Episode 14 - 11 Facts on Fitness

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Hello A-players, this is Charles Colaw and I am going to talk to you today on the, you can do this podcast with Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. We are going to go over, actually I am going to go over 11 facts on fitness today. I’m super pumped. I want to give you some facts and some takeaways that I have on that. Um, give you a scripture motivation for the day and then tell you a story about me and then some action steps that you can be successful on your fitness journey. Um, so without further ado, I’m going to jump right in here to the 11 fitness facts.

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Uh, did you know that the human body has 650 muscles, 650 muscles. So your body is constantly moving muscles, skeletal muscles, internal digestive muscles, heart muscles, organ function, muscles, everything in your body is constantly at work. And doing activity. That’s why you have a resting metabolic rate to arresting your body is metabolizing food and breaking down food, utilizing energy, mobilizing fat in your body at all times.

So you’re constantly working in your body at the best gym OKC offers. Is a, is a big muscle and the fat on it is fuel or the food that you eat is fuel. And I’m gonna teach you how to make sure that you’re going to pull from the fat and maintain and tone up the muscle. So your smaller, more toned version of yourself. So there are 600. First factor is the human body has 650 muscles. Uh, number two facts. The only exercise you should hold your breath for is under water.

Swimming. And everything in the body utilizes cellular respiration or oxygen respiration. And when you hold your breath, your body needs that oxygen to utilize into recruit those muscles into function properly. So anyways, the only exercise that you should be holding your breath on or straining and holding your breath on is swimming. Number three fact, the heart is one of the strongest, most durable muscles in the body.

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The heart is the strongest muscle in the body. Um, it really can take a look in and keep on ticking. Kinda funny. Not really, but the whole point is, is the hardest, very durable. It will continue to work and workout at the best gym OKC has to offer. I’ve seen people actually pass away in a hospital and the heart will work so hard to keep pumping even after the body has, uh, even after the person has died, it will continue to start back up and continue to go.

So the heart is a super strong muscle in the body and we want to encourage you to do heart-healthy exercises and anything between one 20 and about 180 beats a minute and you can stimulate the muscle for strength or endurance and things like that. There’s a lot of different training methods to strengthen the strengthening of the heart and the heart is super important for basically oxygen, respiration, circulation and so on in the body.

So I want to make sure that you’re getting a good healthy heart. Um, number four, fact, nearly 50% of all young people ages 12 to 21 are not vigorously exercising on a daily basis. So basically kids 12 years old to 21 50% aren’t even exercising on a daily basis. So half of the population by the age 12 is no longer exercising on a regular daily basis.

It’s a huge issue, um, far as an obesity and health issues that correlate eventually into like circulation issues as far as in heart attack, stroke, diabetes are all directly related to nutrition, bad nutrition and lack of activity. So in this technology age, we need to make sure that are, we are planning and purposeful on getting vigorous exercise on a regular daily basis. But so crazy that 12 year olds to 21 year olds are not actively exercising on a daily basis.

So fact number five, for every pound of muscle gained, the body will burn 50 extra calories every day. So when, like for me, I have a, I’m a 250 to 260 pound, six foot four muscular body. My body, you know, burns calories fast. And so the more muscle that you hold on your body, your body can actually utilize and burn calories faster and more efficiently.

Muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat. And so we wanna make sure that we’re telling up and gaining muscle, losing fat so that you’ll have a faster metabolism and you can lose weight and stay fit and functional longer in your life. Okay. Uh, next fact, number six, only 13% of men are physically fit. Wow that is definitely the best gym OKC has available. So get that. Only 13% of men are physically fit for overall. When you really look at the population, that means what does that 77% or weight?

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87%, 87% of men are not physically fit. So, uh, it’s a huge issue. Uh, we have a lack of activity, lack of a proper nutrition. And most men in America, like say, like I said, only 13% are physically fit. We needed to do something about that. So, okay. Number seven, more than 30% of children ages six to 11 are overweight and over 15% are obese.

So even at six years old, 30% of kids are overweight. Six year olds, seven year olds, eight year olds, nine year olds, 10 year olds, a one Thursday or 10 people lined up. That’s one. That’s three and a half, three, three of out of that 10 are already overweight and statistics show that they will be overweight for the remainder of their life. So that’s, that’s Tara. I used to go speak at schools and I’d go like a middle school and say there’s a sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade.

Um, and that’s about one third. Uh, some of the statistics I had by the age of like 12, one third of that group was overweight and will be overweight for the rest of their life. So I’d say that’s like one whole grade. That’s just because of poor nutrition habits and lack of exercise. Um, and other factors, social factors as far as in technology and stuff. But we need to be active.

That is a huge epidemic as far as in heart attack, stroke, diabetes are directly related to weight and lack of activity and nutrition. So we can remedy a lot of the major factors for death here in America. More than 30% of children ages six to 11 are overweight and over 15% are obese. So half of that is obese. Where’s already a major over fat. I’m not just overweight, but way overweight where it starts to become an issue.

Okay today you need to visit the best gym OKC offers. Number eight, on average, a person walks 70,000 miles in their lifetime. On average, a person walks 70,000 miles in their lifetime. So kind of interested in facts. That’s 70,000 miles. I’m sure people that are runners or uh, active exercisers below that number of completely out of the water. I know I work out every day, every day, seven days a week at least for an hour, um, to sometimes an hour and a half to two, basically hour to an hour, hour to two hours.

So any person that’s working out that much every day is going to also have a lot more to that. So, um, interesting fact. Number nine, roughly 4,000 children and teenagers begin smoking every day. So, um, that’s a huge issue and I think it’s not becoming quite as popular and there’s some vaping and now there’s laws that are changing for us and uh, certain types of, uh, States are having where marijuana is now becoming legal and stuff and, um, the vaping stuff has different chemicals and stuff in it.

So, um, whether they’re smoking or whether they’re doing some of those other things, surely not a good thing. And there’s also been a lot of health concerns coming out about that, but yet 4,000 children and teenagers begin smoking every day. Uh, number 10, exercise makes you feel more energized because it releases endorphins in the blood. I for sure agree with that. A lot of people that I have trained in the past that had, let’s say a addiction to alcohol or a substance abuse, when they start exercising, that becomes like their drug of choice.

They love the feeling. They love the endorphins and Sarah serotonin and dopamine and all the different endorphins that come from exercising and running, jogging, lifting weights, uh, building their body, towing the way they get confidence from people even saying, Hey, you’re looking good. What are you doing not visiting the best gym OKC has to offer? But all of that stuff, exercise makes you feel energized because it releases endorphins in the blood.

Almost every single millionaire or billionaire that I am friends with or connected with or studied, they all have some sort of morning routine and exercise for the vast majority is one of the first things they do every day to get the day started. So I would encourage you to exercise every day, release those good endorphins, push through the day. It’s going to make you more productive and feel better about yourself. Number 11 facts. Movement in exercises helps relieve stress by producing a relaxation response, which, which serves as a distraction.

So when you do, when you do movement and exercise, it relieves stress, produces a relaxation response, and it basically makes you distracted from other things in your life. So it’s going to be a stress reliever. Movement and exercise is a stress relief activity. So that’s going to help release stress, make you feel less stressed out, so highly encourage you to be doing movement and exercise on a regular basis.

So quick scripture here that ties into this. I’m from the Bible, which I believe is a great compass to guide you through life. Um, I was actually in business classes years ago and I heard the CEO from Nike, which is a woman from China that was actually, she, uh, was interesting.

She actually, um, didn’t have a mother father and as she was in like an orphanage I believe, and she ended up helping all the other kids and growing and eventually getting to America and going through an Ivy league school and then worked her way up as a woman, as a Chinese woman with a Chinese culture, kind of looks down upon women and, and so on for. So, uh, I don’t know all the details to that, but the whole point was that she came from the bottom, made it to the top. She’s a huge success story.

And she talked about, she used the term of a moral compass. You have to establish some sort of moral compass for yourself. Um, and I believe the Bible is a great example of a great moral compass. And for me, I was a knucklehead and, uh. I’ve gotten a lot of trouble and found my faith early in life, probably, uh, 14, 15, um, we got into drugs and fighting and a lot of issues and with the police and stuff. And I said, okay, God, if you’re really real changed my life.

And I literally started reading the book of Proverbs and it transformed my life. With just training my brain to think about truly loving God and loving others through that filter transformed my life, gave me, gave me a love for others, love for life. That moral compass was a huge change in my perspective.

And I believe it’s totally attributed to my fitness success and business success. So, um, I want to tell you this verse right here. First Timothy four eight, it says, while the body for four, while body training is of some value, godliness is a value in every way as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. And that’s where your filter, your basically your, your, your whole perspective on life changes and you value others, you value, uh, God and you have a true appreciation for life, uh, in a bigger perspective.

Once you’ve kind of walked through that. Um, so first Timothy four eight, look it up. Uh, highly encourage you to read through the book of Proverbs. Hat’s what changed my life a ton and also made me more disciplined in my fitness and quick action step. Um, if you’re trying, if you’re a beginner, if you’ve never really been into working out or you’re even a seasoned athlete, you want to get back to exercise it.

I want a simple mind frame, idiot proof templates, simple template to follow. I just finished with a guy yesterday. He’s lost about 17 pounds and of weight, which is about 20 pounds of fat and about five pounds of muscle gains. So that’s 20 pounds of fat. Think of a one pound container of butter. You get the grocery store, so 20 of those off in 30 days and put on about five of those and think of a three pound bag at boneless skinless chicken breasts. Two bags of that, of muscles, so in 30 days, 30 days fat off muscle gained in 30 days on our CF Colaw fitness, CF 30 plan Colaw fitness, 30 day plans. See if 30 CF 30 is the Colaw fitness 30 day plan.

There’s a journal that goes along with it. We have a free trainer at every one of our gyms that teaches it the exercises, how to follow it. It’s a diet nutrition plan. Simple to follow a template and a highly encourage you to not just believe me, but to go to Colaw fitness on YouTube, type in Colaw fitness reviews, Colaw fitness reviews on YouTube.

Look it up for yourself. Listen to other people that have followed some of the [inaudible] programs or similar principles to what we teach in that, and you too can be in a example of fitness success. This is Charles Colaw. Don. Today’s podcast for the 11 facts on fitness at the best gym OKC offers. Have a blessed day. Bye bye.