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Hello, this is Charles Colaw with me. You can do a podcast and today I’m going to talk about best diet 2021 best diet 2021, Who I am. I am Charles Colaw and my wife is Amber Colaw. We are the founders and owners of colif fitness. I’m an eight time certified fitness trainer, and I have trained thousands of clients.

You’ve probably heard my other podcasts and we’ve trained lots and lots of people encourage you to go to YouTube and type in Colaw fitness reviews, go to YouTube and youtube.com and go to Colaw fitness reviews, and watch thousands of clients who we help lose weight and get in great shape. So we own Colaw fitness gyms.

We have locations in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. There’s a Colaw fitness, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. There’s a Colaw fitness Joplin, Missouri. Also there’s a Colaw fitness in Topeka, Kansas. There’s a Colaw fitness in Arlington, Texas at cloth fitness that just opened here not too long ago in Oklahoma city. We are currently Colaw fitness is currently the highest rated and most reviewed gym in all of our markets.

So anyways, come check us out. We’re as low as $1 down and as low as $5 a month to use our gym. So come check it out. We got free trainer instruction. So in this article, I’m gonna talk about today. It talks about the best diets for 2021, and I’m going to get my take on it.

Big thing on this article is about trying to make better food choices so that you can lose fat and get healthy and tone up the body. Build some muscle. Most people when they want to come into a gym, they’re focused on losing that stubborn ooey, gooey belly, fat body, fat hips and thighs and butt and gut kind of stuff.

And what we want to do is make sure that they can be educated on that. And this article talks about some of the healthy diets slash diets that also help lose that fat.
I’m gonna give you my take on it and then make sure that you’ve got a good action plan at the end to be successful for losing that stubborn body fat and toning up the body while getting healthier.

So in this article it is actually an article written by a registered dietician. I’ve trained quite a few registered dieticians. A lot of times they’re focused on what they learned in school. I like to focus on what’s really happening in a real life. Everybody’s a little different, but certain foods do stimulate fat loss and muscle gain differently.

So in this article, she talks about making sure it’s an article written by a Z Christic January 15th, 2021. So this is an online article. And in this article, they talk about, you want to make sure that you have enough calories so that you actually healthy and have enough energy.

I do agree with that. And most of the diets I’ve had the most success with aren’t starvation diets. Aren’t like diets that are lower than 1200 calories, but they’re diets that still keep a good you know, 1500 or more calories in here. It talks about 1600 to 2,400 calories men, even more up to 3000 calories.

I do agree with that. You want to be eating that doesn’t slow down your, your metabolic system, as far as when you’re chewing digestion, stomach acids, being produced, intestinal tract, pushing it through all those muscles that work together so that you can lose weight. So you want to keep that whole system running. So just not eating is not the best weight loss plan, actually eating healthy and so on.

You want to make sure that your metabolic system doesn’t suffer and you still get vitamins and minerals and nutrients. So I agree with that on getting enough energy to focusing number Tuesday, talking about focusing on cutting added sugars.

Sugar is the number one reason for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all the top killers in America anything and everything that’s associated with poor health is more related to sugar than it is actually related to fat. And you can research it if you want. But Gary Tobbs is a research journalist and he’s worked for the New York, New York times. And he’s a an amazing book called good calories, bad calories, check it out.

But he talks about how the refined carbohydrate is more correlated with health issues than actually fats, because fats has kind of been around for a long time. I’m not saying sacrifice saturated fats are healthy, but most fats that are naturally out there in the world do not hurt you in comparison to the refined carbohydrate.

That stimulates that insulin release and eventually causes diabetes and that plaque and the blood glucose getting really high that plaque to get sticky and tacky and stick to the arteries vein.

So we want to make sure that you get that sugar out. And I do agree with her. She talks about how that you shouldn’t get more than 25 grams of sugar each day. And I agree with that. So number three says avoid excess salt, avoid excess salt, high sodium intake is packed with processed foods. It can be hard on the cardiovascular disease inflammation process.

So a lot of times salt sucks. It holds more water in the body and it can also kind of strain the heart more increased blood pressure. I do agree with it somewhat. Now, if you’re eating lower in carbohydrate diet, your body naturally doesn’t hold that salt as much. So you actually a higher protein, lower carb diets don’t hold the salt.

So on that, I think, yes, somewhat, but if you are eating really healthy and lean, you don’t have to watch it as much as you think. When I say that, like if your carbohydrate intake center a hundred a day, your body’s not going to hold onto the sodium. And what I’m trying to explain here is carbohydrates is a carbo.

Hydrate. Hydrate is, is like water. Like you have a whole bunch of water that’s held in within that food to process that foods that you eat like a 16 ounces of pasta, you use your body to get a whole like three or four pounds of water just until you finally defecate and remove that out of your digestive system. And salt can like add another pound or two or three to it.

So your body’s going to hold onto more water weight through that digestive process and gastric emptying process. And so that’s basically in your intestines and basically pooping it out. So we want to make sure that assault is somewhat watched.

I’ve never had an issue with a client that ate healthy and just lightly salted stuff. Not to heavy, heavy on it. I would say it could pose a problem, but I’ve never had a client in real life, really have a major issue directly related to sodium. It’s more related to the refined carbohydrates and the saturated fats and hydrogenated oils and the sedentary lifestyle.

So anyways, hydrated, hydrated, it’s talking about staying hydrated, drinking at least 72 ounces of water each day. If not more, six to eight cups of water, I’d agree with that. I drank at least a couple of gallons a day, but I’m 240 pounds.

And I drank a lot and I exercise every day, every single day. Haven’t missed a week since eighth grade. So I’m always working out sweating need the water. And I need the sodium for me.

Most people who are completely sedentary, 72, maybe enough. I tell people to look at your urine. If it’s a light, golden, yellow to clear, it’s good. If it’s a darker yellow, then it’s bad. It means you’re dehydrated. If it’s cloudy, when you pee into the water, it kind of has, seems to have a cloudy tent. It’s definitely dehydrated. So the solution to pollution is dilution you on a date.

Do they dilute your body drinking? Plenty of fluids, especially water. I would try to keep the pee clear to very alight tinge of yellow. So maybe light in the morning, cause we’ve kind of been not drinking all night and then try to get that clear. By the end of the day, you can get a big gallon container or half gallon container and just mark it like six or eight times and just drink it in about every three hours.

And you can get that down. I tell my clients to do at least it’s like one of those bottled waters, 16.9 ounce bottled waters that you get fill one up, drink one of those every three hours set a timer on your phone, flush that system. And you’re going to actually fill you up more.

You’ll eat a little bit less because the pressure sensors and the diet and the, in the dizzy receptors kind of get stimulated through just drinking water and you don’t eat quite as much food. So that’s great for losing weight too, and flushes the kidneys and liver and everything. So it’s really good to get sweaty.

Number five, especially if you’re angry, if you’re trying to get weight loss, cutting harp, getting your heart pumping is important. She says as getting healthy is only half the battle. You don’t need to access a gym to get at least 30 minutes of heart pumping activity.

And she says, simply walking can help lose weight. Believe it or not. Most of the time I can actually just get a client to quit drinking anything that has calories. So just, just go back to drinking water only for a month, 30 days, and then walk for 30 minutes. So 30 days of just drinking water only.

Okay. If you drank a 16 ounce bottle of water, six times a day, that little bottle of water, six times a day, and then make sure you walk for 30 minutes. So that, that, that drink the water, cut all the calories out of the, the the fluids and walk.

And most people can lose like 10, 15, sometimes 20, 30 pounds if they’re like 250 pounds or more, but literally walking alone and then only drinking fluids that are like water or I, I don’t want to tell you to do this yet, but most of my clients that even if it’s a zero calorie drinks that.

I jolly can have them do just as well, but I always start them off with water, but drinking just water for 30 days and doing 30 minutes a day of a power walk you’ll lose some weight most of the time, 15 or 20 pounds, just because they drink sugar and they had sweet teas and had all these like super sugar coffees and all that kind of stuff.

Get that out. You’re going to be on track. So I’m in here to talk about the best diets she had rated the overall diet, the Mediterranean diet. I agree with that. It’s very, very, very heart-healthy plus it’s got proteins that actually build and repair muscle tissue, and you have more of a tone physique and it has some really good healthy oils in it. So I do agree with overall diet.

Cause as far as in proteins, it’s got enough protein. If you work out it’s, it’s, it’s going to build some muscle and tone to it. The dash diet for heart health. That’s really focused on everything to do with focus on reducing blood pressure reducing cholesterol and so on. And sometimes it’s a little short, a little shorter on the protein, if you’re a fitness person.

So the, you know, the best overall diet, better training, best diet for heart health is dash best diet for weight loss. They called volume metrics, best sustainable diet. They called the flexitarian diet best digital diet. Said nuMe and most promising diet, the Nordic diet.

So all of these diets, if you really get into them, the fundamental components are going to be reducing refined based carbohydrates, the sugars, the white flour and so on. And the diet that I always pushed everybody is the diet that pretty much hits the high points on all diets.

And that’s removing sugars, saturated fats, and hydrogenated oils, and sticking to more of the God-given what grew out of the ground stem stock leaf vegetation high in vitamins and minerals high in high fiber. But all of these diets had a lot of those components.

Certain ones have higher amounts. And then some of them have fruits and of them have nuts and stuff like that. Those are going to be calories that give you energy.
You’re using that energy. You’re not burning what you call the the fats on your body, which is like the subcutaneous ooey, gooey hips and thigh.

If you keep your energy rich calories that come from carbs and fats low enough, but the proteins high enough, your body’s going to actually flip over to like a ketogenic response where it burns your own fat.

I was talking about is burning your own fat as an energy substrate and that process of doing that a lot of the bodybuilding type diets, high protein diets, the diets that focus on using protein is the main ingredient in high fiber vegetables is the main ingredient. Those two, they really push a lot of ketogenic fat loss results.

So most of you are that are into fitness or really wanting to lose fat. And so anyways, it goes into talking about the Mediterranean diet is inspired by health communities like Greece and Spain and France and Italy.

It’s it’s really it’s it’s it’s it’s th th they’re not so much focused on counting calories, but thinking about lots of grid, stem, stock, vegetation, vegetables lower insulinogenic fruits and the whole grains that don’t have as quite as don’t have the white, the white flour and nuts and legumes. And basically the foods that are less insulinogenic basically causing your pancreas to secrete insulin higher and fiber base.

And then also with just like the stuff that helps clean your intestinal track, think of fiber as like a marble, if you’re a kid or I have a son and he just swallowed a marble one time, and the marble is just going to go right through your system, basically you’ll poop it out at the end, your body can’t absorb it.

So a lot of the vegetables, the stem, the stock and the leaf of the vegetable, not the seed of the rut, does it contain enough calories, but it has creates what they call like fecal matter.

And that will actually cleanse that intestine, clean it out. Also give those muscles, the reticulum muscles in the intestinal tract to push and push that stuff in and out. And it burns calories. It also cleanses the colon actually helps the little the, the the little fibers in your intestinal tract that absorb nutrients and so on.

Be cleansed of any like bad fatty oils that then slow digestion and absorption of good nutrients. So anyways, it also comes the Mediterranean diet has a lot of lean proteins like fish and lean flies or swims like chicken and fish and things like that that are higher protein, heart, healthier fats, instead of a lot of heavier proteins that have unhealthy saturated fats.

And they also focus a lot on fats like olive oil and nut oil and plus different types of wine that can show some effects on cardiovascular health and so on, have some benefit. So that’s where the, they go from this Mediterranean diet. Now it goes on to talk about different diets into more detailed, but what I’m going to do is hit the high points.

So I can give you some action items. There’s things like counting calories, like controlling the volume you eat. That’s like WeightWatchers and point systems, or just eating less, or even like fasting. You’re just forcing your body to continue to eat less and less calories, which then forces your body to lower the blood glucose. And then your blood glucose lowers, and your body has to pull energy from someplace.

And eventually it starts to pull from the S the, the adipose tissue, which is fat tissue and the fat tissue clicks. Once the blood glucose stays low, your body has a natural response to start fixing that. And it will start pulling from the adipose or fat cells.

There’s also a way that you can continue to eat plenty of calories, still feel full satiated and satisfied by eating low-glycemic foods, like foods that don’t raise your blood sugar. So what I mean by that is eating foods like the stem stock and leaf vegetables with high protein, rich lean proteins, which are very slow to absorb as well.

So every one of these diets talks about like how vegetables are important, everyone, every single one of them on everything. One’s going to talk about how lean healthy proteins are good. So they’re always going to say high fiber vegetables. Yes. Hi, protein lean low in fat that and so on.

So the diet that I always talk about is I call it kind of like the caveman diet it’s high fiber vegetables, the stem, the stock, and the leaf of the plant. So like broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus green beans that all has a lot of fibers and volume, but it has the low Couric value.

Calories has low calories, but high, it fills you up. And it cleanses the, your stomach has to, I have to work hard to break it down. It pushes through the intestinal tract and really cleanses all of that through. It has the pressure sensors and DNC receptors in your stomach that get hit.

And it Kaiser, it causes you to feel satiated and satisfied the same time proteins, like, like a square chunk of chicken. That’s five grams of unit volume weight, and only about 20 calories that square. Like if you take a square cube of chicken, like a square cube of boneless.

Skinless chicken breast, you take that and put it between your cheek and gum and let it sit there and your mouth, you don’t chew it or swallow it or anything. You just sit it there, you’ll sit there for hours.

It won’t absorb. You have to physically chew it. You have to swallow if, to digest it. The stomach acids have to break it down, has to go through the intestinal tract to absorb, but the chewing swallowing digestion, all of that stuff takes anywhere from six to 16 hours to break down like a protein based food, like a chicken chunk like that square chicken cube, but he’s like the same size cube, but it’s like a refined processed carbohydrate.

I say, raw granulated sugar, like a sugar cube. You place that between your cheek and gum and let it sit there within five minutes. It dissolves in your mouth. You can prick your finger on it, a doctor or a medical glucometer, you prick your finger.

And you put it on the glucometer and check your blood. It will read your blood sugar and the blood sugar actually in five minutes or less is already rising without the chewing, the swallowing and the digestion just by putting that sugar cube in your mouth, through the Buechel membranes in your mouth and under your tongue.

And just in your mouth in general, you’re just going to start absorbing sugar. So without the chewing, without the swelling and thought that I gestion. So the same amount of calories, the same 20 calories that’s in chicken or verse vice versa in the carbohydrate, like the refined sugar cube, they’re both 20 calories.

But one absorbs stores rapidly in five minutes or less without the chewing, without the Swan, without the digestion, and it rapidly increases your blood sugar then starts to rise. Your pancreas then says, wait a minute. It secretes insulin. And it pulls it back out. And insulin cell signals each fat cell to absorb that into adipose tissue and all other tissues are satisfied.

So most of the time we’re sitting around doing nothing for activity and we’re eating ice cream or having a Coke or having a some sort of sugary coffee and your body basically, it’s like, oh, this sugar insulin release store in five minutes or less.

Now, if you eat the same amount of calories, but it comes from slow to absorb foods like the chicken, like I said, six to 16 hours, not five minutes to start absorbing it’s, you’re gonna have plenty of time to burn off just your resting metabolism. Just the resting metabolic rate is going to burn that.

So even just sitting there, you’re going to burn more calories just through the chewing, the swallowing and the regular digestion of the food with it being so low-glycemic. So, like I said, certain foods, you can still eat, keep your metabolism running, keep the proteins in the body. Feel satiated satisfied, hit the pressure receptors.

Didn’t see receptors in your body and still continue to lose weight with actually eating more. You actually can lose belly fat and tone up faster and build muscle faster with eating more food. So it’s the right types of food and all of these diets, key ones that I see in there that really make it work the best.

You know, like it talks about all these like fro like fresh or frozen vegetables, and then like lean fish and flounder tilapia, you know, Mahima all these great, great choices. These are all slow to absorb stem, stock leaf vegetation with lean proteins. Every one of them, every one of them. So what I call it, like my, my, my CF 30, the Colaw fitness, 30 diet.

If you pick up the CF 30 book at any of our clubs, I have an idiot proof plan that guarantees 10 to 30 pounds of fat loss in just 30 days. And I’ve done it with thousands, literally thousands of clients. It’s a super simple template book, a little journal holds you accountable, and it focuses on the same foods that are in all of these things that help you really lose the fat and tone up the body as quickly and safely as possible.

So those are some of the diets there. It goes on to talk about benefits of each one. They all call for eating more of the stem stock leaf vegetation, more of the lean proteins. It’s just repeat, repeat, repeat, but simple little pivots or some people want to add a little bit more of the nuts are a little bit more of these oils are a little bit more of a bread carb to it to give people a little more energy.

Or just personal preference to the type of consumer, but the main key ingredients to losing fat Tonya, the body I call it is that a high fiber like meat, vegetable, diet, higher, and lean proteins and higher, and the stem stock and leaf vegetation diet. And those are the key things. Other than that, there’s other things that people like is fruit healthy, it’s healthy, but it does have a higher glycaemic index.

And does pull you out of a ketogenic or a fat loss response because you’re eating the fruit, sugar, fructose and galactose meth. What about milk? There’s all these other things that can creep in that people like to put in these diet plans. But if you’re paying me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to do your diet and your workout plan and get you in the best shape.

I’m going to use only the foods that are going to be the most successful. And then once you kind of hit a plateau, I’ll start adding back more. The other foods that are just more convenience foods are more of a variety for balance. But my, a lot of people come to me because they’ve tried a lot of things and a lot of things failed. And they’re just lacking fast enough results to stay motivated.

So anyways the stem stock leaf and the [inaudible] diet that I, that we have in our clubs, we sell a book on that, pick it up, even call into Colaw fitness and any of the clubs, you can even order it through our call center.

If you want us to call in and say, Hey, I want to talk to customer service on buying a sea of 30 books. Just say, Hey, you want to buy a of 30 Colaw fitness, 30 day diet workout book. And our customer service department at corporate can send that to you. So anyways that’s my take on the article. These are all great diets. I’ll go back through them.

And just to let you know that this go back here, you want to make sure like those top five things agree with everything’s you saying you got to eat enough food just to keep your energy and keep your metabolism going. Agree. You got to make sure that you’re cutting the sugars. That’s the number one cause of obesity is the refined based carbohydrate, which is number two.

I agree with her to this excess salt somewhat, but a lot of people are exercising. They’re young and they’re not really having any heart problems. So if that’s the case, you really don’t have to avoid it, but just don’t eat a ton of it. So just moderate to light, just sprinkle a little bit and move on.

I do think salt has some healthy benefits as well, as far as in keeping your body hydrated and your you from cramps and so on, and this is number four, hydrated drink at least 72 ounces a day. I say more, I would say 16 ounces at least six times a day, which is going to be definitely more than that. It’s like not, I think it’s 97 ounces.

You can do the math. I’m not doing it right now, but if you’re a guy, I would generally go at least a gallon. And you’re supposed to try to get bigger. So it muscles made up at 80% water. The more that you hydrate, you’re getting more that raw nutrient, the other 20% is really protein. So if you want to be a lean protein, rich person, that’s a leaner Morton version, it’s water and protein.

You are what you eat. So focused on that. Number five, the talking about getting sweaty, pushing yourself. I agree with that, making sure you’re getting at least 30 minutes of exercise and you’re cutting that sugar. So go back to just drinking water, do it for 30 days. Make sure you’re walking at a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

That’s a great start right there. Talk about best overall diet was Mediterranean. Heart health was dash diet for weight loss. They called volume metrics. It’s a lot of calorie counting. I like it somewhat, but I also I want to be more strategic to keep the proteins.

And flexitarian diet is the best sustainable diet they said. And that’s of course, giving you more options, best diet for a digital diet is the nuMe diet. The best promising diet is the Nordic diet. Like I said, all of these come down to the most important components and that is high fiber based vegetables, which are always prevalent in every one of these diets and then the high, the lean quality proteins.

So it’s high protein, high fiber stem stock leaf vegetation diet are the key things. And like I said I have a version of all of these kind of combined into that. That’s super results focused, super ketogenic, basically ketogenetic needs keto. Your body’s burning ketones are your own subcutaneous, legally belly fat body fat booty fat as an energy substrate to lose weight.

So anyways did you know couple, did you notice that was the article and moving on? Did you know that 70 to 80% of your success is going to be your food? It’s what you do in the kitchen. Did you know that your best results are when people are simple and consistent? So keep your diet simple and the same and consistent keep your workouts this simple, same and consistent.

That’s what really works and what it teaches you. If you want to get all of this in one simple spot for 10 bucks at anywhere or clubs or at the customer service department, call the call, call, call us at any one of our clubs in order to see [inaudible] book. So action steps, join Colaw fitness, check us out. If you’re in any of our locations any of those states check us out. Join Colaw fitness.

We’re only $1 down it’s as low as $5 a month. We’re the best rate, highest rated most reviewed gym. And every one of our markets sign up for some of our free trainer classes or orientations or sign up for the [inaudible] 30 class. And by that CF 30 book, make sure you follow the food plan to a T start exercising. No more excuses.

Read my daily words of encouragement in that book. Read the Google reviews type in Colaw fitness, Google reviews, look up Google reviews type in Colaw fitness, YouTube reviews go to YouTube. Best thing to do is watch a bunch of YouTube videos. See somebody just like yourself, losing weight and getting you getting in great shape. Anyways.

Thank you for listening to this podcast. I hope I helped you become more successful action steps are joint call on fitness. Number one, to get the get in the free trainer class three, we followed that CF 30 book for complete mind, freedom and a guide that will walk you day by day.

Hand-In-Hand through the next 10 to 30 pounds of fat loss with muscle tone. Thank you for listening to this podcast. Have a great day. Bye bye.

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