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Hello. Cool on that. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about best workout routines, best workout routines. So who am I? I am Charles Colaw, lot. Me and my wife Amber Colaw, while we are the owners of Colaw Fitness. I am an eight times certified fitness trainer. I have trained thousands of clients in my past since pretty much early two thousands.

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Topeka gyms

Colaw fitness is also the highest rated and most reviewed gyms and every one of those markets. So that’s Cola, fitness is the highest rated and most reviewed Topeka gyms. So check us out. Today the article we’re talking about comes from, comes from a men’s journal article online, and it talks about what are the best workouts. It’s called the actual article is listed as, let me grab it here.

It says the best workout routines ever, according to science. And so I’m tiling this the best workout routines. So I’m going to go through this article, talk about it and give my take on it and then give you some great action steps so that you can have a great workout routine.

So, first off on here, number one, workout they talk about is a dumbbell front squat dumbbell, front squat, dumbbell, front squat. I totally have done quite a few of those in my past.

I usually, when I originally started, I did a lot of back squats and then I started doing front squats, but a Dumbo front squad is where you’re going to hold the dumbbells right on top of your shoulders and kind of push your elbows up. And you’re going to sit and squat in a squat motion. You can, you can Google dumbbell front squat, and you can see a lot of different of people doing them.

The squat lotion is one of the best for the hamstrings glutes, low back core. It’s a stabilizer. So it’s a really a lower body exercise, but your total body gets a workout in it. Just to stay stabilized. So a great workout. I totally agree with that as a good functional exercise that will get your, your quadricep, the upper part of your legs, hamstring back part of your legs, hips, and butt.

And your back is going to be a stabilizer in your abs and your course called your transverse of dominance. They’re going to be stabilizers. It’s a great workout. And you’ll actually kind of feel like a total body workout. It is more core and lower body focused. So the next workout on here is talks about a shoulder press, a dumbbell shoulder, press a double, a double shoulder press.

It talks about how to do the exercise and you can like Google it, dumbbell shoulder, press, Google dumbbell, shoulder press, and you can watch a bunch of videos on different variations of that. Dumbo shoulder rest is a great exercise. It’s going to work your upper shoulders, your upper arms your upper back a little bit. It really wouldn’t say shoulders. That gets a lot more things than just your shoulders. It’s going to get your triceps.

It’s also going to get your you know, your, your basically your full upper body shoulders triceps, upper back, and also head neck and spine. It takes a lot to stabilize that motion, but I agree. Devo shoulder press is a very functional, great exercise. And one thing about dumbbells is you can always use dumbbells anywhere you’re at, whether you’re at home or at a Topeka gyms, very, very functional.

You don’t have to have a lot of other equipment three convenient next on the list that they have is barbell bent over rows as one of the best workouts of barbell bent over rows barbells is where you use a long bar.

And I would say best thing to do is just Google it, barbell, bent over rows, or watch it on YouTube. And that’s basically, you’re going to kind of get an athletic ready position and you’re going to grab a bar, you know, pull it up to your, your, your, basically I pull it right below my rib cage.

So it hangs wet where your knees are and you pull it up towards your bottom of your rib cage and your head neck and spine is almost parallel with the ground. So watch a video on how the form actually works. It’s a, it’s probably the best back exercise I ever did. I used to compete in body build. There’s nothing that gave me a bigger V taper or my, my back, my, my lats and the low lats to, to grow.

And also my upper back, my trapezius, my mid back. So it’s, it’s, it’s like it kind of like the opposite of, of a breast. Like first in the function to have press is great for the, this barbell bent over rows. Really one of those core great back exercises also stabilizes your head, neck and spine alignment helps keep that helps your hamstrings and glutes stay tight.

So it’s a, it’s, it’s a, it’s a back exercise, but there’s a lot of core, a lot of stability. And even your lower body has to really be, be functionally at least holding you still, you know so it was a great exercise. I do agree with that. That’s number three on the list. Number four on the list is dumbbell us a split squat.

And that’s basically a lunge, in my opinion, I call it more like a lunch, but look up dumbbell lunge or dumbbell split squat. And this is where you’re going to basically be going through a range of motion where one leg is. It’s like a I said, the best thing is to Google it. It’s called dumbbell split squat, or look up like walking lunch. That’s going to be a great exercise for hamstrings, your glutes.

It really hits your, your butt. The glutes is what it has a lot and the ham screen it’s the back of your upper leg, where it ties in and head neck and spine as also stabilizers. And it’s a great exercise and you work each leg independently. So one lunges forward, then you alternate legs.

And I would say far as like speed and agility and leg strength, there’s about nothing is better than a whinge. I know that for when I used to be an athlete, lunges really helped my 40 time for my sprint. It’s a great speed for free, for strength for him for stability.

So a lot of different great stuff comes from dumbbell lunges or dumbbell split squats. So I totally agree with that as well as a great best workout routine exercise. Number five is a dumbbell chest press, and they put it on a Swiss ball.

I, I mean, you can do it on Swiss ball. I have not done a lot of Swiss ball chest presses primarily because I do a lot of dead belt chest work where I want more of a stable base. This is probably, you know, focusing mainly on just stability, more than strength and just kind of overall fitness and not just muscular strength and muscular overall muscular strength.

And so I did a lot of chest work in the past where I was wanting to fill my chest on a stable platform, but I do agree this is a great exercise for general, general fitness and so dumbbell type in a Google search dumbbell chest press and dumbbell chest press. And what they’re showing here is on a Swiss ball. So you could say Dumbo chest press on a Swiss ball ball, Swiss ball, and watch that video.

And this is where you’re basically doing a Dumbo chest press where you land a and you bring your arms down to that 90 degrees in the elbow. Then you returned that. And when you do that, your major mover is going to be your beer pectoralis, your pec major, minor, and your front deltoids and your triceps.

So it’s a great exercise for your chest shoulders, triceps, great exercise there, and you’ll always have to use it Swiss ball. I would say you could still use a bench and some people can even do it off the floor. But okay, next exercise. I do agree.

I think it’s a great exercise for your chest about nothing’s you know, better really than, than a great dumbbell chest press. Then number six talks about wide grip pull ups, and it says assisted if needed, this is where, you know, you’re going to grab a bar and your hand is going to go over the top of the bar.

It’s a F it’s an over the bar grip and not an underhand grip. So wide grip pull-ups you want to put your hands a little bit wider than shoulder width apart, and then you basically, you know, do a chin up or you pull up and bring your chin up over the bar. If you have to, you can also use an assisted machine.

This is where you, you climb on a machine and you can do assisted chins on a, like a, like we have matrix machines or some sort of pin loaded machine. You can also take a strap and strap your leg and had it assist you with some sort of resistance band that helps assist you up.

It’s a great exercise. Get your upper back and your lats. So your, your lats and your rear delts and your your, your, your lower trapezius muscles, great workout for your back.

Basically it’s a, pull-up doing pull-ups is great. So let’s type in a Google search wide grip, pull-ups wide grip pull-ups and follow that tutorial on that. It’s great. For your upper back next up on the list is number seven dumbbell step-ups dumbbell step-ups. This is very similar to a lunge.

I think they can almost be, you know used in replacement of each other dental step-ups are, where are you gonna, you know, basically put one foot up on a dumbbell and then just step up on it and you rotate legs so that you’re doing the same mountain on each leg.

Great exercise. It’s going to also get the hamstrings, the glutes, the lower leg, sorry, the upper leg, the upper leg. And it’s the same joint motion as like a lunch or a walking lunge, but you do it actually doing it up on a bench.

It’s called dumbbell. Step-Ups Googled the word dumbbell step ups. I believe it was a great exercise. I used to use a dumbbell step-ups all the time with when I train them and especially beginner fitness because it’s a very practical exercise. It recruits the glutes. It doesn’t really you work each leg independently. I like it. Great exercise, very functional.

Next step on the list is going to be medicine ball floor slams medicine ball floor slams. I had done this with a lot of speed and agility athletes in the past that didn’t really do a lot and one-on-one fitness training where they were unless, unless it was like sports specific training, but just for general fitness I did not. So I would probably not do this with a client who’s just wanting to lose weight and get in shape.

It’s just more of a sports specific thing or more of a, just an endurance thing or kind of like playing a game. But I believe it’s a, it’s a, it’s a decent exercise. It helps with, you know, you know, functional, you know bringing the full chain of the upper body, lower body and stability together. So I think there’s some value to that.

And here it talks about how to do the exercise and the importance of it. So if it’s something you want to integrate, you can do that. I don’t think it’s, if you’re looking for fitness as far as, and just to get in shape, I don’t think it’s like a necessity.

It’s not a core one, but it’s definitely something that you could add in there. Next up on the list is barbell hip thrusts. These are super popular now.

Girls are now like doing these almost every day. It seems like this is where you, of course you are going to lay on your back on a bench and you’re going to put a bar across your hips. And you’re going to basically hit thrust upward, where you’re lifting a bar, a bar bell with your hips up into the air. If you type in a Google search called barbell hip thrusts, that’s going to give you a visual barbell hip thrust.

This guy is actually on this article is doing it off of a bench and hip thrusting up into the air. So your head neck and spine is a perpendicular parallel with the ground. Your back is on a bench and you’re basically taking your hips down close to the, to the floor and then raising your hips up. It’s going to work your glutes and your hip flexors.

Your low back is going to be a stabilizer, your upper back stabilizer. So barbell, hip thrusts. I believe it’s a great exercise. It gets your upper body and lower body engaged with each other. It creates a lot of stability and the backside of your hips and low back, really your butt, your hips and low back are really going to get a lot of work out of that.

I believe it is a great exercise for lots of different fitness related stuff, and I believe it is great for toning and strengthening your glutes or your butt. So you should want to get a booty. That’s a great exercise. Next up on the list is declined.

Push-Up declined push-up and this is where a guy has his feet up on a flat bench, and he comes down to the press, do the pushup. It’s actually you’re basically like starting off in a plank position with your feet elevated on the bench, and then you’re getting your chest towards the ground.

And then you had to press straight up. And that, that, that you’re gonna work a lot of your chest, your shoulders and your triceps. Again, this is upper body chest, shoulders triceps. And in this motion, it’s going to be kind of a flat press to incline press.

If you’re doing it on a bench, on a dumbbell through mainly working your middle to upper chest, it’s called a declined push-up but it’s really hitting more of your mid to upper chest as you do that. So it’s not hitting the lower chest on this exercise.

So I agree. That’s a great exercise, a great workout scrape for fitness, great for strength for the upper body. And the push away from you pull part of the, you know, part of your routine to do upper body push upper body push. So it’s called declined.

Push-Up off of a bench. That’s a great exercise. So those are the 10 listed in this article. My take on it to be a summary is that the all really great exercises it’s going to be upper lower. You gotta, you gotta push, you got pull, you’ve got leg exercises, you’ve got core exercises, you got hips and glutes it’s as a great routine. Just these straight 10 exercises are a great routine to do.

There are a lot of them are all functional. They’re all very, very practical. They’re all core muscle groups. It’s not really an isolated stuff. It’s more just overall body function that you would benefit from. And anybody who does these 10 will have a great benefit.

So Murray view real quick, going to the top it starts off with dumbbell front squats. So front squats, I do actually do front squats every single week.

I don’t always use dumbbells. Sometimes. I just actually do body weight for a good warmup and a super set that with an exercise, but dumbbell front squats back hit your head, neck and spine as a stabilizers, your quads and your hamstrings and your glutes are all major movers on there. Great exercise.

Number two is the shoulder press dumbbell shoulder press. It’s great exercise, upper shoulders triceps, and your upper body pressing above your head. Three is barbell rows bit over, sorry. Barbell bent over rows is what they call it.

Barbell bent over rows, great exercise for your your, your, your, your, your, your, just your total back and hips and legs and stabilizers. Excellent exercise. Next is on the list is the split squats. Great exercises is like a lunge motion. The next on the list is the dumbbell chest press on a Swiss ball.

I think it’s great. I don’t think you have to use a Swiss ball, but it’s great to try that. Next is a wide grip pull up assisted as needed. It’s great for your upper back. And then the step-ups on a bench. I believe it’s great works. I think it works a lot of what a lunge works, but also requires a little more stability because you’re stepping up onto the bench.

And it’s a little bit, not as stable of an environment. When I work with a client, I generally try to hold like I’ll have them do step ups generally without a, without a dumbbell, but more as a super set exercise, I use my hands as stabilizers to help stabilize them as they step up. But it’s a great exercise. You can really focus on your glutes and your hamstrings and your quads. So you can put your mind in the muscle on that one.

I liked that one, a lot eight a medicine ball floor slams. This is the one that I thought it doesn’t nest. It’s not a, not a major mover for muscle, like a specific muscle group, but it is more of like an an endurance exercise for getting your your, your upper body, lower body core, all involved with one motion with a medicine ball, four slams medicine ball force FAMs.

Next is going to be the barbell hip thrust. I think it’s a great exercise for like hips and glutes, but basically the Budd exercise. It’s the one that you see girls doing all the time. It looks like they’re kind of like on a bench thrusting their hips up in the air. So check that out. Very popular, declined. Push-Up I think that’s a huge one. That’s number 10. And that’s the top 10 for the best workout routines in this article from men’s journal.

So my team got it. I think it’s great exercises. Try those out. Use those in your arsenal. If you want to use just those 10 and make it your own workout for those 10, it’s a great, great workout. Upper body, lower body back core stabilizers. You get a lot of great stuff in there, a lot of functional exercises. So did you know if you want to get in shape?

My takeaways on this is first of all, you need to know that number one thing is 70 to 80% of your success is your food. It’s what you do in the kitchen. So remember, 70 to 80% of your success is what you do in the kitchen. Number two is your best results are going to always happen when you’re consistent, keep things simple in the same to keep on a consistent plan.

Next up is this simple on the same. You want to keep your routine very, very simple, keep it the same. Don’t try to change things up all the time. Most of the time, it’s you not being consistent, that messes things up, and it’s not your actual routine. The routine is not failing you. It’s, you’re failing to do the routine next step.

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Topeka gyms

Topeka gyms