Episode 132 - 6 Tips to diet the right way

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You can do this podcast

You can do this podcast

Hello, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast it’s day. I’m going to talk about six tips to diet the right way, six tips to diet the right way. Okay. I’m going to go through an article here is going to be talking about how to diet the right way, and I’m going to get my take on it. And these are six ways to do that. Who am I? I am Charles Colaw.

I am the owner and founder of Colaw fitness, me and my wife, Amber Colaw. We are a certified fitness trainers and we have trained thousands of clients. Um, uh, in our locations, we’ve got multiple locations in several states. Um, uh, we have, uh, Jim’s in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We have gyms in Joplin, Missouri. We have gyms in Topeka, Kansas.

Have gyms in Arlington, Texas, and we have OKC gyms and we have some more gyms on the way we are the highest rated and most reviewed gym in the world.

And I encourage you to not believe me and Google us type in Colaw fitness near me type in Colaw fitness near me and read our Google reviews. So without further ado, the article we’re going to look at here is six tips to help you diet the right way. Um, the first tip that they talk about the in here is basically tip number one.

It says, don’t go for depravation over smarter eating. Don’t go for depravation over smarter eating just as overeating can spoil your weight loss efforts. So can starving yourself with a rice cake and a diet soda.

So basically in this article, in this section, they talk about by just not eating, that is not the best method. When you go into strategically eating the right kinds of calories at the right time, you will be more successful, have better weight loss, feel better, look better.

So most of the time people will under eat until they get too hungry and then they’ll overeat. And then it becomes this yo-yo progra program where they overdose over diet and then overeat. And then it’s just a, it’s kind of like a bingeing session and it’s never going to be healthy and you’ll end up actually gaining more weight than you want.

Um, and what I do with my clients is we eat a diet that is fundamentally these two components, whether it’s a maker’s diet, south beach diet, paleo based diets, calorie, counting diets, um, uh, macronutrient breakdown, diets, all of these diets, bodybuilding diets, high protein.

They all fundamentally work on two components that are primary nutrients that work the best for weight loss and muscle toning and, and building. And those are basically higher in protein. Protein is the healing repairing growth. Nutrient protein has a extremely difficult capacity to actually put fat on.

It’s almost impossible for protein to make you fast. So basically I’m saying is you can eat all you want of that type of food and you will literally not digest it fully. And defecate basically poop out the food excess because it doesn’t store to fat very readily. It’s very difficult. So certain foods like high protein foods are more, um, so higher protein and higher fiber-based vegetables.

Those are stem stock, leaf vegetation, and those you’ll expend more energy and chewing, swallowing, and digestion. You will then actually nutrient uptake out of your GI tract, the gastrointestinal system, your, your intestines. So you chew the FibreBridge who’s, uh, it goes into your stomach.

It cleanses, it goes through the intestinal tract, the silly and the intestine will tries to pull nutrients out of it. But fiber is basically undigestible and then that’s what deprecates or go. It basically goes out your body, um, is, is, um, the fiber is nutrient left over.
So basically don’t go for deprivation over smarter eating and the smarter eating.

I’m going to explain in a, what I call the CF 30 plan at the end, it’s called the CF Colaw fitness 30 it’s called CF 30 Colaw fitness. 30 C is for Colaw Fitness. 30 is the 30 day. It’s a 30 day idiot proof template to follow that gets you in great shape. And it gives you the exact foods the exact times and how to do that.

So don’t go for deprivation over smarter eating that’s number one. Number two is look beyond, uh, the number of calories. This is where this talks about. You gotta be basically, don’t just look at calories. You also look at the types of calories cause calorie. Isn’t just a calorie like everybody talks about. And the law of thermodynamics, there is some special component to that.

What I’m saying is if you were to take a sugar cube, like a square cube of sugar, that’s like a little sugar cube. If you can picture that in your head and a square cube of chicken, okay. And if you weigh the two of them, they’re both the same of, uh, uh, unit volume of weight. They’re the both same amount of calories, and one will digest at a faster rate than the other one.

So like, if you think it’s your cube, for example, if that’s the carbohydrate in a sugar form, simple form of carb, place that between your cheek and gum and let it sit there within five minutes, it’ll dissolve in your mouth. The Buechel membranes in your mouth and under your tongue will already be absorbing the calories without chewing swallowing or digestion.

So effortlessly, your body’s absorbing these nutrients and spiking insulin, and shuttling that nutrients into the cells or fat cells is basically what I’m saying without chewing swollen or digestion, and less than five to 10 minutes.

If you actually prick your finger 10 minutes after that sugar cubes in your mouth, you can actually see on a glucose meter, a glucometer for like diabetics, you prick your finger and check your blood on that little, that little machine. You, you check it and you actually see your blood sugar has risen without chewing, swallowing or digestion just through absorption.

So your Buechel membrane. So that’s how easy those, if it’s about 20 calories, five, five grams of unit volume weight, and about 20 calories in a sugar cube. 20 calories, those 20 calories, you’ll see absorbing and storing into the bloodstream without chewing, swollen or digestion, she could prick your finger and check that on a glucose meter and see that rising.

Now on the other end of it, the square boneless skinless chunk of chicken breasts, like a square chunk of chicken, that’s a protein source. That’s a lean of protein. You could stake that chunk of chicken and think about putting that between your cheek and gum and letting it sit there. Okay?

Put that between your cheek and gum and let it sit there, let it sit there. 10 minutes later, it’s still sitting there two hours, 10 hours. It’s still sitting there. You have to physically chew it. You have to swallow it and you have to digest it. All of that chewing swallowing digestion takes calories and effort, energy expenditure digesting it.

The silly and the intestinal track has to absorb that protein through the intestinal wall. It has to convert that, that those amino acids into glucose, through the glycolysis conversion of amino acids, into glucose, all of that takes any anywhere from six to 16 hours to fully break down. So they’re both the same amount of calories, same five calories.

So five, five grams of unit volume, weight, same 20 calories. They’re both 20 calories, but one 20 calories takes 10 minutes or less. And then it starts absorbing the other one takes six to 16 hours. So the rate of absorption, the term is rate of absorption rate of absorption.

There’s certain rate of absorptions of certain types of foods that basically will extend through your day longer, getting you a better chance of losing weight. It also fills you up longer cause it digest slower. So that’s where it creates more satiation and satisfied. You feel satisfied, there’s pressure, receptors and density receptors in your stomach.

And your intestinal tract will see the more fecal matter that lasts longer. All of that stuff sends a feedback to the brain that says I’m full. And it also says I’ve got good nutritional value for a period of time. So you don’t have that rise and crash rise and crash with sugars.

You’re going to have a steady stream of energy. So all this to say, you have to look beyond the calories that’s number two. And I totally agree with that. Getting that slower to absorb foods, that’s going to be the lean proteins and the stem stock and leaf vegetables. So check that out. Um, that’s tip number two, tip number three is it says don’t substitute veggie based foods for veggies.

Don’t substitute veggie based foods for veggies. So I’m gonna read this to you and give my take don’t fall for the veggie chips, the veggie crackers, or the veggie pasta, gaining a presence outside the produce section of your grocery store.

At the end of the day, most veggie chips for example, are a blend of vegetable powder, also called flour with added starch and our comparable to tortilla chips. So this is where marketing and sometimes makes you think you’re getting healthy, but this veggie based stuff it has, um, basically it’s not what you think it is.

And it kinda hoodwinks you, it kind of gets you and you’re gonna, you basically, uh, not lose the weight like you think you’re going to. So, um, all that to say, I do agree with that. Um, I never had my clients eating veggie base foods that are like chips and crackers and pastas. I’m trying to get the better option.

A lot of times, if you’re in the, in the store, you’re either going to eat healthier or not. Just to be honest, if it’s not natural, natural produce, it’s fresh. It’s always best. Um, frozen is second Candice third, so fresh, frozen and canned. And so look for the veggies that are like that.

But when it’s in a box and has a shelf life of like 10 years, it’s definitely not what you think it is, and it’s not as healthy for you. So, um, that’s number three.

Number four is choose whole fruit, fresh fruit instead of juice. So in this it’s like it says fruit drinks are one of the major sources of added sugar in the American diet. They’re higher in sugar than whole fruit. They cause a spike in the blood sugar and trigger a secretion of insulin, the fat storing hormone. And I totally agree with that.

This blood sugar spike follows following followed by a crash can lead to exhaustion, brain fog, hunger and sugar cravings. Fruit juice has also stripped of any of the fiber found in the whole foods. Fiber is one of the four shows, shortfall nutrients in adequate con consumption, um, in the American diet.

So anyways, all this has a donate like fruit juice like this, all the juice in and don’t drink all these calories. And so on. Add to that, like a soda pop, you got a like apple juice, orange juice and all those things.

Those are all added sugars. It’s not even natural. And if it does, it’s like 10% natural, say 100% fruit juice. And on the side you really look fine print. It’s like 10% real fruit juice. The rest is just basically a whole bunch of added sugar. So get your sugar, basically get your fruit from actual fruit like natural fruit sources.

Like I said, fresh produce is best frozen. Second, Candice third, always be looking for anything with added sugars and throw it out. That’s the big culprit for obesity and almost all the major, um, uh, risk factors for health, like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, all of that is directly related to the refinement of the carbohydrate.

If you serve and look at, um, uh, the newest, um, uh, research anyways, number five, limit sugar, [inaudible] sugar consumption. That’s number five says limit sugar consumption. I agree with that.

It says excess sugar intake is a major driver of obesity type two diabetes and other chronic diseases. One study has linked excess sugar to an increased risk of death and heart disease. I do agree with that. Sugar is a huge component for obesity. Gary Tobbs has a book called good calories, bad calories. He’s a research journalist.

And he basically goes through a couple hundred years of food and how it’s basically affected a society. And he has some pretty much common sense takeaways and totally is what your total, the total fine. The total big takeaway is going to be the refinement of the carbohydrate. And the more refined it is like sugars.

You’re going to see the heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, all those related diseases are associated with sugar, sugar, sugar. So, um, number six, it says avoid reduced fat products. This is where I’m going to read this to you.

And then also get my take to set the record straight consuming foods that are high in fat does not translate to more body fat. In reality, fats are a major source of fuel for the body. They help you absorb fat soluble vitamins like a E D and K. They also increase your fullness of satiation and society help you stay fuller longer.

These basically these healthy properties are fat are often lost during the process and of many reduced fat foods, which are not essential necessarily lower in calories and are often higher in sugar. They often say they, they, they, it says that there are some reduced fat options that are very healthy, low fat, and fat free milk.

For example, um, are wonderful options that do not contain added sugars. So there’s, uh, basically it says there’s some, most of the time, this is what I see most of the time and the re reduced fat options.

They just increase the sugar content. So you’ll see like, Hey, this is says reduced fat. And you look at the, the full, like the regular full fat product. It’s like two grams of sugar. And the reduced vetch option has like 10 grams of sugar because the bottom line is they’re trying to sell a product.

Anything with fat or sugar tastes better. So if they gave you the product without the fat, they’re going to add the sugar. And like I said, heart attack stroke. Diabetes is more directly related to the refinement of the carbohydrate or the sugars than it is actually from the fats itself. So avoid fat reduced fat products as well.

Um, that is what they say. I do agree with that. So, um, my big takeaway for you guys is, so if you want to like complete mind freedom and being successful, I’m going to give that to you in just a second, but I’m going to go through a couple of these.

Did you know, well, I’ve trained over 5,000 clients and have helped thousands of people. I was over 300 pounds in high school and I lost 83 pounds with help with the trainer. And I have, I figured out through trainer school got eight national certifications and training that sit and they all pretty much say 70 to 80%.

Even some is 90% of your success in weight loss and health is what you do in the kitchen. It’s what you’re eating. So 70 to 80% is what I’m going to say of your success is your food.

What you do in the kitchen, your best results are going to be when you’re consistent with that nutrition and with your workout next, did you know that if you keep your workout and your diet simple in the same, you have the highest rate of success and the best physiques, the best bodies, the most effective weight loss people keep their programs simple and the same.

And I’m going to give all this to you. If you come to Colaw fitness, go to the CF 30 trainer class, C F 30 trainer. You can sign up a call with witnesses, rose $1 down. So it’s $5 a month. You also have a money back guarantee. So come check it out. It’s only one buck. You only have $1 to risk. And if you don’t like it, you get your dollar back.

So I guess it’s not a risk at all, but check it out and go through the CF 30 class and then pick up the C a 30 book. So joining Colaw fitness is step one. Action. Step action steps, action. Step, step number one, join Kohler fitness. Okay. Number two, go to the free trainer classes. The orientations are going to teach you how to use everything in the gym.

We’re going to teach you this CF 30 classes, the Colaw fitness 30 day class. I want you to go ahead and buy the CFT 30 book right now. It’s only $10. So if it’s hot more than that at the, at that time, I apologize, but it’s $10. It’s a idiot proof template that thousands of people have used to lose weight and get in great shape. So grab that book.

It’s going to walk you through the next 30 days. Start following the food plan. Start exercising rate, read our daily words of encouragement for mental health and read our Google reviews. Good typing Colaw fitness near me, and then click on our Google reviews type Colaw fitness near me, and then click on the Google reviews. Read the Google reviews.

I also encourage you to go to YouTube type in Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube and read all of our Google reviews. Anyways, this is Charles Colaw on the, you can do this podcast. Thank you for listening. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye-bye.

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