Episode 127 - 10 reasons why you are holding on to body fat

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Podcast today to talk about 10 reasons. You’re holding onto body fat. What common mistakes you may be making and why you’re not losing any weight or not, why you’re not losing any body fat.

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gym OKC

So I’m going to jump into this article that I found on muscle and fitness.com. It’s written by Alex Corino and then I give you my take on it. Who am I? So first off, who am I? My name is Charles Colaw. My wife’s name is Amber Colaw with the owners and founders of Colaw fitness. I am an eight time certified fitness trainer.

I’ve trained thousands of clients in my past. I encourage you to not believe me, but to go to YouTube type in youtube.com and type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews, and listened to thousands of people just like yourself.

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Just check us out. Anyways, the article today is it’s listed 10 reasons. You’re holding onto body fat. These common mistakes may be the reason why you’re not losing any weight. So, I mean, like I said, I’m going to go through the article and give my take on it, give you some great action steps that you can be successful cause who who wants to get knowledge and then not have a real simple action step to follow.

I’ll give you that at the end. So in this article, it talks about these 10 things let’s through here and tell you the first thing is, is the reason why you’re you’re, you’re you’re holding onto body.

Fat is number one on is you’re eating too much. In this article it says that it should be pretty obvious that most people know this by now, but most people do not know how many macros protein, carbs and fat come with the food that they’re eating and they simply don’t measure.

And it gets way more than they think they believe what, what you see is what you’ll probably get, but don’t take into consideration, simple things like sauces and so on the add calories. So anyways, in this article, it talks about that.

And I totally agree that a lot of times people think they’re eating healthy because it’s like a healthy chip or it’s a salad, but they don’t understand how much extra stuff that, that all the sugar they put on top of the salad, all the extras and all the fats that they’re added in the dressing or, and so on. So I believe that a lot of people they’re just not educated.

And so they’re eating too much and they’re eating the right, the wrong types of foods that spike your blood sugar, that store fat, they’re also eating just enough fats that are basically getting stored with that insulin spike.

And so you got to know a little bit more educate yourself a little bit more. Hopefully we can do that. I know for sure. I’ll give you that free template that you can follow at the end that will give you complete mind, freedom and that you can be successful. So number one is eating too much. I totally agree with that.

People just aren’t educated. And when there’s like, well, I never was overweight. I said, well, when you were a kid, all your calories went to linear growth, bone growth, tissue growth development. Now, when you become an adult, you still eat the same way, the same habits, your body’s going to use that, but it’s not, there’s no growth phase.

There’s no like progesterone and testosterone and estrogen HGH pulsing through your body. Not near like it used to. So all those calories, they just stick and they hold.

You’re not really the same genetically as you were when you were 15 at 25 or 45 or 55. So what you eat has to change if you want to keep yourself in shape as you get older. So anyways, so number one is eating too much. Totally agree. Number two, on the list is not eating enough protein, not eating enough protein.

And this article says protein has a lot more functions than just repairing and growing muscle tissue. It’s mainly women who don’t follow this rule, but there are some guys out there as well. Protein increases things like satiation satisfied with meals. It also tends to decrease your calorie consumption.

So protein rich food helps you with basically holding back your hunger and also helps with basically you, you you’re eating less calories. One thing calories are very, it’s, it’s a low dense, like high, high protein, low fat foods.

Actually don’t carry near the calorie content is high high-fat foods. So I totally agree with the protein. Another cool thing that article doesn’t talk about is protein is thermic like when you have to chew physically chew, let’s say it’s like chicken. You have to chew the meat. You have to swallow.

The meat has to go down into your stomach. The digestive assets have to break it down. It takes as a, that protein, which breaks it down into amino acids in your liver. And through it goes through this process called glycolysis, the conversion of amino acids into glucose. And you actually lose one third of the calorie value just to process and break down that food or carbohydrates.

It does not have to do that. So protein actually increases your resting Metabo metabolism because it has to physically work to break down that protein to be functional as energy.

So protein like you physically, like you literally will not have somebody say I got so fat off eating that extra chicken breath last night, but you better believe it. If you an extra cookie, which has high amount of sugar and high amount of fat, your body can easily absorb sugar, easily absorb fat. I use this example.

If you take like a sugar cube and you place it between your cheek and gum and let it sit there, it’ll literally dissolve in your mouth in a few minutes. And even through the Buechel membranes under your tongue in your mouth, that blood sugars is absorbing through the Buechel membranes in your mouth. You can literally trick your finger, check a glucometer and see the glucose rise.

The blood sugar rise without swallowing. So without chewing, swallowing or digest in you’re absorbing sugars calories, even through the Buco membranes in your mouth.

So it’s like I said, sugars carbs super easy to absorb and super easy to store. Now, if I have a square chunk of chicken breasts, like a boneless skinless chicken breast, the same size as that sugar cube, you place that between your cheek and gum and you put it between your cheek and gum, you sit there an hour, you’re still sitting there three hours.

It’s still say there 10 hours, 24 hours, do you have a gooey nasty, gross square chunk of chicken? It’s still in your mouth. You have to physically chew it. Have to swallow it. You have to let your digestive acids break it down. It has to go into the intestinal tract, the cilia, which are the little fibers in the intestinal tract, have to absorb that protein. It’s very difficult to break down.

So it takes time and energy. So like I said, protein, rich foods break down slow. They’re slow to absorb. And they actually take higher level of metabolic function to break down. So not eating enough. Protein is a huge one.

I can actually take somebody and give them more calories to eat and actually lose more weight than they currently were doing on a previous program by just adding the right types of protein to the diet. So not enough protein, that’s a, that’s another one. So number two, I totally agree with that in the article. Number three is drinking too many meals.

That’s the big one. I can literally get people to stop drinking sweet tea or stop drinking regular sodas, and they’ll get lose 15 to 20 pounds in just 30 days. People don’t understand the Starbucks coffees that the, the sugary drinks that they’re eating are causing that are probably their number one reason for weight grade, but drinks. Drinking calories is a big no-no.

You want to make sure that you move to, this is where it talks. I’ll read the article, this section, and then I’m going to give a bullet more of my tape, but it says drinking too many calories. Convenience is a huge factor. So many decide that shakes are the best route for them, or they want to get ripped. It’s always better to chew your way to as many of your calories as possible.

The fact, the very act of chewing it, digestion solid food burns more calories than drinking shakes does. Of course you should avoid drinks, sodas that contain high amounts of sugar, as they will increase your calorie intake for the day, the regular diet soda consumption has been shown to lead to caloric overindulges elsewhere.

So I’ve this guys, this guy is great article writer, but he’s not sharp on all of this stuff. So he’s got, he’s got a decent take on it, but the big thing here is the sugars. And so many of these drinks, and then that fats that they spike your insulin, insulin is secreted from the beta cells on your liver.

That shuttles, all those nutrients into your fat cells, literally like you, you are just storing fat, super, super fast by drinking high sugar foods, drinks. And when you don’t chew, you don’t have to swallow. You don’t have to digest your stomach acids. Don’t have to be produced. It’s kind of like effortless calories that absorb because you’re just drinking it.

And it’s literally just story. And so you don’t actually get full. You don’t get satiated or satisfied from it because it’s, it’s so permeates through those, the, the membranes in your stomach and your digestive system even in your mouth, the Buechel membranes in your mouth.

So the sugary drinks just absorb quick. They store quick and they’ll leave you hungry again. They don’t require chewing swallowing digestion that increases regular metabolic functions and actually will help you lose weight. It doesn’t, you don’t have to do the chewing. Don’t have to do the swell under that digestion. It says like super fast absorbing calories.

And when you’re just sitting around doing that, yeah, that’s going to be a big ticket. A lot of people go to college too. They don’t understand that alcohol is seven calories per gram, which is more like a fad, but alcohol absorbs like a sugar, like fast, like a sugar.

So it’s like a sugar, but yet high caloric value and people will gain that freshmen 15 or the freshmen 20 when they get into college, they don’t understand what’s happening because you know, your body, when you drink calories that are quick to absorb and store and high in chorus value, you’re going to gain weight.

So like I said we can’t, we’ve got to go to zero calorie drinks. And then that takes me into the, where they talk about diet sodas. And so on. I drank nothing but water and competed in bodybuilding for seven years, literally drank nothing but water seven years.

And I do think that’s the best. But I also have been bodybuilding and trained with trainers where they let me have unlimited amount of diet sodas throughout the competition. And it didn’t affect my conditioning at all or whatsoever. So when I like aspartame and several different sweeteners that they use, they, they, they don’t have a caloric value.

Your body actually can’t absorb that like a aspartame as an amino acid. And it’s a protein derivative that has a sweet taste and it’s undigestible, and can’t actually cause an insulin spike to store anything of calories.

Because like I said, it goes kind of like going right through you. It has an element to it, but it has no digestive absorption of part of it. Now is water better? Absolutely. But there’s nothing that will actually in a diet or a zero calorie drink shown to cause you to gain weight. Now let’s say that sweet drink makes you want to eat a candy bar. Well, that triggers you to use something else.

That’s really the something else that makes you eat bad. And that’s where some of these studies, I think kind of false represent I’ve actually find in real life my clients, if I gave them like a diet soda, it actually helped them feel like they had a, a sweet craving covered, but then they actually don’t get any calories in any absorption of it now.

But if you’re the person that has to have the diet soda and then a hamburger or a, or some nachos or whatever, it’s really the nachos that’s causing it.
So just remember no calorie drinks and you’re going to be just fine on that drink section. Next step on this thing, it says you think you’re eating healthy. You think you’re eating healthy.

Let me read this to you and I’ll give you my take on it. How many times have you heard that eating fruits or nuts is great for you? Well, technically they are fantastic for you as the omegas and the nuts, and the seeds has macronutrients and fighted Junes that come from, come with fruit that are awesome for your health, but guess what?

In excess, they still carry sugars. They still have high calories. And more than you think, remember one gram of fat contains nine calories. Now, when you look, when you pick up some almonds and start snacking on some of the some of the time you don’t measure them, you, you simply underestimate how much you’re eating.
So basically this thing talks about,

Hey, you may be eating healthy with these fruits and nuts, but you still may be getting way too many calories. You still may be getting way too much sugar. One thing I would say to all of them, I do absolutely agree with it. Now, the big thing that I’ve learned with healthy snacking is the rate of absorption is would I train a client?

The thing is, is like, if you are to eat like, like nuts, nuts, contain fat and fat has high calories. And it digests, you know, somewhat decently quick and absorbs and be stored as fat. So like, is it healthy? Yes.

You get guide them as minerals, nutrients out of it. But this rate of absorption is still fast enough. With fruit, like fruits really fast, it’s like just like sugar, almost fruit dose, fructose, galactose, lactose, or milk sugars, fruit sugars.

You still get sugar out of fruit. She’ll get sugar out of milk and all that stuff absorbed so quick. And sourced nuts has fats, fats absorb a little slower. It’s kinda like a, like, think of gasoline is like, like, like sugars. They have, they, they, they flare up really quick and go so sugar is absorbed and store quick.

And then the fats absorb slow, think of like a slow burning oil and like oil would burn really slow in a lamp nuts, or like, like, like, like a, like a li like a lamp. It’s a slow burning fuel. So your body’s getting fuel in and it’s absorbing now.

Proteins are like, like the more that you eat, it’s almost like so much of it. It takes a thermic effect to break down. Once you eat too much, you actually increase your body’s metabolism just to break it down.

And he actually kind of tax the system and it will actually start to deprecate some of it without full absorption so that it can’t even absorb it. Also like the SLOs to absorbs are generally more protein, rich foods. And also the slows to absorbs are going to be like the STEM stock leaf of the plant. The fiber part fibers basically indigestible, like have a kid swallows a marble.

My kid basically poops a marble the next day. It doesn’t absorb. So fiber is like that. Fiber goes in and out and, and cleanses the intestinal tract, diverticulitis, diverticulosis strengthens, cleanses. It sounds an absorbable, but protein and high fiber foods are the slow to absorb stuff.

But the fruits and the nuts, which are basically sugars and fats, those sugars and fats, even though they’re healthy, they still absorb, they still store and they still will make you gain weight.

So I’ll tell people, Hey, you’re healthy, but what you’re eating is still making you fat. You’re paying me to help you lose the weight and get in shape. We’re going to back that off and increase these two other categories that are slow to absorb. And that is going to be the two categories which I call the STEM stock leaf vegetation in the diet.

And then also the lean proteins actually increase your metabolism, help you lose more fat and still give you plenty of calories to feel satiated and satisfied. So that’s my take on you think you’re eating healthy with fruits or nuts. He still can be basically hijacking yourself on your weight loss, weight, and fat loss goals. So I totally agree with what he’s talking about there.

I just wanted to give my take on the term, but I use this called rate of absorption, and that’s where you get the right macronutrients to do your body, right. To lose the weight like you want. Okay. Next step on this list, as you’re tr you’re not trained intense enough, basically talks about, as you get more in shape to stimulate your body, you got to kind of push yourself harder.

I totally agree with that. I don’t think you have, if your diet’s super on you can actually do moderate workouts. The biggest thing is that the food is on. You’re still gonna lose. You’re still going to be nailing it.

When I’ve gone to all these trainers schools and bodybuilder myself, I’ve learned that like 70 to 80 and even some places are saying 90% of your weight loss result is all based upon what you put in your mouth and not what you do in the gym OKC. Yes, I totally agree.

I can literally, between off season and me wanting to get up to 300 pounds as a bodybuilder, to being in a contest, you know, at two 25 to two 45, the only thing I would really change is primarily what I eat.

That’s really it. Like I could actually get ready for a show and not even do one single minute of cardio and be completely shredded all based upon what I do or do not put in my mouth. So food is, is, is huge on that.

So, like I said, apex 24 fitness, and he had said, Cooper Institute. All these places around the country, we’ll talk about 70 to 80% of your success is your dietary guidance, following your food, what you’re doing in the kitchen, what’s, you’re putting in your mouth. So not train intense enough. I do think it can help.

I definitely worked out and made some changes and that can help a little bit, but most of it’s the food. So I agree with, I say in here that says, you need to push yourself hard at the gym OKC every time you go, so that you’re actually creating a demand for your body to have to use it to energy, to push beyond its max.

I agree with that. Do you want to push your body, but also too, if you push your body too hard, you’ve really have like what I call like a, like a, like a re feed response, and you can almost like just kind of screw yourself. So sometimes you will eat a healthy diet to train really, really hard for two or three days. And then they get so famished.

They were like to heck with this and they go ravage a fridge, or they go order a large pizza. It’s just too much at too much at that time. So I always liked to, I kind of like process of integration with the client and really integrate them into a nutrition plan. A workout program that can like kinda, kinda that they can actually do on a regular basis.

So but yes, training harder is going to push your body harder, but if you push your body harder and then cheat on your diet, you just, you’re totally not going anywhere, actually, maybe gaining weight.

So biggest thing is, is get the food, right? And then keep trying to work out and keep pushing yourself a little bit more each time. But remember you need to make sure it’s a sustainable routine, a sustainable workout that you actually stick with. So too much cardio is the next section.

It says so many people spend countless hours doing cardio yet achieved no results, excess amounts of cardio lead to overproduction of cortisol, which is a bad hormone, which leads to fat and abdominal accumulation and numerous health problems.

And it says starting with one or two sessions per week and adding time to each session, throw in an extra interval or add additional cardio workout, if results start to slow.

I agree with the principle there too much cardio cardio has its place and cardio, let me explain something to PE to you guys is cardio stands for cardio that’s cardiac, that’s heart cardio, respiratory cardio, respiratory heart, respiratory lung, cardiac heart, respiratory lung.

So cardio is really meant for your heart and lung health. It’s not meant to be, they’re not called weight loss machines, weight loss, machines, weight loss machines. Cause people think that they just jump on a treadmill run.

They’re actually created to help your heart and your circulatory system and your lung system have a benefit and you want to hold that, sustain it. So you kind of clean out the plumbing in your heart and you push your lungs to actually have to cause cellular respiration, oxygen respiration, to permeate through the pleural membranes in your lungs to pull that oxygen out.

So you’re just training your body, how to use oxygen and distribute blood, cleanse that plaque and build up and stuff out of your system. That’s what it’s for. It’s not for weight loss. The F the freaking weight loss comes from the kitchen. It’s what you do or don’t eat.

So like, like, like I said, apex 24 fitness NSM Coopers, who they all talk about 70 to 80% of your clients success. This is trainer school comes from that food program. So remembering that cardio, cardio too short. So I do agree with everything that I say there, get your food, right?

And then cardio is just extra that you can burn more calories from, but if you’re going home and eating 400 calories extra, cause you just worked out, you just totally killed your 400 calories cardio session and you literally go nowhere.

So you got to get the diet right first. And then the cardio will come. So I agree cardio don’t do too much cardio focused on the food. And I’m like I said, follow that [inaudible] book. I talk about it at the end. I explained all of that and it is complete. Mindfreedom you just grab it, follow it day by day.

It’s complete mind freedom. That’s what you want. You want to simple the fall program. So just grab that C3 book. Okay. Next up is not managing your stress, not managing your stress. It says, when you get stressed out, your body produces hormones like cortisol.

This increases fat storage and body fat. Is it. If it’s not, if it’s not controlled, most people are stressed out all day long, which means their cortisol levels are high all day long. What happens is cortisol basically blocks that natural ketogenic response where your body, each fat cell, and think of it like a, like a, like a Ziploc bag. And there’s a little strip.

Well, that strip is called the glute four fearful receptor that G4 receptor actually will allow its nutrients out freely, you know, and, and some of the cortisol stops that from happening. So the like stops, it like holds it.

It’s like the human body knows when it’s stressed out something bad’s going to happen. I need to hang on the extra calories so that I can make it through this stressful period, but that’s not necessarily what people in modern day are wanting.

So we’re wanting to get rid of that. So we’ve got to keep our stress down and got to get that cortisol levels down. Also have to follow a diet that helps with that. So all of this says, I totally agree with that. Not managing stress.

I’m a person that I definitely stress way too much at times. And it does affect me. I’ve done that for bodybuilding competitions and you really, the more that you have a really good sustainable like life flow, work, flow, personal life flow the more that you you’ve clarified expectations and boundaries to yourself, and you know that you can live in this world and not be stressed out.

So keeping things simple on the same in your personal life and professional life is really the best for managing stress. Okay. Next step on here talks about lack of sleep and rest. Totally true. Same thing with cortisol. So I’ll read what they say, and then I’ll get my take.

Going back to the previous post about stress, lack of sleep and rest will raise your cortisol levels too much. And your body will never fully recover when you’re short on sleep, your insulin sensitivity decreases, which means that your body is more likely to store fat.

See this already talks about this insulin sensitivity, your pull body and how it stores fat is all based upon how that basically this, this, this incident, insulin sensitivity type response. When they say that like when you eat food, your blood sugar rises, insulin secreted, insulin shuttles, nutrients into cells.

And what happens is, is the sensitivity to insulin decreases, which means your body has to make more insulin to absorb calories, which means more circulating insulin then holds more calories and stores more calories.

So the more that you’re stressed, the more the sensitivities off, the more the sensitivities off, the more prone to fat storage, and also the more your cortisol levels go up, which allows not to drop basically the fat out of the, like each battles like Ziploc baggie, they drop what they call ketone body. That’s where your body will start using its own fat as an energy substrate.

So it blocks that. Both things lead to less than optimal fat loss, less than optimal sport performance, muscular endurance, muscular performance, muscular strength. So make it a priority in your lifestyle to get more sleep okay. And it’s a study show that getting at least seven hours, at least seven straight hours is optimal.

I absolutely agree with that. And I’ve, I’ve done. I generally get six which is not the best, but if I can get a good seven seven to eight, I feel really, really, really good, almost too much at eight. So the way that my body works, everybody is slightly different, but I rarely see people that work really well and could still train hard every day at a gym OKC that, that gets less than six.

And so what I mean by that is I’ve got business coaches and I’ve seen business leaders and Donald Trump and lots of guys that they can run off of four hours. But these guys aren’t training physically pushing their body to the max in a physical sense.

Now, mentally they’re stressed and mentally they’re doing critical thinking causing cognitive dissonance mental frustration. And it can only do that so many hours a day.

But on top of that to add a total blasting workout is just too much. You can’t do that with under six hours of sleep. So, like I said, seven shoot for seven shoot for eight that’s seven to eight, try that, see how you feel anything more than eight. Most of the time people get more sleepy again, and they’re just not as sharp.

So I think that’s right, right spot on seven to eight shoot right at seven to eight. See how you feel play with that. Okay. I’m not drinking enough water. So this next section I, 100% believe in drinking a lot of fluids.

It says NSR says, did you know that drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanses your body of waste and acts as an appetite suppressant, your body requires water for all of its metabolic processes and functions. A well-hydrated body will function towards fat loss faster and more effectively.

I, 100% believe all of this. I, I drank at least two gallons of water every day or fluid every day. Probably as much as four, it sounds crazy. People don’t believe me, but I really do. I’m about 240 pounds. I’m six foot three, six foot four, two 40 ish to probably two 35 to two 45.

Ish is kind of where I fluctuate. And the more that I w the more that I drink, the less I like body fat, I maintain the more that you drink, the more that you say, let me just phrase it like this water is your number one antioxidant detoxifier.

And your whole body is made up of about 67%. Almost 70% of your total body is made out of fluid. So the more that you drink, the more that it can actually just slough off any toxins.

The more that the drink, the more that you have fresher, healthier fluids in your system. So about 80% of your lean mass and your muscle mass is water. A lot of your organs are about 80% water. So like muscle tissue and organ tissue, 80% of its water. So drink more of that.

Flush more of that. Another thing is, is watching your urine. If your urine is always clear or slightly kind of a slight tinge of yellow, then that’s great. If it’s dark yellow or cloudy, you’re dehydrated, that’s not good. It means your body’s toxic.

Look at the toxic P Kevin outie. So when you go to the bathroom and used to be clear, or just a white light, hint of yellow, that’s flushing your kidneys, your kidneys are your filter for your, for your, for your whole body. Your blood also helps your liver function.

Your liver has to process all foods, all nutrients, it detoxifies your body. So the more that you drink, the better it is also muscles. If you want to have bigger muscles, 80% of its water, what’s the other 20 protein, protein and water.

Eat, drink more protein, drink, more water, drink more, I’m sorry, drink more water, eat more protein. So if you want to, you, you are what you eat. So eat more fluid, like water and eat more lean protein. And you’re going to look like that. So like I said, you are what you eat. You are what you look like. So fluid, fluid, fluid drink a lot of water.

How much should you drink? Well, this is where it’s a little bit different for everybody. I sweat really hard. I work out really hard. I’m almost 250 pounds, so I need more and also eat a high protein diet.

And a lot of protein requires more water to kind of flush everything through. So most people I encourage people to, to drink, at least like my clients. I’ll say you’re going to have five to six small meals a day.

I want to have a bottle of water about a seven, 16.8 to buy basically 20 ounces of water with every meal. So every three hour interval, they’re eating a meal and then drinking a bottle of water after that, eating a meal, drinking a bottle of water after that generally is for most everybody flushes the system.

So that’s basically 20 ounces, times five, at least it’s a hundred ounces of fluid. If people can get that, the probably be just great. If you’re a big guy, bodybuilder guy, you’re going to need a lot more than that. Just to really flush and keep everything clear.

Like I always use that barometer of your urine to be clear. You want to flush that, flush that, flush that. And the only difficult thing is that you do have to, to, to go bathroom more often. So it’s not always convenient and I’ve got to run the restroom, but drinking enough water. Yes. So I just pounded that really hard.

That was the, Oh, and then the last, last item that through your whole amount of body fat is no consistency. This is probably one of the, the biggest things is hard, starves, bad finishers people ship at the gym OKC that kill the gym. They kill the diet for a day or two, and then they completely go rogue on Wednesday or Thursday of the week.

So Monday they’re crushing the workout or crushing their diet Tuesday, crushing it Wednesday, crushing it Thursday, completely go rogue, eat a pizza, go out France Friday, do it again.

Saturday do to get so you’ve gotta be consistent. You, you, it says in here, you think in this article, it says, you would think this is a clear one, but consistent consistency is the glue that holds the previous nine reasons together. If you’re not consistent with your lifestyle and your fat loss goals, your body will not change on its own.

You need to be consistent with all nine points previously mentioned in order to achieve your dream body. So I totally agree with that. The big thing is, is keeping things simple in the same, and I’m going to give you a mind frame template to follow and a checklist to follow.

So you can simply look at a page and check off these boxes and you’re going to cover all nine of these perfectly. Okay. So that’s basically this article, my take on the article.

And so I’m going to give you a couple quick, did you knows, did you know this is for me, and this is from training. I say, like I said, over 5,000 clients personally, and you know, starting a business out of my house to a multi-million dollar chain and, and four stays, five clubs and growing and getting ready to franchise that 70 to 80%, 70 to 80% of your success is the food.

So they say it again, 70 to 80% of your fat loss results is your food. It’s what you’re doing in the kitchen. Next, did you know, your best results are when people are consistent? The best results are when people are consistent.

Like I said, a lot of hard starters, bad finishers, Monday, Tuesday hard start, and then they don’t finish and they don’t stay consistent. So I’m not a good move here. So, okay. Keeping things simple and the same, keeping things simple in the same. What I mean by that is following your same simple diet workout cardio program and being consistent with it.

That’s really it keep it simple in the same. Like as of right now, people want to switch it up, want to try the newest fad stuff and they don’t stick to things as long as even see results. You don’t have to change things up that much.

Like I said, when I competed with her, I was off season or on season mainly was just the diet that changed the workouts mainly stayed the same. So keeping things simple in the same, be consistent and make it be a sustainable life flow workflow, gym OKC flow that you can stick with on a, on a, on a, on a lifestyle basis. Okay.

Action steps Action steps, action steps. Okay. Number one, join co-op fitness. If you’re in an area where we’re at go to [inaudible], we are the best value gym. We are the highest rated and reviewed gym OKC. I believe in the world for independent club.

And all of our locations are the highest rate of most reviewed gym OKC and all of the locations we’ve won top honors and lots of local areas, but come check us out. Like I said there’s no risk. We have a seven day money back guarantee. So if you come down and join to get your money back in the first week, so it’s kind of like a free trial, just come down, sign up.

It’s only $1 down, that’s it just one buck. You got one buck you can get started. So $1 down it’s as low as $5 a month. That’s that will give you access where two people can work out tan and massage for as low as $5 a month.

So your one membership will give you guest privileges. They can use everything in the gym OKC. So join Colaw fitness is only $1. You have the money back guarantee. That’s where you and a friend can work out tan and massage use everything in the club for that literally $1 down. And if you don’t like it, you can get your dollar back. So join Colaw fitness is no risk.

Number two, go to the free trainer classes. So you’re, there might as well go to the free training class, got orientations on how to use the equipment you’ve got free dietary help. You can actually get great results, even just kind of try out the gym OKC for that week. So like I said, no risk free trainer, check it out.

Number three, start the free CF 30 class, the CF 30 class that’s Colaw fitness, 30 day diet and workout book. It’s a $10 book. It’s a journal. And it’s a book that I’ve written and it walks you through the first three days. Follow the food plan, start exercising, just follow the food plan. Start exercising no more, no less than exactly what it says on each page.

Read our daily words of encouragement for mental health and motivation. I encourage you to not just believe me, but to go to Google and type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, Colaw fitness, Google reviews, and even better yet go to Colaw fitness on YouTube.

Go to youtube.com type in youtube.com and then type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews, watch thousands and thousands of people just like yourself. Who’ve lost weight, got in great shape that we’ve helped lose weight.

Get in great shape. Anyways, this is Charles Colaw Charles Colaw, Amber Colaw with Colaw fitness. Thank you for listening to this podcast. You guys have a blessed day. Bye-Bye.

gym OKC

gym OKC