Episode 131 - 3 Healthy Foods To Eat

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Hello, this is Charles Colaw on that. You can do this podcast the day. I’m going to talk about three healthy foods to eat. Who am I? I am Charles Colaw. I am the owner and founder of Colaw fitness. I’m an eight time certified fitness trainer. I have trained over 5,000 clients to help them lose weight and get in great shape.

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Get in great shape. We also have fitness locations. Um, I, we have fitness center locations in Joplin, Missouri Topeka Kansas Arlington, Texas, Oklahoma city. I said Bartlesville, Oklahoma Joplin, Missouri to be a Kansas Arlington, Texas in Oklahoma city. And we’ve got more locations on the coming soon.

And so can check us out, come to by, come by one of the clubs and try us out only $1 down and it’s low as $5 a month and we have a money back guarantee. So check it out. Um, uh, Cola fitness is also the highest rated and most reviewed gym in Topeka I believe in the entire world, but we’re definitely the highest rated and most reviewed gym, definitely in our market.

So check us out on Google, Google, go to Google and type in Colaw fitness near me type in Colaw, fitness near me and click on the club near you. And you can read all of our Google reviews. So check us out, read the Google reviews. Um, today I’m going to go through an article that talks about three healthy foods to eat and three foods to avoid. I’m going to talk about that. Talk about those and give my take on them.

So, first off in this article, it talks about eating healthy proteins. Here’s what it says on proteins. There’s protein are the building blocks of our body. They build in repair and maintain our tissues. They strengthen our immune system. Most importantly, for most people, it’s going to help you lose weight. Proteins are great for helping you feel full after a meal.

And they also assist in maintaining a good metabolism. Metabolism helps keeps that fat off your body. So the best sources that they say is from chicken eggs and other poultry, that it also says seafood, and it says Greek yogurt and cottage, cheese, and tofu. And I would agree with pretty much all of that stuff.

Um, the big thing that I tell people is you gotta be eating low fat proteins. So the flies or swims like fish or chicken or fish and other poultry, the other type of, uh, a bird it’s always naturally pretty lean and low in fat.

And so those are the better sources. And, um, so that’s great stuff. So check that out. And then the other great food to be eating is stem stock leaf, high fiber vegetables. And in any type of diet program, they’ll talk about high fiber foods are healthy for you and I’ll get into that later, but yes, eating protein. Um, so 96% are leaner chicken, fish, eggs.

Um, any type of lean protein is a great choice. It helps you lean you out and build muscle tone. Then it also goes on to talking about avoiding sweetened beverages. And it says in this article is drinks that are sweetened with sugar or, um, uh, of, uh, sugar or basically any type of sugar additive. Instead it’s spike. Basically it says instead they spike your blood sugar and insulin response with a concentrated dose of sugar that is quickly absorbed leading to increased appetite and increased cravings.

So it says, stay away from soda juice, fancy coffee, drinks, and store bought smoothies. I 100% agree with that. This is where a lot of people get, you know, into a lot of weight gain is the sugary drinks that they don’t realize that they’re drinking a lot of their calories. Um, for example, I’ll literally have a client that’s a big soda drinker or a somebody who’s like a really big sweet tea.

So they add sugar to tea drinker. And if I just get them to quit that for a month, some of these people will lose 20 pounds by just stopping the drink in one month, 20 pounds. So that’s how much sugar now, just to give you an example, um, let’s say you’ve got like, uh, uh, uh, each like just one can of soda pop, like I say, like Coke, one can of Coke.

Um, if you have a can of Coke, that’s 36 grams or about 40 grams of pure sugar. If you ever used a protein scooper and scooped out of a protein jug, a big, those big scoops out of a protein jug, that is about, um, 25 grams of a scoop. If you to fill that whole thing with sugar, it’s almost two of those, a pure sugar and just one little can, 12 ounce can of Coke of sugar.

So basically what I’m saying is that you’re drinking like a route 44, like a big gas station by Dr. Pepper or a Rouge, uh, like gas station, big, big, tall, extra large. Um, one of those two, if you drink three of those a day, you’re basically, um, drinking like five pounds of sugar every week. So like a lot of people will go buy it and get like three different Cokes a day.

They could be literally drinking like five pounds of sugar a week. And that’s what causes so much weight gain. It’s really hard on your system. So basically avoid that. Um, a lot of these new fancy coffees, my goodness Starbucks is probably, you know, correlated directly to obesity, um, in today’s society. So all those sugary drinks, they’re nothing doing nothing for your butt gut and hips and thighs.

Um, but if you can just avoid that, go to non, uh, like non sweetened drinks, um, or naturally sweetened drinks, or like, like ones that do not contain sugar. So you can look for the look on the label and if it says zero calories, you’re good to go. Uh, it generally will say diet, or I’ll say like unsweetened, or it’ll say like Stevia sweetened or have some sort of non-digestible sweetener. So it doesn’t digest as an absorb.

So it doesn’t cause any weight gain. The big thing is, is look for the, um, zero calorie drinks and that’s always water is number one. Um, then here it talks about the next thing what to eat. So the number one, the next thing that I’m talking about is another, this is what you should eat food. That’s this starchy says non starchy vegetables. So this is what I call vegetables that are stem stock or a leaf.

So stem stock or leaf vegetables that are stem stem to the plant. The stock of the plant or the leaf vegetables are wonderful dense in nutrients is what this article says.

As vegetables are wonderfully dense in nutrients, rich in fiber vitamins and minerals, while very low in carbohydrates in short, they fill you up with minimal impact on your blood sugar. Why don’t starchy vegetables make the cut well for one, they, this is where they say, why don’t starchy vegetables like potatoes and things like that.

For one, they pack triple the carbohydrates, but none of the good stuff worse that they’re the easiest foods to over-consume and frequent and portions. When the last time you had a half cup of corn or potatoes at a meal. So the big thing is, is they just say they’re very nutrient dense. They absorb and they store very, very quickly. Um, so starchy, starchy ones are the ones you want.

What you, well, I’m trying to tell you is one to avoid the ones, not the ones to eat. The ones to eat are going to be the stem, the stock or the leaf of the plant. So that’s going to be like asparagus broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, green beans, kale, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, pepper, spinach, squash, sugar, snap, peas, snow peas, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini. That’s a long list of them. Those are all great ones.

Only one that they had in the list that I didn’t like was carrots. Cause carrot is still the rut. It’s like, it’s like a potato. It’s the storage energy of the plant. Um, which is like the root. The root is kind of where the body fat of the plant is, is where it harbors all that extra energies in the root system.

Um, that’s the only one I would pull out of there for what they had recommended other than that asparagus is great. Broccoli is great. Cauliflower is great. Brussel sprouts are great cabbage cucumber. Great, great, great. So stem stocker leaf of the plant.

Those are the ones to eat, what to avoid. And again, it says added sugars. As it says in this article, it says extra sugar causes a surgeon insulin. The high insulin levels cause your body to store fat rather than burn it.

Refined carbohydrates, lead to a crash and burn effect. As blood sugar drops below the recommended range, leading to bigger appetite and more cravings. So this is where it says you need to avoid this. And I totally agree what they just said is so spot on. What’s what to avoid.

Avoid cereal of oil, avoid snack bars, avoid pre sweetened yogurts, avoid canned fruit, avoid condiments with particularly ketchup, barbecue sauce, honey mustard, French dressing are similar. This is where all of these things, all of these foods sound somewhat healthy, but when they have so many added sugars in them, so it says avoid added sugars.

So cereal, most of the time you’ll get cereal and you’ll say, oh, this is like whole grain something. And he look, and really it’s half, half sugar. If you look at the ingredients, if you actually read the ingredients, it’ll be like corn and then sugar.

Those are whole high dense carbohydrates, spike your insulin shuttles that an extra glucose or extra energy into your fat cells. And so you want to have a way that next step is eating what to eat.

This is the, yes, you do want to eat this. It talks about fat and here it says fat tends to go to fat, tends to get a bad rap, but your body needs it in order to absorb healthy vitamins, like a E D and K not dimension heal wounds fat is the slowest. Macronutrient tend to be digested. So you eat it actually digest. Well, it says the order is carbs, protein fat.

So it promotes satiation and adds flavor to food fats. With the most protective health benefits are unsaturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Saturated fats are not the enemy they’d been paid for the last 40 years.

Consider them a neutral fat one type effect you should avoid is trans fat trans fat significantly increases your risk of heart disease and consumption with consumption so much, so much so that the food and drug administration has ruled them no longer safe for human consumption and require them to be removed from the U S food supply by 2021.

Uh, that’s a great article. Um, here’s the deal on this on fats? I have noticed that if I eat fat in my diet, it doesn’t make me fat. What makes me fat is primarily the carbohydrate. That’s the breads, the cereals, the grains, the starchy potatoes, things like that. And when I add fats add fat, adding fats does basically make my body switch over to using that fat as energy, as opposed to stored body fat as energy.

But it doesn’t make me gain weight nearly as quickly as carbohydrates. It says in here, the best sources for fat are like all of oil and I, 100% agree. Extra-virgin olive oil is probably the best fat to be taking it. I cook all my food in a dark bottle. Extra-virgin olive oil. So olive oil, dark bottle, it’s got to say extroversion on it. And then it talks about avocado oil and coconut oil are also good fats.

These nut oils and seeds are good avocado. Um, those are the best sources for healthy fats. Um, so all that to say, I do agree with that. I add olive oil to my, you know, my meal, my, when I do cooking to my meals and a little bit for like taste on a few things. I don’t use tons and tons of it, but I only use primarily dark bottle extra-virgin olive oil or nuts or seeds that I eat with a meal.

Okay. What to avoid is what it says in relation says avoid refined grains, refined grains have pretty much had any nutrient processed out of them. So reef refined means it’s like basically thinking of like a white bread. It’s been bleached. Been ground up. It’s all the nutrients have been cooked out of it. It’s been bleached.

So it’s like white and all of the nutritional value that vitamins and minerals and stuff are out and what’s left is a pre digested, easy to absorb source of food and says without the fiber, they are digested and enter the bloodstream rapidly causing a similar spike in blood sugar and fat storing just like sugar does.

And that’s from the insulin release. Worst offenders are going to be white flour, bread, pasta, rice, baked goods, snack goods, and breakfast cereals.

I totally agree with all that. It says alternatives seeking out lower carbohydrate substitutes that are similar in texture. They pacify your sense by providing the same mouthfeel as carbs, um, that you’re used to, for example, try swapping in riced cauliflower for what white rice.

So it was called rice cauliflower instead of white rice at a mom, a pasta for traditional wheat, pasta and almond flour for white flour when cooking or baking. These are all great options.

The big thing they’re trying to do is slow that blood sugar response, that insulin response, when insulin is secreted from the pancreas off the beta cells, um, that, that secretion of that, that hormone in the body causes as I call it the fat storage hormone, everything you’re eating is now storing rapidly. And when you eat slower to digest carbohydrates, I get talks about, um, you’re gonna be better off.

So avoiding refined grains, avoid white flour, bread, pasta, rice, baked goods, snacked like snacky goods and baked in breakfast cereals. Those are the things to avoid. And instead it says, if you’re going to eat something, eat healthy fats, like olive oil or nuts or avocados and things like that. So that’s what you avoid and that’s what you eat.

So anyway, this is a great article, three healthy foods to eat and, uh, three foods to avoid. And I’ll give you a quick summary one last time. So for example, it says, eat protein. It’s going to come from chicken, eggs and other poultry and fish sources.

And it says avoid, um, sweetened beverages, like soda, pop juice, fancy coffees. And then it says, eat. This is what you do want to eat. You want to eat these non starchy vegetables. That’s the stem, the stock and the leaf of the plant.

Those are always like basically zero points foods on like point systems and calories systems, drinks all got so fat off the eaten lettuce. It just, you physically can’t. And it says to avoid sugar, avoid food with added sugars. Those are gonna be like cereals, snack bars, um, pre sweetened yogurt, yogurt, uh, canned fruit that has the added sugar added in it.

Condiments that like anything that you’re like ketchup, barbecue sauce, avoid that honey mustard avoid that French dressing avoid that all these extra sugary condiments sugary added sugars to foods. And then three, it says you want to eat healthy fats like olive oil, nut oils. And so on.

Next up is talks about refined grains. You want to avoid the refined grains, avoid white flour, avoid bread, but avoid pasta rice and baked goods. And so on. Those things have bachelors. So anyways, this is a great article, three healthy foods to eat three healthy, three foods to avoid.

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Listen to other people just like yourself. Get motivated. Thank you for listening to this podcast is Charles Colaw talking about three healthy foods to eat. Hope that helps you have a blessed day.

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