Episode 13 - My take on popular weight loss diets

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw. And today with the, you can do this podcast, the Charles and Amber. You can do this podcast with Colaw fitness. I’m going to talk to you about the nine popular weight loss diets out there and my T my take on those. Um, I’ve worked with over 5,000 clients, um, in the history when I’ve been training for over, you know, gosh, 15 years or so and belt built a multimillion dollar business fitness business in multiple States including the Oklahoma City gyms.

And I want to help you become successful far as in weight loss and your fitness journey and um, it is so important. Um, diet diets are so important, um, for your success in that. Um, there’s several different studies have talked about like a 24 hour fitness and ASM Cooper Institute. I’ve got a bunch of certifications from and lots of different types of, uh, uh, uh, college education.

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I’ve, I’ve, I’ve studied on and, and books that I’ve read and pretty much 70 to 80% of a client’s success is their nutrition that they’re eating. And so it’d be the dietary program that they’re consuming to lose weight and get in shape. I myself was over 300 pounds in high school and I had lost 83 pounds right out of high school and went into a fitness competition and got second top honors and eventually, uh, uh, won a state bodybuilding show.

Um, and uh, the whole takeaway is, is how much food does affect what you look like in your fitness level. I’m working not as important, but your diet is even more important. So I’m going to jump right in here with without any further ado, I’m going to go give you my take a actually looked up an article on healthline.com and they talked about the most popular diets right now that are out.

And I will read some of these to you and then I’ll give you my take on these. So I’m gonna going to read over the article, give you my take. And then I’ve worked with a lot of different clients and done a lot of these diets with clients in the past and I just want you to find something that’s going to work for you. Then I’ll also give you my take on what I’ve done with a blend of some of these on our CF 30 diet program and then give you guys some social proof of several a hundred clients or thousand clients that I’ve worked with that it becomes successful for weight loss and that way hopefully you can learn something from this and become successful in your fitness journey.

Number one, I’m on the, my take on nine popular weight loss diets. Number one, uh, then we’re talking about is the paleo diet, the paleo diet, um, claims that you need, that you should eat foods from the Hunter gatherer ancestors, um, before agricultural develop, the agriculture developed and um, it prevents a lot of different modern diseases that this Western grains and dairy and processed foods is caused.

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I agree with a lot of these principles that they talk about in here has seen that myself. I was just seeing the reversing of that when you take a lot of the processed foods out. So this paleo based diet is something a lot of CrossFit athletes and it’s similar to some of the bodybuilding athletes and it does build a very lean and muscular physique. Um, how the diet works trained at the Oklahoma City gyms.

It emphasizes on whole foods, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds while discouraging the process foods of sugar, dairy and grains. And um, what I’ve learned and a lot of the books that I’ve read in through bodybuilding, my take on all that is it’s a very good diet. It gives you just enough energy, just enough carbohydrates and fats, but not so much. Mainly it’s a higher protein, lower in carbohydrates and lower end fats than the most American diets.

And with working out the way that they schedule that with a lot of this, uh, paleo workout programs or like CrossFit type programs, you’re going to be lean more muscular physique. It really targets fat loss and muscle gain. Um, on some of the studies that have shown that the paleo diet can lead to significant weight loss and reduced waist, waist size.

There’s several studies on that. The studies also show that, um, it’s focuses on lower carbohydrates and more protein, which I also agree with. Um, that’s, uh, basically one of the most popular diets out there. Um, I don’t, in this article it talks about how whole grains and things like that, um, are, are, are healthy and nutritious and good for you. But you know, I do think you can get the fiber and calories you need other way, other places. Um, and a lot of that stimulates that hormone insulin that stores fat.

So my take is paleo based diets are good. I do agree with removing the grains. Um, and the, the nuts and seeds and stuff that they have is in sparing that your body’s going to use those natural fats from nuts as energy. Um, while you’re getting just enough to probably make you feel like you have energy, but not so much to stores fat. So I think it’s a good program.

Um, I think it’s all correctly. It’s gonna I know if followed correctly, it works very well. Um, and uh, but that’s my take on it and I think it’s a great program to follow. So lower carb, higher protein approach, and they’ve got their own spin and sales approach to it and energy, uh, approach to it so that you can do the cross training style workouts. Um, and a lot of the CrossFit workouts are short burst activity ones.

And so, um, even with the lower carb, your glycogen stores your energy and your muscles don’t fully deplete unless it’s a long drawn out session, which most of them aren’t. So, um, that type of diet works great for the workout programs that the CrossFit type athlete does. Um, then the next number two on the list is the vegan diet. And the vegan diet is basically restricts all animal products, um, for ethical, environmental and health reasons.

Um, this is where somebody, a lot of the people that I’ve worked with that have been true vegans, most of them aren’t. But when they’re true begins, they’re very, very, it’s like a part of almost like a, um, part of their faith or religion to be very, very, very, you know, uh, anti, you know, um, anything that’s alive and stuff and except for like plants and so no animals at all and most of them don’t fall up perfectly, but, um, they do work.

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The benefits to them is plant base foods and proteins and so on. Generally the studies show to living a long life. I think it’s very effective for weight loss. I don’t think it has a lot of, um, the best amino acid profile proteins for building muscle. Actually, I know that I’ve tested it and stuff and I definitely lose some muscle mass when I take out some of the, um, proteins that I used to be taking that come from animal and, um, uh, like whey and dairy products.

I feel like they make me feel fuller and stronger. But, um, I do believe that the, it’s a far as in longevity and health. It’s a very good, good diet to follow. Um, it’s very effective for losing weight. I’ve seen that very, very, very many, many times, um, without counting calories, mainly because it’s low calorie, high fiber, low calorie rich foods.

And so it’s like eating lots and lots of low calorie content foods, but still have fiber for the pressure receptors in your stomach and density receptors. But the caloric intake is very low to kind of feel fuller on it and you’re eating a lot of vegetables and fruits and stuff, but it doesn’t have high calorie content. Um, and it generally leads to weight loss, but I generally see a softer body type.

So I call it kind of like a skinny fat version of yourself. You become skinnier, but you still say fairly soft because it doesn’t mean that hard lean muscle as well as some other diets. I’m not saying it’s bad, I just, that’s my take on it. Um, and you’re, feel free to get upset with me. Um, but most of the, unless you get really strategic with it and really try to head some, uh, extra vegetable proteins.

But did you just eat vegan? And you’re not really trying to add the extra vegan based proteins in the right timing. You generally lose some muscle mass if you’re a bigger muscular guy like myself. So, um, it’s not really my take of what I would want. Um, but it definitely works for just weight reduction and so on. So visit the Oklahoma City gyms today and learn more about this type of diet.

So, uh, uh, the downsides on it, um, as it can be low in several nutrients like B, 12, vitamin D, iron, calcium, zinc and Omega three fatty acids. Um, but it is very, very good for as in cholesterol, heart health and things like that. So, um, if, uh, I think for longevity and health, it’s a great diet. I think for muscular performance and muscular strength, it’s second, it’s not as good as some of the other diets. So low carb diets. Number three, I’m going to go into that.

Low carb diets are very, very popular. Um, it forces your body to use its own fat and mobilize its own fat on your body as energy and also the fastest reading in your diet as energy. That’s forcing the ketosis process. Ketosis is very, very key to genic diets, low carb diets. Um, there’s lots of different spins there. You can go into that. Some of these other diets I’m gonna talk about do this, do the same thing in many other Oklahoma City gyms.

Excuse me. Um, as these low carb diets, so lower carbs, so force your body to use its own fat as an energy substrate utilizes limited unlimited amounts of protein while fat are all fat severely and while fat and fat, while severely limiting carbon take carb intake is very low, fatty acids are moved into the blood, transported from your liver where they turn into ketones. This is what it’s talking about.

Joel just said a minute ago. Um, overall, just give you my take. My take is that low carb diets work really well. They work really fast. I bodybuilding on lots of different shows. Some people don’t like it because they’re so used to the serotonin dopamine and the blood sugar response that comes from that. Um, it takes a couple of weeks, kind of get used to a lower carb diet. When you do feel like a little tireder, um, if you’re driving in the car and you’re on a low carb diet, you know, if you’re, you know, you can fall asleep.

Um, there’s just lots of different things that can uh, your body’s pulling fat and it doesn’t want to pull fat so you kind of suffer. But you do get really lean and if you have enough protein and you get real, you’ll stay muscular. So it’s a diet that you do feel like you’re suffering a little bit, but you end up looking really good if you want to get that lean muscular of seek.

This next one, number four is the Duke and diet. It’s a high protein, low carb weight loss split into four phases. To weight loss phases to maintenance phases, how long each phase depends on how much weight you need to lose. Each phase has its own dietary pattern, how it works. The weight loss phases are primarily based on eating unlimited high protein foods and mandatory O’Brien or other phases involve adding non starchy vegetables, followed by some carbs and fat later on, well will be fewer and fewer pure protein days and maintaining the new weight in the study.

Women followed the Dirk and planted about a thousand calories and a hundred calories of protein per day, um, and lost about 33 pounds in eight to 10 weeks. Other studies show that high protein, low carb guys may have major weight loss benefits. These include higher metabolic or decreased hunger hormone Geiken and increased in several fullness hormones.

Other benefits apart from weight loss or no record of benefits on the Dirk and program and the scientific literature, there’s no, so anyways, this diet right here, um, I don’t know a lot about, just basically read about it. Um, never heard anybody really doing it. Um, basically when you reduce your carbs, increase your protein, your body cannot turn protein into energy.

So the high, low carb diet forces your body to use its own fat as energy or to turn the proteins into carbohydrates, which is um, uh, glycols [inaudible] I think is glycolysis conversion of amino acids into glucose. It’s hard. This one basically makes you suffer and then gives you some relief at times and it’s basically saying as you go along, it gives you less relief over time and the relief is coming from like the carbohydrates and so on. And so, um, it is another low carb, high protein approach with a strategic way to try to add carbs in at certain times to uh, satisfy and satiate you.

My take is it probably works really well if you follow it correctly. Um, if you’re somebody who’s more disciplined, you can skip through those phases and just basically less carbs, more protein, more you suffer, but more results you get. Some people don’t have the discipline that others have. That’s what I’ve seen in real life. Um, I’ve done carb, low carb days and higher carb days, uh, to help clients or I’ve done nutrient tiny Mara carbs or higher around your workouts and then low carbs rest of the day.

Um, really it comes down to whoever suffers the most and can follow the plan the hardest with lower carbs, forces jet ketogenic response or forces your body to mobilize its own fat and you get leaner faster. So what’s better at the Oklahoma City gyms? What’s worse? I mean, if you’re super, super relentlessly disciplined, like some guys that are seasoned fitness junkies, they could probably do that better with more strict or a carb approach.

Some other people need more just because they haven’t mastered that, um, emotional response with foods and the serotonin dopamine that comes from the blood sugar response of carbohydrates. So number five is the ultra low fat diet restricts consumptions of fat. 10%. How it works is low fat diets contain 10% or fewer calories from fat. The diet is mostly plant-based, has limited intake of animal products. Therefore, it’s very high in carbs, around 80% of calories and low in proteins.

Weight loss has proven to be very successful. One study showed obese individuals lost 140 pounds. Um, now they’re eight week study. They should seven to 14% of fat showed an average weight law contains seven another week, should have diet containing only seven to 14% of fat, had 14 to eight pounds, 14.8 pounds. Fat loss, um, surprising. This high carb, low fat diet can lead to significant improvements in type two diabetes.

So talks about all this stuff, um, in here and what it is, it’s restricting the fat and it’s restricting basically, um, a lot of calories, um, ultra low fat diet and it’s ultra low calorie diet. Um, and so what happens is is your body is less food, less calories, even though you’re eating carbs, it’s just a low, low amount. So blood sugar doesn’t increase that much even though you still are eating primarily carbohydrates instead are super low in fat, but you are going to be very hungry and this malt, this severely restrictive diet.

Um, well then also losing muscle mass and muscle tissue. Most people want to lose weight and tone up at the same time. I see it great for basically, uh, being a low calorie approach that’s going to basically kind of put you in a, uh, kind of like a, a fasting state even though you’re still eating a little bit.

Um, and so it’s kind of like a, just kind of like a low calorie. Suffer type diet that you’re going to lose a lot of weight just cause you cut calories and it’s also going to lower your blood sugar. It’s going to help with any, uh, type two diabetes. It’s going to help with lots of different things. Um, similar to a low car, but just mainly just restrictive than Adkins diet. This is hugely popular at times and then hugely criticized at times. It is very well known, um, marketed really well and there’s a lot of great studies that show that’s done well.

There’s also people that have came up material that shows that it’s bad because of the higher levels of fat. The way it works. It’s split into four phases with an introductory phase, which you can eat under 20 carbs per day for two weeks.

Other phases of all, slowly reinforcing, uh, reintroducing some healthy carbs back in the diet. As you approach your goal weight. Um, Atkins diets study extensively extensively have found to lead to faster weight loss, then low fat diets and also mobilizes a lot of abdominal fat, which is connected with heart health. Um, this Atkins diets similar to like a low carb diet, higher protein diet. It, uh, reduces all these different factors.

Um, heart disease, blood triglycerides, cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin. I, I am a big proponent for low carb diets. Um, and this one is a low carb diet and it they’re, they’re, they’re fairly safe for the most majority of the population. And uh, yeah, I think it’s a great program. Um, you just got to watch your, watch all your carbs, get them under 20 today and you’ll lose a lot of weight and then you start adding back carbs as you get your goal weight.

That’s what I’ve done in a lot of my programs in my dieting. It’s very similar to bodybuilding dieting. Um, I tie, I cut my carbs, lose the weight, and then add back carbs around my workouts once I’m closer to my goal weight. Um, and it’s a very similar principle, works really well. I’ve lived, um, years following that type of, uh, nutrient timing and cow, uh, carbohydrate restricting. Um, the HCG diet. That’s number seven. It is a extreme diet. It’s meant to cause fat, weight loss.

Um, I want to do pounds a day. Um, it’s also where they take a hormone called G, H, G C humic chronic gonadotropin, and add that to the, uh, to the person’s uh, uh, diet program. It’s a hormone that basically stimulates your youthful hormones and um, you, uh, use, uh, tried to only eat 500 calories a day. This ACG G, uh, supplement drops pellets or injections, um, are prescribed for, for three to six weeks.

And it’s basically forcing your body and your hormones, uh, to force your body to lose fat. And I don’t really like the whole taking a hormone try to help you lose fat, like completely calorically starving yourself. Um, and uh, there’s some quick results. Absolutely. And it’s kind of been popular for some, you know, a short term results, but I really have not had a lot of clients to do it. I’ve had clients do it and then we still had to follow through with a different program to actually live off of and be successful with longterm.

I’m not a fan of it and that’s pretty much my take. I don’t want you to taking a bunch of weird hormones to artificially stimulate yourself and then starve just for quick weight loss. I don’t think that’s a really good approach. Um, number eight, the zone diet, low-glycemic diet, lowering the carbs to 35 to 45% a day, and proteins to 30% and fast to 30%.

And it kind of like, it’s basically the zone diet is going to be, uh, eliminating carbs, proteins and fats to certain percentages. And it recommends only carbs with a low-glycemic index, which are low blood sugar response. Um, it’s a, it’s a great diet. I’ve seen a lot of people to be successful on it. It’s very similar to some of these other diets in my opinion, gives a lower glycaemic approach.

Basically a lower impacting carb approach is still has some fiber, but I’m non-insulin genic lower end insulin, Genet carbs and it has just enough proteins and fats so that your body has energy and can build muscle. Um, all in all. And then nine, I’m sorry, intermittent fasting. It’s where you’re going to eat for a certain period of time and then not eat for a certain period of time. And uh, basically, uh, the how it works is it’s, it’s, it’s basically helping you eat fewer calories.

It’s basically making you eat less overall and you don’t overcompensate by eating too much during the eating periods. Um, it’s a great method to work. It works. Um, there’s a lot of great followers on it. I’m not a huge proponent on it. Um, bottom line is there’s not a really perfect program for everybody, but when I’ve literally done maker, South beach, paleo, um, studied bodybuilding diets, the fundamental part that causes you to lose weight is the word of the mobilization of your own fat as occurring, whether that’s cutting calories and then your body needs that energy.

So it forces a keto ketosis response for your body. Then relys releases your own fat to be burned or you do it through carbohydrate restricting where you’re still eating calories and proteins. So your body maintains its muscle mass or builds muscle mass, but you’re doing just enough that, uh, uh, you can still gain the muscle, but the cards are low enough.

You’re still mobilizing fat. I have seen all of these work within the realm, um, and a lot of it’s more of a personal preference, but the most successful programs all in all basically lower the blood sugar response to a lower insulin, genic foods, higher protein foods. And if you lift weights and do cardio, you’re going to build muscle, stimulate more circulation and energy recruitment is going to mobilize more fat.

So what I’ve done is I came up with a program that kind of stimulates the best of all of those, and I call it the [inaudible]. It’s a Cola fitness 30 day program, slow low insulin at carbs, high fiber carbs. So it’s only, it’s basically it’s unlimited vegetables, a STEM stocker leaf vegetables and unlimited lean proteins. And what happens is certain times you’re hungry or not, and if you just don’t eat, your body eventually says to heck with this and you want to blow the plan.

So I don’t put any restrictions on it, but it’s only two food groups that have a non-insulin genetic pathway and still gives you plenty of calories to satiate you, satisfy you and enough protein, you’re going to actually build muscle at the same time at burning fat. I highly encourage you to go look and go to YouTube, type in Colaw fitness reviews, see all the reviews, and that’s where I’ve taken the lower carb, higher protein approach, unlimited vegetables. So a lot of people who are big veggie fans or lots of plant-based fans. So it’s an unlimited vegetables, limited lean, lean proteins, and you build that into for our gram.

You do your weights and some cardio. You shred fat tone up and go watch the YouTube videos. This is Colaw fitness, Charles Colaw on the, you can do it podcast, go get the CF 30 plan. You are awesome. You can be successful. It’s a mind frame document that you can follow for 30 days and it can help you be successful. But the bottom line is all these programs work. It’s more about personal preference. See if [inaudible] plan is a great start. If you want to see a lower carb, higher protein approach with unlimited, um, carbohydrates from the STEM stock, leaf vegetables, high fiber, um, and you’re going to get the best of all of that with a lot of forced fat loss. This is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast and the Oklahoma City gyms. Bye bye.