mediterranean diet. I like a lot of the components to this. It’s a lot of the way that I like to eat as well. And this is basically for, you know, taking out the saturated fats limiting the red meat and eating higher quality proteins.

So low fat, high quality lean proteins, and then all of your really good STEM stock leaf vegetation. And then it has some fruits in there too. I also put olive oil and a lot of my protein shakes in the of 30 plan, the Colaw fitness, 30 day diet and workout plan. We put olive oil in all of the shakes. Those are super good for your heart health and your good HDL.

That’s the high density, lipoproteins good cholesterol. And it lowers the bad cholesterol. So the Mediterranean diet, a lot of fish olive oil, healthy, lean proteins, it flies or swims instead of like, like red meat. So it is a better diet for sure. And if you talked to cardiologists, they talk about how the benefits of that type of component of good diet as well, next diet on the list. So we’ve had two so far, first was dash that’s.

It’s basically stands for dietary approach to stop hypertension, lowering the blood pressure, and that focuses on foods that will help lower blood pressure and be heart-healthy Mediterranean is just the one that eats more like the Mediterranean area. And it has less red meat. And again, a lot of the heart healthier foods, a lot of the things you already know this Ornish diet is next. This is number three, Ornish diet.

I’m going to read this little section says Dean Ornish is a clinical professor of medicine at the university of California. San Francisco is the founder of preventative medicine research in nearby cell anyways nearby somewhere and introduced the diet decades ago based on his landmark heart disease reversal trials, the study stipulates that only 10% of your daily calories can come from fat and very little of it can be saturated.

So it was basically a super, super, super low saturated fat diet foods that are high with any cholesterol or refined carbohydrates oils, excessive caffeine, and nearly all animal products are banned egg whites, and one cup per day of non-fat milk or yogurt or exemption fiber. And lots of complex carbohydrates are encouraged up to two ounces of alcohol per day are permitted.

The diet involves a regime with less stress management techniques with stress management techniques, exercise, and social support and no smoking. So this guy right here is like an Einstein genius when it comes to really strategically trying to reverse that plaque buildup in the artery and veins and has landmark heart disease reversal trials.

And this is where only 10% of your calories can come from fat and like no saturated fat. So this is where you can’t eat burgers. You’re not going to be eating candy and Snickers bars and cookies, or any of the baked goods with regular with, with butters and oils and things like that. And then this is where you’re literally eating, like just lean veggies fruits, or only super, super lean protein sources.

And he talks about egg whites. I eat a lot of egg whites. I do the big containers. It’s just say egg whites at Walmart. There’s like about 20 eggs worth in a tall carton. And I’ll eat like a whole carton of that at once, like 18 egg whites, but there’s zero saturated fat, zero fat and zero cholesterol. So egg whites are super great protein source.

And so it’s neat how they say that, but I agree with this, this Ornish diet I’ve done an Ornish diet type component prior to getting blood work done. And it does like if I eat like that for three weeks, it’s like all my blood labs are perfect. So I’ve had where the cholesterol was high with eating like a bulking up diet and then go right back to a super low fat, low cholesterol taking out the stimulants like caffeine and stuff, and then get your blood work done.

And within three weeks it’s like, my blood works perfect. So if you eat like this for a long period of time, it makes sense that it will clean out your circulatory system. That’s basically your bloodstream, the plaque buildup the arteries, the veins, and clean all that out and really help you get healthy.

So if anybody hasn’t has like health issues or heart issues, or has family members studying that Ornish diet, I do think is a great option. And you should do that for a good six months to a year and really try to reverse some of that. So research that Ornish diet, and then look up reversal trials, heart disease, reversal trials, Ornish diet. So it was the next day that talking about T L C diet T L C diet is basically an to read this real quick.

It’s created by the national Institute of heart health. I’m sorry, created by the national institutes of health national cholesterol education program and the, the therapeutic lifestyle changes, TLC therapeutic lifestyle changes, diet endorsed by the American heart association as a heart-healthy program that can reduce the risk of heart disease.

The key is cutting back dramatically on one fat, especially the saturated fat that’s the fat meat like fatty meat cuts and cutting back on whole milk, whole dairy and all fried foods that can increase the level of bad cholesterol, which that increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

This diet limits, the daily dietary cholesterol intake and promotes meals high in fiber, the T L C diet you’ll be eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat non-dairy fish and skinless poultry, and focus on broiled baked, grilled roasted poached, and steamed preparation. This is a lot of calorie counting on the side, but it’s well worth it as it’s been proven to lower cholesterol levels.

I agree these a lot of these diets are nice. Sit. When I see them, they’re really pretty much very similar. They all Y’all cut out saturated fats. That’s this, this solid, like if you have a fat, if it’s solid at room temperature, it’s called saturated. It’s like, if you ever had a, like a steak and then it sits on the plate for a long time, and you can see the fat on the plate solidifies at room temperature saturated, it means it’s solid at room temperature.

And then when you heat it up, it’s a liquid, but anything that’s a solid fat at room temperature. That’s what it can do can solidify in the artery and the veins. And so you want to make sure that you’re not eating saturated fats. When you look at the label, it’ll tell you how much saturated fat is in that food. So if it’s like a piece of meat, or if it’s any type of box cereal or box container or box can or anything, it’ll tell you how much cholesterol is in it.

And I’m sorry, I’ll tell you how much saturated fats in it. And that saturated fat also correlates over to some of the dietary cholesterol. They talk about another thing that they say is that as sugars can also increase that cholesterol level as well. So taking out saturated fats sugars, that’s what almost every type of diet plan focuses on. But these strategically talk about heart healthy components.

Then the goal is heart health. The next day, I’m going to talk about it’s called a flexitarian diet. This is basically where you’re eating like a vegan, except for some small little things where you can kind of flex on so you can eat some meat and you can’t have a few little freebies. This is, this diet incorporates two concepts, flexible and vegetarian. The term was coined most sorry, more than a decade ago by a dietician called Don Jackson.

Lanter who claims that you don’t have to eliminate meat completely to reap the benefits of health associated with the vegetarianism. You can be a vegetarian most of the time, but still indulge in occasional burgers and steaks flexitarian means you revolve around plant proteins rather than animal proteins.

However, with an emphasis on new meat, tofu, beans, lentils, peas, nuts, seeds, and fruits and veggies. Whole grains, dietary dairy, and some sugar and spice such as dried herbs, salad dressing, a Garvey nectar counting calories is also suggested in the first five week plan. Breakfast should be around 300 calories lunches around four and dinners around five snacks, about 150 calories so that the daily calorie count is low in.

He tries to focus on getting about 1500 calories, like all these diets menu plans and recipes are always available. Okay. So all of this, I’m going to just kind of go into to a takeaway. The takeaway here is a couple of components for heart. You want to lower saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet. Why saturated fats, the solid fats and foods at room temperature, and they affect your cholesterol and a cholesterol rising and increases with a call the L D O low density.

Lipoproteins the bad cholesterol, LDO, L D L L D L stands for low density. Lipoproteins, it’s basically the fat floating around in your bloodstream. And with those art think of low densities, it’s like sticky and gooey. So if you have, if your blood, if your vein or your, your, your bloodstream, think of it like a manhole, and you have a big goofy beach ball, you throw down the manhole and it can stick to the sides.

Well, low density is sticky, so it can stick the sides of the veins and arteries. And eventually that pushes up against it. That slit solid gooey stuff turns to plaque and hardens, and that NPDES or slows the flow of blood in your bloodstream. Then they also have what’s called high density lipoprotein.

So think of like a little golf ball, that’s very hard and your tons of them throwing them down a manhole. But it can like chip away and keep that plaque from building up. So the HDLs are like the little golf balls. The LDLs are big, soft, gooey beach balls that can stick to the sides. So the good cholesterol is, can keep pushing everything through and keep knocking that and keeping that plaque buildup away.

And the LDLs that low density lipoproteins get sticky, gooey. So you want to have good, the good cholesterol and low of the bad. You want to have a high of the good and low, the bad and what you eat makes a big impact on that.

So you want to be eating foods that take away the saturated fats and the sugars out of your diet. So saturated fats, the solid fats at room air. Fried foods fatty cuts of meat a lot of different types of desserts have a combination of saturated fats and oils with sugar. So those are really unhealthy. So you know, like desserts and lots of different things that you eat. That are processed foods and box containers.

So so what do you eat? Lean fish, chicken, egg whites low in fat, low in saturated, fat for proteins, and then all the fruits and vegetables. Like I like this high fiber vegetables, the STEM, the stock, the leaf veggies and then fruits occasionally as well. So those are all super low cholesterol, super low fat. They’re pretty much no fat and all the plant-based foods.

So if you’re going to eat animal-based foods, it’s gotta be super lean, like no fat on it. If you’re going to do the plant-based foods, all almost all the plant-based foods have like no cholesterol in it. So that’s like, you know, fruits and vegetables. So the takeaway is if you want to get heart-healthy the top diet that I would say focus on, or it could be any of these, but like the Mediterranean diet has a really good one.

The dash diet, if you have high blood pressure is a good one. Remembering that if you want it to work out and be in shape. You know, you can still use egg whites and like whey protein isolate. To add into your diet that doesn’t hardly affect cholesterol at all because the. That whey protein is a dairy product, but it’s eliminated almost all fat and all carbs and all sugar out of that protein source.

So you can always do your vegan based diet or your vegetable based diet and still use egg whites and whey protein isolate, and you’d still keep cholesterol extremely low and hit all your goals. Another thing is, is all of well, I’d put a lot of the extra-virgin dark bottle, olive oil cook with it, and also add a tablespoon or half a tablespoon to every protein shake that you do drink, because that will actually help with that.

They call the HDL good cholesterol and those help lower your bad. So it helps everything that you do happen to have cholesterol in the blood stream or plaque that’s built up over time. Those that olive oil will be like those little tiny golf balls, cleansing it out and making it healthy. So, anyways, that’s my take on the article.

I want you also to know that if you want to be successful for fitness and weight loss, that 70 to 80% of your success is your food. It’s what you’re doing in the kitchen. So then you want to make sure that you’re eating the right stuff. Apex 24 fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. I’ve got lots of different certifications around the country for fitness training and nutritional consulting.

So make sure you’re eating the foods that are going to help you reach your goal. 70 to 80% of your success is what you do in the kitchens, what you eat. Next is also the best results and fitness are going to come when you’re consistent. So you’ve got to have a consistent plan, same time, same place, and just hit your repeat button with your workouts. Making sure that you keep your program simple and the same.

Why do I say that? Because it’s better to be consistent than to be a hard starter and bad finisher. If you want all of this information that I’ve talked about, even information on the food stuff that you could really start losing weight, getting in shape and improving your heart health GotU, Colaw fitness signup.

We’ve got a C F 30 books, Colaw fitness, 30 day book. It’s a book that I’ve written pick up one of those it’s 10 bucks. And then start following the workouts and the nutrition plan in it. It’s a completely mindframe document you can take that helps you lose weight and get in great shape. So action steps today, giant Colaw fitness sign up for the free that’s number one joint Colaw fitness.

Number two free trainer classes go to all the free trainer classes, sign up for the free trainer classes. So one joint co-op fitness to sign up for the free trainer classes, and then three start that CF 30 book, and start following the book. Start exercising, read the daily words of encouragement that I have in there. Also I encourage you to not believe me, go to Colaw fitness, and Google reviews, type it in Google Colaw.

I go to google.com type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and you’ll see all these testimonials. You see how people like your club also encourage you to not believe me and just go to YouTube and typing Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube typing Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube, and you’ll see thousands of people like yourself.

Who’ve lost weight and got in great shape. Anyways, this is Charles Cola on this week’s podcast about heart healthy diets, the best heart healthy diet I’m with Charles Cola and Amber Cola with Cola fitness. Thank you for listening to this podcast. You guys have a wonderful day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye-Bye.

Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms