Episode 133 - 10 Healthy Eating Tips

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best gyms in Arlington TX

best gyms in Arlington TX

Hello, this is Charles Colaw. You can do this podcast. And today I’m going to talk about 10 healthy eating tips. Who am I? I am Charles Cole. I’m the founder and owner of co-op fitness. I’m an eight time and certified fitness trainer. I’ve also got a master’s in business and, uh, the owner of, uh, multiple best gyms in Arlington TX, big box clubs in multiple states in the United States. I’ve trained thousands of clients and helped them get in great shape.

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Today. I’m going to go through an article about 10 tips for eating healthy or 10 tips for healthy eating. Um, so check it out. This first part of the article, and then I’m going to go through is talking about carbohydrates carbs, give your body energy and the best carbs for you to lose weight, get in shape, be healthy. Um, our primary, the more natural carbohydrates, which are going to be like fruits and vegetables.

Anytime you’re getting into breads or sugars, your body has a higher insulin response in stores. Moore’s fat. So choose good carbs, not just, um, uh, when I say good carbs, choose carbs that come like grow out of the ground like stem stock, leaf vegetation, also fruits that have a lower glycemic load low-glycemic index. So anyways, stay away from white flour, raw sugar, and a lot of the sugar carbohydrates that come in. Like a lot of the drinks that you drink.

Number two is going to be sane, paying attention to the protein that you’re getting the best protein sources for you to be eating are going to come from fish, poultry, nuts, beans, um, and some of the, uh, less saturated that so chicken fish, uh, are, are some of the, my top top ones also whey protein. You can get good protein out of whey protein. Um, uh, then, uh, the, the, the red meat avoiding a lot of saturated fat red meat.

Like if you’re looking at a steak, it’s a solid piece of the fatty piece, cut all the fat off, um, pork chops and stuff. You got to cut all the fat off. So if it flies or swims, it’s always leaner. So really good protein, fish, chicken, um, uh, Integra fish, any type of poultry and flies or swims, it’s always leaner and make sure you cut off all the fat that’s tip.

Number two. Number three is, uh, foods, foods with healthy, sorry, healthy fats, healthy fats. You want to be focused on healthy fats. Uh, make sure you avoid fats that are trans fat, saturated fat, and more of the natural plant oils, plant nuts, fish, fish oils. Those are the healthiest sources for, for fats. So, um, uh, I do a lot of, um, extra-virgin dark bottle, olive oil. So olive oil, dark bottle, extra Virgin for cooking.

Don’t use, um, a lot of the regular butters and stuff. Try to use more of the plant oils, nut oils, and fish. Um, those are the healthiest sources, sources, fat. Number four is choosing a fiber filled diet. Um, your, your body, as far as in digestion, getting good fiber fiber is basically a nutrient that it can’t be fully digested. And he actually goes all the way through, um, your stomach, your throat down your stomach and your intestines, and that all defecate completely out of your body.

So fiber helps cleanse your, uh, helps your body stay. You strengthen your intestinal track from diverticulitis, diverticulosis different, um, strengthens the intestinal wall helps, uh, really help with cleaning out fecal matter. That’s stuck in your system, but fiber is also pressure.

It’s the pressure receptors and density receptors in your stomach and make you feel fuller longer. So fiber is a great nutrient, um, fiber filled diet that’s are going to be like rich, like stem stock leaf vegetation had a lot of fiber.

Um, there are whole grains that have fiber and fruits have fiber. So fiber is plant a lot of plant stem stock leaf plants have a lot of high fiber content. So, um, a lot of vegetables, number five, um, eating more vegetables and fruits. This is again like we talked about the carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, vegetables, and fruits, actually vegetables first. And then fruits is my opinion.

Vegetables have the highest source of fiber, lots of vitamins and minerals and low amount of sugar content fruits, um, have, uh, basically, uh, more sugar content. It’s natural sugar, but it’s still sugar still. And then it also has a fiber content to it as well. They taste better because th th the sugar content, but like I said, eat more vegetables and fruits go for color high color, uh, like high color variety, dark greens, yellow, red, orange, those all have very good nutrients and high in fiber.

Number six, calcium milk. Isn’t the [inaudible] article I’m reading about, you talked about milk is sorry. Calcium is really important and milk isn’t the only, or best source. Um, uh, you know, you eat frozen getting calcium into your diet. It talks about getting calcium. I like to top off my fuel tank with a calcium, uh, supplement with vitamin D because it absorbs better with calcium when it has vitamin D in it. Um, but, uh, yes, milk is an option.

There’s also calcium that you can get in lots of different cheeses and so on. So make sure you keep calcium in your diet seven. Um, water is the best nutrient for drinking, skip sugary drinks and go with, um, drinks that, uh, do not contain a lot of added sugars. So zero calorie drinks. This is what this talks about.

I would highly encourage you to have zero calorie drinks, look at the labels, make sure there’s no calories do not add, um, like a lot of Starbucks or, or like regular sodas have a ton of sugar and a ton of calories.

You can always look for options, like even the diet options, or like if it’s a diet drink, it’s a whole lot less calories and less sugar. Um, and it, so go with the ones water’s number one. Um, and then non calorie, uh, beverages, I would say second, um, number eight is eating less salt and talking about salt and salt can be too much salt can cause issues with your circulatory system.

It can scratch your arteries veins and cause some practice stick and so on. Um, so the research shows, so just make sure that you’re eating, um, like it was salt, just use it sparingly. I do agree with that. Um, I do think that salt is another essential nutrient. If you’re really active, you have to have enough salt in your diet.

So, um, number nine, they talk about drinking. Um, moderate drinking can be healthy, but, uh, you know, in the case of alcohol consumption, you gotta really look at the, the benefits. Alcohol is seven calories per gram, which is really close to a fat. If you get too much alcohol, it can really be a thing that pushes you back in your fitness goals. Cause you’ll start gaining body fat back.

So making sure you kind of limit, um, alcohol in your diet, I don’t drink at all. That’s just my personal choice. Um, and I definitely know that alcohol is not going to be the best for you and your fitness goals far as in weight loss and fat loss. So, um, drinking moderate to not drinking at all as with this talks about, I just encourage people like most of the time, alcohol can lead to things that, uh, get you in a, in an issue.

At least it did for me. So I choose not to, but if you do drink real, moderately, um, also the zero calorie drinks, there’s, there’s better options that have less amount of sugar in there.
So you can look those up. Number 10, it talks about a daily multivitamin multimineral supplement since it’s extremely hard to get all the recommended daily allowances of right vitamins and minerals.

It’s really good to top off your fuel tank with a good multivitamin multimineral supplement. Um, anyways, those are the 10 items for eating healthy, eating, healthy tips. If you would like more information on this, I have a really great a program that you can follow. Um, it’s, uh, called the CF 30 Colaw fitness 30 day diet and workout book. It has everything for, as in what to eat, what times deed, how to follow it and get great results for as you know, a diet and a workout.

It gives you 30 days, it’s a journal. You can log your progress, keep you on track. It’s a, it’s a book that are written a couple of years ago. Check it out. It’s called [inaudible] stands for Cola fitness, 30 day diet workout programs. It’s the F 30 for short. Um, you can go by any one of our clubs and pick up the C of 30 book. Um, anyways, did you know that 70 to 80% of your success is your food? It’s what you’re doing in the kitchen.

So when you’re trying to lose weight, understand that 70 to 80% of what you look like is what you’re doing in the kitchen, what you’re eating, uh, far as in body fat and muscle tone. So you are what you eat. Um, next thing to remember is your best results. When you keep a program really, really consistent and you don’t change it up a whole lot. What I mean by that is most people start programs and then switch up or quit the best gyms in Arlington TX.

They’re not consistent with personally with actually doing the workout. And, um, they’re so flip-floppy on the program. They don’t really know if the program works or not. So making sure that you just keep things simple in the same and you get the best results when you’re staying consistent. So it just, you gotta be consistent. Keep your program simple in the same, and then just nail down a really clean, higher protein, lower carbohydrate, lower fat diet.

If you do that for a, you know, 6, 12, 8 weeks, a 6, 12, 20 weeks, you’ll lose a ton of weight, get in the best shape of your life. Um, if you want all of this in one easy to follow simple template, pick up the C F 30 book C F 30 book at any one of our best gyms in Arlington TX. Um, that will be my personal diet workout book. That’s work that I’ve already helped. Thousands of clients lose a ton of weight and get in great shape.

So check it out. CF 30 book action steps. So if you want to be successful, here’s your action steps. Number one, join Colaw fitness. Come check out the free trainer classes. So number one, joint goal of fitness. Number two, get in the free trainer classes. Number three, start the CF 30 class and by the CF 30 book. Okay, so number one, you joined Cola fitness, number two, getting the free trainer class, number three, start at C CF 30 book, and you’re going to get in great shape.

So this is Charles Colaw. I’m going through the 10 healthy eating tips and I’ll run back through them, making sure you’re choosing a healthy carbs, healthy carbs are going to primarily come from vegetables. Number two, pay attention to the protein. If it flies or swims, fish or chicken fish or sorry, fish or poultry, those are your best options.

Number three, um, when choosing healthy fats. You want to choose like dark bottle, extra Virgin olive oil or healthy plant oils or nut wills. So like olive oil or, um, any type of healthy nut oil or fish fish has some healthy fats in it too. Number four is high fiber foods. That’s also going to go back to vegetables. Um, number five talks about vegetables and fruits.

So eating more vegetables and more fruits, especially ones with good color in it, like dark greens. Yellows, orange, red, a lot of high value nutrients in those really beautiful colors. Um, making sure you’re getting calcium in your diet. Making sure you’re taking a multivitamin number seven, making sure you’re drinking only non calorie drinks and water is the best.

Um, number eight, um, watching your salt intake kind of limiting your salt intake nine, um, don’t drink alcohol or really limit your alcohol consumption. 10 making sure you’re doing a good multivitamin. So those are the 10 tips, um, looking forward to meeting you guys. So thank you for listening to the podcast and we’ll see you on the next one. Have a blessed day. Bye bye see you soon at the best gyms in Arlington TX.

best gyms in Arlington TX

best gyms in Arlington TX