Episode 125 - 10 tips to get in shape

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Welcome to the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw, the daily podcast that provides you with the proven path to fat loss and total body transformation. Get ready because you’re about to enter the, you can do this podcast.

Well, it was Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast today. I’m going to talk about 10 tips to get in shape. So who am I? I am Charles Colaw and my wife, Amber Colaw. We are both on this podcast and we are basically the owners of Colaw fitness, the founders of the Colaw Fitness gym.

gym Topeka

gym Topeka


And I am an eight times certified fitness trainer certified in sport performance or older adults certified in nutrition, providing dietary guidance and nutrition. And I’ve trained thousands of clients just like yourself to get in shape, whether you’re an athlete, elderly or a young or old whoever.

I’ve worked with probably over 5,000 people in my past helping them basically change their nutrition and workout habits to lose weight, get in shape, and I want to help you get in shape as well. I encourage you to not believe me.

I encourage you to go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews, and watch thousands of clients who are just like yourself, real people that have lost weight and got in shape fall.

And a lot of these principles go into our clubs and you can see tons and tons, thousands of other people out there like yourself, losing weight, getting in great shape, following some of these principles.

So without further ado we also we own gyms in lots of different locations across the country. A few of those here currently are Bartlesville, Oklahoma Joplin, Missouri Colaw fitness, Topeka, Kansas Cola,w fitness, Colaw fitness, Arlington, Texas Colaw fitness, Oklahoma city. And we’ve got some more on the way and looking to franchise as well.

So we are currently the highest rated and reviewed gym Topeka, I believe in the world, but for sure we’re the highest rated and most reviewed gym Topeka in all of our current markets. So today I’m going to talk about this article and then I’m basically going to go through this article, give my take on it and try to help educate you on things that you can do to get started and get in shape.

First off this article is written by, is called sky high news.com and it talked about 10 tips that help people get in shape. And I’ll give my take on it. Number one, tip to get shaved. They said set goals. So first off you got to set goals in this article that says, this is a given.

If you intend to succeed in anything valuable in life and fitness is certainly one of those things, the more specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely you can be when down your goals, the more likely likely you are to succeed. I definitely agree with all of that.

When I would train clients or when I work with clients, I always had a mind frame document that tells them exactly what to do, what time to do it, how much water to drink, what supplements to take on a day by day basis. So they have workout times food and nutrition and supplemental things, and they simply check boxes. We actually have a program where we can give you for free called the CF 30.

You could pick up a book or you go through the sea of 30 class at any of our clubs. And we have some of that stuff that gives you a Mindtree template to follow, but setting the goal. What kind of goal would that be? Well, like some people say I wanna lose 10 pounds in 30 days.

I want to lose 50 pounds or for myself, when I first got into fitness, when I was in high school, I was, I was a three oh three, was my heaviest and I lost 83 pounds with the help of a trainer. He helped me basically completely changed my diet and I started doing cardio and weights on a regular basis. And next thing you know, nine months later I was 83 pounds less.

I ended up competing in a fitness competition of bodybuilding show and got to second and teen and fourth in men’s. So setting goals, that’s where I set a goal. I wanted to lose at least 30 pounds. I ended up losing 83 pounds over the course of that nine months and also winning a fitness competition. So you can be successful set some goals.

That’s number one. I agree with that. Number two, it says keeping an exercise and food journal, or pretty much kind of went over that in one. And the reason why we do that is when you have written goals and you have a journal. So like if I like, for example, that see if 30 books that call off and is 30 day food and diet book, you simply fill in all of these meals and then you just check, box them off that you’re following it.

And then you hit your workout and your cardio for the day. And it’s like complete mind, freedom to see one page document, everything like a checklist checked off, knowing that you’re on track, anybody who follows us you know, it follows that book will lose at least 10 to 30 pounds of body fat and just it just 30 days.

So we’ve done it tons of times anyways, but yes, I agree with that on step two is you got to say one, this one is goals. Step two is keeping an accurate food journal. Another thing about keeping a food journal, I’ve been certified in lots of different style types of training. And I got eight different certifications in fitness training. And one, one place will say 80% of your results is your food.

Another place we’ll say like 70% of your results is your food, but regardless it’s not the gym, it’s what you’re eating. That makes the biggest difference. You get one hour a day to do your workout. Most people, even, even less than that. And then you have the other 23 hours that you could be screwing it up with a bad diet, so want to make sure you know exactly what to do.

So follow a good food plan, a good food journal and stick right to it. Number three. All right. You talked about supplement plans. So in this same article, just like I talked about, about step one, what we’ve been doing in the past with clients, food workout, diet supplements, all on a free document.

So supplement plans, number three, it says supplemental plans always have several supplemental fitness plans addressing all situations in your life. How we did is it says, wow, we did ha says, wow, did we ever need this strategy this year? You should have come up with everything from 15 minute workouts to 60 minute plans, travel plans, sports specific plans.

So you are prepared for whatever is thrown your way in life. So this is where they’re talking about supplemental, not supplemental like dietary plans, but supplemental plans that if you’re traveling or on the go, how are you going to do your workout?

And that is a great idea so that, you know, that you’re always staying active. And like for example, like for myself, I will check before I travel and make sure that I can get access to a gym Topeka within about 10 minutes of where I’m traveling for a hotel or a vacation spot or Lizzie and a family member. So that way I always have a plan to go do that.

And if I don’t I generally will, we’ll go for a walk or a jog or something like that outside, or even I’ll even do like a little route fitness routine in like the living room or in a bedroom just to do something, to kind of get my body going. But the big thing is, is knowing, having a supplemental plan so that you don’t miss and really in all honesty, I, I don’t think I really ever miss.

You can always get something in every now and then let’s say if I was doing a move moving one location to another location, and I’m literally traveling the whole time. And certain times I’ve maybe missed one day or two days, but I’ve never missed a full week. So it’s, you have a backup plan kind of know where you’re traveling.

I always try to stay within 10 minutes of a gym Topeka that I could go to and get a workout in. I check the times that it’s available and open and I go, and I get a workout in number four, it talks about hiring the best trainers in the business to train you.

This means they have credentials, including the university degree in health and fitness related discipline years of full-time training experience and certifications in the relevant fields applicable to your needs.

Choosing a trainer that will be a good fit for your personality, loyalty, and focus. So I definitely agree with a great trainer. You are Proverbs 13, 20 says, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. So what you put yourself around walking with the why? So walk with a wise trainer walk with a wise person, that’s going to get you to your goals.

Somebody who’s has a proven track record has proven, correct. [inaudible] Totally agree with that. Like I said, I’ve worked with over 5,000 people. I built a multi-million dollar multi-state business, all 100% funded upon fitness dollars, no investors. And so the big thing is, is you want to work with people that have done it in the real life.

And they understand like, like I said, in high school was over 300 pounds. I struggled with food, struggled with weight, struggle with the discipline mastered that took that over into business as well.

But the whole thing is, is making sure you pick a good fit for you for as a trainer and somebody that can reach your goals. Most people really just want to lose weight and tone up and feel better. And that’s, that’s easily done with just really like logging your food, making a diligent plan to follow it, and then hitting a workout at least once a day or once every other day, you’re going to see a huge difference.

So if you’re in sports specific stuff, you may need a specific trainer for that for training, for like a marathon or an iron man game, you got to work with somebody who has a track record of doing that stuff and accomplishing that or training clients to accomplish that in the past. So generally you gotta look in their background and see if it’s somebody that’s a good fit.

Number five. So I agree with, for number five, tip is perform some bonafide investigating of the group fitness programs for you and your fitness goals. These group programs are limited right now, but it’s good to prepare you for the future. So I think this article was written, it was talking probably primarily during COVID when there was you can be around other people, but group fitness programs.

So they’re great for comradery. I think they’re wonderful for that. My take on basically investigating group fitness programs, let’s say it says these and making sure that it’s a good fit for you. I would say that I love group fitness for the comradery and the workout itself, but so many times they don’t address the other 23 hours of the day of really like life coaching you through good food and good rest and, and good lifestyle habits.

It’s just like high intensity, all workout. And then we all go great. And then you go back and still do your same bad habits. Then you don’t really change your, your, your dietary habits, your sleep habits, your, your, your, your life cycle, your normal life habits during the day. So I have caution with just doing group fitness classes all the time is I’ve worked with tons and tons of people that are big group fitness people.

Then they ended up coming to me because they really hadn’t gotten the results of weight loss and toning they wanted because they didn’t address that 70 to 80%. That’s the diet. And that’s like a good fitness coach is like a good psychologist, helps them get on a good, balanced, healthy routine for themselves as a human being so that you addressed the biggest issues.

Which is like food and loss through the dietary program and then coaching to hold them accountable to that, and really build that as a lifestyle. So so I do think that that group fitness programs are great, but make sure that you’ve got somebody who’s really going to guide you on your dietary plan and basically kind of be a life coach to make sure that you’re implementing it and holding you accountable on it.

Cause if you just do group fitness classes or high intensity classes, it’s going to completely miss the mark to lose the weight and get in the shape that you really want. It’s going to be like, Hey, great workout. Everybody likes it. Everybody smiles. Everybody’s pumped, excited, a lot of emotion, a lot of excitement and positive emotion, but, but yet not real good action steps and results in the mirror.

So be careful on that. Make sure you got a good dietary plan, a good fitness coach holding you accountable on it. So number six is incorporate high intensity interval training in your program, two to three times a week, better yet.

Have your trainer develop the hit program as well as her supplemental plans? I agree with that. I always say I do every one of my workouts, which is I hit workout seven days a week. Used more traditional weight training, but I set it up in what I call a giant sets, which are like four successive exercises in a row before you rest.

And I do it in high intensity format. So my heart rate is up for probably probably five or six minutes. And then I rest for about three or four kind of get cardiovascular cardiovascular recovery and cardio-respiratory recovery. And then I hit it again so I can do it with just traditional weight training and bodyweight training.

So I do that in, in my day every day, pretty much. And it says two to three days a week. I do it all the time. So I would say, yeah, I would for sure do, at least I would do at least three days a week and then also have backup programs that if you, if you, if you’re out traveling or whatever, have your supplemental workout plan that you can just do at your hotel room or do on the go.

I agree with that on the hit program, I like to do like like super sets, giant sets and do like several rounds of that is how I do it. So I can quickly and efficiently hit a bunch of exercises at once and get cardio benefit and strength, training benefit, muscular strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and cardiovascular respiratory recovery benefits.

Next step it says home fitness, number seven talks about this fitness tip, home fitness, those fortunate enough to work out at their facilities during 2020 still needed to create their own supplemental in-home program.

This is full blown comprehensive program for your home, which addresses spatial and equipment needs. You can have your trainer design. These for you and virtual training is excellent too. I agree with all that. So of course, as a, now 2021, it’s kind of gone away all that COVID, stuff’s gone away.

You can always have that in your back pocket so that you have your in home workout program or your on the go workout program and utilize virtual training if you want. So I think that’s great. Home fitness is a great option as well. I do agree if you can. We are creatures created for community and getting out and having a routine out and about is generally more productive.

Most home workout people fall off because they just lack motivation. And when you’re actually in front of other people and working out with the people, you generally work out a little bit harder in general.

So, you know, and also having a trainer like, like a real trainer at a gym, you’re going to push yourself harder as well. So most people will so intrinsic, super, super motivated people that are fitness junkies. They can, they can do that at home.

But most people in the real world, they need some trainer and they need to be around others to kind of stay motivated or else they get burnt out just in a room by themselves doing exercises. So that’s home fitness. I do agree with tip there eight, it says move every day, no matter what, unless you’re seriously injured or ill, you need to move daily.

And it talks about and this means in addition to your daily routine, agree with that. There’s all these studies that talk about that. Getting your car to the car, basically getting your heart, heart, heart rate up increase your circulation, your blood flows, what basically oxygenates and repairs, every cell in your body.

So cellular respiration, oxygen respiration. Nutrient distribution throughout the whole body is all done through increasing your heart rate. And pushing that blood through and also eating a good diet. You want to get up, you want to get moving also to serotonin and dopamine are pleasure hormones from the, from the brain and that is directly affected from activity.

So you actually feel good when you exercise. Not actually when you start, but when you get going after you get going. You’ll have this like release of serotonin and dopamine have other runners high or the pump or the things like that in the workout. And people actually, that is a real thing. It’s the same two hormones that come from like eating food and sex.

Those endorphins are released not to the same degree. But when you exercise, so it’s really good mentally and physically for your body. So, you know, it’s yes, I agree with eight number nine. It says, remember the 90 10 rule, this rule states that your weight management is 90% about what and how much you put in. Your mouth and 10% of your regular performance exercise program.

Understand that does not mean exercise is less important because it remains a critical component of weight management. However, the most however, most of us cannot exercise enough to undo a bad dietary regimen. This is where I went back and talked about apex 24 fitness and SM Cooper Institute and all the different certifications I’ve had throughout the country.

They’ll talk from 70 to 80% of your success is your dietary habits. This guy is talking about 90% is your dietary habits. And 10% is your fitness habits. So you have to master that dietary program, that foods, which you put in your mouth.

And if you want a mind free template, I’ve got that for you. It’s called the CF 30 book. Pick it up at are any of our clubs called the CF 30 books stands for Colaw fitness, 30 day book. It’s a mind-frame template that will tell you exactly what to eat. What time did you eat? How much water to drink and tells you exactly what to do every day for your workout.

And it’s very, very, very, very simple, very effective, just it’s it’s just great. So pick that up, but it, that is addressing that 90 10 rule that they talk about here. 70, 30 at most trainer courses, what they talk about. So number 10, it says the 10 a fitness tip. The last one, it says, give one more percent. There’s always a little piece of energy that you have not utilized in your workout.

This coming year, give one more percent. It’s a systematic effect on your entire life and the success and happiness that as part of that is possible. So just saying, you want to give more than you did previously. So in your workouts, give a one more percent of that push on the workout when we’re percent and your attitude towards that workout.

And that’s, that’s a great fitness tip. You always want to push yourself a little more, give a little more, one more percent. And of course that’s just goes to everything in life, like it says. So I agree with all that. So that’s the article addressed in this? This is sky high news.com talked about 10 strategies to get fit for 2021. And I just kind of basically said the 10 fitness tips to get you, to get you in better shape this year.

Also I want you to know that 70 to 80% remember, so this is my big, big, big, big thing. And on, did you know that 70 to 80% of your success is going to be your food? It’s what you do in the kitchen. So let me repeat that.

Did you know that 70 to 80% of your success is the food? It’s what you’re doing in the kitchen. Also remember, did you know that your best results are when people are consistent? So I, like I said, a lot of these people want to jump in these high intensity workout groups. And they’ll do it for a week or two. Then they quit or they do it for a month and they stop and they don’t have a dietary plan at all.

I’m just telling you, there’s just so many people come to me and they say. I did this, you know, super intense program. It’s the new trend. And then I still not doing it. And I, now I don’t have a good habit. They don’t really build good dietary habits, good daily routines and so on. And so you’ve got to get the best results. Basically what I’m saying, the best results are when you’re very, very consistent.

The best results are when people are consistent with their food. Number one, and number two with a good routine. That’s sustainable, not high intensity, non sustainable, but sustainable. Okay. another thing on, did you know, did you know if you keep your workout simple and the same. If you keep your workout simple in the same, it’s very effective.

As long as you stick with your food, keep your workout simple on the same. A lot of people say, you got to switch to this guys, which is you got to switch this. You, you really don’t. I’ve maintained under 10% body fat ever since I was basically clinically obese in high school. Just keeping programs simple and the same. And what I mean by that is I do the same simple workouts.

I follow a really healthy, clean diet that keeps me very lean and fit. And that is the most important component. You can do fun stuff. Can get high intensity stuff. You can do switch things up for fun. But if you struggle with just doing things, remember keeping it simple in the same is going to be the most effective. Lastly, if you kind of say, well, what do I need to do, Charles?

This is one simple mind-frame document. Pick up that [inaudible] fitness, 30 day diet book and workout book. It gives you everything. It has everything on each page. You just check off your food for all throughout the day and check off your workout to mind free document.

You scorecard yourself and give yourself a grade and you’ll be super successful. So action steps for you to be successful. I want you to join cool off at let’s go. If you’re on one of the current locations that you can go by any of those, any of those states or any of those towns go by joint Cola, fitness. It’s only $1 down at the rest of the month is completely free.

You have a seven day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk. Come back, check it out. Colaw fitness. Pick up a membership. It’s only $1 to get started. Workout start at the free trainer classes. You can go to those free training classes for free. They give you orientations on how to use stuff.

You can actually jump into the CF 30 class and learn how to do some of the exercises. And by the CF-30 book, CF30 books, only 10 bucks. And you pick that up, start falling that start falling the food plan, the exercise program. Read the daily words of encouragement in the book for mental health and motivation. I encourage you to go and look us up.

So type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews have been Colaw fitness. Google reviews look us up click on the clubs. I’ve got Colaw fitness near me and click on the Google reviews type in Colaw fitness near me on Google. Type it in and type and look through all the reviews, read all the one good ones, read all the bad ones and make a decision because here’s the deal.

We are the highest rated and reviewed gym Topeka. We are unapologetically a Christian gym Topeka and a super great beginner format. So come check us out. Also go to YouTube.

Don’t believe me, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube. Colaw fitness reviews, go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews. Watch thousands of people, real people, just like yourself, losing weight and get in great shape. So, you know, I thank you for listening to this podcast and you guys have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye-Bye.

gym Topeka

gym Topeka